Chapter 314 What is the sword method?

  Mu Yu lost! He is a sword shadow wind of disciple unexpectedly lost to evil not old apprentice!

  "Zhuangyuan Lang, you have learned the old man's moves very well!"I smiled and looked at the champion, and my eyes were blue and fascinating.

  Zhuang Yuanlang did not respond to the embarrassment, but looked at the wood feathers that looked surprised.

  "You are not losing, my master only wants to defeat a person in his life. That is the sword shadow." This page is created specifically to restrain your sword. Every time you learn each type, I am already familiar with how to use the page. My master later abandoned the page because he felt that the page shadow was not the opponent of Tianjian. However, today, my master is still too high to see your sword. ”

  The evil spirits' martial arts are all from evil and immortality. The evil ages are studying how to defeat the dusty swordsmanship. But every time they research a new set of coping methods, they are always denied by themselves. In the end, these laws are thrown. The disciples who gave him.

  These martial arts have also created the fierce name of the evil disciples, because they rely on these sins that are not negated by evil and do not dare to provoke evil disciples.

  The only opponent identified by the evil spirits is the descendant of the sword shadow dust.

  "The page can actually defeat the Tianjian nine cited? Then I should also consider learning, so I can beat the guy Luo. ”Ximen on the side said unfortunately.

  Ximen unfortunately this person's 嚣张跋扈 is notorious in the realm of cultivation. The young disciples of other sects do not want to provoke him at will, because his strength is unpredictable and has not yet passed. However, only Ximen unfortunately knows that he has only lost to one person so far, that is, Luo Wei, who has always been low-key in the realm of comprehension.

  Simon unfortunately dared to provoke everyone, but did not dare to provoke Luo. He knows that Luo Wei is also an apprentice of the sword shadow dust. In order to defeat Luo Wei, Ximen unfortunately always intentionally or unintentionally approached Luo Wei, that is, he wanted to find a flaw from Luo Wei.

  But Luo Wei has always stabilized him.

  Zhuang Yuanlang smiled slightly, and his countless papers were still flying in the sky, and the swaying pages were gently rhythmic, as if to announce its victory.

  Mu Yu is still in the same place, he is difficult to accept this fact. If the other party is to suppress him by his cultivation, he will not say anything, even if the other party swindles him, it is only a skill. However, his Tianjian nine defeated, defeated so thoroughly, lost to the apprentice of Master's enemies, if Master knows, what would he think?

  Master relied on Tianjianjiu to take the opportunity to repair the real world, and even defeated the five Yumeng spirit masters with this sword. Even if it is now damaged, the former glory is not there, but his swordsmanship still shocks the entire realm of comprehension.

  Tianjian Jiuyi has never lost, because it is sword-like and powerful.

  But why did the Tianjian Nine-Leader in the world lose to the champion?

  "Wu Yu, the bastard of the bastard is so easy to lose? You simply did not fully play the real power of Tianjian. ”The dead wood came out, although he did not like the sword shadow dust, but he also had to admit that the sword shadow dust wind repair is very high.

  Mu Yu was shocked and he was pulled into the memory of the Dust Mountain.


  "Master, I think I have gotten the essence of the sword."Mu Yu said proudly,

At that time, because he was able to practice the dusty swordsmanship to the point where even the wind and dust had to be admired, he was quite contented. He felt that with this set of swordsmanship, he would certainly not suffer in the contest with others.

  The wind smashed the beard and did not criticize his arrogance. He just smiled and said: "Where do you think the most powerful place is?"

  "Jiujiu is one. Combining the first few swords into one, this kind of sword of road simplification is hard to break. ”Mu Yu said.

  Feng Haochen nodded. He did not refute the opinion of Mu Yu: "The road simplification is indeed the essence of the dust sword, and it is also the most powerful place. So what is the real meaning of Avenue to Jane? ”

  Mu Yu thought for a while: "Go to the simple?"

  Feng Haochen nodded again: "The road to Jane means that it has to abandon many complicated swords. One thing to keep in mind is that the simpler sword style may be more powerful, but the greater its requirements, the more it needs a reckless impulse to use the sword just to play that style, because it means it is abandoned. The characteristics that could have been attacked and defended have become the only attack and defense.

  However, the existence of the Nine styles is not only for the last move. Each of them takes into account different ways of adapting. Each move can resolve different offensives. You think there are only nine strokes, but in fact, there are not only nine strokes. Knowing the power of the dust sword, then you know where the power of the dust is? ”

  The dust sword method and the dust heart method can perfectly exert the true power of the Tianjian Jiu.

  "What is the power of the dust?" I don't know, I thought it was just for me to control multiple flying swords at the same time. Don't you say that you can control nine flying swords at the same time when I practice to a certain extent? ”Mu Yu replied.

  "You think it allows you to control nine flying swords at the same time. In fact, you will find out that even if you can control the nine flying swords, each flying sword can't be perfect. When you realize that what is the dusty method, then you will understand what is the dust sword, and you will understand that the perfect place for the sword is not only the ninth, but all swords. ”

  Wood at the time
Yu did not understand this passage, but Feng Haochen also told him that the sword was based on comprehension. Even if he learned the sword style, he would exert an extremely powerful power. Comprehending the situation, in fact, has made Feng Haochen feel very satisfied.


