Chapter 1012 Identity Exposure

"Ghost ancestors, what do you mean by this?"The ghost asked a little incomprehensible.

"Don't you understand? There is a person who does not belong to the ghost gate. If he did not come through the ghost gate, I almost could not find it. Still don't hurry to show me the original shape! โ€

The sharp voice of the ghost ancestors sounded, and then the ghosts in the caves began to gather in the air, forming a shining yin cone, stabbing the ghost doorman where Mu Yu was located.


Mu Yu had already gone out and landed on the altar. The ghost doorman who had just been controlled by him had not been able to dodge. He was swept through his forehead by the gale cone. The whole head burst open and turned into a bloody fog.

"It's really awkward!"

Mu Yu couldn't help but frown. The ghost ancestors didn't leave their hands on their own hands.

Ghosts did not see the sudden appearance of Mu Yu, and immediately showed a terrified look, eagerly shouted: "Ghost ancestors, this person, he is the one who slandered and invaded my ghost door!"

Mu Yu is still the appearance of Tian Xing Zhou at this time. He glanced at the ghost indifferently, and his attention was still placed around. The ghost ancestors were still obscured from the beginning to the figure, as if they were everywhere, he could only To be sure, this guy is very likely to be hiding in the 18-story tower.

"Of course I know that you have this waste! Actually, I will introduce an outsider from the robbery period, damn it! โ€

The ghost ancestor seemed to be quite annoyed at the fact that Mu Yu was mixed in. He obviously did not like outsiders coming to his territory.

"Ghosts and sins are forgiven. He is very scheming. We simply don't know his identity."The ghost said in a hurry.

From the beginning to the present, Mu Yuโ€™s shot on the ghost gates is the image of a heavenly boat. Even the ghosts and chills canโ€™t see the illusion of the wooden feathers, let alone the ghosts that only have a fit period.

The ghost ancestor did not blindly touch Mu Yu, but asked: "Who are you?"

Mu Yu looked indifferently at the 18-storey bone tower in the distance and said, "I am the one who came to destroy the ghost door."

He wants to destroy the ghost gate. Naturally, it destroys all the roots of the ghost gate. The twin corpse is only for the ghost gate to break the general combat power. Even now it is only killing half of the ghost gates. Many masters of the ghost gate still have outside. Since the ghost gates and the 18-story hell are so important to them, then Mu Yu must find a way to destroy it.

"Hurricane! court death! โ€Ghost ancestors yelled.

Mu Yuโ€™s heart has gradually determined one thing. He can be sure that the ghost ancestor must not be able to do it for himself because of certain restrictions. Otherwise, the atmosphere of the ghost ancestor can be enough to deal with Mu Yu.

"Do you really think that I am here where you can come anywhere!"

The ghost ancestors snorted and the weak water beneath the altar creaked, and countless giant hands formed by weak water quickly entangled and caught the wood feathers.

These giant hands of weak water also have strong tearing force and corrosive power. When they dance in the air, they suddenly burst into flames, and the coldness is pressing, sweeping toward the wood feathers. Strong pressure came to the surface, Mu Yu looked awe-inspiring, facing the weak water, he did not dare to take it lightly.

The pattern has already appeared in the whole body, and the shadow sword has been turned out from the void, with a sturdy sword, and it has turned to the oncoming giant.

"act recklessly! You are even better, you can't be the opponent of the ghost ancestors! โ€

Ghosts watched the war on one side, and then snorted. He knew that these weak waters were powerful. The weak water was extremely corrosive enough to erode any magic weapon. The weak water was controlled by the ghost ancestors. Ghosts can already imagine that Mu Yuโ€™s sword was destroyed by the weak water magical hand, and then the ghost hand directly grabbed the wood feather and tore it in half.

"Ghost ancestors, kill him, take revenge for the dead door!"

All the ghost gates looked at the ghosts and ancestors, and their faces were also showing a happy color. Only then, Mu Yuโ€™s sword killed countless ghosts, and the terrible sword made them feel weak. Now they are here, protected by ghosts. They naturally let go of their hearts.

The shadow of the wood feather is glowing with blue light.

The ghost hand that had been caught in the air smashed up, and the swordsman flashed between them, only to hear a squeak, and the ghost hand that was transformed from the weak water was directly cut off by the sword of Mu Yu!

"How can it be?"

Ghosts suddenly stopped when they were speechless. He understood the power of weak water. The ordinary magic weapon could not resist hard water. Once contacted with weak water, it would inevitably be directly eroded by weak water, but I did not expect it. Mu Yu is a giant hand composed of a sword and a weak water!

Where will he know, what does the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu mean?

The ghost ancestor was also surprised, as if he had thought of something, roaring: "This is the sky sword?" Are you a sword shadow dust? No, how do you have the sword of the shadow of the sword? โ€

"It turns out that you guys who know the head and tails still know my master."

Mu Yu thought for a moment, but the sword in his hand was invisible. The blue light illumined the entire cave, and instantly smashed into the hands of the weak water ghosts, smashing all the weak water!

