Chapter 100 Golden Dan

"If the situation is settled today, I have tolerated you for a long time. You should not toast and not eat fine wine!"Ju Wenxing put away a false smile and stared at the promise.

"Chen Yan brother, Shimei is deeply in love with you. If you join, the Qingsong school will definitely be brilliant in the future. My master Qingsong Tao will naturally be more important to you. What else can you say? I can do it if I can do it. Full force."Bailang is different from Ju Wenxing. His attitude has always been Corporal Li Xian. The Qingsong Taoist people must bring him back to the disciples before he comes. He does not know Master's intentions, but he does it.

The promise shook his head: "No matter what choice I make, I will definitely offend the other side. Now my Master has been retiring for many days, leaving the door to be delivered to me without asking the world. I naturally want to think about the younger brothers and sisters. I don't want my brothers and sisters to go out and be remembered by others in the future. That is not what I want to see. ”

"What does that mean to say?"Bailang asked.

"Qingsong and Jiuhua faction are weak and weak? I still can't tell the difference. Why don't the two tell me directly, let us dispel this concern? ”Mu Yu came over and smiled and said.

"presumptuous! Huangkou children, where can you talk here? ”The seven birds do not know the wood feathers, thinking that the wood feathers are just a rookie in the training period, they will scream.

Mu Yu did not agree: "My martial art, why can't I talk?"

"Your martial art? Hey, soon this is our site! ”The seven birds were squinting in the shadows.

"So, is your Jiuhua faction more powerful than the Qingsong faction?"Wood feathers madly asked.

"Humph! Is it so obvious that I still need to make it clear? ”Ju Wenxing’s mouth showed a hint of ridicule, and glanced at the white waves.

Bailang knows that Mu Yu is arguing about the relationship between the two sects. However, if this is not an issue, it will also encourage the arrogance of Ju Wenxing and the reputation of the Qingsong faction. Therefore, the Qingsong faction was previously located in the realm of comprehension. First, the future must be."

"The most loved apprentice of Qingsong Dao was killed. After so many days, I still didn't catch the murderer. The position of the Qingsong Taoist in this world can be really worthy of the name!"Ju Wenxing opened the fan and gently fanned the wind, revealing a hint of mockery.

Bai Lang smiled and said: "Isn't Jiuhua real person already caught the murderer who killed his disciples?"

"My Master has a lot of time, why do you care about other leisurely juniors?"Ju Wenxing Road.

"It turns out that Jiuhua’s attitude towards the disciples is so sloppy, this is really chilling."White waves come out.

"Humph! I am afraid that Jiuhua’s life of several younger brothers will not match the life of Xiaohu. ”Ju Wenxing laughed and said.


"My Qingsong faction treats all disciples equally. Therefore, the life of Xiaohu is the same as that of all Qingsong disciples. If anyone hurts my Qingsong disciples, I will pursue them. If you think that your dead brothers are not as good as the little tigers, isn’t it better than all the disciples of my Qingsong? Reluctantly weak, is there a need to continue to say this? ”Bailang speaks in an orderly manner. He is known as the leader of the younger generation in the realm of comprehension.

"You–" Ju Wenxing is very annoyed. On the cultivation of talent, he is slightly lost to white waves. He can't do anything about eloquence.

"I don't know if the brothers and the Mu Yu brothers have already counted them now?"Bailang asked gently and elegantly.

Cheng Yan and Mu Yu looked at each other. In fact, they planned to join the Jiuhua School. Because Mu Yu wanted to mix into the Jiuhua School to find Master’s whereabouts, but the Jiuhua School’s people were inferior to the Qingsong School. less.

Reluctantly hand in hand: "The beauty of the two -"

"Which martial art we don't add."An uncle's figure slowly appeared on the side of the slogan, interrupted the words of the words, and looked at An Shu with a puzzled look. An Shu's eyes showed a firm determination.

Mu Yu did not understand, An Shu did not see the trace yesterday, today I do not know where to run out. When everyone discussed it,

He also agreed to join the Jiuhua School, but why is it now temporarily changing?

"Do you really want to toast and not eat fine wine?"Ju Wenxing showed a fierce light in his eyes.

"try it yourself."An uncle has no expression, and his meaning is written in those eyes.

"White waves, the dusty faction is so ignorant, then do you want to be strong in action?"Ju Wenxing looked at the white waves.

"Is this the same thing?"White waves put up a smile.

Cheng Yan looked at Qing Mei, and his heart was awkward. An uncle’s decision was more important than him. He could only nod.

Bailang face reveals a trace of regret: "I see the teacher's share, so I will tolerate you. Shimei earlier begged me not to do it for you. I have always wanted the beauty of adults to help you, but since you don’t appreciate it, then my Qingsong will not intervene in this matter. You Jiuhua sent yourself to do it! ”

"Sister."Qing Mei was anxious. She had hoped that the dust-splitting party could be merged into the Qingsong faction in a peaceful way, so that she and the words of the promise would be a matter of course, but she did not expect that things would develop into this way.

"Sister, this brother has done his best, and you have died this heart!"The white waves pulled Qingmei back to the side.

"That's just the case. I took half of the martial art with my iron-handed wrist last month. Some of them would die and win, and sure enough, I still have to come hard today!"Ju Wenxing looked at the dusty faction. He did not like to talk nonsense with others. If it wasn’t for Jiuhua’s real person, he would have been working directly, but it’s not too late.

"Give me all out!"

