1005th Chapter Soul Seal

  A mountain stream, the pattern flashed again, Mu Yu has been rushed out of the transmission array, he faces another transmission in the past, and disappeared in another transmission array!

  At this time, the first transmission array was also lit up, and the three ghost masters also rushed out of the way. They saw that the wood feather disappeared into another transmission array, and immediately chased it up and disappeared into the transmission array. .

  "hateful! This kid is actually prepared! ”

  The ghost master chased after anger and anger, and Mu Yu has set up countless transmission arrays along the way. Generally speaking, the transmission distance of the transmission array is limited, so Mu Yu will carry out numerous transmission arrays along the way.

  Before the change, the ghost master will certainly have doubts about this, but because the twins are now destroyed, the anger has already stunned his mind, and he only wants to catch Mu Yu and smash his corpse to report the loss. The hatred of twins.

  "Never let him escape!"

  The ghost master does not care at all about where these transmissions will lead. No matter where these transmissions lead, it doesn't matter where they go. In the realm of comprehension, everyone in the realm of ghosts has to shun!

  In a forest, the three ghost masters came out again, and they saw the woods covering the sky, and the brows suddenly wrinkled.

  "Ghost Lord, I always feel that something is wrong. If this person is Mu Yu, we can't catch him in the woods."Ghosts choose the channel.

  Nowadays, the fact that Mu Yu has the ability of Muyou Meng has long been a household name. Everyone knows that it is very troublesome to fight with Mu Yu in a lot of woods.

  The ghost's eyes glanced around in the cold, and said coldly: "No matter what tricks he plays, we must catch him and never let him escape!"

  He remembered the care of the Mie Palace, and he must understand the importance of Muyu. As long as he was holding Mu Yu, it was a great achievement in front of the Mie Palace.

  At this moment, a strong transmission wave volatility was sent out not far from the woods, drawing the attention of the three of them.

  "He escaped!"Ghost sounds eagerly said.


  The ghost master rushed over without hesitation, and the eyes fell on the transmission array. The ghosts and the ghosts followed closely. The transmission array lit up again, and the three disappeared among the trees.

  However, the three ghosts had just left through the transmission array, but a figure appeared on the treetops of the transmission array.

  It is Mu Yu!

  "I will lead you here, and I will not be there."

  Wood Yu snorted and reached out to destroy the last transmission array. He did not leave through this last transmission array, but was hidden in the woods, and the control transmission array made an illusion.

  Before he came to the ghost gate, he arranged these transmission arrays along the way. It took a lot of time to lead the ghost owners to the star gate and to provoke the contradiction between the star gate and the ghost gate. Only then can he kill in the past. All ghosts, destroy the roots of the ghost gate!

  "The Sovereign, the next thing will please you."

  Mu Yu said to himself, he still worried about Zhuge Xiaosheng in his heart. Although Zhuge Xiaosheng stepped into the robbery period earlier than him, Zhuge Xiaosheng was not Mu Yu, and Mu Yu’s own cultivation talent was very high. It is already higher than Zhuge Xiaosheng, plus means are extraordinary,

Not afraid of anything. At this time, Zhuge Xiaosheng was alone in the door of the star to perform the task, which is quite dangerous.

  At the moment, Muyu can only hope that Zhuge Xiaosheng will go smoothly. The current transmission array will jump back and disappear into another transmission array!

  He wants to leave for the ghost gate, and when the ghost is chilling, the three are not there, and the ghost gate is neglected to prevent it.


  On the fourth peak of the Star Gate!

  Tian Zhengxin has already fallen for the fourth time. He feels that today's affairs are too ridiculous. The three big men in the robbery period have appeared one after another. Now there is another person who is not allowed.


  "I have seen the elders."

  Tian Zhengxin stunned four times less than one hour, feeling a little tired, but did not dare to reveal any dissatisfied look. After all, Tianjiancheng is the first person under the robbery period. His identity is extremely honorable. It is said that he is hopeful to become a master of the robbery period. At that time, the entire Tianxing Gate can be added, so Tianzheng is still honestly saluting.

  "Where is Houyang Shishu?"Tian Jiancheng asked.

  Tianjiancheng and Tianyue marks are the brothers of the division, and the weather is the uncle of Tianjiancheng.

  Tian Zhengxin replied: "He is at the top of the mountain with his lord and his ancestors."

  Tianjiancheng did not have time to say anything, and did not hesitate to go directly to the top of the mountain.

  On the top of the mountain.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has been forced into a panic by the question of the moon mark. He must think of an excuse to smother the past, but the soul of the Miegong Palace is the first time he heard that he did not understand the meaning of the soul. What, at this time, if you forcibly use the array to disguise the soul print, it will be detected by the sky and the moon.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was very anxious, and there was a cold sweat on his forehead. When he saw that he was going to reveal the stuffing, suddenly the voice of Tianjiancheng came from behind.

  "I have seen the doorkeeper and I have seen Houyang adults."Tianjian Cheng is in the body.


  Zhuge Xiaosheng never imagined that at this critical juncture, Tianjiancheng would appear here! At the moment when he saw Tianjiancheng appear, he almost had some despair in his heart.

