Chapter 1010, 18th Floor Hell!

The seven ghost ships stopped in the void, they seem to have come to a huge cave, and they can't see the top. The diameter of the cave is estimated to be more than a thousand meters, and the convenience of the cave is the suffocating. Weak water.

The weak water flows slowly under the entire cave. Many of the bodies are floating in the weak water. There are still some ghosts wandering in the water. It seems desperately trying to break free from the weak water, but the weak water is like a film. The film was held up by the grievances, revealing a painful face, and soon sank again.

And these weak waters are not quietly drifting along the waves, they sometimes turn into a water-circling water column, like an arm swaying in the air, criss-crossing, when two curved water columns collide with each other, It will directly turn into a splash of water and fall back into the weak pool at the bottom of the cave.

And Mu Yu also realized that just seven ghost ship is not suspended in the air, but is a way by the weak water into the giant ghost hand caught the bottom of the boat, firmly in mid-air.

There are countless miserable wildfires floating in the air. These wildfires are green and red. When you look closely, every ghost in the fire seems to be imprisoning a soul, constantly struggling and wanting to break free from the wildfire. Out, it is these wildfires that illuminate the entire cave.

In the middle of the weak water is a bone tower made up of thousands of bones. The tower has eighteen layers, each of which is at least five hundred meters in diameter. There are countless human bones in the tower, but there are a lot of cracks of different sizes. These cracks are as big as ordinary windows, and small and have arm thickness. Through these cracks, you can clearly see countless souls inside.

These souls are very weird, the souls of each layer are different, and the souls that are held are not just human beings. Mu Yu glanced at the past far away. He saw the souls of each layer, the soul of the beast, the soul of the Yumeng, and even some things with only one shadow, no form.

The soul of each layer seems to be suffering from cruel torture, black fire burning, knife cutting axe, and some souls are pierced by the black chain, pulling and tearing!

These souls are suffering from severe torture. The screams fill the entire cave, and the tapping on the eardrum is like nailing a porcelain bowl, sour and sour.

After each soul is torn or chopped, there will be a weird soul beside it, holding a big scoop in the hand, pouring black weak water on the broken soul, and then those souls slowly Just start to recover!

Then Mu Yu's pupils shrank, because these guys who used big scoops to water the tormented soul with weak water turned out to be the meat-winged horns!

"How come there are meat wings and horns here?"

Mu Yu Heart filled with a feeling of unease, Ghost Gate has been and the meat wing horn Strange have not clear relations, regardless of the desert in the mountains of the chaotic burial valley encountered in the red Moon or Demon Island in the ghost of the people want to put the town Demon Tower held all the month Shinti with strange month, all kinds of signs that ghost Gate seems to be brewing some conspiracy.

Fortunately, what Mu Yu sees is that everything in the bone tower is a soul, whether it is a meat-winged horn or other race, or even something like a shadow, it is a soul.

"What the hell is it doing?" Actually created such a terrible bone tower. ”Mu Yu’s heart is very shocking. The 18-story bone tower must be the eighteen layers of hell that the ghosts have just said.

There are countless bones floating around the bone tower. These bones float in the air to form a bridge, which is exactly the same as the structure above the ghost pit.

These bridges can only be walked by one person, very narrow, leading to different places, some directly to the cliffs of the caves, some to the weak waters underneath, and some bone bridges lead to the bone towers At the entrance to each floor.

The complicated bone bridge is intertwined in the air, like a huge labyrinth. If you don't look at it, you don't know which bone bridge is leading to.

At this point some bones temporarily floated over and automatically formed a bridge on the side of the ship. Ghosts and other people have already stepped off the boat, carefully stepping on the bridge and quickly walking along the bridge.

Mu Yu stayed at the end. When he just stepped on the bone bridge, he found that there was a weird force on these bone bridges, resisting the pulling of weak water. Obviously, you can't fly at this place. Once you fly, you will be dragged to the bottom by the weak pulling force of weak water.

He did not act rashly, but he could only follow the ghostly doormen headed by ghosts and walked along the bone bridge to the center. As they walked halfway through, the bone bridge in the air began to change, gradually lining everyone in the middle.

Many ghosts seem to be a little uneasy on their faces. It seems to be a forbidden place for ghost gates. The usual ghosts are not qualified to come here. For many ghosts, this is the first time they have seen this scene.

However, it was obviously familiar to the highest ghosts. He walked forward in the light and walked to the front and shouted: "Stop!"

