Chapter 1008 Ghost Cave Hunt!

The ghost gates in the ghost pits are only the fit period. These people are not the opponents of Mu Yu. The swords of Mu Yu are like no ones. Wherever they go, the ghosts will fly away, the smoke will disappear, even the soul. Did not escape.

The whole ghost pit really became a hell on earth. All the ghost gaters were terrified to watch Mu Yu Jianguang kneel down to themselves, but they could not stop it, not only because they could not hide, but also because of the twin riots in the body. They are like cattle and sheep to be slaughtered, and they won't be alive in the blink of an eye.

"How did he come in?"

A one-eyed man in red is furious, and his twins have apparently not been destroyed. At this time, the ghosts who have not yet recovered from their twins are being retreated.

This red-ghost doorman has a combination of nine-day cultivation, and all the masters of the ghost gate are not there. He has become the leader of these ghost gates, glaring at the flashing figure in the air, his eyes full of grievances.

"Ghosts don't speak elders, the doorkeepers and other elders are not there. We are not his opponents at all. What should we do now?"In the corner of the ghost pit, a ghost gate of a fit eight heavens asked anxiously.

As a ghost, everyone has killed countless people in their hands. When did they think that they had a day when they were killed in their nest?

The red-eyed one-eyed old ghost is called a ghost. He stares resentfully at the killing figure above. He doesn’t understand what happened, and he doesn’t understand why the ghosts and other four people are in a certain When I disappeared, I remembered something and immediately shouted: "Fast, keep the ghost gate closed!" Never let the 18th floor hell lose! ”

Mu Yu has fallen down from the sky. His slaughter started from the top of the ghost pit. The trees made by the woods rushed into every ghost cave, and the little devils in the ghost cave were put on the pot. All the slaughters are clean, even the souls are swallowed up, and a devil does not leave.

Step by step down, Muling has harvested the lives of at least a thousand devils. The spirits of these devils have not escaped, and all the devils have turned into the killing power in Muling. Mu Yu now knows how to divide the killing power does not affect himself, so he kills the devils and does not care.

At this time, Mu Yu also heard the noise of the ghosts, and felt a bit strange in his heart. Hearing the tone of the ghosts, it seems that the 18-story hell of the ghost gate is very important to them.

"What is Ghost Gate?" What is the 18th floor hell? ”

Mu Yu originally wanted to rush directly to kill the ghost who was the highest, but thought that he was going to destroy the door. Naturally, the core of the ghost door should be destroyed. Now, don’t worry, just gradually approaching the ghost. Language, I want to see where the ghosts are gone.

The Devil in the top of the Devils have been wiped clean, the more down the wood feather down to find this ghost pit strong, here when it is really a huge ghost nest, the hole wall of the ghost grottoes countless, each ghost cave is a cave, hidden devils are countless, he a sword down will split countless ghost caves, but still not to the ghost pit.

Not only that, but there are also some bridges in the ghost pits that are made of skeletons, which lie in the ghost pits, connecting from one end of the ghost pit to the other end. The more down, the more these ghost bridges, the wood feathers can not help but be shocked, because the gimmicks used to build the ghost bridge are real people, this ghost door passed down for countless years, killing at least tens of millions of people !

"It's really dirty!"

Mu Yu’s sword destroyed these bridges that criss-crossed each ghost cave. Such a sect had long since been destroyed. It can still exist in the realm of cultivation for so long. It is really a cancer in the realm of cultivation!

The ghosts have already fled with the ghost gates whose twins have not yet awakened. The following ghost caves have become less and less, but the yin is getting heavier and heavier. After diving down for 10,000 meters, suddenly All the ghost caves have disappeared, as if they have come to the bottom of the ghost pit.

But the bottom of the ghost pit is not a hard land, but a black water that is sullen and sultry! These black waters exude a stinking smell.

Like an underground river, it flows in a meandering place, surrounded by haze, making the front scene look erratic.

At this time, the ghost caves have disappeared, there are no extra caves, black walls in all directions, ghosts on the walls, and the green fires can barely see the surrounding.

The center of the bottom of the ghost pit is a huge flat black stone. It is like a small island in the black water. It can accommodate more than 100 people and stand down at the same time. Then Mu Yu realized that it was not a black stone at all, but an island gathered by countless skeleton bones!

Ghosts and other people with the surviving ghosts fell from the ghost pit on the island, next to the island, docked with some black sailboats.

Ghosts and other ghosts who have survived are probably more than two hundred people. They have already landed on the island from the air, and then quickly jumped into the black ghost ship.