  However, Mu Yu was still defeated today. He always thought that his own swordsmanship method, that is, Tianjian Jiuyin had already reached a point of perfection. Now he understands that Tian Jianjiu has only learned a little bit of fur. Master has not lost, but he has lost.

  "The perfect place for the dust sword is not only the ninety-nine, but also the nine swords."Mu Yu whispered, the beginning of the most primitive exercise in the mind of the nine swords, he needs to know why he did not play the power of the dust sword, not the enemy moves ingeniously, but he buried the evil spirit of the sword.

  Why can't the nine swords be controlled at the same time as perfect?

  Mu Yu himself recalls that every time he uses the dusty heart to control the dust sword, even if he divides nine flying swords, he can deal with the different situations brought by the nine flying swords in time, but each stroke is less than concentrate. A trick is easy to handle, he can't do it.

  Can the dusty heart really only achieve this level?

  "You haven't realized that the real dusty mind is?"

  Luo Wei’s voice rang behind Muyu, and the wooden feathers glimpsed slightly. His second brother also appeared here. His trip was originally to find Luo Wei, but he did not expect to meet him here. However, after thinking about it, Luo Wei often and Ximen unfortunately together, Ximen unfortunately appeared here, so it is not unexpected that Luo Wei appeared here.

  Luo Yuxue’s is also the master’s Tianjian Jiuyan. Master said that Luo’s understanding of the swordsmanship is the same as that of him. Both he and Luo Yu are suitable for monastic cultivation. Tao Muyu, who is practicing, still cannot express a specific concept. Although Mu Yu didn't want to admit it, he knew that Luo Wei was a little more powerful than him.

  Luo Yu’s approach to dealing with the Yaozu people impressed Mu Yu, and he even used the sword. With only one hand, he defeated the invincible iron beetle demon, and he used his control of the fire secretly, but he was able to apply the technique of controlling the fire to the extent that even the people of Liantang could not detect it. It is enough to show how strong he is now.

  Mu Yu did not look back to see Luo Wei, he fell into meditation, what is the real dusty mind?

  The papers in the sky are still flying, and each one looks so simple, but it reveals a free and easy atmosphere. They seem to be showing off to the dusty sword and showing off their victory.

  "Master and I have said that your understanding of the sword is unparalleled, but because of your character, your understanding of the sword has not reached the level it should. In my opinion, you did bury the dust sword, which is the Tianjian nine. ”

  Luo Wei did not know when he had come to the front of Mu Yu, his voice was calm. Mu Yu got a lot of trouble, every time he came to pick up the mess for Mu Yu. He is very unwilling to see this younger brother, but he is in the responsibility of his brother, and he does not want to sit back and watch.

  "Do you know where the most powerful place is?"Luo Wei continued to ask.

  Mu Yu did not speak, he just silently lowered his head. This is the second brother he did not like most in the dusty school. It is also the guy who sees the dragon without seeing the tail. The timing is always just right.

  Luo Wei stared at Mu Yu: "Master said that you may even exceed me, but you have not met his expectations."

  Mu Yu’s heart is not a taste. Although he has seen Luo Wei many times, he still doesn’t know what kind of person Luo Yu is. Because of the relationship of Lan Linger, he deliberately rejected Luo Wei. Luo Wei has helped him many times. He is not grateful at all. He only thinks that it seems to be taken for granted, because Luo Wei is his second brother.

  "This thing has nothing to do with me, but you use his swordsmanship, I can't sit back and watch."Luo Wei said faintly, he flashed a red light in his hand, and the burning sword of one of the nine heavenly swords crossed an arson, and the air seemed to become a little hot.

  Luo Wei has the ability to control the flames. This is a burning gas that seems to suit him.

  “The dusty method means not only the evolution of nine swords at the same time, but also the ability to use nine swords at the same time.”Luo's words echoed in the ears of Mu Yu.

  "You look at me. UU reading www.," Luo said.

  Mu Yu looked up and looked directly at his gaze. Luo Wei did not have any movements, but his eyes were very clear, reflected in the eyes of Mu Yu, but suddenly became agile.

  There are nine Luosong in the eyes of Mu Yu. Each Luo Yu can use the Burning Sword to evolve the Tianjian Nine Guide. His sword method is more than a sword and a force. It’s daunting to come out with the sword of the sky. If you fight with him, it will be equal to the fight against nine Luo. This is a terrible place!

  Mu Yu suddenly opened up, he suddenly understood what is the dust of the heart, using the dust to control the nine flying swords is not the most powerful place, when you can evolve nine self, that is the most terrible killing.

  And Mu Yu can only evolve six swords and three avatars at most, and he suddenly understands where the gap between himself and Luo Wei is.

  "Can you two of them look back to the failure of Tianjian?"

  Zhuang Yuanlang and others did not see the scene that Mu Yu saw. In their view, Mu Yu and Luo Yu were just looking at each other quietly, and it seemed to be inexplicable.

  "Who said that I lost?"

  Mu Yu suddenly smiled, and Luo Wei had already walked aside.
He simply did not put Zhuang Yuanlang in his eyes. He just replaced Master's power to tell the younger brother of the real sword.

  If Mu Yu can't beat a champion, it will really disappoint him.

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