Chapter 1004 Zhuge Xiaosheng’s change!

  "The door of the ghost gate, the ghost of the ghost, and the ghostly sound to chase the heavenly boat of the Star Gate?" Why are the eight doors already guilty? The Star Gate turned over and the ghost door turned over…"

  Han Qi clenched his teeth and looked angry at the ghosts that disappeared in the distance, but he didn’t dare to say anything in his heart. He didn’t dare to stay for a long time. He took a tearful look at the place where his wife, who had no bones, was sitting, in my heart. There was a resentment and turned and left the place.

  "Ghost people, I didn't expect you to be so vicious, I am not swearing with you!"

  Han Qi decided to return to Mi Beicheng, telling everyone that the ghost gatekeepers and the two elders of the robbery period chased the Tianxingmen’s Tianxingzhou, let everyone know that today’s Tianxingmen and Ghost Gates have fallen out, no matter This is true or false, he can't swallow this breath!

  However, Han Qigang did not go far, and a figure suddenly appeared in front of Han Qi.

  When Han Qi looked up, he was shocked. The other party turned out to be a comprehension of the fit period. When he saw the logo of the Tianxingmen on Long Qing’an clothes, he saw the face of Long Qing’an and suddenly exclaimed: "Tianjian Cheng adults?"

  Although Han Qi did not know the few masters of the robbery period, he once saw the Tianjiancheng side in Wuqiu City. He did not expect to encounter Tianjiancheng here, but it was called the robbery. The existence of the first person below the period, Tian Jiancheng's reputation is thunderous, second only to other periods of robbery.

  Tianjiancheng has already been killed, and now it is Long Qing'an who dominates the body of Tianjian.

  Even the wooden feathers may not have thought that Long Qing'an, who should have stayed in Wuqiu City, will appear in this place.

  Long Qingan looked at Han Qi indifferently and asked quietly: "Who are you?" Why come here? ”

  Han Qi is like finding a savior. He did not hesitate to kneel down and cried: "Tianjian Cheng adults, it’s not good. I saw the door of the ghost gate mainly killing the Tianxingmen of the Star Gate. The ghost door people are too deceiving, I am worried about Tian Xingzhou adults…"

  Han Qi immediately sighed with a snot in the tears to say what happened to him, and even described Tian Xingzhou as to be killed by three ghosts. The ghost man killed his wife in front of him. He hated the ghosts in his heart. At this time, he hoped that the people of the Star Gate could kill the ghost door and avenge his wife after learning the news.

  But Longqinghan just nodded slightly, then righteousness is saying: "Ghost door because of collusion between the demon clan of things to be discovered, by our star gate found, now want to destroy our star gate, abhorrent, I am here to deal with the ghost people, you hurriedly leave here, put this message out, Let more people know the ugly face of the ghost Gate! ”

  "what? Ghosts actually colluded with the Yumeng Mozu? ”

  Han Qi was shocked! Nowadays, the eight-door comprehension person resists the Yumeng Mozu. Other than that, he and his wife also followed the ghost door people to fight against the Yumeng Mozu a few days ago. Now Tianjiancheng said that the ghost gate colluded with the Yumeng Mozu. ?

  In exchange for any one who dares to speak like this, Han Qi will not believe it, but it is the Tianjianmen’s famous Tianjian Cheng elder who said this! This is too convincing. He recalled the rush of the "Sky Boat" and the pursuit of the three ghosts. The words of Tianjiancheng in his heart have been believed.

  "Leave here, tell the ghosts of the ghosts of the Yumeng Mozu as much as possible, let the comprehensions stop selling their lives for the ghosts, and say that the news is that Tian Xingzhou is entrusting you to let go. ,

Understand? ”Long Qingan said seriously.

  "Yes! grown ups! ”

  Han Qi reacted from the shock. If this sentence is said by others, he can't believe it. But from the words of Tian Jian Cheng, and the hate of killing his wife, he no longer doubts, and is busy. Stand up and get out of here quickly.

  Long Qingan looked thoughtfully at the back of Han Qi’s departure, and came to the pond where he was set up to send the array. He said to himself: “Wu Yu, Mu Yu, I finally understood what you have to do. what."

  When Long Qing An took Mu Yu to go to the Star Gate, but Mu Yu did not let him follow, so he did not know what Mu Yu did in the Star Gate.

  Long Qingan pondered for a moment, and then there was a blue jade in his hand. There was a burst of blue light on the jade, which was mixed with powerful field power!

  The strength of the field above the blue jade wrapped Long Qing'an, a blue mans flashed, and Long Qingan disappeared into the pond.


  The fourth peak of the Star Gate.

  Tian Zhengxin once again squatted on the ground, and he was also guilty in his heart. How could it be less than an hour? He had already smashed three times. And this time it appeared in front of him, it was the gatekeeper of the Star Gate, the moon mark!

  "I have seen the owner."

  Tianzheng’s face was respectful and said, and his heart was puzzled. How could it not be seen by the adults in the robbery period on weekdays, or they would appear in groups today, and he wondered what was going on?

  "Get up! Everything is fine here recently? No one is coming? ”

  Tianyue trace asked casually, he was a luxurious purple shirt, Jianmei star, the age has been fifty open, the momentum of not angry and self-defeating makes Tianzheng awe.

