Chapter 1000 Pure Spirit

    Meng Pa in his heart, he was able to kill 1000 of people to extract the fire of life to refine their own body, it shows that he is not a benevolent person.

    Now that Mu Yu is practicing in front of him, there is no warning. In this case, as long as he intervenes, he will be able to seriously injure or even kill him.

    But he also has his own principle of doing things. Mu Yu helped him get rid of Meng Po’s control. This is a reinvention for him. Although he is not in the heart, he is a person who knows the truth. He does not. Like to owe people kindness.

    Meng Gong’s eyes sparkled with a strange light, then he snorted and walked to the side and sat down again.

    Mu Yu has been covered by the powerful blue spirit. If he uses water to compare it, he just stripped a drop of water from his body and dismantled it into a black and white spirit, but he swallowed a half-step ghost into the Mahayana period. After the main twins, the drip has turned into a huge pond.

    Mu Yu is equal to the essence of a master who has stepped into the Mahayana period and is refined into pure spiritual power for cultivation. He sat in the air, and the meridians in the body were filled with majestic spiritual power. This spiritual power made his body full of power in an instant, and the spiritual power consumed was fully recovered.

    After an hour, the repair of the five-day martial art slammed out from him, swept out, and let all the corpses tremble.

    "Hey? This only enhances a heavy day, a little pity. ”Mu Yu sighed and touched his chin.

    If you let people know what he wants, he must have passed. Where is the strength of the robbery period so easy to upgrade? This is a typical example of getting cheap and selling!

    But in fact, this kind of thing is normal for Mu Yu, because his abnormal five-line genus is not a barrier. In the heavens and the way, there is a self-discipline, and Mu Yu has a strong cultivation physique. Therefore, this kind of person is destined to be an early child, and there must be a loss. He is only lucky enough to be selected by the mans.

    Meng Gong looked at Mu Yu with amazement and saw that Mu Yu had swallowed up the ghost twins, and then cultivated to skyrocket, and the heart was already set off by the storm!

    In his heart, the words "mu Yu" are already quite taboo! What kind of person is this? Is there such a terrible person in the realm of comprehension?

    Mu Yu pondered for a moment, and began to devouring again, carefully spending an hour to engulf another twin of the robbery period into a pure spiritual power!

    "Give it to you!"

    The spiritual power extracted from the wooden feather handle is wrapped in the pattern.

Handed over to Meng Gong.

    Meng Gongyi, he is incredulously watching the majestic spiritual power. In the realm of comprehension, spiritual power is the most basic thing for everyone to upgrade, even if he is a dead person.

    In the past, there was a sinister ghost array. He couldn’t help but get these corpses, but Mu Yu used a powerful means to refine the corpse and wanted to give it away!

    Meng Gong skeptically asked: "Would you really give this group of pure spiritual power to me?"

    If he can refine this spirit, he will certainly be able to recover the losses of these decades. This is a baby who can't refuse. He didn't expect Mu Yu to be willing to give up.

    Mu Yu said without saying: "What happened? Very strange? ”

    Meng Gong’s face was indefinite, and he said, “You know, I almost wanted to kill you just now, because I think you will kill me afterwards.”

    Mu Yu calmly asked: "Why don't you do it?"

    Meng Gong’s face was stagnation, and he snorted heavily, disdain to express his thoughts.

    "I know you are not that kind of person."Mu Yu smiled slightly.

    "You trust me so much? I am a dead person, a devil who kills people! ”Meng Gong frowned.

    "so what? Since you just took the risk to hand over the fire of life to me, what do I have to trust? Trust is the mutual giving. If you don't trust a person, why should you ask others to trust you? ”Mu Yu saw this matter very lightly.

    In fact, in the end, it was because when I returned to the past, when Meng Gong was saved his life. He helped Meng Gong get out of trouble, Meng Gong helped Mu Yu escape from the ghost door, so Mu Yu thinks this person is still trustworthy.

    Meng Gong said coldly: "I don't like to trust the word, I just don't like to enmity."

    If it is not because of trust, he will not be trapped in this dark place for decades, so he hates the so-called trust. But the kind of trust that Mu Yu gave him made him a very bad taste.

    "In short, we have to help each other when we want to leave here. You have recovered your lost spiritual power and will be able to deal with the ghosts together."Mu Yu said simply.

    Meng Gong hesitated for a moment, and then he developed a dark green atmosphere in his body, and the spiritual power given by Mu Yu was caught. This kind of thing is too tempting, he can't refuse.