  In the news, Tianjiancheng should be in the Wuqiu City with the real "Tianjiyang" at this time, and Zhuge Xiaosheng
The disguised "weather yang" appeared here, which means that the identity of Zhuge Xiaosheng will be completely dismantled by Tianjiancheng, which will make him worse.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked changed quickly and took the fist. He was ready to burn with the moon and the moon. He only has to rob the two heavens, but he can't beat the sky and the moon. At this time, he plans to sacrifice himself for the plan of Mu Yu. Even if he dies, he must give a deep impression to the star gate!

  Tianyue trace looked at Tianjiancheng coldly and said: "Tianjiancheng, how come you came here?"

  Tian Jian Cheng Christine said: "Back to the main, Hou Yang adults in the Wuqiu City were subjected to ghosts and depression, and now they are seriously injured, I am accompanied by Hou Yang adults."


  Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at Tianjiancheng incredulously. He thought that Tianjiancheng appeared here, and his identity could no longer be lost. He did not expect Tianjiancheng to help him hide his identity!

  The moon and the moon snorted and continued: "So, the uncle of Houyang, where is your soul print?" Still, you are not –"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng couldn't answer, but Tianjiancheng suddenly lifted Zhuge Xiaosheng's hand and said: "When returning to the door, when Houyang was injured, it happened to be hurt on the soul seal. The soul print appeared fluctuating. When he was healed, he found that the seal of the soul had been transferred to his arm."

  A strange feeling was quietly blended into Zhuge Xiaosheng's arm. Zhuge Xiaosheng pulled up his sleeve and found a thumb-sized white imprint on his arm. It was the mark of the Mie Palace, and The mark on the back of the left hand is exactly the same!

  Zhuge Xiaosheng resisted the surprise in his heart and immediately nodded and said: "Yes! This soul print looks very unstable. ”

  After seeing the soul print on Zhuge Xiaosheng's arm, Tianyue traced it again and again, and then the doubts on his face dissipated. He nodded: "I will discuss this with the ghost door. Now I am going Look for the boat master to say something."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng said: "The door master, the boat master has only said to me, he will go out again after an hour, we still do not bother him."

  Tianyue traces for a moment, thinking that things are not bad at an hour, they said: "Well, then I will come back after an hour."

  He turned and left the fourth peak.

  After the death of the moon, Zhuge Xiaosheng was relieved, but soon he stared at Tianjiancheng and said, "Who are you?" Why are you helping me? ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng understands that Tianchong Cheng in front of him may already know that he is not a real "weather yang".

  Tian Jiancheng said: "I also just learned from the owner that the Triple Palace gave all the people in the robbery period this soul mark to identify the identity. Fortunately, I know that you are Zhuge Xiaosheng, but I will catch up in time. It is."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned. He became more and more curious about Tian Jiancheng's identity. When he rolled up his sleeves again to see the seal of the soul, he found that the soul print had turned into a blue mark and then disappeared.

  "This is not a soul seal, can you actually hold the sky mark?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng was really surprised.

  But Tianjiancheng, or Long Qing’an seems to have no intention to explain, just saying: "Zhuge, you should continue to do your own thing."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned, but now in the door of the star, if he left directly, he would give up, and when he next, he returned to the hall.


  The three ghost masters passed through the bumps of the long transmission array, surrounded by grotesque fluctuations. When they opened their eyes, the ghost master suddenly felt inexplicably guilty!

  When I first chased Mu Yu, the position of the transmission array was not the mountain or the valley, not the woods, but this time he appeared in a strange hall, and at this time the center stood in the center, it was a day. Boating!

  "Mu Yu, this time I see where you are going to escape!"

  Ghost sounds saw Tian Xingzhou standing there, regarded him as a wooden feather, and the anger had already been attacked. Now he did not hesitate to slap the sky and kill the past!

  However, the ghosts on the side of the ghosts are more and more uncomfortable. They seem to be led by Mu Yu, but they are eager to catch Mu Yu. UU reads www.uukanshu.com, so I don’t think much, but now I am calming down. Think about it, I think this place seems a bit weird!

  "and many more! He didn't have any repairs in his body, not wood feathers! ”

  The ghost master quickly sipped the ghost sound!

  However, the speed of the ghost sound is very fast. At this time, it is too late to get the hand. The ghost that she summoned has a big hole in the chest of the boat that has no resistance. The heart has been held in the hands of the ghost!

  Tianxingzhou suddenly widened his eyes and screamed in agony: "Ghosts are chilly, you are so bold!" I dared to find my star door…"

  The voice of Tian Xingzhou was extremely loud, and it was actually passed out from the main hall. It was spread throughout the Star Gate under the blessing of Zhuge Xiaosheng.

  All the Stargates have heard the screams of the Heavenly Boats on the ghost gates!

  The words of Tian Xingzhou have not been finished, the vitality has passed out of him, and the whole person has fallen backwards!

  "Do not! Brother! Brother -"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng has already rushed from the corner, and will hold the boat in the sky, and roared with grief and indignation: "Ghost door man, you kill my brother!" My Star Gate is not with you! ”

  The voice of Zhuge Xiaosheng's "sorrow and indignation" was spread far and wide through the array of techniques, spread throughout the fourth peak of the gods, and once again spread throughout the star gate!

  The ghost master three suddenly changed his face. He never expected to come to the Star Gate, but he accidentally killed the real Skywalker!

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