Chapter 61 to Fulongshan

Three days of a contest, the results have come out. Although the Tigers lost the Qingsong faction, they were well-deserved strongmen and the other 18 games were won.

The dry days of the lost days were lost in the hands of the Qingsong sent the foundation of Jiuzhongtian’s disciples, and then lost to Jiuhua’s disciple who built the Jiuzhongtian. Jiuhua sent to the Qingsong faction and won the same ten. Eight games, but according to the rules, it is still the Qingsong faction.

The Tiantian faction won the third place and broke a big upset. After all, this is the penultimate martial art at the bottom of the previous year. I didn’t expect that because of the appearance of a girl, the battle was invincible and achieved the third place. This is really something that has never been done before.

In contrast, Mu Yu is no longer concerned by so many people. He missed all the remaining tests because of injury. He only won eight matches, but he still made his martial art the twelfth martial art.

These wood feathers don't care because they finally left the pines. Mu Yu and Cheng Yan are going to Fulong Mountain to investigate the situation of the Yumeng Mozu, and Feng Haochen will return to the Dust.

"Master, take care."

Mu Yu’s words are stopped. He has been suffering for two days. He wants to tell Master the truth directly, but he still suppresses this idea. The young people in red are still in a corner of the Pines. He dare not say anything. .

"You are careful."

Feng Haochen is still the attitude of the wind and light, he seems to know what, but not worried.

The Qingsong Taoist still did not come out to host the action of Fulong Mountain, and this matter was handed over to Jiuhua Real People. Jiuhua’s real name is second only to Qingsong Taoist. He presided over this action for granted.

This action is an opportunity for young disciples to experience, so the older generation does not participate. The Jiuhua real person will let Bailang and Ju Wenxing take full charge. These two people are the representatives of the young disciples in the realm of cultivation, and this arrangement is also very reasonable.

Twenty sects, a total of forty people went to Fulong Mountain in a mighty way. The Qingsong faction takes half a day from Fulong Mountain. Among so many people, Bailang and Ju Wenxing are quite leaders. Bailang has been repaired in the Golden Age, and it is impeccable for people to do things well and be generous. Ju Wenxing was also in the Jindan period, and it was the first person of Jiuhua. It was also extremely extraordinary.

Qingsong and Bailang went to Fulong Mountain together, not Xiaohu, but Qingmei.

Both Cheng Yan and Mu Yu are in the end of the crowd, and their mood is not very good. The eagerness looked at the ethereal back in front of him. He didn't know how to tell the girl. Whether it was his master's affairs or the affairs of Qing Mei's father, the words could not be explained perfectly.

Mu Yu sighed, life is alive, there are always many unsatisfactory, two feelings of joy, but can not match, people sigh.

Qing Mei did not know that the person she liked had no way to face her again. When she turned her head inadvertently and looked at her words, the gaze of the promise was dodging.

He insisted on escaping. He was afraid that he could no longer move away after watching her. He still liked her. However, the creed knows that as long as the things of the young people in red are not resolved, he will not be with Qingmei in one day.

Forty people act at the same time. If they enter the mountain at the same time, the movement caused by it is quite large. They naturally wouldn't be so stupid and rushed directly into Fulong Mountain. So many people together, if the Yumeng Mozu met, they already hid it.

When there were ten miles from Fulong Mountain, Bailang stopped everyone.

"Everyone, I am obsessed with the elders, so let's take the lead." We have a large number of people. If we go straight into the mountains, I am afraid it will be easy to catch a snake. Therefore, we need to divide the number of people into six groups, each group of six people, and the remaining four people as a group. We go into the mountains separately and inquire from different places. I wonder what you mean? ”White waves sing.

"It’s all by the white-wave brother."Ju Wenxing is also in the ranks. Like Bai Lang, he is a famous figure in the younger generation of the comprehension. He came out with Bailang to guide everyone, but everything is dominated by white waves.

Ju Wenxing has already spoken this way, and everyone will naturally have no objection.

Bailang Chaoju Wenxing nodded his gratitude and continued to say: "Then give everyone a little time, each looking for a teammate, and if they don't find a suitable companion, then I will share the same, how?"

This proposal is also very reasonable. It is natural for the team to fully consider the wishes of each sect. Otherwise, it will be decided by Bailang at the beginning. If you accidentally combine two opposing sects, then this action will be difficult. The guarantee will be smooth.

The words came to the front of Lonely Heaven, saying: "Lonely brother, let the teacher respect us to make each other's photos, then how do we form a team of two martial arts?"

The Heavenly and the Lonely Heaven come together with a beautiful girl. Unlike the indifference of the lonely sky, her face always has a gentle smile, which makes people feel good.

"So naturally it is great! I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Red Goose. I have seen the brothers of Cheng Yan and the younger brother of Mu Yu. ”The red geese did not wait for the opening of the lonely sky and said that the red geese were only built on the base of the two heavens, and they were about twenty years old, but they were so beautiful and slim.

Lonely Sky snorted: "Master believes that we need human protection, I don't think so."

"Yi Tian brother, shut up."

The red geese glanced at the lonely sky, and then turned around and said with embarrassment: "The sergeant brother is more offended. He is more straightforward and still succumbs to the loss of the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions."

