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The No. 706 chapter the blood domain eats the day

    Mu Yu speed is impossible fast over these two people, he now has no Horcrux help, it is difficult to match the fitness period.

    At this time ghost cherish life and ghost Leopard has seized the opportunity, toward Mu Yu and Choshe bullying body. Their speed is very fast, Mu Yu also quickly adjust the position of the branches, want to block the Ghost and Ghost Leopard. However, because of the deviation of the locked breath, the branches controlled by the wood feathers will always lose a few millimeters, and they can't hit the ghosts and ghosts!

    The ghosts and the ghosts and leopards came instantly, and the bloody axe slammed down.


    Mu Yu blocked in front of Qiao Xue, and the shadow sword was hard to resist the killing of the ghost, but the strength of the fit period still caused great pressure on Mu Yu, but his body was hard enough and his body was struck. Immediately, this shot was offset.

    The shadow sword was drawn from the void, and the endless swordsman slid open, squatting on the shoulders of the ghosts, and plunged into the body of the ghosts, but the ghosts did not wrinkle their brows and continued to punch.

    Mu Yu and his hard-hitting punch once again, the ghosts of the bloody konjac blessed the power is still too strong, Mu Yu hit on Qiao Xue, the two flew out.

    However, the ghost leopards follow the example, and the red ghost knife has already waited for two people on the path they are flying out. Mu Yu bit his teeth, holding Qiao Xue, into the wood spirit, dangerously and dangerously avoided the ghost leopard, and then the two re-appeared.

    "Little girl, can you summon the sea?"The sound of the Siren King came from a distant pattern.

    "can."Although I don't understand what the purpose of the Siren King is to ask this question, but Qiao Xue responded quickly.

    "Little girl, you can find a way to come to me! I need sea water. ”The Siren King said for a moment.

    "The demon king, but we can't pass the zebra battle here!"Qiao Xue said hesitantly.

    "Follow me, we can't go!"

    Mu Yu took Qiao Xue and rushed into the cage of the squadron. The big and small skeletons quickly opened their distance because they went in, but Mu Yu didn’t care, he already knew how to Crack the array that trapped the skeleton of the Yaozu.

    Regarding the cracking method of Zee and the other side, Mu Yu had already calculated it, but he hated Dragon Star’s self-righteous look and chose not to help. At the moment, he and Qiao Xue both deal with the ghosts of the fit period and the ghosts and ghosts are very difficult, and Zee has become his self-protection.

    At this point all the cage positions have been disrupted.

Each of these cages has a flaw, but this flaw is concealed by other cages, and because the pattern of the cage has been flowing, the flaws are also changing.

    However, at the end of the calculation, there must be a flaw in the cage that cannot be concealed. This is the method of cracking the entire image of the other side.

    Mu Yu quickly deduced the chaotic cage in his mind. The original position of these cages has long been clear to the heart. Even if it has been shifted at the moment, Mu Yu can still use a cage to calculate other cages.

    "You already know how to crack the other side?"Qiao Xue is puzzled, because just before Mu Yu left, he clearly said that he could not solve this battle.

    "I just dislike the dragon star."Mu Yu does not hide the truth.

    Qiao Xue squirmed his mouth, did not say anything, from the decision made by Long Xingyu just now, Qiao Xue knew that he had not let Mu Yu kill Dragon Star is a mistake.

    "You are right next to me, don't fall behind."Mu Yu said seriously.

    To get close to the cage, the distance must be just right. If you are one inch away, the other cages will change. Joe Snow must be synchronized with Mu Yu.

    The ghosts and the ghosts and leopards are chasing after them. Mu Yu pulls Qiao Xue and pushes the speed to the limit. The two are like dragons, and they are flashing in the cage.

    Soon, Mu Yu found the entrance to the other side of the bank, and his body flashed, and found a suitable opportunity, and soon rushed toward the skeleton of one of the water demon red tigers.

    The ghosts and the ghosts and leopards have already pinched Mu Yu and Qiao Xue from the left and right, and only the skeleton remains in front of the wood feathers.

    At this moment, the flaws of the whole Zhe to the other side just turned to the three feet in front of Mu Yu. Mu Yu stepped out in a step, and there appeared a yellow pattern in his hand. He displayed a basic "dislocation into fire" array, heading for The skeleton of the water demon red tiger.

