Chapter 1006, God Peak Falls!

  "The Star Gate?" This is the star gate? ”

  The ghost master was shocked. He turned his head and looked around. The mysterious big bangs were full of brilliance, and they looked extraordinary. They just came out of this big array.

  "go! leave here! ”

  The ghost master immediately took the opportunity to rush in the past, because they just came out of this array, as long as they entered the array again, enough to leave here through the transmission array!

  But when they stepped into the transmission array, they found that the transmission array was only slightly brightened, and they did not send them away!

  Mu Yu had already ruined the other end of the transmission array and broke their back!

  And at this time Zhuge born disguised as the weather Yang voice spread throughout the star Gate, the gate of the main day of the star Gate in the fifth God peak Panzuo cultivation, did not want to hear suddenly heard the sky boat to Ghost Gate, and then came the sound of Weather yang, and among them also mixed with endless "indignation", his heart a surprised, immediately rushed out, found that the source of the sound is in the fourth peak, more frightened!

  The fourth peak is the main place of the Star Gate. How can it be mixed into the ghost gate?

  Tianyue marks stepped out without hesitation, and there was a burst of spiritual fluctuations in the air. When he appeared, he rushed to the summit of the fourth peak of the Shenfeng!

  The elders of the fourth Shenfeng have been stunned by the sound of "Heavenly Yang", all rushed into the air and surrounded the temple on the top of the mountain. But no one of these elders dared to go to the main hall, because it was also a forbidden place for them!

  In the hall.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng held the boat that had just stopped short, and glared at the ghost master. His voice was very loud: "You three ghosts, dare to break into the territory of my star gate, and also killed the boat master. I will not spare you!"

  A knife has already appeared in the hands of Zhuge Xiaosheng. This is the knife used by Tianyang Yang. Zhuge Xiaosheng is made up of the formations. The current knife is raised high and has already been smashed toward the ghost masters!

  "stop! This incident is a misunderstanding, we did not deliberately kill the boat! ”

  As soon as the ghost master raised his hand, the ghost in the hall suddenly became spoiled, and the knife of Zhuge Xiaosheng was blocked. His strength is stronger than Zhuge Xiaosheng, but at this time he was killed because he was in the site of the Tianxingmen. If he injured the "weather yang", it would be difficult to explain today.

  "The elders who killed our martial art, you dare to say that it is a misunderstanding! Today, you are thinking about leaving here alive! ”

  Zhuge a sword again, but the ghost Lord encountered too many things today, the twins were destroyed, in order to chase people also inexplicably came to this place, now looking at Zhuge born a menacing knife, then a little hard, counterattack a bit, this blow actually just forced back, However, Zhuge born but occasion with days boat deliberately to the hall hit the past, to his time of the strength of the robbery, fly out when the power is quite large, directly to the whole hall crashed into pieces!


  The hall that originally belonged to the core forbidden land of the Star Gate was destroyed in the eyes of the public!

  "What happened?"

  Tianyue marks have arrived, watching the hall ruined in front of the eyes, suddenly angry, and at this time the ruins have already rushed out of two people, looking at it, it turned out to be "the weather yang" and the sky boat!

  "The doorkeeper,

Ghostmen killed the elders! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng shouted loudly.

  Grand elders? The elders are dead in the boat?

  The people of the entire Star Gate are stunned!

  Everyone has set their sights on the heavenly boat that lies in the empty sky around Zhuge Xiaosheng. At this time, the heart of the chest of the boat has disappeared, and the whole body is full of life, and it has already died!


  Tianyue marks only feel a shock in the chest, like a fierce attack, Tianxingzhou is the ancestor of the Tianxingmen, the highest in cultivation, the highest in generations, but now he is so dead, let him be the master The sky marks are shocked!

  "Who killed the Heavenly Boat Master?"

  When the sky and the moon were suddenly smashed, he never thought that the ancestor of the Star Gate would have an accident here, or died in the heavy place of the Star Gate! Recalling the "Heavenly Yang", the ghost door man said that he was hurting him, and then looked at the body of Tian Xingzhou, the anger has filled the whole man's chest!

  "That is them, the three ghosts headed by the ghost gatekeeper!"Zhuge Xiaosheng pointed to the three ghosts in the ruins!

  "Ghost chill! Why do you appear in the forbidden place of my Star Gate! ”The moon and the moon mark recognize the door of the ghost door, and the ghost is chilly!

  The ghosts and chills have already understood the trap of Mu Yu. They just chased and disguised all the way to become the wooden feathers of Tian Xing, and they never wanted to be transferred to this place. Because of the hatefulness of Mu Yu, when I saw the real sky boat, I thought it was Mu Yu, and now I killed the past, but killed the real day boat!

  "The moon marks a friend, this fact is a misunderstanding, we just came here to chase down Mu Yu, never thought…"

  Ghost chilly wants to explain, but "Heavenly Yang" has interrupted his words, and angered: "Nonsense, I just entered the hall and saw you killing our Stars elders, this thing you How to deny?"

  "Ghosts are chilly, have you really killed the great elders of our Star Gate?"The sky and the moon mark angered.