"Nothing, you won't win the other sixteen sects."Mu Yu out of the channel.

Lonely day staring at Mu Yu, slowly said: "Like you deliberately lost to me, I also lost to them two martial art, I just disdain this kind of comparison!"

Mu Yu was dumb, and he suddenly understood why Lonely Day lost to the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. With his weird physical strength, I am afraid that none of them was his opponent during the base period, but he lost two games. Explain that the Boyang Taoist intends to let him release water.

The people of Boyang must know that if the lonely day became the first place and touched the interests of other sects, the consequences are not something that they can afford, especially the two major sects in the realm of cultivation, the Qingsong and Jiuhua factions. Can't offend.

The red geese sighed with a sigh of relief: "As a teacher, the teacher and the teacher are friends, then I am not hiding." Master asked him to lose to the four sects. He only needed to win the fifth place, but the brothers refused to persuade him to make concessions and only lost to the Jiuhua School and the Qingsong School. Master does not want to offend the four major sects. After all, our current strength is too weak. If we take the first place as a disciple, the disciples who are high in talent next year will probably be remembered. ”

The red geese looked at the eyes of the lonely sky full of helplessness. It’s a happy thing to have such a talent in a hundred years. However, the lonely sky is a gluten, not knowing how to choose, but only pursuing strength. It is quite a headache.

"The sect of the sect needs to be gradual and gradual. It cannot be done overnight. The predecessors of Boyang are the masters of one faction, and they know the truth. The orphans and the younger brothers must understand the teacher."Said the words.

"My business does not require you to manage, but you two, obviously have the strength to hide, don't you feel embarrassed?"Lonely Heaven is worried about the fact that Mu Yu is not doing his best. He does not ask why. It is a shame of his life to fight against the soldiers in his conception.

"The difference between the Tao and the Tao can not be compared. We cultivate the heart and love the world. You cultivate the body and admire the absolute power." The heart is good, the body is good, and each has its own style. ”The promise is not angry.

"So your style is to make a tortoise turtle?"

Mu Yu was silent for a long while, then calmly said: "Okay, chances we have to play again is that I will not keep it at that time."

If you really lose, there is really nothing to say, but if you do not fight, you will regret. This is also a knot in the heart of Mu Yu.

"I am waiting for you."Lonely days looked at Mu Yu with great enthusiasm, and then he looked at the promise again, waiting for the reply.

The promise shook his head: "I won't fight with you."

Of course, he will not fight with the lonely days. The promise is already the strength of the Golden Age, and there is no suspense with the lonely days.

"Well, don't fight and kill, hurt your feelings." Now we have four people and we need two more people! ”The red geese know that since Mu Yu has already fought, then Lonely Heaven will not object to other things. For this rib, as long as there is a fight, he is valued.

The disciples of ordinary dust and dry heavens are all people to look down. Even if there are two black horses here, the disciples of other sects still choose to be teammates who are more friendly with themselves. Everyone has ridiculed these two sects more or less, and if they are deliberately close, they seem to be falling.

Soon everyone set up the team, and there are some orders, because they don’t know or have hatred, they don’t want to form a team. The four people, the Dust and the Heaven, did not find the other two. The red geese were very enthusiastic to say hello to other sects, but the sects of these sects were mostly defeated in the hands of the lonely, making them feel shameful. Therefore, the red geese also ate several times to close the door.

"Are there still few people in this group?"The voice of Qing Mei sounded behind the words.

With a slight glimpse, he turned to look at Qingmei, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com At that moment his heart suddenly fluctuated. If Qing Mei and his group, it is a very good thing, they can have more time to get along, even if they can not be public, but it is good to act together. Qing Mei’s eyes are very much looking forward to her. She obviously wants to follow a group of words, but she tries to hide it.

"Qing Mei Shijie, do you want to join us?"The promise was not answered, and Mu Yu was on the sidelines.

"We are not sure yet."Qing Mei saw Mu Yu, her eyes were a little different. When Mu Yu appeared too suddenly, she did not respond. If it was not the relationship, how would she come over and talk.

"Qing Mei Shijie, the group of four people must be led by your Qingsong faction. After all, the strength of Bailang’s brothers can be topped by us, so I am afraid you can’t be with us.”The brother can't refuse, then Mu Yu came to be the lover.

"But-" Qingmei still wants to say something, but the promise has suddenly opened.

"My brother is right, we can't be together."

When this sentence was exported, Qing Mei stopped. "Can't be together." The five words suddenly popped out of the mouth of the mouth, and it seemed so awkward. She couldn't help but feel a panic. She was afraid to hear the words, although it seems to outsiders that these five words are only representative. They can't act together and have no other meaning, but she is still inexplicably upset.

Should these five words have no other meaning? Qing Mei thought about it.

"I understand."

She doesn't understand!

Qing Meiyan looked at her involuntarily, and wanted to see the familiar warm look from her eyes. The eyes of the words always made her feel at ease. She wanted to make sure that the words had no other meaning. From leaving Qingsong to Qingmei, she found that the promise was deliberately dodging something. She vaguely felt that something was wrong.

But the words were removed.

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