At this time, everyone has gone for a quarter of an hour, half the distance from the 18-story bone tower, but the front bone bridge did not continue to extend to the 18-story bone bridge. The ghost did not speak a few steps, then bowed down on the bone bridge respectfully, and smashed a head in the direction of the 18-story bone tower. Christine said: "The disciple participates in the ghost ancestor."

"The disciple participates in the ghost ancestors."

All the ghost gates behind the ghosts also fell on the bone bridge, a row of past, very spectacular.

Mu Yu is still invisible, looking around, and he is very alert, because he faintly feels that there is a very powerful person in this place, and it is so unfathomable that he has been seriously threatened.

"Isn't there an old devil who has a Mahayana period in the ghost gate?"

Mu Yu’s heart is somewhat cautious. The ghost gate is quite different. The true strength is naturally stronger than the Tianxing Gate. Destroying the Star Gate is not difficult for Mu Yu, but the technique of the Ghost Gate has always been very strange, and it is harder to kill than the Star Gate. He did not expect that this strange thing is hidden in the Ghost Gate.

After these ghost gates bowed down, all the souls trapped inside the 18-story bone tower suddenly screamed in unison, this time no longer a messy scream, but a regular call. These syllables are erratic, as if the tone is adjusted, and then the sounds of all the ghosts are overlapping at some point, giving a sharp and stern voice.

"What is it to bother me?"

The sound spread throughout everyone's ears, causing the eardrum to be hit hard again. Some of the bad-stricken ghosts even turned pale after hearing the sound, and the ears also ooze blood.

The ghost said with respect and eagerness: "Returning to the ghost ancestor, some people broke into the ghost door and opened the killing ring. Now the people guarded in the ghost gate are dead with only one hundred of us!" We have no choice but to come to the ghost ancestors to beg the ancestors of the ghosts. ”

"Humph! What about ghosts? Why didn't he guard the ghost gate? ”

The voice of the resentment echoes again in the entire cave. This voice is very low and evil. Every tone of the speech is quite terrible, and it contains a powerful force.

At this moment, there was a ghost doorman who had only been trained as a golden age. He could not bear the impact of this voice. He screamed miserably, and his ears had burst into a bloody fog. The eardrum was actually the voice of the ghost ancestors. Explosion.

Then the ghost door of the Golden Age was planted, and the whole person fell below the bone bridge.


The unlucky ghost doorman fell into the weak water and no longer heard any sound.

Other ghosts are horrified, they are also struggling to support the tone of the ghost ancestors, listening to the voice of the ghost ancestors is like a disaster for them, repairing low can not afford it.

"Waste should not come to this place!"

The ghost ancestors snorted again, and then there was a golden door of the ghost door eardrum bursting into the weak water. The ghost ancestors seem to care less about the two ghost disciples who fell into the weak water. In his eyes, the life of the ghost gate is no different from that of other comprehensions. If they die, they will die and become part of the weak water. . UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

All the ghost gates quickly covered their ears and protected the eardrum with spiritual power. Seeing that their two companions died, but no one dared to complain loudly, fearing that they would become the third person to fall into the weak water.

Ghosts are also quite fearful. This kind of voice can still bear for him, but the people behind him are lower than him. They can't fly in this place. He can't do anything about the two dead ghosts.

"The ancestors of the ancestors, the lord of the door, he went to chase down a person who is said to be Mu Yu, and has not yet returned. The other elders of the catastrophe have also left the ghost gate, acting under the command of the Sangong Palace, and having a life and death gate. The masters of the robbery period sneaked in, and we couldn’t stop it."The ghost did not speak quickly and said the situation.

"A group of waste, even a person who has been in a robbery period can't stop it, what do you want to leave?"

The sound of sorrow and sorrow sounded again. All the ghost gates bowed their heads and trembled, and they dared not refute the sound. Nowadays, the ghost gatekeepers are not in the robbery period. Where can these people resist?

"What about your twins?"The ghost ancestors came out again, and there were two souls on the ghost gate. At this time, all the ghost gates had only their own souls, and they were quickly known.

Ghosts said immediately: "Back to the ghost ancestor, our twins have an accident, do not understand why, all the twins in the body suddenly wake up, subordinate doubts…Suspected that there was a problem with the twins. ”

"Can the twins still have problems? You really let me down! ”

The breath of fury swept through, and the fierce sound waves echoed around again, and then two of the crouching ghosts fell into the weak water.

"Please grieve forgiveness."Ghosts hurriedly pleaded for mercy, and the voice had panic to the extreme. (Tianjin novel network https://)

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