The 1007th chapter is the ghost-slayer door!

  The place of the ghost door is always lifeless, and the place where they are located is very cold, which is related to the kungfu of their cultivation.

  Nowadays, the comprehension community has started to fight with the Yumeng Mozu under the leadership of the Eight Doors. Countless Yumeng Mozu and the self-cultivator have died. It is an excellent opportunity for the ghost gate to collect souls.

  After collecting the soul, the ghost gates regularly return the collected souls to the ghost gates. Therefore, there are countless disciples entering and leaving the gates every day. About half of the ghost gates are present.

  However, today, there has been a huge disastrous change in the ghost gate!

  The elders who stayed in the ghost gate were repaired to the highest level of the fit, and the remaining three periods of the robbery have been led by Mu Yu. These people have no room for resistance in the hands of Meng Gong who robbed the five heavens!

  Ghost door, really became a dead place!

  When Mu Yu returned to the ghost gate, the disciple of the ghost gate was already a corpse, and Meng Gong’s shot was unrelenting. He was trapped by Meng Po in the dark and sacred sea for decades. The resentment against the ghost gate has already penetrated into the bone marrow, even if it Killing all the ghosts can't offset the hatred of his heart!

  "You're back?"

  Meng Gong sat on the side of the bridge and practiced. He opened his eyes and looked at the wood feathers that fell from the air, and then stood up.

  "You killed all the ghosts?"Mu Yu asked calmly.

  Meng Gong shook his head. "No, I killed some. The rest of the ghosts hid in the ghost pit. There was a very powerful ghost array. I couldn't get in."

  "Ghost pit?"

  Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, but the center of the ghost gate was a huge pit that was bottomless. Ghosts generally lived under the ground like mice. The ghost gate has been inherited for countless years, and it is much deeper than the background of the starry gate. The ghosts of the ghost gate are naturally more powerful.

  Meng Gong went to the bridge on the Naihe, pointing to the abyss under the bridge. "The best way to get rid of all the ghosts is to bring all the twins under the abyss."

  Many ghost gates do not necessarily stay in the ghost gate at this time, because the Mie Palace allows the eight-door masters to go to the Yumeng Mozu, and the ghost gates are busy collecting souls everywhere. The best way for Mu Yu to break the ghosts outside is to destroy the twins in the twins.

  As long as the twins are destroyed, no matter where the ghosts are in the realm of cultivation, the twins in their bodies will wake up and start to kill each other!

  The twin corpse is in the abyss below the Naihe Bridge. Mu Yu and Meng Gong are also drilled from a hole in the abyss of the abyss.

  "You can control the corpse, why not bring those corpses out?"Mu Yu asked.

  Meng Gong shook his head: "After you left, the ghost array will automatically recover, I can't get in."

  At this time, the passage of the twin corpse has not been repaired, and even if it jumps into the abyss, it will be blocked by the ghost.

  "Okay, you come with me."

  Mu Yu jumped directly under the bridge, and fell to the edge of the ghost array after falling about 100 meters. In his hands, he re-emerged the blue spirit, began to concentrate on the separation of the blue spirit, turned into a black and white spirit, ready to open a big hole in the ghost array.

  The masters of the three catastrophe in Ghost Gate are not there. This time, Meng Gong can use all the corpses of their life and death to bring all the bodies out of the twin bodies.

As long as the twins' bodies have left the twin bodies, there is no sinister pressure system of the twin corpses, and they will be smouldering, and all the twins in the ghosts will wake up!

  It took only half an hour, and the indestructible ghosts of the twin corpse were swallowed up by the black and white spirit of Mu Yu. After devouring the ghost array, the black and white spirit re-aggregated into pure spiritual power. Collect it up.

  "It's now!"

  Mu Yu has already jumped. After he stopped destroying the ghost array, the ghost array has begun to gradually recover. Here is the extremely yin land. The ghost array recovers quickly. All the twin bodies must be brought before the ghost array is restored. Come out!

  Meng Gong had already shot on the side, and there was a strange dark green mist on his body, which poured into the sea of ​​twins. The corpses that he was controlled suddenly rushed toward the exit like a flood. "Use your thunder! ”Meng Gong immediately said.

  Mu Yu’s hands have begun to seal, and the powerful thunder has instantly turned into a huge thunder net covering the exit. After the corpse rushed to the ghost array, they were exposed to the thunder net and were directly destroyed by electricity. This time there is no ghost array protection, these corpses destroyed by the thunder net can no longer re-aggregate!

  Oh! Oh! Oh!

  The powerful thunder will destroy countless twin corpses, and the entire Naihe Bridge will be illuminated by the blue thunder, and it will be very sensational!

