1011th chapter of the Jaws of death

Mu Yu is still standing behind the crowd. He uses his array to hide his breath very well, without revealing any horses. He kept looking at the entire 18-story bone tower and looked around the cave to find out where the so-called ghost ancestors were.

Although the ghost ancestors gave him a very strong feeling, Mu Yu always felt that there was something wrong with this ghost ancestor. It was like the strength of the Mahayana period, but it was not completely played out due to certain restrictions.

But this ghost ancestor is so cold and ruthless, even if there are only two hundred people left in the ghost door, even if they are allowed to fall into the weak water, is he not afraid that the ghost door is really extinct? If the devil is dead, who is going to command the ghost ancestors?

Mu Yu does not have much sympathy for these dead ghosts, even if they don't die, the last wood feather will inevitably kill these people.

The most urgent thing for Mu Yu is to know how to destroy this place. It is extremely unwise to fly above the weak water. He must also determine how the ghost ancestor should be killed.

All the ghost gates crouched on the ground, the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, listened to the command of the ghost ancestors, the ghost ancestors snorted heavily, then said: "I have no energy to manage some of your waste, but if you say yes, I still need you to do something for me and bring me in."


There was a sound of breaking water in the weak water below. Four giant hands, which were transformed from black and weak water, emerged from the water. They had a black chain in their hands. The chain had a thick adult arm. Glittering with black luster, I don't know what it was made of, it squeaked in the air, and it made a dull gold and iron crash.

Four giant hands transformed from weak water began to grasp the four black giant chains and began to pull up. The weak water continued to roll and whistle, like something to break through.

Then the water was raised again, and a round white stone platform was suddenly pulled out of the water and gradually pulled into the air. This stone platform is about 100 meters wide and square. It exudes strange and soft white light. It looks very sacred, and it seems to be out of place with this place full of ghosts.

The center of Shitai depicts some weird textures. The textures look hard and difficult to understand. They are not like ordinary pattern textures. They are well-ordered and intertwined, and the textures are still looming.

"This is the texture of the Moon Temple, how can it appear in this place?"Mu Yu was surprised.

In the town demon tower, he and Long Teng Xiaoshuai entered a sacred hall, there is a temple of the moon, when the dragon vines almost sang to activate a ritual ceremony, resulting in the entire temple of the moon A strange change.

The texture of this stone platform is exactly the same as that seen in the town demon tower, and according to Long Teng, those regular textures are a kind of ritual. At the time of the dragon vine translation, Mu Yu got the so-called Moon God is a The conclusion of brainwashing cults.

Mu Yu looked at the 18-story pelt, which was responsible for watering the broken soul with weak water, and vaguely understood certain things.

The ghost gate people have been looking for the whereabouts of the moon family, and even know that the meat-winged horns of more than 5,000 years ago were locked in the town demon tower of the mysterious son, and they wanted to use the moon god stone to pass those moon gods Dirty meat-winged horns are released from the town demon tower.

If Mu Yu did not think wrong, it is estimated that those ghost gates went to the town demon tower in order to receive the command of the ghost ancestors who did not know where to hide. So what is the relationship between the ghost ancestors and the moon family?

The huge stone platform gradually rose to mid-air under the pull of the weak water giant, and finally stopped when they reached the height of the bone bridge. Then the weak water giant who grabbed the black chain loosened the chain, but the chains did not fall directly, and the stone platform did not fall. On the contrary, the chain began to spiral around the stone platform, forming a black iron. An arch surrounded by chains.

The weak water underneath once again splashed a thick water column, and the water column spread along the black chain.

It is like pouring a black iron chain, as if a skilled craftsman puts a good black mud on the chain.

"Get in and stay on the altar!"The voice of the ghost ancestors echoed in the air again.

"Thank you for the ghost ancestors!"

The ghosts are overjoyed, although the ghosts regard their lives as a mustard, but after all, they are able to get the shelter of the ghost ancestors, and quickly rushed to the ghost gates who survived behind: "Quick, enter the ghost gate!"

Ghosts stood up and stood up to the black arches, and other ghosts followed suit.

"It turned out that this is the ghost gate that the ghost door people said."

Mu Yu looked thoughtfully at the arch composed of weak water, and the arch formed by the weak water pouring iron chain had a strong yin, which made people feel guilty.

Ghosts have already walked to the edge of the arch and carefully extended their right hand. At this time, Mu Yu discovered that there was a sly face on the edge of the arch. It was the head of a scorpion-winged horned horn. It grows on the arches, and it actually moves, but it also reveals sharp and ferocious teeth.