These boats are also made of hoes. The color of the hoe is no longer pure white, black and blood red. The scorpion's eye sockets are flashing with wildfires, and they are like a hoe. Living like the same, it makes people numb.

"Boggy? Is it not good to fly directly? ”

Mu Yu’s heart is puzzled. The ghost gate people live in the 10,000-meter-deep ghost pit. It is the most convenient way to fly into the ghost caves on each cliff. At this time, it is difficult to protect the bottom life, and there is still a leisurely taste. Take a boat?

Mu Yu looked up at the ghost cave above, only when he was down, in order to avoid the fish escaped from the net, he had blocked the ghost space with his own array of techniques, and at the same time chased down all the way, there have been nearly 10,000 The ghost door man was strangled by him!

The tens of thousands of ghost caves on the cliff have been destroyed by his sword. From time to time, there are huge gravel falling down, and Senran’s ghosts are filled, and the above scene cannot be seen at this time. .

He pondered for a moment, and the pattern in his hand came out. Then there was another hand-held sword that had appeared in the gloomy fog above him. He was killing the ghost man. This is the phantom he created using the array. The more than two hundred ghosts who have already boarded the ghost ship below think that he has not chased him.

Then Mu Yu used a stealth array to hide himself, not letting the ghosts and others see themselves.

"fast! That person has not caught up yet, we rushed to the ghost gate! ”

Ghosts shouted, about thirty people boarded a ship, and the panicked ghosts shoved and quickly boarded the ghost ship. It is strange that these ghosts did not fly directly to the ship. It is boarding from the stern, just like an ordinary person.

All the ghost gates are on the boat, but they do not use the oars to row, each boat has a thing like the altar at the stern. The altar is not very large, just a basin size. There is a red glow on the altar, which is like watered by scarlet blood. The blood flows along the altar in a strange way.

At this time two ghost gate is standing beside the altar, unexpectedly cut his arm, the blood dripping on the altar, and the altar side connected to the ghost Ship's sails, Ghost sail looks like a shroud formed, with the sacrificial stage of blood more and more, the ghost sail above also gradually be stained with blood red, and then around unexpectedly floated a strong blast, Blows the ghost sails, starts to push the ghost ship to drive forward.

"Will the ghost ship still need to use blood to sail? What secrets are hidden in the ghost gate? ”

Mu Yu quietly landed on the ghost island, there are more than a dozen empty ships around, but he did not board, because an empty ghost ship driving out of nowhere will certainly cause doubt, let alone need to be so strange The way he sailed, he didn't waste his blood.

Seven ghost ships have already carried more than two hundred people to fly away quickly, and have to say that the speed of the ship is still quite fast. Mu Yu did not hesitate to jump at the moment, originally wanted to fly along the black water, followed by these ghosts, but he just flew to the black water, suddenly felt that there is a strong gravity in the black water, I want to pull him down!

β€œHow is the black water here so weird?”

Mu Yu finally understand why the ghost gate to the bottom of the ghost pit Why to go aboard the reason, UU reading because it is too hard to fly along the black water, wood plume can be sure that there is no crossing on the Black water for the duration of the repair, will definitely fall directly into the black water, the following period of the repairs of the real people can not resist this huge gravity!

Even if Mu Yu flies along the black water, it is extremely difficult, especially when he is surprised to find that his flight speed is not much faster than those ghost ships, and the ghost ship is getting faster and faster!

Not only that, he just flew on the black water, the water began to have countless waves splashing, and then a pickpocket made only by black water actually caught him directly.

"Who? Who is there? ”

On the last boat, a ghost door watched vigilantly at the ghosts that suddenly appeared on the water in the yin, but couldn't see the people on the water suddenly getting nervous.

These ghosts emerging from the water are too strange, and the wooden feathers flicked left, and they got rid of a ghost and immediately appeared another one, which was annoying. He couldn't help but only forcibly speed up and landed at the stern of the last ghost ship.

With his cultivation of the robbery period, he performed a stealth array. The two ghosts at the stern were incomprehensible. He quietly flashed into a slightly empty corner of the ghost ship without disturbing anyone. The ghost doorman on the boat is still looking towards the black water behind.

"what happened? What happened? ”

The ghost did not speak on the last ghost ship, he immediately came to the stern and asked.

"Elders, there seems to be someone flying on the weak water, but it is now gone."A ghost doorman at the stern reported.

Weak water? Ghosts actually have weak water?

Mu Yu’s mind had some faint impression on this faintness. He had heard of weak water. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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