    The sound from the fire is a sound-changing array. It can simulate many sounds to confuse the enemy's audio-visual. Normally, the wooden feathers are basically not used, because in the battle, everyone relies on the atmosphere of the opponent, relying on the sound. It looks a bit ribbed.

    Of course, this array still has some other effects, especially when it comes to making a magic array. It is very useful, and Wood Yu only uses it specifically to crack the other side.

    "Humph! Stupid, these cages can't be close! This time I see where you are going! ”Ghosts sneered and sneered at the wood feathers.

    In his opinion, Mu Yu is already nowhere to go, and the front of the Yaozu cage will be opened a distance as the wood feathers approach.

    "It may not be!"

    What I didn’t expect was that the cage in front of this time did not leave because of the closeness of Mu Yu. Mu Yu was easily attached to the cage, and the tip of the toe was lightly on the pattern. He was already in prison. The top of the cage.

    "what happened? Does the cage here need to be sacrificed to get close? ”The ghost leopard looked at the movement of Mu Yu inexplicably.

    The ghosts are desperately cold, and he does not say anything. Immediately following the route that Mu Yu has just advanced, he wants to follow the wooden feathers near the cage. As long as you are close to the cage, you don't need to follow the instructions of the ghost domain.

    However, he was miscalculated again, because the wooden feathers had already swelled into the cage and were integrated into the cage under his feet.

    The cyan pattern suddenly caused a mysterious texture on the cage. These textures were originally maintained at a gentle speed, but with the stimulation of the wood feathers, the velocity of these textures suddenly became faster. .

    The pattern of the cage is turned, which means that the position of the Zee and the other side of the battle has already flowed to other places, and the route of the ghosts will disappear.

    A light repulsive force came from the cage under the foot of Mu Yu. The cage was not rushed to the distance from the ghosts. If the ghosts were to accelerate, the distance between the cage and him was always three feet.

    "Who is stupid?"

    Mu Yu looked at the still unsuccessful ghost, and his mouth showed a hint of ridicule. In fact, the repair of Mu Yu could not change the pattern of the squad of the squad, but because the pattern of the squad of the squad is responsive to the outside world, the wood feather is only slightly irritating.

    The ghosts finally realized that what they did was useless. He stopped and looked at Mu Yu. At this time, the water demon red tiger at the foot of Mu Yu suddenly roared, roaring and wanting to rush toward the wood feathers, but the formation blocked the attack of the water demon red tiger.

    "Are you stupid? Do you think you can control these skeletons and want to kill me by skeleton? If the skeleton is so easy to break free from the cage, you still need to wait for you to save? ”Mu Yu said disdainfully.

    But the ghosts laughed and said: "I always forget that you are a strategist. It seems that I am careless. But you are too early to express, you forgot how I was planning to get close to these pillars? Although I can't do it, I have a powerful ghost! ”

    The ghosts are eager to take a hand, and the dragon star who has been trapped in the air drifts over. Dragon Star stunned his face, but his eyes resentfully slammed Mu Yu: "You already know how to crack the array, but not help us?"


    Mu Yu just faintly returned a sentence, help Dragon Star? Where does the dragon star come from the confidence that everyone has to turn around him? For the dragon star, this guy Mu Yu has no explanation at all.

    On the top of the ghost's life, a blood-red gourd flew out, and the ghost lines on the gourd flowed with blood. Under the control of the ghosts, the stopper of the gourd was automatically pulled out, and a suffocating air came from the gourd.

    Four white souls floated out, and these four souls were also controlled by ghosts. Without losing consciousness, they all angered and screamed at the ghosts.

    "Ghostmen, you dare to do this kind of hurting thing, let us put it!"

    "I am a person in Tianji Valley, my master will never let you go!"



    These four souls are full of anger, and they are all dressed up by the self-cultivators. The repairs in front of them are all distracted, but without exception, they are killed by ghosts, and they are smashed and trapped in blood hyacinth. But actually still retains his own consciousness.

    The power of the souls of these four people is very strong, and it is not much more than the dragon star.

    Ghost people like to kill those who are strong in the soul, and regard the soul as their own weapon. This kind of technique is extremely poisonous and derogatory to the world.