  Those ghosts who had retreated into the ghost pits were still lucky enough to have escaped Meng Gong’s pursuit, but did not expect that every ghost door suddenly changed suddenly, and the twins in the body began to wake up. They compete for control of the body!

  "It's a pity that if I give me enough time, I can refine these corpses into pure spiritual power."

  Mu Yu has some regrets, but this is just a thought, because there are too many corpses here. He is too slow to separate the black and white spirits. To swallow up so many corpses, I don’t know that I will go to the Year of the Monkey. Let it go!

  Moreover, he also found that black and white spiritual power can only be aggregated into spiritual power by swallowing up what has been repaired. Those who have long lost their cultivation will not increase their spiritual power.

  "No, I can't stay here for too long. The ghosts and sorrows may have been on their way back. I have to marry them before they go.
Kill the little devil who entered the ghost pit! ”Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  The bodies of the twin corpses are many, although many of the bodies are not repaired, because their twins outside have already died, and Meng Gong has not controlled these uncultivated bodies. But now there are at least 10,000 people living in the ghost gates. It takes a long time for all the tens of thousands of twin corpses to be drilled out of the small holes.

  It took another quarter of an hour for Mu Yu to widen the hole in the ghost array, and then placed a powerful lightning pattern around him. Then he said, "You are here to deal with the twins. I went to a ghost pit to kill all. Ghostman!"

  "it is good."Meng Gong did not object to anything.

  Mu Yu jumped up and crossed the bloody water bridge to enter the ghost gate.

  The entire ghost gate was originally on a barren plain. It grows like some plants that like chills, but it is rubble.

  But at this time, there are countless ghost gates lying on the plains. These ghost gates are deadly, their body and limbs are dying, and Meng Gong’s shots are decisive. These ghosts even have their souls crushed by Meng Gong!

  Mu Yu has no pity for the miserable death of these ghosts. They usually kill countless people in the realm of cultivation. Now they just pay the price.

  "Why are you still not coming? I have already signaled her. ”Mu Yu thought in his heart, but now that time is tight, he can't delay anything. He must destroy the ghosts in the ghost pit as soon as possible before the ghosts come back.

  He quickly crossed the plains and headed for the center of the ghost gate.

  The center of the plain is a ghost pit with a diameter of a kilometer. The bottom is deep and the bottom of the ghost is filled with mist. The ghost pit is covered by a red ghost array. This ghost array is blocking Meng Gong. Barrier.

  Ghostmen's formation is achieved by means of ghosts. This is very different from Mu Yu's learning method. Therefore, it is very troublesome for Mu Yu to solve the ghost array in his own way. First, he must push the ghost array. The law.

  But now time has not allowed this to happen, but for now he has barely mastered a rather eccentric ability, the black and white spirit that is enough to swallow everything!

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the blue spirit is emerging again. The blue spiritual power is gradually broken down into black and white spirits, and the black and white spirit is attached to the blood red ghost array. Ghosts suddenly began to tremble, seemingly want to resist the engulfment of black and white spiritual power, but the black and white spirit is too eccentric, even if the ghost array is too powerful, it can't stop.

  Slowly, the entire ghost array has been melted by him into a big hole that allows him to enter. He has put away the black and white spirit and has already entered the ghost pit.

  The ghost pit is the underground nest where the ghosts live. It is quite weird. The ghost pits are surrounded by caves, just like ghost caves. They vary in size and shape, and they are scattered everywhere. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Some of the big ones have 骷髅 carved doors, which are similar to caves like some gathering places. Just look at it directly. The underground nests that Mu Yu sees are not thousands of, so dense, like a Like a horse cell.

  At this time, the whole ghost pit is already mourning all over the place, countless ghosts screaming in the cave, screaming with the twin souls that wake up in the body, and many people have screamed heartbreaking. Sound, it sounds like it was killed by his twins!

  Ghostmen's twins are consistent with their ontology. Whether they can subdue their twins is purely the strength and luck of the ghosts. Sometimes, because the twins have swallowed some souls, the strength temporarily increases, surpassing the ontology. Then these ghost gates think they are unlucky.

  However, most of the ghosts have the ability to cope with their twins. After all, they have already defeated their twins once. However, this process is also very difficult, and it is also very difficult for Rao to be a ghost of the ghost and cope with his twins.

  The only way for the twins in the body to wake up is to kill them directly, because this time the twins can't be suppressed!

  There are all kinds of mourning and anger in the ghost pit. There are even countless ghosts in the air. These people are struggling to compete with their twins. They do not know that a god of killing has quietly arrived.

  "Ghost pit? Just here is the burial place for all of you! ”

  Mu Yu has already lit up the whole body, and the shadow of the sword is shining, illuminating the ghostly ghost pit!

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