Preface, Xianshi, Xia, the old village chief

"Itโ€™s too late, itโ€™s fast! Our wood feathers rushed over in time, and fought the fairy teacher for three hundred rounds. It was called a dark day, and the sun and the moon were dull! Mu Yu's two flying swords, such as the world-famous thunder, specialize in judging the good and evil in the world, the sword is out, the sand is flying, the lightning is thundering, and people can barely open their eyes! A sword stabbed, and suddenly the wind surged and the sky fell. The fairy teacher in Dadian Village was beaten by Mu Yu, vomiting blood and flying, the blood stained the dust, and the sky was dyed red…"

In the quiet flowing village, the head of the old cloth, who is still full of white hair but still insane, is talking to a group of children who are snoring. He looks proudly at the little guys who are scared by his story. At that moment, my heart was still very proud.


The little baby's eyes widened and his mouth burst into amazement. The immortal teacher has always been an unattainable presence in their eyes, but the wood feathers in the mouth of the village chief actually have such a supernatural power, which makes them fear.

"The grandfather of the village, what happened to the immortal sergeant?"A little child raised his hand and asked.

The head of the village licked the white beard of the chest, cleared the throat, and continued: "The next is the most crucial second volume! Immortal Xia old village chief! In the previous section, Mu Yu was angry and rushed to the crown, and Tian Jian punishes evil. He played the great teacher of Dadian Village without any help. The immortal teacher knew that he could not defeat the wood feathers of the gods, and he was not willing to admit defeat. He went straight to the village head and wanted to use the old man to come to Yumu. But the village head, I am the kind of person who is afraid of death? Look, this scar is what was left at that time…"

The head of the village pointed at the cockroach on his face and said with pride: "The fairy tales in the big village are very fast, like a lightning bolt, but the two swords of the wooden feathers are piercing through the big village. On the shoulders, the big village of the immortal master has been hit hard, knowing that it is not a Mu Yu opponent, only the caster can admit defeat."

"The grandfather of the village, the brother of Mu Yu is very good!"A little girl looked at the village chief of Laobu with adoration.

"I haven't finished yet! Where will our wood feathers let him go? However, the head of the village is very ambitious. The so-called generals can run horses. The prime minister can support the boat. Although the other party has done something wrong, the village chief is the kind of person I care about? I let Mu Yu let him go and give him a chance to rehabilitate and rehabilitate. As the saying goes, at the beginning of a person, the nature is good, as long as the mistakes can be changed, the goodness is great! Mu Yu promised, but the premise is that the immortal teacher of the big point village must plead guilty to the village chief! โ€

"Is the sorcerer down?"Many children can't wait to ask, it is incredible that the immortal squats to a mortal.

"A fairy teacher swears a mistake to a mortal. This is related to the face of the immortal teacher. Can the other party agree? However, the village chief, I was finally moved by his righteousness. He understood that although the village chief was just a cloth, she had the heart of a wise man. He was willingly walked to the head of the village, his legs bent and he fell. โ€

"That, nothing, unprecedented, like a stone falling into the water, stirring up layers of waves, indicating the end of the upper evil forces, that glimpse, let the mortal class rise our heads, the world is fair, There is always a good and a bad. As a member of the mortal, the village chief asked the immortal to apologize for the first time. This will surely be recorded in history and open a new era of human civilization…"

The village chief shook the Pufan, a pair of old gods, and there were not many people who knew about it. Anyway, how to blow is his business. He has played several versions of the draft of the bragging, and he does not have to spend money.

"The grandmother of the village chief deceives people. You have always said that the immortal master can fly to the sky, the sleeves are broken, the grandfather of the village is just a mortal, where will the fairy teacher give you a kneel?"A little boy questioned.

"Yeah, the village head, are you not saying that the identity of the immortal is great? The last time there was a fairy teacher, you were so respectful to others. โ€There is another little girl raising his hand.

The village chief of Laobu was in a hurry and stared at the beard. "This is true. The immortal teacher really gave me a squat." Our wood feather is not an ordinary fairy teacher. He is a very powerful immortal teacher. He asked the immortal to kneel down.


"The grandfather of the village is bragging again."

"Unless you prove it to us again!"

The village chief was so angry that he had to smash the white beard. How can the children now be so difficult to manage? Although the story has been squandered by him, it is also true that the singer gave him a squat! Now let him prove that he has to find Mu Yu! Thinking of Mu Yu, he was worried about it for a while, the child has not returned for a long time, I donโ€™t know how it is now.

However, at this time, the sky above the Liushui Village suddenly appeared a mysterious ripple, like a quiet water swaying, followed by a magnificent atmosphere swept over. All the villagers in Liushui Village looked up and looked at the scene in front of them with horror. They did not understand what happened.


There were a lot of people in the air, flashing from the shackles, standing in the air in a dense manner, sweeping the entire flowing village. The village chief Laobu looked at the hundreds of shadows in the air in amazement. That is the legendary master who has the ability to move mountains and reclamation. It is high above the top. He did not know that so many immortals came to this village to do it. He vaguely felt that things were not good.

The children are also scared, and the village head just told them the story of the immortal, and there are so many immortals, it is too coincidental.

"Which is the old village chief?"

A middle-aged sorcerer dressed in a luxurious white robe and imposing, fell from the sky, stood on the open space in the middle of the village, and asked aloud, everyone else fell behind the middle-aged immortal. Every immortal teacher is in a good manner, and the face is very grim, his face is very grim, and he can't keep his eyes on it, as if he is on guard.

"I, I, I am. Everyone, Master, you, are you looking for me? โ€The old cloth village chief came out in trepidation. So many immortals came here to find him, which scared him.