The mouth of this meat-winged horned horn is more like a deliberately elongated look. Its big mouth bites in the hands of the ghost.

The ghost did not speak a white face, and his face became somewhat distorted. He also involuntarily played a chill, as if he had suffered from horror. However, the meat-winged horns did not bite for a long time, as if they had taken a sip of blood.

Ghosts don’t talk to the flesh-winged horns and let go of their mouths, and their faces are relieved. From the bite-winged horns to the loose mouth, it is just a matter of blinking, but it seems that the ghosts have been tortured for at least many years.

After the ghosts crossed the gates of the ghosts, after standing on the altar, they turned and said to the ghost gates: "According to what I have just said, stretch out your arms and sacrifice blood, hurry!"

The rest of the ghosts have followed suit, and since they came to the forbidden land of the ghost gate, they are actually scared.

Every ghost doorman usually kills people and sings things like sorrows. It is originally a kind of sultry, but after coming here, their expressions become very tense, and there is no life to kill people. The suffocating, instead, turned into a singular lamb.

Every ghost doorman just pulls out his arm and lets the archer's flesh-winged horns bite. The process is very short, and a blink of an eye has passed, but the ghosted people who have been bitten have been fighting for someone, some people. Even the lips became bloodless, and after entering the gates of the ghosts, they became a little languid.

"It’s a disgusting sacrifice."

Mu Yu naturally has to enter the gates of ghosts. He is not afraid of what will happen, but he wants to explore what strange things are in the gates of ghosts. What is the sacredness of this ghost ancestor?

The ghost gate was almost destroyed by him, but the ghost ancestors did not shoot here, and even did not know, there must be some scruples. But when it comes to the meat-winged horns, Mu Yu always sees that they are not pleasing to the eye, thinking that they must destroy this creepy place.

However, Mu Yu would not waste his precious blood in this disgusting place. He walked to the end and quietly approached the ghost of the last Yuan Ying period. He took control of the other side and then made a cut. The trees are hidden in the body of the ghost gate.

About a quarter of an hour later, more and more ghost people have stepped into the gates of the ghost gates after being bitten by the meat-winged horns, and soon the only ghost gates controlled by Mu Yu are left. This ghost-in-law of the Yuan Ying period also extended the right hand like everyone else, letting the meat-winged horns bite a bite, and then entered the ghost gate.

Mu Yu secretly sighed, it seems that he should be successful in the past.

"Everyone has given me the spirit, even if it is safe here, no matter how the outside person is definitely not coming in, we have to wait until the door owner comes back to make a decision."The ghost didn’t talk.

"Yes! Elders. ”More than two hundred ghosts who have survived have complied.

Ghosts and other people, after stepping into the gates of the ghosts, have already sat on the altar and began to practice the adjustment. They do not seem to intend to go to the 18-story bone tower. UU reading www.uukanshu. There is also an arch at the other end of the com altar, where a bone bridge leads to the 18-story keel.

"You are not planning to go forward?"

Mu Yu feels a little tricky. This is not his original intention. He originally expected the ghosts to go to the 18-story bone tower to find out. The ghost gate he controlled went to the archway leading to the 18-story bone tower, and then found that there was also a head of a meat-winged horned horn on the arch, and it was obvious that he had to take another bite in the past.

"This is troublesome!"

Of course, it is impossible for Mu Yu to control the ghost door to reach out and give a bite to the meat-winged horns. It is too difficult to get on the bone bridge and see if you want to be undetected.

Mu Yu is planning to see if he wants to control the ghosts and let the ghosts take him to move on. The voice of the ghost ancestors rang again.

"Ghosts, you just said that all the twins have lost?"

Ghosts stood up and said, "Come back to the ghost ancestor, yes, we sacrificed the twins to you on the way to come here."

All the ghost gates sank their twins into the weak water on the ghost ship that came here, and were dragged into the water by the weak water, even if the twins who wake up were also solved by other ghosts.

"That's interesting. There are two hundred and twenty-three people living here, but in my perception, there are two hundred and twenty-four souls here. Where is the extra soul coming from?"

The voice of the ghost ancestors is like a sneer, and the voice of the ghost crying makes everyone tremble again in the depths of the soul.

A powerful air machine locked the ghost doorman controlled by Mu Yu, and Mu Yu was shocked. He thought it had been mixed, but he was still discovered! (Tianjin novel network https://)

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