Chapter 1086 Familiar people

The familiar voice let wood feather whole people have played a jiling, that is, all the pain seems to disappear all of a sudden, the mind is completely full of that vigorous voice.


Mu Yu slammed his eyes and looked at the source of the sound.

It was a familiar figure, and although it was very illusory, it still looked so good, just like a mountain, standing behind the wood feather, made him feel an unprecedented sense of security.

It is a dead wood old man!


The majestic atmosphere swept out, rolled up the wooden feathers in the air, rolled to the side of the dead wood, the dead wood clenched his lips, his eyes filled with an eager look, but eagerly intertwined with endless anger.

"You are hurt?"

Dead wood is still only a soul, but his eyes are burning, it seems that there is a volcano hidden inside, to be ejected to burn any enemy who hurts his son.

The wooden plume looked at the familiar face incredibly, feeling everything Kate, for so many years he has been in order to revive the eyes of this person and efforts, never give up, experienced a time and again the disappointment is still holding, in the soul without the killer in the moment, his mind still has endless regrets, regret that they did not do this thing.

However, he never imagined that the old man who often yelled at him would appear here and save him in the midst of a thousand miles!


Mu Yu couldn't speak, his heart was roaring wildly. It was obvious that for a while he felt that he had a lot of words to say to the person in front of him, telling him how embarrassing he was and telling him what he had experienced in these years. But at this moment, Mu Yu can't say anything.

"Who hurts you, I will kill him."

The eyes of dead wood flashed with anger, chaotic yin and yang surrounded him, and the powerful force of the Mahayana period poured out, blocking the whole piece of void, and all the retreats of the soulless phase were sealed.

Domain ability, desperate without life!

The whole piece of emptiness is shrouded in various sinister poisonous mists. This poisonous mist is so horrible that it is pervasive, as if even the spiritual power can be eroded by poisonous mist, becoming a poisonous thing, anything in this piece. Nothing can survive in the field!

"The dead wood is evergreen? Are you still alive? ”

The soul that has just stabilized his body is also shocked. The person who cultivates the real world may only know that the dead wood is a stinging poisonous person, but he is a soul of the Mie Palace and is familiar with the dead wood. but!

That is a person who even has three points in the white world of the owner of the Triple Palace!


The overwhelming cloud has been fast to the soul without a shadow, the soul without a rage to roar loudly, the whole body Pak Mong, tens of thousands of lights around the soul, in front of a white barrier formed, while the soul lamp in countless of the soul also emit a powerful light, forming a giant tentacles, want to rip cloud blockade.

The ability of the field, the magic of the thousand lights!


The big hand formed by the soul lamp is incomparably powerful, as if the huge waves rolling over the big river are going to break the overwhelming poisonous fog. However, when the white giant touched the green poisonous mist, the poisonous mist was not shredded by the giant hand. Instead, the poisonous mist directly attached to the white tentacles and gradually turned it into green.


The soul is in horror, and after all the poisonous mists invaded the tentacles, the tentacles actually got rid of his control, and the poisonous mist quickly followed the tentacles toward the soul lights. Just a breathing room, more than half of the soul lights have been infested by the green poisonous fog, and the grievances in the soul lamp have made a scream of screaming, seemingly unable to withstand the erosion of poisonous fog.

Oh! Oh!

After all the soul lights were eroded by the poisonous mist, they gradually became solid, and finally burst into bursts, turning into a group of green poisonous fog, making the whole field of desperate life even bigger!

There is already a look of panic on the face of the soulless, and it is also the field of the Mahayana period.

His field ability can't stop the dead wood's desperate life. In the field of dead wood, those poisonous fog can't use the soul force to block it. It will only be eroded by the poisonous fog and become part of the other side!

The ordinary poisonous person is easy to be blocked by the spiritual power of the comprehension when applying the poisonous fog, but when the poison is cultivated to the extreme, the poisonous fog in the desperate world has not blocked the spiritual power. live!

"you die!"

The dead wood kills his hand and slams his hand, and the grip of the desperate life begins to shrink, and the soul is trapped in it, wrapped in a group.


The toxic fog spread out, and the soul did not give out a painful scream of heartbreaking. The soul of the whole person was completely infected by the poisonous mist. The poisonous mist invaded his body and let him show his cockroaches. In the face, the final look is gradually stiff, the body is blown into powder, and even the soul has not escaped!

The dead wood turned around, and the hand turned out the mysterious lines again. The wood feathers were wrapped around the body. One black and white two chaotic yin and yang flowed out, and the chaotic yin and yang of Mu Yu were intertwined, giving a strange singularity. Resonance.

