Chapter 386 The Lost House

  At the beginning of the nine days, the depiction of the magic array was a collection of three masters. It took more than a day to portray at least tens of thousands of spiritual lines, which is much more complicated than this.

  The nine-day magic array is perhaps one of the most complicated arrays of today.

  Lu Xianshi let everyone begin to figure out this battle, everyone does not dare to neglect, even if they can not understand, at least need to pretend. And many congenital arrays are usually not accessible to them. They know that they can't learn, so they can see one or two congenital arrays occasionally. Everyone is very excited.

  Lu Xianshi took out this congenital array of course, of course, not aimless, his ultimate goal is for the mysterious genius. The genius didn't dare to show up for so many days, so he planned to try to teach all the heavenly disciples to congenital arrays, and then secretly observe the situation of each Zhongtian disciple learning the innate array.

  As long as anyone can master even a little on this battle, then it goes without saying that this person must be the shy genius disciple!

  The array method is divided into a fixed array method and a shift array. The fixed array method refers to finding a suitable terrain and using the advantages of the terrain to arrange the array method. The array method that is finished is not free to move. For example, "Xiaguang Wanzhang" is a fixed array method, and there are other martial art guardian squad guards, such as the squadron, and the gates used to test the introductory disciples. The Starry Array method of the Advanced Hall is a fixed array method.

  The shifting array refers to the array that can be carried with you at any time. It is similar to the old-fashioned old-fashioned old-fashioned scorpion, who used the blood jade ink crystal to fuse the seventh-order blast, and almost killed the day, and Ji Wenkai’s use of the detective array, Lu Xianshi The "correcting the homing of the nest", which is displayed, belongs to the shift.

  The array needs to use the base. Each array will find several good bases for refining and use. All the arrays that can be used at any time are actually pre-drawn in the aura of abundance. On the top, when used, it can be driven directly by spiritual power.

  Mu Yu looked at the complicated pattern carefully, and the lines of the spirits that looked strange in the eyes of outsiders could be easily understood. All the arrays are modified by the gossip as a prototype. As long as you grasp this law, the principle of each spiritual line can be clarified.

  In combination with the points given by Lu Xianshi, it took only less than half an hour for Mu Yu to keep the "Knowledge of the Swallows" in mind. However, he was not eager to portray this formation to his own formation. He knew that Lu’s eyes were now staring at all the middle-class disciples, trying to find someone who was performing abnormally, thus determining the mysterious genius. .

  Since he does not intend to expose himself, he is still cautious. First, remember the formation and go back and find a place where no one is going.

  The lecture time in the morning soon passed, but what disappointed Lu Xianshi was that he did not see an ordinary disciple who was abnormal, but he quickly lit his eyes and had a little self-sufficiency.

  Because if none of the disciples in the field have made a contribution to this formation, then it is highly probable that the mysterious genius is among the forty-five middle-aged disciples who are going out to perform the mission!

  "First narrow the scope and then accept the net, I will not believe you can not find it!"Lu Xianshi is secretly proud of the strategy he has come up with! As everyone knows, his plan has long been seen by Mu Yu.

  To be honest, Lu Xianshi is much higher than Muyu, both in strength and cultivation. Usually he is a very stable first teacher. However, the fact that Zhongtian disciple has the potential to become a congenital disciple almost makes him happy.

This is crucial to the future of the sect, and he has to pay attention.

  After class, Mu Yu quickly left the advanced hall to find a place where no one was going to practice this Swallow, but Lu Xianshi rushed to find Ji Wenkai to be absent from the list of Zhongtian disciples. As for other Zhongtian disciples who seem to understand and understand this array, as long as a line of sculpt does not understand the meaning of its existence, then the whole array will have problems in the process of use, the point is that they can not see I understand more than just one, but hundreds of them!

  There are many mountains in the area, and it is not difficult for Mu Yu to find a place where no one is. He flew into a forest, using Lingshi simply to encircle a magical array and a vigilant array to disguise himself.

  He began to recall the main point of "correcting the homing of the swallow" in his mind. The first time he described this array, he chose to paint directly on the ground. The process of portraying spent a lot of time on Mu Yu. He didn’t have the unforgettable ability. The kind of thing was too sinister, but he mastered how each spiritual line of this array works, so At the time of portraying, it is still possible to fully depict the "homegrown homing" through deduction.

  It took two hours to portray all the spiritual lines, and slightly modified several wrong spiritual lines according to memory and deduction. This process must ensure that the spiritual power is sufficient to maintain the entire array. The spiritual flow of law.

  The next step is to lay down the base. The base is to provide aura support to a formation, which is an indispensable step for the formation. The most common base is the Lingshi, but there is a lot of Lingshi Muyu. However, when he placed more than one hundred Lingshi on the formation method, he was just preparing to display the array method, but found that the entire "correction of the homing" array had just flashed and blinked, and there was no movement!

  "Where is the problem? Is my spiritual power line drawing wrong? ”Mu Yu calculated a total of 672 spiritual engraving lines. He understood the role of each and the cooperation between them. He found that there was no problem.

  He turned his attention to the base, and he was surprised to find that more than a hundred Lingshi did not know when it had become a pile.
Waste stone!

  "After the homing of the swallows" just took a flash and just took out the aura of more than 100 Lingshi!

