1013th Chapter destroys the altar

"Hey, a bunch of waste, look at the eye!"

The ghost ancestor would not regret anything because of the accidental killing of several ghost gates. The long guns reappeared and gathered in the past, and the ghost shields changed. The violently smashed countless grievances. The grievances are all black, and each of the grievances is endlessly suffocating and rushes to Mu Yu.

Mu Yu kept evading. His eyes never left the altar. In his opinion, the ghost ancestor did not dare to appear in his own hands. Instead, he relied on the altar to launch ghosts. Then he wanted to deal with the ghost ancestors. First of all, you need to destroy this altar.

Under the foot of the Scorpio, the wooden feathers shunned the oncoming rifle, and a gossip pattern appeared on the chest. The blue lightning spark loomed in the gossip, then rushed out and turned into a violent thunder. snake.

Shock and remnant snakes shadow!

The thunder snakes rushed and greeted the ghosts of the ghost shields. The grievances screamed in the horrible thunder snakes. The thunder snakes bite the souls, and the lightning invades the souls. Among them, all the grievances were suddenly wiped out by electricity.


The figure of Mu Yu has fallen on the altar. The texture of the altar is still flashing regularly, but there is no such kind of light that the dragon vine mistakenly touched. He took a closer look and found the texture of the altar. It is still somewhat different from the texture that Longtan saw.

The gossip array lit up at his feet. This time, the gossip array appeared blue. The blue lines were like tentacles. They spread out densely and covered the texture of the altar. Then the white light of the altar was suddenly covered by wood feathers. Covered by the formations, it seems to be disturbed by the law, and the long shots that can't be caught in the air suddenly disappeared!

"Sure enough, to deal with these annoying rifles, you have to start from the roots."

Mu Yu snorted, and the blue ray suddenly burst into an electric spark, which quickly moved to each gully of the altar texture.

"you dare!"

Ghost ancestors finally realized that something was wrong. He thought that Mu Yu would only find the weakness of his ghost technique in just a few fights. The chains that were originally under the weak water began to move and rushed toward Mu Yu. Prevent the manipulation of wood feathers.

However, everything is late. Although Mu Yu does not understand the way the altar texture is activated, his pattern has found a small round hole in the center of the altar. There is a powerful soul force that radiates out. It is the source of the power of the altar, and it is also the chief culprit in the creation of enchantment that makes Mu Yu unable to leave the altar.

The lightning pattern has been filled with the sword of Mu Yu, and the sword is squandering, and has not entered the round hole, and smashed the soul to the group. The original powerful soul force in the encounter with Mu Yu's sword and thunder and lightning, is actually the beginning of the retreat, but this group of soul power is still chased by the wood feather, instantly annihilated!


The entire altar trembled again, and then began to shake. It seemed that it could not be kept floating in the air. The black chains that had been smashed down to the wood feathers were halfway out, like losing the air. He fell heavily in the air and slammed on the altar.


The ghost gates standing on the altar were dodging, and they were smashed by the chain. These chains looked like they were tens of thousands of pounds, and they directly smashed the ghosts into a bloody fog. The altar began to tilt, and the remaining ghosts who had not been killed suddenly flew into the air in panic, trying not to fall below.

However, Mu Yu’s sword gas has invaded the interior of the altar, violently slamming, tearing the entire altar, and the altar has been torn apart, falling into the weak water.

Oh! Oh!

After the pieces of the altar fell into the weak water, they set off a large splash of water. However, for the ghost gate, the worst result was far from this. The protection of the altar was lost, and the powerful tearing force of the weak water suddenly came. It works on those ghosts who fly in the air and are overwhelmed.

The ghost door only feels like it has been hooked up to the body, and it seems that the body has been tied with thousands of pounds of iron. The whole person has not fully reacted.

They have already fallen into the weak water, they desperately want to urge the spiritual power of the body to fly, but in the face of a strong weak water, it does not help.


After the ghosts dropped the weak water, they only sank into a scream, and they sank into the weak water. The weak water formed a film to take their lives and confine their souls to the weak water, while the body was It floats on the water and looks like it has just died.

"Catch the bones!"

Ghosts are not in a panic, or shouting loudly. As the highest-growth ghost, the reaction is also the fastest, because on the weak water, the bones that have been cast ghosts can be suspended, so just stand on the bones. On the top, it will certainly be safe.

There are a few eye-catching ghosts who are holding the eye sockets of the floating skull around them in a critical moment, and climbed over the bones with the help of the skull ghost technique. After all the turmoil has quieted down again, there are only less than forty ghosts who have survived!

