Chapter 412 Alpha Dog

  Mu Yu feel oneself came to the endless sea above, blue sky, wind light cloud light, seagull bursts, a fresh taste of salty smell.

  He looked down at the place he stood, but a rock suspended in the sea, with beautiful coral, coral left water is not survive, Mu Yu know their consciousness was brought into the tablet.

  He walked to the edge of the coral reef and looked down. He was surprised to find that there were huge chess pieces floating on the sea. These pieces are black and white in color, standing on the water in an orderly manner, but they will not drift with the waves, nor will they be wet by the waves, just as the waves gently fluctuate up and down.

  "You came."A calm voice came from across the wood. He looked up and there was a white coral reef on the opposite side. He was sitting on a refined middle-aged man with a gentle look and a sea-like look. It was unfathomable.

  "who are you? What are you going to do this time? ”With the last experience, this time Mu Yu has been eccentric, but he still hopes that this time there is a stunned, he has not seen it for a long time.

  "My name is Alfa Gou, you can call me the spirit of chess, this time you need to play against me."The middle-aged man said faintly.

  "Ah, Alpha dog? How is this name so strange! Who gave it to you? Why do you want to call a dog? Which breed of dog demon are you? ”Mu Yu feels very fresh.

  The middle-aged man said with no urgency: "My name is Alpha. It doesn't matter who gives me the name. The important thing is that if you want to pass the test, you need to finish the game with me. ”

  The chess spirit points to the black and white staggered chess game on the sea level. The chess game exudes a strange wave of volatility, which makes people feel intoxicated.

  However, Mu Yu only had a glimpse of his eyes, and he broke away from the intoxicating spiritual power, revealing the bitter face: "Why do you have to play Go when you mention playing chess?" I won't play Go! I am very good at chess, can I change to chess? There is also a game of animal beasts, oh right! It is really impossible to change this black and white chess to Gobang, and my backgammon is also very powerful! ”

  When I was in the village, the grandfather of the village taught him a lot of chess, but he did not include Go. The grandfather of the village said that Go is the most boring game in the world. If you want to count the next game, you can't just make it a bit. Just like playing chess, you will win the game and save more!

  However, it was only after the knocking of Mu Yu’s side that the grandfather’s grandfather said this because he would not play Go.

  Mu Yu enumerated the names of a lot of chess pieces, and Rao was a shocking soul who also stunned: "What is Gobang and Dooms?"

  "You don't know how to play backgammon and arena? That's great, come here! I teach you that I teach you! ”Mu Yu is in the air.

  The chess soul shook his head and said: "I am the chess soul, and Go is my battlefield. The way of Go is broad and profound. The world's sieges are all tied to the chessboard. They are black and white, fighting and fighting, changing thousands of ways, and asking for a tone. The layout is mysterious, and it can be attacked and defended. It is the essence of the array. Learn to play chess, you know how to plan, and win thousands of miles away. ”

  "speak English."Mu Yu yawned, completely do not understand what the chess soul is pulling.

  The chess soul is obviously the first person to encounter Muyu so casually, but he is not angry, but continues to explain to Mu Yu.

  "Become a congenital disciple, not only must know how to be flexible and changeable, but also apply the array method to everything in the world.

Go is one of the epitome. The array on the board changes due to the interference of the opponent. What you need to do is to exert the maximum power of the method under the influence of the opponent. ”Chess soul road.

  "I understand the truth, the point is that I won't play Go!"Mu Yu shouted.

  With a wave of chess, a black and white interlaced game appeared in front of Muyu. This game is somewhat worn out, but it is quite primitive. It only wrote two words "the chess array".

  "Congenital disciples have a high level of comprehension of new knowledge. If you don't understand, you can read it here and learn from scratch. The way of Go is a compulsory course for every squad. ”


  Mu Yu looked at the thick "Boss Array", and his heart rushed through thousands of grass mud horses. No one ever told him that he would learn to play Go!

  To be honest, when Mu Yu saw a thick book, he had a headache. When he recited a copy of the "Poisonous Sutra", he quickly cried and cried. At that time, he complained that the dead wood old man would not have enough to write. So thick book. This time I have to go to learn the "Boss Array", is it too much trouble?

  Even if he can learn, he is a newbie, and he can beat the chess soul in a temporary hug?

  "This plate is the endgame. You are obsessed with blackspots. You need to do more with less and more, and defeat it. This is the purpose of the second battle. ”The spirit of the chess continues.

  The first piece of the monument is to test the ability of the disciple to win the weak and strong, and the second piece of the monument tests the ability of the disciple to learn more.

  "These dejected words, let's wait and say, give me some confidence first to let me read the rules again, and then consider what to win less."Mu Yu reluctantly opened the game and began his long journey of learning.