Ju Wenxing waved his hand, and the light in the air passed through, and suddenly there were thirty figures in the brush. Each of these 30 people flew with the sword, and the spirit of the body was solid and thick, and it turned out to be the all-round Jin Dan period repairer! So many Jindan periodicians only saw it when the Qingsong faction gathered, but these people are almost unfamiliar with their faces, and they are undoubtedly the elders of the Jiuhua School!

I didn’t expect Jiuhua’s great temperament, but it’s already prepared. These 30 plus three people from Ju Wenxing, a total of thirty-three Jindan period comprehensions, gathered in a martial art, ordinary martial art. It is extremely rare to have ten Jindan period comprehensions, but in front of these thirty-three people, which sects dare to resist?

The huge pressure filled the surrounding area and enveloped everyone. Thirty-three Jindan period comprehensions appeared together, and the majestic aura of volatility slammed into the dusty mountain gates. Everyone had already sacrificed their own magic weapon, only to wait for Ju Wenxing to make a sound. His own attacks poured into every disciples.

"Do you really not fall?"Gu Wenxing asked again.

"We just want to be alone."

Cheng Yan and An Shu still looked at Ju Wenxing, Mu Yu, Lan Linger and Xiangnan, and they saw that so many Jindan period comprehensions have not changed color, but it is courageous. As for the two twins, the troublemakers have long since disappeared.

"You should remember the Boyang Taoist people in the dry days? I heard that he has a very good relationship with you, and brought him up! ”Ju Wenxing screamed.

A messy old man was thrown at the foot of Ju Wenxing. He was blood-stained, and there were several shocking wounds on his face. His body was ragged and his breath was weak. He suffered a lot of torture. This person is the Boyang Taoist of the Heavenly School! The most shocking thing is that the left arm of the Boyang Dao has been cut off by the shoulders, the wound has not healed, and the white bones are still visible. As the head of the dry days, it actually fell to such a end!

"He wants to be alone, it is this end, I cut him off and let him have a memory."

Ju Wenxing stepped on the chest of the Boyang Dao, and the Boyang Dao spit out another blood. He looked sad and sorrowful. He didn't want to worry about who the dry-days belonged to. He just wanted to guard the ancestral hall of the ancestors, but he didn't think that Ju Wenxing was so vicious, and he took people to razed the ancestors of the cadres.

Ju Wenxing was in front of all the swaying disciples of the dry-day school, and he was humiliated and tortured by the master of the school. He also cut off his left arm to make it effective!

All the disciples of the dry days are so miserable to see their own heads. How can there be a rebellious mood?


Mu Yu looked at the Boyang Taoist, and the thin old man of the past turned into this miserable moment. When all the sects shunned them, only the Boyang Taoist came over. He has now become this appearance, because he refused to succumb to the Jiuhua faction, but unfortunately he was not the opponent of Jiuhua’s behemoth, and was tortured into this.

"Bo Hua Shi, can you really watch your brother Bo Yang Dao being trampled like this?"Mu Yu calmly looked at the Bohua Shitai behind Ju Wenxing.

Bo Huashi’s eyes stayed on the Boyang Taoist people and they moved away. She said coldly: “I am a Jiuhua faction, and Wen Xing’s master does not act. I will not have any objection. Moreover, since the ancient times, he has lost his kingdom, and his brother has not known how to lift himself. ”

"Little Lord? Oh, great power! I respect you as a teacher of Bohua is only looking at the people of Boyang, but now you are deceiving the ancestors, and it is really shameful to disregard others and the friendship. Your old nun is really shameless. ”Mu Yu shouted.

"Mixed children, how do I do things, you don't need to chew your tongue, see if I don't teach you a meal!"Bo Huashi’s sword flashed in his hand, and UU reading has already stabbed Mu Yu.

Mu feather eyes a cold, the fix for the elixir period without reservation to release, the Shadow Sword answered and out, green light, a sword stabbed, will Beuhua division too Flying Sword, a slap fan in her face, and then kicked open!

Jin Dan’s heavy day was a golden day for Jin Dan, and Mu Yu won.

Bo Huashi was too big to fly out. She was too big. She thought that Mu Yu only had the practice of practicing Qi, but she didn’t want the other party to be a Tibetan mastiff. Mu Yu’s shot was unrelenting, and she defeated it. She also played a slap in the face of Bo Huashi. This is a shameful shame for Bohua Shitai!

"You are the kind of bully annihilator, the shameless person, this slap in the face I have taught you for the Boyang predecessors."Mu Yu’s voice was very cold. He glanced at the Boyang Taoist who was stepping on the foot of Ju Wenxing. His heart was angry. He hated the deceiver and destroyed his ancestors!

"Animals, find death!"

Bo Huashi was too angry and angered, and he was about to take the sword forward. However, the front five stocks were not weaker than her breath. The hard life made her stop her body. She was like a lightning strike. Ground!

An Shu, Cheng Yan, Xiang Nan, Lan Linger, Mu Yu, the atmosphere of the five Golden Ages surrounded by the magnificent momentum is actually the ratio of the thirty-three Golden Dan period, even before Not so much, I was shocked by everyone present.

None of them thought of the martial art that had been looked down on in the weekdays. There were actually five Jindan periods, let alone four of them were so young!

"You don't have enough people today."

An uncle’s eyes are like a torch, and his breath is the strongest, so that everyone is fascinated. This kind of breath they only saw in two people, it was once the only hand to cover the sky, the Jindan Jiu Tiantian Qingsong Taoist and Jiuhua real people!

An Shu is actually the repair of Jin Dan’s nine heavens! ?

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