The 10th chapter chooses disciple

Mempai selection of disciples, divided into two times, the first time each door pie first selected five, in order to show fairness, each gifted disciple of a school can only select two, so as to avoid all potential disciples were selected by the previous disciples. The first selected Qingsong faction was the first to select the only tiger with a green talent level, plus two children of green talent level and two children of yellow talent level.

When they chose the tiger, the four gates sent the other three-door-men to look bad, obviously they never got the talent level for the Blue disciple, but the Ching Chung people to fix up there, who also dare not say anything, and then this election is unanimously agreed, the selection of the order is also the annual contest decided, So no one has any objections.

The four sects have chosen the right disciples, but the other sects are not so lucky. The selection speed is very fast, because many elders of the martial art have already identified their own target disciples and have a higher probability of being able to choose who they are, so they are not hesitant to choose. Although there are still some white beards, after carefully touching the bones of each disciple, they decide whether to pick them up. These children are like the goods in the market, but they are not happy with each item being picked up. On the contrary, they are very happy.

Because the disciples of the red talent level are the most discriminating, there is no limit to the number of disciples in the red color. In the end, Mu Yu finds a very embarrassing phenomenon. One round of disciples who chose their disciples to get down this group of gray talents is not picked!

Mu Yu knows that according to this selection method, even the disciples of these gray talent levels in the second round cannot be selected, and even in the end, they are not likely to be selected. So what kind of treatment will the gray talent disciples have? Is it sent directly back?

If he was sent back, Mu Yu didn't even dare to imagine the disappointing look of the old village chief. Although he didn't want to repair any immortals, he himself came out on behalf of Liushui Village. If he was not selected, he might not be selected. Going out can't lift my head.

The second round was also selected. All the disciples have been picked. Only the disciples of more than 30 gray talents are left unattended. These children have already known what they are, and everyone’s expressions are very lost. Some children are even secretly wiping their tears. When I think of the potential of being trained, how happy the family is, the seven great aunts are rushing to bid farewell, but they are so far behind, that the fall is even an adult can not afford, let alone these Innocent child.

Even the last name of the dust-splitting faction did not choose them. Mu Yu did not know which immortals were the dust-splitting people, but the disciples they chose were the most red-level talents. Even the three-way sects did not want them to be gray-level. The disciple can imagine how important talent is in the cultivation of the world.

Each of the gates has gone away with his chosen new disciple, only this group of people do not want to hang the tail of children are still at a loss to stand there, everyone's heart only a glimmer of hope has been shattered, many children are sad to cry, wood plume saw a little girl crying, his heart sighed, Deliberately to comfort someone else, but on second thought, what qualifications do they have to comfort others?

When the immortals have gone almost, the white-haired looking deacon slowly came over and glanced at the children who were not wanted. They shook their heads reluctantly and said: "Don't cry, there is a real world." Cruel rules, talent determines everything, and everyone should not be sad. There are two roads in front of you. One is to go home directly, to be a mortal with peace of mind, to live quietly through your own life, to marry a wife or have a fame, and to achieve a career in the future. The other one is to stay in the school and become a backup disciple here. ”

"What is an alternate disciple?"Some children asked in a sob.

Looked at the deacon's eyes flashed a trace of strange, but soon disappeared, he squeezed a smile: "The spare disciple is to stay in the school, although you have a lower talent, but it is not without the ability to cultivate, progress is slow, but As long as you work hard, you may still be seen by the sects of those sects."

When the other children heard that they could stay, they had the opportunity to be selected by the martial art, and they stopped crying. If there was a chance, no one would want to leave, would rather fight for it. But Mu Yu’s thoughts are not so simple. He knows that this alternate disciple will certainly not be so easy, at least for some price.

Looking for a deacon to continue: "You stay in the school and do things for the school. If there are other disciples who come here, you must have a good reception, and then grow up. Every year you need to go to various villages and towns to find a person who is 12 years old. Children, they are invited to come here, and they will be rewarded with spiritual stones. Lingshi is the currency of the realm of cultivation, and it is also used to cultivate things. You will know it later. Now you can make your own choices, whether to leave or stay. ”

Many children are scrambling to express their willingness to stay. No one wants to leave with regret. If there is hope in the future to become a fairy teacher? Only Mu Yu did not express his position. He understood what was an alternate disciple. It must be the next person of the school, which was specially used by other sects. But Mu Yu didn't want to leave, and he didn't want to see the disappointment of the village chief.

Looking for deacons has already been expected, no children will choose to leave, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, so he didn't explain anything, just said: "Since everyone chooses to stay, then follow me! I will arrange accommodation for you first, and I will arrange daily tasks for you starting tomorrow. ”

We all volunteered to be behind the deacon, everyone no longer cry, or happy or determined to walk, only the wooden feather sighed, he walked slowly, deliberately landed in the end, and then looked back at the Gray Stone, which decided his fate of the stone, now still quietly stay there, It seems like it has nothing to do with it, it's just a tool, but this tool determines the way for so many people. Mu Yu couldn't help but think, what would happen if he had just let the warm current control himself? He has a hunch that he knows that his talent level is definitely not gray. He will definitely have his own color, but what will it be?

Mu Yu would like to test it again, but there is no chance now. He wants to see if he can sneak back at night. Even if there will be a situation in the evening, no one should care.

Mu Yu took his gaze back, but just when he was about to turn around, he suddenly saw a person next to the gray stone. It was a very simple old man with white hair and white hair. He had an indescribable breath. It is like the old man who raised the sky in the mountain village, but it has a meaning of a sacred wind.

The old man stared at the stone, and suddenly he looked at Mu Yu. There seemed to be a doubt and incomprehension in the eyes of the two wise men. It was like asking Mu Yu, and the moment he looked at him, Mu Yu unexpectedly I feel that I am seen by the other party, and the secrets in my heart will be exposed. Wood Yu was shocked and quickly turned his head and stopped looking at him. He prayed that he would not find anything. He stepped forward and rushed to catch up with the people in front.

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