  Chess can cultivate self-cultivation and hone his mind, but Mu Yu is a vigorous and free-spirited person. He can't do the same kind of vegetables cooking like his own master Feng Haochen. The following chess is not suitable for him. . From the time he stepped into the realm of comprehension, he had no peace of mind, and he was arrogant everywhere. Every time Mu Yu defended: I just wanted to make a soy sauce. Who could think of the soy sauce factory exploding?
r /> Mu Yu thinks that peace of mind is a life attitude, but what he wants to do is a way of life. Can people always suppress their own personality? Even Master often teaches them to do things as long as they think they are right, and don't care about the eyes of outsiders.

  The passage of time in the monument is different from the outside. Although cultivation is useless here, learning is a good place.

  Mu Yu holds the game and explores the rules, crying without tears. Because of the physique of pure wood, he is a genius in cultivation, but it does not mean that he is suitable for learning Go, so there are a lot of question marks on the forehead in the process of reading.

  The spirit of chess along the way is not enlightened, there is a question and answer, so that Mu Yu quickly became familiar with the rules of Go.

  Strictly speaking, the rules of Go are not difficult. In the chessboard, the chess pieces are all arguing for "qi" and occupying the board. They push the opponent to the point where there is no gas. In the end, whoever has more "eyes" will win.

  Basically, it takes only a quarter of an hour to figure out, but a deeper layout requires years of accumulation.

  It is not difficult to understand a rule. How to use rules to defeat opponents is the most difficult.

  The game between the two sides is like the killing of the two armies. The battlefield is ever-changing, and only by grasping the flaws of the opponent can it be defeated in one fell swoop. Masters play, one step is wrong, all are lost, so you must step by step, do not rush for quick success.

  The difference between a chess array and a normal array is that the formation of the chess array is not fixed. The ordinary array method, once the formation is fixed, is fixed, and when playing chess, one person and one child, turn to the game, the formation on the board is easily disrupted. Players need to adjust their formation at any time to force their opponent into a dead end, which requires a strong ability to adapt.

  The congenital disciple is more powerful than the Zhongtian disciple. The congenital disciple knows how to respond accurately to the mysterious array, and gains the greatest advantage under the interference of the opponent.

  But Mu Yu is facing a mess at the moment. The sunspot is at an absolute disadvantage. He needs to be careful every step of the way.

  Can call himself a chess soul, think about how much this Alpha hook is! Every step of Mu Yu is under his calculation. Even if it is a fair game, he can't win, let alone be a disadvantage at a disadvantage.

  It is too difficult for him to turn defeat into victory.

  Mu Yu is not a natural chess player. He just learned the rules and can't beat the chess spirit that is immersed in the chess game. But he is a young disciple with a weak talent. He understands that he can't look at the endgame with a regular eye. If he wants to win, he must find another way!

  The black and white chess on the board is easy to understand if it is viewed from the perspective of the road. Each piece is a base, which is the basis for maintaining the formation. And each "eye" is a glimpse of the eye, as long as the ruin of the other side of the line, increase the number of their own eyes, you can make your own line more powerful than the opponent!

  Looking at the chessboard at sea level, the wood did not rush, but began to outline the formation of the sunspot in his mind. In his mind, he fantasized about how to break the formation of the sunspot from the encirclement of Bai Zi and win a chance.

  The sunspot is almost in a difficult position, and it is impossible to make a living. He flipped through "History of the Chess" and constantly evolved against the various chess games in his mind to deal with the endgame.

  Time flies quickly, one day, two days, three days…

  In the meantime, there is no sound in the chess spirit to disturb the thinking of Mu Yu. Mu Yu has been calculating his own game and wants to expand the array of the sunspot.

  However, as he gradually learned about Go, he found that the Kuroko's formation was too clumsy. If he wanted to rush out, he would always be beaten by Bai Zi. UU reading This is simply a plate. stupid move!

  But since it is a test, there must be a way to pass the customs, but where is this method?

  Mu Yu has been in the monument for three days, but only less than an hour has passed outside. Everyone was afraid to breathe, and they were really shocked by Mu Yu.

  This Zhongtian disciple who has just started to be called waste will be a hidden genius?

  Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai both face iron and blue, almost screwing out the water. When they came to Mu Yu, they originally recruited Anmu Yu, but when they saw that Mu Yu’s age was too high, they didn’t want to touch it, and they sneered at it.

  I did not expect that the guys they ignored were turned into people who threatened their status. If there is a congenital disciple in the sect, there may be many changes. Both Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai are the spies sent by Fu Zong. They absolutely do not allow the situation of extra-budgets to occur.

  This person must die!

  Lu Xianshi was extremely excited to look at Mu Yu, a genius disciple who had been hiding for so long. When he tortured him to be hungry and thirsty, he finally stood up. How can he not be excited?

  The minds of the outside parties are different. They are excited about the appearance of Mu Yu. They are envious of Mu Yu, Yu Mu Yu, and want to kill Mu Yu. These will temporarily affect Mu Yu. He quietly immersed himself in his own thinking and tried to find the lifeline.

  But what is the only way to survive?

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