"You are the old village chief? Who is you? โ€The middle-aged fairy teacher frowned.

"Wood, wood feather?"The old cloth village chief was shocked. So many people are looking for Mu Yu? This child is not causing trouble outside? So many immortals gathered here to find him to do? The pressure of the immortal master made the old village chief tremble, and his legs trembled. "Mu Yu is an orphan who raised me. He is not here. He, is he okay?"

"Please help the elderly!"

What the villagers of the Liushui Village did not expect was that the middle-aged immortal teacher suddenly kneeled down to the head of the old cloth, and took a deep head. The hundreds of immortals behind him also squatted together and said: "Please help the elderly!"

"Xian, Xianshi, really gave the village chief grandfather?"The little boy who had just questioned the village chief was stunned to see a group of high-ranking immortals suddenly squatting in front of the village chief, and his little heart was greatly shocked!

"The grandfather of the village did not lie to us! Immortal teacher really gave him a kneel! โ€

The old cloth village chief opened his mouth and the Pu fan in his hand fell to the ground. For a time, his brain was blank. The immortal teacher gave him this kind of thing. It was only a few years ago that Mu Yu wanted to get justice for him. This kind of thing happened only once, but today there are hundreds of fairy sergeants in front of him, which is usually even Itโ€™s a dream, he doesnโ€™t dare to do this!

"You, you, what?"The head of the old cloth usually always blows the children in the village to the squatting of the sorcerer, which is mixed with a lot of water, but when things really happen, they can scare him.

"The elders, Mu Yu must be resolved by you, please promise to take a trip with us."The middle-aged fairy teacher looked at the village chief of Laobu.

The head of the old cloth trembled, and he fixed his mind. Although he did not know why, he seemed to have the light of Mu Yu. He bent over and picked up the fan that fell on the ground, and said carefully: "Okay, okay. You, you, you get up! โ€

The village chief Laobu felt that he was like an emperor and let his people flatten. However, he did not have a repair at all, but he knew that no matter which of the hundreds of immortals, he had to play with it.

"Time is too late, the elders have offended."The middle-aged immortal teacher has stood in front of the head of the old cloth, and the village chief has disappeared in the same place. At the same time, hundreds of people under the arm are disappearing. Only a group of children who have not yet returned to the gods are there to marvel at the gods of the village chief…

The old village chief only felt that his eyes were dark, and he was afraid of being anxious. He did not know where he was taken. Suddenly, there was a tremor around him, and then his eyes could see the light again. He found himself on a plain and thought he had reached his destination, but the surrounding was agitated, and the middle-aged man looked anxiously behind him.

"Oh! This old man must die! โ€

There were a few strange voices in front, and it seemed that someone had stopped the road of these hundreds of immortals. The head of the old cloth poked his head from the shoulders of the middle-aged immortal. He wanted to know who was so bold and dared to fight against these hundreds of immortals. It doesn't matter if he looks at it, he almost scared him!

It is the Yumeng Mozu!

The Yumeng Mozu is an evil race, and their form is different from others. They are cruel, fierce and aggressive, and they are not soft-hearted. The Yumeng Mozu is divided into five kinds, with different forms, and with five attributes on the body, they can control the five elements of Jinmushuihuo. The mortal has only one dead road in front of the Yumeng Mozu, and only the great immortal teacher can fight against the Yumeng Mozu!

The Yumeng Mozu has been fighting for the territory of mankind. There has been no stoppage for thousands of years. The Yumeng Mozu has become synonymous with evil, but I donโ€™t know why today I am interested in Laobu, a mortal who has no cultivation.

"Give me up! Be sure to protect the elders. โ€The middle-aged man waved his hand, and hundreds of immortals behind him all went to the Yumeng Mozu.

The old village chief looked at it all the time. He was always guarded by the middle-aged immortal, but the middle-aged sorcerer could not seem to take him to escape the encirclement of the Yumeng Mozu. He could only watch the hands-on attack and destroy the heavens. The land of the immortal and the five attributes of the Yumeng Mozu battle together. UU reading

At dusk, the setting sun was red for half a day, and the bloody light poured on the earth, illuminating a mess.

The ground is no longer so flat, the sharp soil thorns rise all over the place, piercing a body, the blood has not dried up, the sword is still in the hand, but life has passed.

The trees are lying horizontally, and the hard branches hang a figure of a fairy teacher. The leaves are red and bloody, and they are very different.

The river has been frozen, and an ice ridge has risen from the surface of the water. It has penetrated countless immortals, and the warm blood ran down the ice ridges, failing to melt the biting cold.

The flame burned on the earth, so strong, with the body of the immortal being the source of fire, burning, burning, and the sunset.

The cruel flying sword betrayed the master, the tip of the sword crossed the heart, flashing cold, and the body was out, the person holding the sword was still in fear, and did not understand why the sword in his hand turned to himself.

The middle-aged immortal is also scarred, he has always protected the village chief. The village chief of the old cloth was terrified, and the immortal teacher was killed and injured in the hands of the Yumeng Mozu!

โ€œIs this all related to Mu Yu?โ€The old village chief swallowed a sip and asked.

The middle-aged fairy teacher nodded: "Wu Yu can only solve the problem, the elder, you must live."

The spiritual power of the middle-aged fairy teacher suddenly skyrocketed. He spit out a blood, and then rushed to the sky with the old village chief.

"Wood feathers…"

The head of the old cloth whispered, what happened to the kind child? His thoughts slowly drifted back to many years ago, and he has not remembered how many years have passed. But he knew that the wooden feather was 12 years old that year, and the old village chief remembered it very clearly.

This is a very long story. At that time, Mu Yu was just an orphan of Liushui Village, and the head of the old cloth raised him.

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