  The ghost's chilly face once again sank, killing people is already a nail, not to mention that there is still a weathering witness as a witness, it is impossible to deny.

  However, the worst thing is far from this. The three of them just left the core formation of the main hall, and at this time the core formation suddenly exploded.

  The scenes of the fascinating star-studded mountain guards began to collapse and dissipate at the foot of the ghostly chilly three, as if they were avoiding the sinister ghosts, and the whole core squad screamed everywhere.

  With the collapse of the core, the Sky Star Gate of each of the peaks suddenly have a sharp tremor, originally floating in the sky, the huge peaks began to tilt, the mountain is like a big earthquake, the house trees began to collapse, countless disbelief of the star gate quickly from the collapse of the house cave rushed out, horrified, I do not understand why the mountains have not fallen for many years actually began to fall down!

  "No – the ghost is chilly, what have you done to the core of our Star Gate!"

  The anger of the sky is full of his chest, the fall of the seven peaks, and Rao’s cultivation of the robbery period can’t stop it!

  The seven peaks of the Star Gate quickly fell to the ground in front of everyone. With the sound of seven explosions, the earth beneath it suddenly trembled, and the ground was cracked. Out of a huge pit, the smoke and the sky, let all the stars of the Stars tremble!

  The seven most amazing peaks in the comprehension world are so damaged!

  "Ghost chills, you kill me the great elders of the Stars Gate, and also ruin the foundation of my Star Gate, I will kill you today! The stars of the stars listened to the order and killed me three people! ”

  Tianyue marks face the death of the great elders and the fall of the seven peaks of the Tianxingmen. The resentment in the heart is incomparable, and they have already roared to the ghosts and rushed to the past.

  All the Stargates also reacted and watched that their mountain gates were destroyed. Although they were all self-cultivators, there was no accident, but these shame made all the people of the Star Gate red eyes, and they sacrificed their magic weapons. Ghost chilly three people.

  The light of the magic weapon skyrocketed, shattering the sky and the sky, the sky and the moon mark suddenly changed dramatically, a white sword emerged from behind him, pointing to the ghost chill!

  "go! leave here! ”

  Ghost chilling does not want to fight with the celestial traces, the celestial sects are destroyed, the elders are killed, and the reason for the sacred marks is simply not working. Now you can only leave here and report the matter to the Mie Palace and make a decision!

  The ghosts and the ghosts of the ghosts have also turned into a ghost without hesitation, and smashed into the distance! The guardian of the Star Gate has been destroyed and can not stop the three.

  Tianxingzhou is dead. At this time, the Tianxingmen are not afraid of the Tianyue mark and the "Tianjiyang". If they fight the ghosts and chills, they are not afraid, but they can't fight, they can only retreat.

  However, the three people’s escapes have aroused the anger of the sky and the moon, which is more like the crime of killing and destroying the door and wanting to escape!

  "Through my command, all the disciples of the Stars see the ghost gate, killing innocent! Uncle Hou Yang, you go to bring all the elders of the Stars of the city pool back, and I will kill the ghost gates and avenge the elders! ”The sky and the moon are angry and angry.

  "Yes, the doorkeeper!"Zhuge Xiaosheng also sighed and sighed, put down the body of Tianxingzhou, and his body shape flashed and rushed out!

  "Ghost Gate, I will definitely ask you to pay the price!"The sky and the moon screamed and smashed past the distance.

  "Revenge for the great elders!"

  "Kill the ghost door!"

  All the disciples of the Stars got the command of the sky and the moon, and looked at their own sects and destroyed them. It was also a sorrow and anger. The next words are not followed by the celestial traces and directly chased the past to the ghost gates!


  Mu Yu re-used the direction of the pass to the ghost gate and rushed over. UU read This time every time you send back, you will destroy a transmission array.

  He knows all about the star-studded array of methods, and he has planned all of this. The originals along the way are the transmission arrays that he had tried his best to guide the ghosts to the forbidden land of the Star Gate, and then let Zhuge Xiaosheng met there and destroyed the core array.

  In his plan, if the ghosts and sorrows did not kill the heavenly boat, then Zhuge Xiaosheng would kill the heavenly boat and blame the crimes on the ghosts and sorrows, and then the ghosts. The news of the door and the inside of the Star Gate spread out, so that everyone thought that the eight doors had been fighting.

  And he wants to guard the ghost gates without the robbery period to kill the ghost gate!

  Mu Yu has already returned to the ghost gate by means of a transmission array, using countless transmission arrays to spend less than an hour between the Star Gate and the ghost gate, and if it is rushed from the Star Gate to the ghost gate at the speed of the robbery period, at least It took four hours, and this wood feather was clearly calculated.

  "To deal with these little locusts, it’s not going to make a trick."

  Mie Palace always relies on countless intrigues to deal with Mu Yu, this time Mu Yu also intends to counterattack with a trick. He does not expect ghosts to chill and the stars to fight, but the ghosts appear in the gates of the stars, and when they appear, the core formation is just ruined, and this matter cannot be cleansed.

  Ghost Gate now has no people in the robbery period to sit in the town, Mu Yu will kill the entire ghost door, this is the real purpose of Mu Yu!

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