"This is the land of the Dan Ding faction. There will be nothing wrong with it."The dead wood eyes have a worried look.

Mu Yu looked at the familiar eyes, and the tight consciousness finally gradually loosened. He was only excited before his eyes. He didn’t even think about why the dead wood will suddenly come alive. Mu Yu didn’t care, he was also Into the endless darkness…


It feels like I have had a dream, my dreams are long, the spring is bright, the birds are fragrant, and the whole world has become very beautiful.

Mu Yu slowly opened his eyes, and the familiar inscriptions were greeted with each other, intertwined with soft light. There were four shadows of chaotic yin and yang in the air, and the laughter of Xiaoshuai.

Here is the opening of the market.

Mu Yu sat up hard, as if he had thought of something, and quickly looked around.

"Woke up?"

The dead wood figure slowly appeared in front of the wood feathers, although the illusion, but the wood feather feels extremely real. Mu Yu can feel the dead wood seems to be relieved.

"Well, wake up."

Mu Yu looked at the dead wood and suddenly laughed. His smile was still so pure. It was like a child who didn’t care about the world. He saw the person he could rely on, as if it was dangerous.

He thought that seeing that person would be too excited to say anything, he would cry and cry, and he would hold on to each other firmly, telling the old man who was dead, telling the other person that he would never be angry again, as long as the dead wood can live well, he must The old rumors listened to it, and then confided all the bitter water for many years…

However, at the moment when Mu Yu saw the dead wood, he found that many of the sentimental thoughts disappeared instantly. He was still the optimistic person. The dead wood was also the rigorous dead wood. Even the greetings were so casual, as if they had left yesterday and reunited today. Nothing has changed.

In front of this good face, Mu Yu can't get used to it.

Mu Yu smiled awkwardly. He had thought a lot of words before. He couldn’t wait to tell him when he was awakened, telling the other person what he was doing in the past few years. How much he thought about him, but the words were always involuntarily Become a familiar tone.

The two people looked at each other so much, they wanted to see something from the other's eyes, as if they had separated from each other's time and space, familiar people, familiar eyes.

The dead wood opened his mouth, as if to say something, and then pressed down, simply said: "It's okay."

He is not good at saying lyrics, nor is he good at expressing his feelings. Even if he is worried, he will only say something very simple.

Mu Yu was so seated and looked at the dead wood. He was worried that this was a dream. The stubborn old man came back. This is what he dreamed of, but he felt very unreal. He wanted to see more, confirming that this is not a dream.

"You always see what I do?"The dead wood looked away, and he seemed to be avoiding something, and he looked uncomfortable.

Mu Yu held his chin with his hand and said with uncertainty: "I don't know, or do you want me to swear?"

Dead wood frowned: "What do you want me to do?"

"I always feel that you don't care about me. It seems that something is missing. It doesn't feel like you."Mu Yu touched his nose.

Deadwood angered: "Is it just a person who likes to swear in your heart?"

Mu Yu muttered his head for a long time, his eyes turned a few laps, then nodded: "Yes!"


Dead wood looks a bit annoyed.

It was a long silence, and the dead wood suddenly asked: "So…Are you still counting what you said before? ”

"What is it?"Mu Yu did not react. UU reading

"It's you…you call me……You said……"The dead wood is stopped and the sound is a bit lacking.

"How come you stutter again?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

The dead wood stunned Mu Yu, and he looked like he had to rush to give a slap in the back of Mu Yu's head, but he remembered something and held back.

"Forget it, when I didn't say it."The dead wood eyes faintly said.

Mu Yu said inexplicably: "Daddy, how do you feel weird."

The dead wood jerked his head up and looked at Mu Yu, as if he had heard something that surprised him. He even had a hint of hope in his eyes.

Mu Yu suddenly understood, and laughed: "Hey, I know you want to ask me if I still don't recognize you, this old man?"

"I don't have these rare things."The dead wood can't wait to chill, trying to pretend to be an indifferent look, the typical death to face.

"No, I am rare, I am rare. Before you left last time, you said that the most wanted is a son. You have inexplicably treated me as a son. I have also agreed inexplicably. How can I repent?"Wood Yu smiled slyly.

There was a smile on the corner of the dead wood, but it quickly covered up the past, and the face slammed and snorted: "When the grease slicks, when can I let me worry less?"

Mu Yu touched his head, he found that his body injuries have been good, the body's spiritual power is more abundant, the whole person has become alive and kicking, very comfortable.

"Daddy is worrying about his son, isn't this normal?"Mu Yu grew a sigh of relief, and the big black and white and black and white in the air were screaming at the little handsome, and the playfulness spread throughout the open market.

The dead wood looked a bit, but there was no rebuttal.


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