Chapter 528

  "Little handsome, do you have any way to make the woody illusionary plant have the invincible nature of Muling itself?"Mu Yu asked.

  It is also ridiculous to say that he is clearly the owner of Muling, but many times the understanding of Muling is not as much as a snack.

  Xiaoshuai flipped through the "Wolf Animal Nutrition Diet Encyclopedia" and said nothing: "Yes! But it is very troublesome. ”

  "Tell me."Mu Yu is not afraid of trouble, he needs to make up for the defects of Mu Ling.

  "Killing! When the impulse of the broken sword is filled, the plants that it illusion will have invincible qualities. ”Xiao Shuai said lazily.

  Mu Yu is silent.

  He used to be very repulsive to killing, but since the death of the dead wood, he found that his mood has changed unconsciously. When he kills a person, he will not feel any more uncomfortable, and there is even a hint of inexplicable happiness.

  That should have no sense of excitement in his heart.

  He likes the thriving life, likes that all life runs according to his own trajectory, but when he does not know, he begins to gradually accept the killing.

  Whether it's unraveling the nine-day magic array or repairing the wood spirit, killing seems to be a way he has to go.

  He always remembers Master's words. When you feel that you can do something right for your heart, then do it, even if you kill someone.

  Therefore, he will kill the sky and wait for it. When he kills, he will kill everyone. He will kill all the people who should kill. He does not want to kill what influence these people will have on their own state of mind.

  "I understand."Mu Yu nodded.

  Life is alive, and many things can be avoided without your dislike. Killing is also true.

  "Do you understand what? Tomorrow I will give you a braised tiger bear whip to solve it! ”Xiaoshuai baby held the recipe in his arms, and he was still stupid, and the recipe was twice as big as it was.

  "I want to steam."Longtan interface road.

  Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, no troubles.


  The last floor of the Star Court was once again covered by the eight people.

  The day is not waiting for the gentle and elegant sitting around the chair. There are more than one hundred disciples in the audience. All of these people have recently come to Qingshui City to discuss how to deal with Sikongqiwen.

  Everyone is watching the sky, and here, the day is not the focus.

  There were also ten strange young men and women present, each of whom was very calm and restrained, but also sharp.

  Cao Qiu Shui of Xuan Ling Men, ranked 50th in the immortal, repaired as a five-day god.

  The death of life and death is inanimate, and the most popular is ranked fifty-fourth.

  Shen Jiyu of the Lonely Gate, ranked 50th, is a four-day god.


  These people are the elites of the eight gates. They are all waiting for this day to wait for the battle with the Scooch. The eight disciples are not the only ones, but the disciples who have entered the top 50 have been retired and will not go out of the sect at the last minute.

  Don't wait for a cup of tea.

Sitting next to him, an old man who closed his eyes and raised his spirits, was the Tianjian Cheng. When he was in the Shaying King City, he and Lu Xianshi entered the strong match of the yin corpse.

  "Everyone talks about the news about the Sikongqiwen that they have explored!"Cao Qiu Shui said.

  "Sikong Qiwen is too mysterious. We don't have much control over him. The Sikong family used to be supported by the Mujia. It was said that he later planned to eat away from the Mujia, but was stopped by Mu Yu at the end of his life. ”Meng Xinxian said.

  "Skykiwen can be repaired from the Golden Eagle period to the distraction period in just a few months. This ability is too strange! We must find out how he did it. ”Shen Jiyu said quietly.

  Everyone nodded, in fact, this is the purpose of the eight doors. Sikongqiwen can grow so horrible in a short period of time, there must be some adventures, if you can get the creation of Sikongqiwen, it is a very bad baby for the eight people!

  If this is a hegemonic exercise, then which martial art got this practice, you can create powerful giants in batches!

  The number of celestial symbols symbolizes the strength of a martial art, so everyone is more curious about how Sage Qiwen is rising.

  "We will say it first. We can help the day not to defeat you, but the secret of the Sikongqiwen must be known to everyone!"As a zombie death, no one dragged the dry voice and said in a haze.

  "This is natural."I don’t want to wait a little.

  The eight-joint thing will not be as simple as it seems on the surface, saying that it is for those who are unconscious by Sikongqiwen, but more factors are because there are too many secrets in Sikongqiwen. Kind of secrets make everyone look!

  Otherwise, it is impossible to come together in a situation of eight-door battles, which is why the world is not waiting for the challenge of Sikongqiwen.

  In order to rescue those comatose same doors, but also for the secrets of Sikong Qiwen!

  Although the days are not bad, but the other eight disciples are also very proud, if not for the same purpose, who would be willing to pull this face to deal with a person?

  It feels shameful to pass it out!