  Mu Yu secretly screams, and a hundred Lingshi has not played any effect, it has already been sacrificed, it is so fast!

  He used 10,000 Lingshi directly this time, and pondering 10,000 Lingshi should be enough. However, what makes him feel dumbfounded is that the ten thousand spirits maintain two breaths and once again calm the whole formation!

  "Becoming a division is really a career to burn money!"Mu Yu shouted.

  Apparently, Lu Xianshi did not tell him that he wanted to make the Swallows return to the nest. Normal Lingshi would not work. Mu Yu also has some acquired nucleus and Zhongtian dynasty. The acquired pedestal and the Lingshi are similar. You don't have to think about it. The aura of the Zhongtian Array is not good enough to go. Since the Orthodox homing is a congenital Array, then naturally use the innate array.

  Mu Yu rummaged in the Qiankun bag left by the dead wood old man, and turned over more than one hundred innate arrays. Unexpectedly, he just took out the innate array, and Xiaoshuai happily bit his mouth and was fanned by Mu Yu.

  "Do you eat even the base? Tell me what else you don't eat? ”Mu Yu shouted.

  Xiao Shuai looked at the innate foundation in the hands of Mu Yu, and said tragically: "The taste of the innate foundation is several times better than the demon spirit, I can't help it."

  "I can't help but eat it!"Dragon vines are on the sidelines.

  "Hey, I won't eat you!"Xiao Shuai responded with anger.

  Mu Yu was too lazy to care about Xiao Shuai, and directly used the innate array to drive the "correction of the homing." This time, the formation finally flashed a unique light, but its flashing light is actually black and white, and Lu Xianshi's blue light is completely different.

  Mu Yu suddenly learned that Lu Xianshi mobilized five Jiaoyan out. This is a black and white look. It is surrounded by wood feathers, but both the momentum and the speed are slower than that of Lu Xianshi. It is.

  "Longtan will come out quickly, I will take your experiment."Mu Yu directed the swallows and couldn’t wait to try on Longtan.

  Long Teng reluctantly vacated, and turned into a big, Mu Yu did not say that he directed his Swallow to attack the dragon vine, but Long Teng was very smart to avoid.

  "Hey, what are you doing so fast!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

  "You are so slow, how can I be so embarrassed if I hit it with such a slow thing?"Long Teng Road.

  Mu Yu was a little embarrassed. The speed of his falsification was indeed a few times slower than that of Lu Xianshi. However, he said that he had persuaded Longtan to take the initiative. Then he immediately felt that his spiritual power began to be rapid. The ground was taken away by the formation.

  "You try to attack me!"Mu Yu is eager to try!

  Long Teng did not say anything, squatting his body and directly spit out a blue dragon's breath, and smashed toward Mu Yu!

  Then there was a black and white staggered light spot on the dragon's tail, indicating that the dragon's gathering point was on the tail when gathering the spiritual power.

  "Hey? How is your cover door on your ass? ”Xiaoshuai shouted in amazement. "When you use the dragon's breath, you won't spit out your fart from your mouth?" Hahahaha! ”

  Xiaoshuai laughed and leaned forward, and Mu Yu couldn’t help himself. Long Teng was furious, and the dragon that had been washed away by the wood feathers in the air actually turned a corner and rushed toward Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai is still laughing, and he was hit by a blue dragon's breath, and he slammed a pit of a handsome shape on the ground.

  "Great, I am fighting with you!"Xiaoshuai screamed angrily in the ground.

  Mu Yu did not attack the dragon vine's hood door. As long as the vine cover appeared on the dragon vine, the formation has already begun to bear fruit. A Swallow can show a cover door of the opponent. If you want to use this battle to deal with others in the future, at least you must first ensure that Yan Yan can hit a person.

  His speed is not fast enough, even if he injects spiritual power in the position, the speed of Yan Yan is still not fast. Then Mu Yu found that when he was in control of this formation, he could not coordinate the degree of spiritual control between the various spiritual lines, which was the reason why he was not agile.

  Obviously it takes more practice to fully master this array. UU reading

  Next, Mu Yu arbitrarily summoned dozens of Yan Yan, fluttering in the air, want to master this array more skillfully, but he still hasn't made it, and the array under his feet has stopped!

  "Do you want to hair?"Mu Yu looked at the innate array, which was originally a black ore. I don’t know when it has become a common stone.

  Aura is running out!

  "Mom, I will use up the aura of the innate foundation for ten times?"Mu Yu was amazed. It’s no wonder that the array is incompetent. They should consider the consumption of the base aura when they are performing the array. Once the base aura can't keep up with all the arrays, they have to finish!

  "These innate arrays are more aura than those in the middle of the day, but your array is too expensive, and you can't just use it." Unless you can find the rare base of the purple jade and blood jade ink crystal used by the old dead wood, the aura contained in these two bases really makes me stunned! ”Xiaoshuai is flowing through the mouth.

  "The blood jade ink crystal is even."Mu Yu shook his head, he would not use the blood jade ink crystal, which is still the soul of the dead woods old man! Although Xiaoshuai is delicious, he will not go to the idea of ​​playing blood jade.

 But if you don't have enough congenital formations, you can't try to practice more esoteric arrays, which can be puzzling.

  The identity of the squad is so bad that no one can be a deserved one.

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