  "Everything here is good, and I don't know the Lord. Only the ancestors of Houyang have come here."Tian Zhengxin replied.

  "Hou Yang Shishu also came here? Isn't he responsible for things in Wuqiu City? What to do here? ”The sky and the moon frowned.

  Tianzheng shook his head: "Go back to the door, I don't know." I only know that Hou Yang’s ancestors came here to find the ancestors of the boat. Later, the two ancestors went straight to the top of the mountain.
The main hall. ”

  "Is it not a retreat? Is he going out? ”The sky and the moon are more and more suspicious, and now the gaze looks at the main hall on the top of the mountain, and then walks toward the top of the mountain.

  Tianzheng looked at the back of the sky and moon in awe, and did not dare to say anything more. He was just a small guard, and he dared to talk.


  In the hall of the fourth peak.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng is somewhat nervous in his heart. After all, it is in the door of the Stars. Once there is a mistake, he is also fierce. But thinking of being able to destroy the star door, his heart is also extremely expecting.

  At this time, Tianxing Zhou was standing in the same place with a confused look, and Zhuge Xiaosheng had already prepared everything for Mu Yu, waiting for the signal of Mu Yu. He pondered for a moment, then unceremoniously pushed the boat to the edge of the core array, and then he quietly hid in the corner, giving himself a stealth array.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the greenwood in his hand, and the branches and leaves on the apricot rose again with new shoots. His eyes lit up and he understood that Mu Yu had given him new instructions, and immediately stood down and stared.

  However, at this time, suddenly there was a smack of a catastrophe outside the hall that was gradually approaching, so that Zhuge Xiaosheng’s face changed!

  "Damn, this breath is – the moon marks!"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng never imagined that the doorkeeper of the Tianxing Gate would come here at this time. The repair of the Tianyue mark is to rob the five heavens. It is much more powerful than Zhuge Xiaosheng. I didn’t expect anything to fear. What comes, in front of the Tianyue mark, Zhuge Xiaosheng once exposed, I am afraid it is difficult to protect itself.

  If you let the sky mark enter the hall and see the boat that is not right at this time, I am afraid that the plan will be disrupted! Zhuge Xiaosheng had no choice but to immediately remove the stealth array and walked out. The face was just touching the sky mark.

  Tianyue marks seem to be in his fifties, and his strength is second only to Tian Xingzhou. However, as a gatekeeper, he has the highest magic weapon in the hands of the Star Gate. If he is fully engaged, he will be able to face the people who have been robbed of the Nine Heavens. A battle!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has already had a cold sweat at the bottom of his heart. He has just entered the robbery period for a few months, where is the opponent of the sky mark! However, after all, he was the lord of the sect, and he was very knowledgeable and not shocked, and he quickly calmed down.

  "Wuyang Shishu? Are you not stationed in Wuqiu City? How come back? ”Tianyue traced when Zhuge Xiaosheng, who was disguised as a weathering yang, came out from the main hall.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng calmly said: "The doorkeeper, I came back to find the brothers and sisters who have something to do with business. The master of the boat said that he had some sentiments today, and then he went around and went to the hall, just in the hall. I started to practice, let me wait for him outside."

  “How can Xingshi Shibo practice in this place?”Tianyue trace asked, he carefully looked at the weather and found that the atmosphere of the weather is somewhat strange, although the looks are similar, but always feel worse.

  "Uncle Hou Yang, why do I think something is wrong with you?"The sky and the moon are like a torch.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has a glimpse of his heart. His versatile illusion is very strong and will not be seen by the sky and the moon. But after all, it is not really weathery, there are still some abnormalities. Tianyue marks are the masters of the Star Gate. The master of the five-day martial arts is very familiar with the real weather yang, but it is no better than repairing the heart of the gods.

  Zhuge in the mind of the sudden turn of thoughts, immediately said: "Do not deceive the Lord, I just in Vuchu found ghost door ghost depressed elders killed our star gate several disciples, I went to question him, he unexpectedly disregard the Triple Palace command, UU read openly to me, I accidentally was hurt, It's not quite over yet. ”

  The sky and the moon are frowning: "How dare the ghost doorman do this?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng continued: "Ghostmen have always been biased against our Star Gate. You should also know that when the younger brothers were young and the ghosts of the ghosts were complaining, I am worried that the ghosts will hit our stars in the future. What the idea, we must be careful."

  The sky and the moon nodded. "I know that the ghost gate is not a good thing, but the Sangong Palace is there, they dare not do anything. I just listened to Tian Zhengxin and said that the brother of the boat came here. It is just that I have some important things to discuss with him. It is not the time to announce the retreat in these days. The Sangong Palace is an urgent task. ”

  After a pause, Tianyue trace suddenly fell on the back of Zhuge Xiaosheng's hand and asked: "Where is Houyang Shishu, where is the soul print on you?"

  "Soul print?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked. He never knew what a soul seal was on the weather.

  Tianyue traces stretch out his left hand and said: "At the beginning, the temple of the Three Palaces gave us all the souls of the robbery period, and when we all discuss the important issues with the people in the robbery period, this is Identity imprint, after all, Mu Yu is a master of disguise, in order to avoid him coming in, how is your soul print gone?"

  Damn it! Has the Mie Palace still left this hand?

  Zhuge Xiaosheng's cold sweat has already flown down, and he and Mu Yu did not expect this!

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