Chapter 1002 Two ancestors of the Star Gate

  On the surface, the Star Gate looks normal. All the disciples have their own duties. It is their turn to patrol in four places, and they are practicing without any tasks. At this time, because many elders and disciples of the Star Gate need to go to the city to assist the comprehensible and the Yumeng Mozu, there are not many people in the martial art.

  Tian Zhengxin is responsible for the guard task of the fourth Shenfeng. He and another elder take turns to guard the core of the star-studded battle, and each person takes turns for one month.

  The sun is shining brightly, and the fourth Shenfeng flower is red and green, and it is full of vitality.

  Tianzheng is sitting in the pavilion, overlooking the scenery of the Tianxingmen in front of him. In the distance, the mountains are covered with greenery and the clouds are haunting. It is the other peaks floating in the air. From time to time, some people of the Star Gate fly in the air and fall among other peaks. .

  The Stargate usually rarely comes to the fourth peak, which can be said to be a forbidden place in the door faction, can come to the fourth God peak in addition to maintain the Yu Mingjun of the Matrix, the rest is the star gate of the elders, or the main day, they usually come to visit the boat old ancestors, so he usually dare not snub.

  "Now the realm of comprehension is really turbulent, but it is really interesting."

  Tianzheng looked at the figure in the distance, recalling the war between the real people of the real world and the Yumeng Mozu, revealing a disdainful smile. Although he has only been distracted, but because he has been watching the core array of the guardian mountain arrays all the year round, he also knows the high secrets of many Star Gates, and understands what this war means.

  He naturally wouldn't say it. The Three Palaces have their own reasons for doing things, but he can't speculate at all. He just has to do his own thing.

  But at this moment, a strong breath suddenly appeared on the fourth peak of the gods, and Tian Zhengxin fixed his eyes and looked at it. It turned out to be another ancestor of the Tianxingmen, the weather yang!

  "Strange, how come the weather ancestors come back? Is he not in Wuqiu City? ”

  Tianzheng was very puzzled, but he hurried out of the pavilion and bowed respectfully to the ground: "The disciple has seen Houyang's ancestors!"

  This weather is naturally Zhuge Xiaosheng disguised, although his cultivation is not comparable to the weather, but as the patriarch of the ancestor, his strength is not only as simple as a catastrophe, his versatile array It is also very powerful, and it is also the cultivation of the robbery period. It is impossible to distinguish the authenticity with the cultivation of the heart.

  "Get up!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng used the array technique to simulate the sound of the weathering yang. Tianqiyang frequently led the Terran to kill the Yumeng Mozu. His voice was heard by many people. Zhuge Xiaosheng had already sent people to use the array. His appearance and sounds as well as his movement habits were recorded. At this time, the imitation of the weather is quite seamless.

  As long as there is no one who is on the robbery period, it is difficult for other Star Gates to find out that he is a fake weather.

  "Thank you ancestors."

  Tianzheng was standing in the same place with respect and respect. He did not know why Tianqiyang, who had originally been going to play Wuqiu City, suddenly returned to the Star Gate. However, where the ancestors went during the robbery period, it was not a small distraction period that he could question. Even if he is responsible for guarding the place, there is no qualification for inquiry.

  "What about the boat master?"Zhuge Xiaosheng asked quietly.

  Tianji Yang is the younger brother of Tianxingzhou. Zhuge Xiaosheng knows this very clearly.

  "Returning to the ancestors of Houyang, the ancestors of the boat are retreating.

He told us that no one is allowed to bother him. ”Tianzheng reverently replied.

  "Well, I have something to look for, you go to your own."Zhuge Xiaosheng walked eagerly toward the top of the mountain.

  However, Tian Zhengxin said quickly: "The ancestors of Houyang, the ancestors of the boat, he is retreating, you know his temper, you see…"

  A few days ago, Tianxingzhou originally called several women to do certain things, but they suddenly sent these women to say that they wanted to directly retreat and prohibit others from stepping in. No one dares to defy the order of the Heavenly Boat, that is, the door of the Star Gate is also to be polite.

  Tianzheng is the guard here. He must tell this matter to the "weather yang" in front of him. After all, people do not like to be interrupted when they are retreating.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng snorted: "I certainly know that the boat master is retreating, but what about the Three Palaces can be delayed?"

  "Old ancestors forgiveness!"

  Tian Zhengxin quickly bowed his head and did not dare to speak again.

  "You are here to guard and not let other people come in!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has already walked to the residence of the boat, and he has already learned from the map of the Tianxingmen left by Mu Yu where the boat is living.


  Tianzheng responded reverently. Although he had some doubts about the sudden arrival of Tianyang, he did not think much. The ancestors wanted to come when the robbery was coming. The majesty was inviolable to all the stars. Although the four peaks are forbidden, they are not used to ban the ancestors of the robbery. Tianzheng did not dare to ask anything.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng soon came to the residence of Tianxingzhou, and then entered the door of the door to enter the luxury courtyard of Tianxingzhou. Even Zhuge Xiaosheng was amazed when he saw the courtyard of Tianhangzhou. This guy would really enjoy it, and his life style was so extravagant!

  At this time, there was already a confused person in the hall of the other hospital sitting in a chair waiting for him, and it was a day boat that lost its mind and was controlled by Mu Yu!

  When Tian Xingzhou saw Zhuge Xiaosheng, he stood up from the chair and bowed to Zhuge Xiaosheng. He respectfully said: "I have seen the master."