    Ghosts succumb to life, bloody gourd suddenly emits a bloody light, blended into the four souls, suddenly four souls have issued a scream of screams, then the screams come to an abrupt end, they can no longer speak again It is.

    "I am not acknowledging your nonsense!"

    Ghosts have already swayed the law in their hands, and the ghosts are constantly intertwined around him. Countless hard ancient texts are drilled from the blood hyacinth, blending with the blood of the air, and all the souls of the blood are sacrificed. The human races or the monsters are unconscious. They are unconscious.

    "The blood is in the sky!"The ghost cherished the cold and shouted.

    After blending with the ancient text of blood hyacinth, the soul of the blood is like a dough. All the appearances of the blood are gone, like being reshaped, turning into a group of primitive blood, quickly rushing toward the souls of the four monks. past.

    The souls of the four monks were wide-eyed, and they could no longer struggle to move. They began to become scarred and scarred, and the body was covered with dense ghosts. It looked extraordinarily.

    The ghost has already come to the front of the Kraken King cage. The ultimate purpose of his coming here is to catch the King of the Sea King. Countless blood mists filled again, and the souls of the four monks inhaled countless blood, and the body began to involve involuntarily.


    A crisp sound, a monk's soul blasted into a myriad of soul fragments. These soul fragments did not dissipate after they exploded, but were controlled by ghosts in their hands, turning into a streamer and flocking to the Kraken. king.

    "He wants to start with the King of the Siren, we can't let him succeed!"Qiao Xue eagerly shouted.

    Mu Yu nodded. After being close to the Yaozu cage, he could go directly to another cage above the cage according to the tactics between the two cages.

    At this moment, he had already taken up with Qiao Xuefei and stepped on a cage that was only the size of the palm. He stepped on his foot and turned to the cage of the Siren King.

    After the ghosts have turned one of the souls into pieces, the fragments of the soul are attached to the cage of the Siren King as if they were in nowhere.

    The cage of the Siren King is made by the formations. Even if the ghosts can control all the skeletons, but they can't let the skeletons break free, he must use his own ghost techniques to help the skeletons get out of trouble, and then firmly put them firmly. Control.

    The pattern of the cages covered by the fragments of the soul began to become somewhat unstable. The fragments of the soul were extremely corrosive, causing the pattern of the cage to peel off.

    boom! boom!

    It was the two souls that exploded, and once again turned into countless pieces and rushed toward the cage of the Siren King. The pattern on the King of the Siren King has gradually weakened and there has been a small gap.

    This gap in the soul fragments of the erosion became more and more, I am afraid that soon will be completely the entire cage erosion, then the sea Demon King can successfully extricate themselves from the possession of the blood field Demon skull in the hands of the ghost.

    The face of the dragon star has been horrified to the extreme, and the souls of three consecutive tribes have exploded, becoming soulless and scattered, leaving no traces. Ghosts are so ruthless, they have already scared Long Xingyan. He remembered that he had said that he had to treat himself as a sacrifice, which means that he is afraid of escaping today.

    "I can't die, I can't die…"Dragon star whispered.

    But on the occasion of the collapse of the Siren King cage, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue have stepped on the cage of the Siren King.

    Mu Yu’s hands quickly turned into a complicated blue pattern, and UU’s chaotic yin and yang in the body of rushed out, turning into a strong sturdy base to force the squad to maintain the pattern on the other side of the cage.

    The eroded patterns are slowly healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, re-stabilizing the cage.

    "Mu Yu, are you not stopping the Kraken King from getting out of trouble?"Qiao Xue said anxiously.

    "The Kraken King is coming out now, we all have to die! Ghost life is able to control his body. ”Mu Yu explained.

    "This kid is right. Even if I am just a skeleton, it is not something that both of you can resist." Little girl, you are not a water, you are not a demon, you are a personal family, why do you have the power of water? And why can your kid control the trees? ”The Siren King is out.

    "This is a complicated matter. I can't explain it. You quickly tell me how I can get rid of the control of the bloody konjac. I can't resist this erosion!"Shouted Mu Yu.

    At this time, the ghosts have already blasted the fourth soul, and the speed at which Mu Yu helped the "Zhe to the other side" to heal the wounds is almost unable to keep up with the speed of the ghosts!

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