Mu Yu has long stood on a broken skull. These skulls originally formed a bone bridge in the air, but just because of the problem on the altar, the bone bridge connected to the altar is also scattered. Zero and eight.

The angry voice of the ghost ancestor echoed again in the cave: "You are an outsider, look for death!"

The destruction of the altar has made the Ghost Fathers extremely manic, and the floating wisps of the air are beginning to rotate rapidly. Toward those floating bones, rushed into the bones, the bone sent a miserable green light, quickly converged together, forming an incomparable senran of the giant hand, huge hands emit a monstrous ghost gas, a paw towards the wood feather, With a sharp whistling sound, it seems to scratch the void.

At the foot of Mu Yu, the Eight Diagrams array was again swayed. The chaotic yin and yang rotated and flowed out of his body. Today, he is more proficient in controlling chaotic yin and yang. A black and white chaotic yin and yang round and natural chase each other, evolved into a breath of life, surrounded by the shadow sword.

The sword front of the shadow sword also morphed out of the blue gossip pattern, while the sword gas suddenly swelled up, illuminating the entire cave, the sword is stunned, a sword stabbed, and stabbed toward the huge bones!


The two collided, the powerful volatility swept through the moment, the sword tumbling, the gas surge, and in an instant more than 20 ghost gates were directly swept by this momentum, directly twisted into a blood fog.

The bony hand grasped the soaring sword gas, wanted to destroy the sword gas, but the sword gas is coming from the endless momentum, drilled into the bone hand, the original miserable green bone hand suddenly like is a strong breath to hold up, the bones are on the incomparable gorgeous luster, become crystal clear, as if the bone hand into a sacred magic weapon.

However, Shengji will decline!

As the lustrous bones became more and more full, the lustre began to fade and became bleak, and a trace of cracks appeared on the bones!

Oh! Oh!

The crisp cracking sound continued to be uploaded from the bones. The wood feathers gaze at the eyes, and the sword in the hands turned slightly. "There was a bang, and the whole giant bones suddenly became torn apart, and they became scattered in the sky." .

The lightning pattern once again turned into a smash, and the bone hand was destroyed into a powder!

"Kid, I want you to die!"

The ghost ancestors screamed and did not anger because of the destruction of the bones. Instead, they seemed a little joke. Wood Yu was shocked. He felt that some dangers were gradually approaching. When he reacted, the sky seemed to be covered by dark clouds, and the atmosphere suddenly solidified at a certain point.

Mu Yu raised his head and his pupils shrank. I didn't know when it started. There was a huge hoe above his head. The hoe was 100 meters wide, and the sharp teeth kept snapping and making a heart-rending. "ε’”ε’”" sound.

This hoe is composed of weak water of chills. It is also vaguely visible that some of the grievances are trapped in the weak water of the hoe, and they are constantly struggling under the surface of the hoe.

The formation of the skull was silent, and Mu Yu had always focused on the huge bones in front, but he never thought that there was such a dangerous ghost behind him. At this time, when Mu Yu reacted, UU reading www.uukanshu.com had no time to avoid it.

Shantou opened a large mouth of blood, and suddenly swallowed the wood feathers!

Shantou Yangtian screamed, spinning in the air, picking up the scent of the scent, followed by a roar of sour and sorrow, drilling toward the weak water below, slamming, huge gimmicks plunged into the bottom again The weak pool disappeared!


The ghost gates, led by ghosts and widows, saw the hoes swallowing down the wood feathers, and suddenly they sighed with relief and returned a life from the front of the ghost gate. They all showed a joyful look on their faces.

"Great! Finally destroyed this intruder! Long live the ghost ancestors! ”

"Long live the ghost ancestors!"

The surviving ghosts shouted loudly and stood on the floating bones. The gimmick of the weak water has disappeared. Everyone clearly understands what the weak water means. The wood feathers are submerged by the weak water, and it is impossible to survive.

"Thank you for your ancestors to avenge us!"Ghosts don’t talk.

"Thank you for your ancestors to avenge us!"The surviving ghost gates also said one after another.

At this time, only 18 of the ghosts were still alive. These 18 people were at least distracted, and because they were high, they survived the fierce competition.

Where did they think that the entire ghost gate would have become only 18 people because of the existence of Mu Yu.

Everyone is waiting for the response of the ghost ancestors, but what surprised the ghosts is that the ghost ancestors did not speak this time. When everyone was in doubt, the weak water below came up with a voice.

"Revenge and hate? I am afraid that there is no chance. ”

Mu Yu stood on the weak water, and his feet were covered by a green plant. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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