    Mu Yu his gaze on the remaining five twin corpses, he knew there must be ghosts and other people in the waiting, although Mu Yu can eliminate their twin body, not the transition of the ghost gate of the time is not other to fix the small devil, if it is so easy to be their own twins killed, it is too unreasonable, At most just let these old devils lose half of the fighting power just.

    Losing half of the combat power is still quite powerful for Mu Yu, he must need Meng Gong to help.

    It took Ms. Yu to spend several hours refining the remaining corpses to become a pure spiritual power, but he did not intend to use these spiritual powers directly to cultivate, because he still has more important things to do. .

    He concentrated all these spiritual powers, portrayed a polylingual array, sealed all the spiritual powers, and kept them for future use. If you want to compete with the Mie Palace, it is not enough to rely on him alone. Nowadays, when the lack of manpower, Zhuge Xiaosheng has just entered the robbery period. He is a powerful fighter. He must be promoted as soon as possible. In addition to Zhuge Xiaosheng, it is awkward, and if you can refine these spiritual powers, you will benefit a lot.

    Meng Gong also completely absorbed the spiritual power given by Mu Yu, but he still lacks arms and soul, so it is difficult to exert real strength.

    "Meng Po has been killed by me. Where are you going to make a twin? Do you need twins to live and die? ”Mu Yu asked.

    Meng Gong silently flew past a corner of the twin corpse, disappeared into the piles of corpses, and reappeared after a while, and at this time he had followed a gloomy corpse behind him.

    “Is there any repair?”Mu Yu looked at the corpse in surprise. The corpse had no temperament, and it was obvious that the ghost door outside it should have died.

    Meng Gong said: "There are countless corpses here, which allowed me to find a body that meets the requirements of all aspects and can become my twins. Because the twins who are repaired are controlled by people, I can't refine them, so I can only find one who has not been repaired, and can pass through the vicious old woman. In the past few years, I have been using this yin to cultivate it. Just take it out, I will get my hands and soul, plus the spiritual power you just gave, I can quickly recover. ”

    Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully and then asked: "You have a fire of life, it is positive, and the twins are negative. Is this why you were with Meng Po?"

    “Yes, yin and yang can make a stronger power.”Meng Gong did not hide anything.

    Mu Yu looked up at the overcast sky, and the sky above the twin corpses was covered in misty fog, and I don’t know how high.

    Meng Gong was silent for a moment and said: "The ghost squad of the twin corpse has a boundary. Just above the 10,000 meters, you can try to use your spiritual power to melt the boundary. If it can be merged, then we will Can get out of trouble."

    "That's simple."

    Mu Yu has not yet encountered anything that black and white spiritual power can't get. After refining the corpses of all the gangsters of the ghost gate, he has a little control over his spiritual power, as long as he is separated. When black and white is not disturbed, there will be no problems.

    He and Meng Gong have already leaped high and went to the border of the ghost array.


    On the bridge, the ghost's face is so gloomy that it can be screwed out!

    His twins got rid of control, and it was a life-and-death event for him! Because the strength of the twins is the same as him, if it is not a critical moment, he is superior and kills the twins. I am afraid that he is dead at this time!

    "Once I let people catch the people who enter the twin bodies, I will definitely break you down!"The ghost master bit his teeth, and the voice is extremely cold.

    Now that he has lost his twin son, it is equivalent to a broken arm for the ghost gate. Although his own strength is still there, when he faces the comprehension of the same realm, the advantage of having twins is gone. It is.

    He is still doing the final recovery at this time. In order not to let his twins suffer from him again, he can only kill the killer, but the twins are closely related to his body, killing the soul of the twins, and he also suffered. Light injury, I am afraid that I can only play the strength of the eight-day eviction!

    Not only him, UU reading Ghosts and ghosts and sounds have been entangled by the twins at this time, they also sat on the side, fighting hard with the twins. For the ghost gate, fighting with the twins is like fighting with another one. Because all the exercises of the twins are the same as themselves, it is very difficult to easily defeat yourself!

    The ghost sound was originally going to repair the passage into the twin corpse, but half of her twins began to rebel, so she had to stop, so the passage has not been fixed yet. If the channel of the Naihe Bridge and the Shuangjiu Sea is not repaired, it needs to be repaired at the beginning of the month. There are still many geniuses at the beginning of the month.

    "When I recover, I will definitely kill the twins and kill you!"The ghost snarled in resentment.

    However, a cold voice echoed around.

    "I don't have to fall into the twins, I have already come out."


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