  "My doorkeeper, how did you do it?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the boat in front of him and couldn’t help but admire him. He was the easy-going but unreasonable doorman. Although he usually didn’t like others to call him, he even Zhuge Xiaosheng regarded it as an elder, but Zhuge Xiaosheng was very respectful to Mu Yu. I didn’t expect that Mu Yu could control the sky boat in the seven days of the robbery!

  In fact, the strength of Tianhangzhou is extremely powerful. It’s not a matter of casually talking about the seven days of the robbery. Even if Mu Yu wants to quietly subdue the boat, it is almost impossible, and the people in the robbery fight, Destroying the earth and destroying the earth will definitely alarm the entire star gate.

  However, when the boat is defeated, it will be defeated in its own hobby. For some of the desires of men, they still believe in Ming Hao, which gives Mu Yu a chance to start.

  "Heavenly boat, heaven and boat, I didn't expect you to have it today!"

  Zhuge was born before the Heavenly Star Gate arrangement, saw a day boat, that time days boat to fix far higher than him, Zhuge born in the days before boat never dare to have any disrespect idea, but now he is not feeling the impermanence of the world, today's Day boat is like a slave kneeling in front of himself, And he can control the life and death of this person completely.

  "But your starry door almost ruined my sect, and this is what you can take!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was very hateful to the Tianxingmen. At the beginning, the Tianxingmen assisted Fuzong to almost destroy the ancestors. This kind of account Zhuge Xiaosheng would not easily forget. When Fuzong launched the attack, Zhuge Xiaosheng was superb, but it was only a comprehension of the fit period. He felt very weak in the face of the Star Gate. Now his cultivation is no longer the same, this time it is to collect debts. !

  Zhuge Xiaosheng gave him a way to control the soul of the soul according to Mu Yu. In his heart, Tian Xingzhou had already stood up, and then followed Zhuge Xiaosheng to leave the other house.

  In the pavilion, Tian Zhengxin saw the "Heavenly Yang" and Tian Xingzhou coming to the far side. He was also a slight glimpse.

  "Is the ancestors out?"

  Tian Zhengxin quickly stood up and sorted out the clothes. I did not expect that the "Tianjiyang" ancestors actually asked the Tianxingzhou to come out, which could not be delayed.

  "The disciple has seen two ancestors!"

  Tian Zhengxin quickly jumped out of the pavilion and bowed respectfully on the side of the road. In the face of the two ancestors of the Star Gate, Tian Zhengxin is not afraid to have any slightest scorn.

  "Get up! My brother and I have to go to the main hall. You remember, no one is allowed to come to the main hall to make trouble! ”Under the control of Zhuge Xiaosheng, Tianxingzhou sternly shouted in the righteousness.

  "Yes, the disciple remembers!"Tian Zhengxin quickly responded.

  The palace on the top of the mountain is where the core method of the Star Gate is. Usually, the boat will occasionally go there for two laps. This is his habit. Tian Zhengxin knows this, but he still feels that there is a ancestor in front of him. Some weird places.

  "Strange, how the ancestors of the boat feel that something is not quite right."

  Tianzheng is pondering. When I saw Tianxingzhou in the past, Tianxingzhou was always like a tall and unstoppable giant to make him look up in awe. In front of Tianhangzhou, Tianzheng felt that he was like a drop in the ocean.

  But when I saw it today, the ancestors who were heavenly gods for the Star Gates did not seem to have any spiritual fluctuations. It was like an ordinary person.

  “Did the ancestors have gone further and rehabilitated in recent days, and have reached another level?”

  Tianzheng is envious. He is not a master of the robbery period. He does not understand the realm of the robbery period. However, Tianxingzhou is the belief of the entire Tianxingmen. It is because of his existence that the Tianxingmen can be arrogant in the realm of cultivation, so even At this time, Tianxingzhou looks like an ordinary person who has no spiritual fluctuations. He does not dare to question anything.

  Tianxingzhou and Tianjiyang have gradually disappeared in front and headed for the top of the mountain. Tian Zhengxin stood up and UU read the book and returned to the pavilion.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng walked all the way to the top of the mountain. He is no stranger to this road. The star-studded array was once under the avenue of the heavens. Zhuge Xiaosheng, as the lord of the ancestor, was also familiar with the array of heavens, and he was familiar with the formation here, so he walked forward with enthusiasm, and the guardian elders along the way. Seeing him and Tian Xingzhou also squatted and did not dare to say anything.

  The two soon came to the hall where the core method of the Star Gate was portrayed. Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the familiar formation and felt a sense of emotion again.

  "I didn't expect to come here again."

  This core formation is the master of the ancestors of the ancestors. It is very powerful. When you see the ancestor's formation, Zhuge Xiaosheng is also a nostalgic memory. Heaven is a belief for him. However, Zhuge Xiaosheng quickly put away the look of remembrance. He remembered the fact that the ruins were almost destroyed, but he was somewhat angry.

  "This array should not be used in such a place."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng did not pay attention to the boat, but turned his attention to the mysterious lines of the center of the main hall. He has already seen the hands and feet that Mu Yu has done in this formation. A hidden stealth array has begun to faintly flow.

  "Star Gate, you had to destroy my roots in the first place, I will come back one by one today!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng snorted, and there was a series of techniques in his hand. The array became a white streamer and integrated into the core array of the Star Gate.

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