  I don’t want to let go of the tea in my hand. I asked: "How did Mu Yu do a trick to kill my brother Tian Kaiyu?"

  Meng Xinxian and Xing Gao and others face each other. Some of them were present in the past, but even they didn't have time to stop the wood feathers. The speed of the wood feathers was too fast, they could not react.

  Xinggao said the scenes he saw in the past, in fact, it is detailed, and everyone sounds unclear, because a total of one shot kills Tiankaiyu, even if you want to say a few words, you only have to A little description.

  "Mu Yu has disappeared for a while, and now reappears in Qingshui City. It has been so refined. He is also the person we need to consider."I don’t want to say it slowly.

  "But he is only awesome…"Zhu Ke of Xuan Ling Men said half of it, but he still did not say it.

  During the expiration period, Tian Kaiyu can be killed and distracted. Who knows what other things he can do?

  "I heard that the movie killing Qingming has come to Qingshuicheng. I don't know who spent 70 million to come. He is rushing to Sikongqiwen or not waiting for his brother, or Mu Yu, it is hard to say, we also need to be careful. Qingming this person."Cao Qiu Shui said.

  When it comes to killing the Qingming, everyone in the eight gates is cautious.

  Filmmakers have never been a good person. They belong to the forces of darkness and do unsatisfactory buying and selling. They are not weaker than eight.

  There are also many disciples who have died in the hands of the shadow killers. It’s just that the shadow killings are simple and neat, and there are no ghosts. They can’t grasp the handles, so even if they suspect that they are on the head, there is no conclusive evidence.

  The comprehensible person knows one thing. If you have a hatred with the eight people, you can’t take revenge or you can’t take revenge.

  Of course, killing eight people, shadow killing is also a risk, so the price is too high, it is difficult for ordinary practitioners to afford.

  "Is it clear and clear?"I don’t want to touch my chin, I don’t know what I am thinking about.

  Shadow killing Qingming, the most popular ranking is the forty-third, is a very terrible killer, even the days are not to be jealous!

  "Shadow killing Qingming is very different. Before, no one knows their mission. Why did this news of the Qingmen coming to Qingshuicheng?"Meng Xin fairy asked inexplicably.

  No one knows what the so-called killing of the Qingming is. In general, the whereabouts of the Qingming Qingming will not be revealed, because they are not ghosts, no one knows what tasks they have taken.

  However, this time it seems to be an exception. It is extremely rare that the killing of Qingming City will be known to others.

  "Maybe this time, a freelancer in the real world wants to make this great match more interesting!"I don’t want to say it in a faint day.

  There are more rich people in the realm of comprehension. If you want to fight for a sigh of relief, the price of 70 million is not much. The news of leaking the shadow to kill Qingming to Qingshui City is to make this three-pointed match more interesting!

  Because no one knows which one of the three people is coming to kill the Qingming, this will make more people look forward to it!

  I don’t want to be afraid of killing Qingming. He is the young master of the Star Gate. It is not the grass bag of his brother Tianyun. He is very valued for the ranking of the Great Fairy!

  If the shadow killing Qingming is to rush him, then he will defeat the shadow to kill the Qingming to prove his strength!

  "But I am still looking forward to you."I don’t want to say coldly in my heart.

  Killing the true god apprentice, to a certain extent, makes him famous for the entire comprehension world!


  The house of the Sikong family. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  Sikong Qiwen sat in the chair of the room, standing next to him two people.

  It was the original Zheng Zhengyang and Lu Shexin who went to Mufu to insult the Mu family and were scrapped by Mu Yu!

  At this time, the atmosphere of Qi Zhengyang and Lv Shexin was very calm, and it has completely recovered from the beginning. It is not like being abandoned and repaired!

  "Master, eight doors unite to deal with us, we want to…"Gou Zheng-Yang said hesitantly.

  "The eight want to know the truth about my rise, it depends on their ability. My secret is that they can marry? ”In the eyes of Sikongqiwen, a fairy red mantra was drawn.

  Sikong Qiwen was able to restore the two people who were abolished to Dan Tian's Qi Zhengyang and Lv Shexin. This event may cause a sensation!

  Once Dantian is destroyed, it is too difficult to repair it. Even if it is repaired, it is impossible to restore a person's repair in a short time. How did Sikong Qiwen do it?

  "It is said that the killing of Qingming also came to Qingshuicheng. How do we deal with this person?"Lv She asked.

  Sikong Qiwen stood up and walked to the window, looking out the window, and sneered at the corner of his mouth: "Don't worry. The more people come, the better, isn't it? ”

  Both Yan Zhengyang and Lv Shexin looked at each other and they all showed a strange smile.

  The undercurrent of Shimizu Castle is surging, and a storm is about to invade this desert oasis!

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