Ghosts heard the words of the sword shadow dust, suddenly realized the identity of Mu Yu, and said: "You are Mu Yu!"

"You are reacting now? Too late! โ€

In the hands of Mu Yu, Jianfeng turned and slammed down to more than two hundred ghosts on the altar. At this time, he has already arrived here, so there is no need to let the ghosts and others continue to live.

"Ghosts save us!"

Ghosts donโ€™t understand the majestic swords of Mu Yu. They canโ€™t escape from this sword at the time of their cultivation. They only beg the ancestors of the ghosts.

"Hurricane, you dare!"

The texture beneath the altar illuminates and begins to be organized in an orderly manner. The texture refracts the light to a strange angle and then turns into an ugly ghost shield, which is in front of the ghosts and other people.


Mu Yu Sword Gas in the face of the Ghost Shield, immediately issued a sound of Shinti roar, resonant voice in the whole cave for a long time echoed, forming a road tumbling blast, will be directly to the bone bridge in the air, the entire altar is also jerked a bit, to fix the poor ghost gate fell on the ground, panic unceasingly!

"Kid, there are two!"The ghost ancestor shouted.

The black iron chain, which was originally wrapped in weak water around the altar, began to move quickly, and it was like a viper-like snake. Mu Yuโ€™s sword turned away and squatted on the black chain, but the black chain did not know what it was made of. It was indestructible and there was a strong tearing force on it, which made it impossible for Mu Yu to get benefits.

"This old devil is really amazing!"

Mu Yu knew that he still had a nail. The ghost ancestor did seem to have some scruples and could not make any effort. However, the repair of the old ghost was in the Mahayana period, and it was not easy for Mu Yu to solve it. He must find a way to touch it. Know what the old devil is afraid of.

He leaped high from the altar and wanted to leave the altar, but there was a strange barrier around the altar, and the altar was firmly guarded. At this time, the wooden feather could not fly out!

"Kid, I am not here where you want to come and go!"

The ghost ancestors smiled and the texture on the altar began to change again. They formed a long rifle, which was shot from the feet of all the ghost gates and stabbed the wood feather.

Mu Yu breathed a gaze, and the long guns that appeared in the texture of the altar actually made him smell the dangerous atmosphere. When the next moment, the sky was swaying, and the whole person became erratic, and he shuttled between the long guns. At the same time, the swordsman turned to the rifle.

"Itโ€™s weird!"

To the surprise of Mu Yu, his shadow sword directly penetrated the rifle while looking at the rifle, just like a rifle is just a shadow, without any entity. However, Mu Yu knew that the pistol itself had extremely powerful power. His sniper sword could not reach these rifles, but if he let the white pikes smash, he would be seriously injured!

He can't just dodge quickly, but these long guns are like long eyes. They have completely locked the position of the wood feathers. No matter how the wood feathers dodge, the long guns will always turn in the air and puncture the wood feathers. .

If the speed of the wood feather is not fast enough, I am afraid that it will be stabbed into a horse's nest by these long guns!

"Great, ghost ancestor, killing him with great power!"

The ghost doorman below looked at Muyuโ€™s dodging in the air, apparently ate a big loss, and cheered in disappointment, wanting to see the scene where Mu Yu was picked up by a long gun.

At this moment, Mu Yu suddenly stopped his footsteps, his body flashed a transparent pattern, and the pattern rippled a bit, just as if the void he stood had a fault. At this time, countless long guns have arrived as scheduled, piercing the body of Mu Yu!

"Give me the god of the ghosts!"

Ghosts clenched their fists. UU reading

"Shenwei? The nerves are almost the same! โ€

The wooden feathers snorted, and all the cheering ghosts stunned. They didn't expect the long guns to pierce the wood feathers, but the wood feathers were still safe. What the hell is going on?

This is naturally because Mu Yu used the mirror array to isolate his breath from the true position.

But Mu Yu didn't like to explain anything to these little devils. His eyes were condensed, and his figure had already rushed toward the ghost shield below, and the rifles that followed him continued to follow. But at this moment, there were countless figures of wood feathers in the air, as if he had countless avatars in an instant!

The avatar is a very basic congenital array, but the avatar has some flaws, because the avatar it creates is easily seen in the eyes of fellow practitioners.

However, the ghost ancestors snorted, and it is reasonable to say that his ability is completely identifiable which is the avatar of Mu Yu, but Mu Yu has used the mirror array to make the rifle he controlled a problem. When there were so many avatars, he couldnโ€™t figure out which one was the real body of Mu Yu!

"Then I will kill your avatars one by one!"

The ghost ancestors screamed, and the numerous long guns in the air scattered each other to chase every avatar of Mu Yu, and two of them were on the ghost shield!


The long gun stabbed the body of the wooden feather, but also penetrated the ghost shield, did not enter the ghost shield, and the ghost gate below the ghost shield was directly hit by a long shot, a life cry!

"The shield can block my shadow sword. I want to stop your own rifle?"

Mu Yu appeared in the air in indifference, looking at the scene below, at this time there have been more than a dozen ghost gates directly killed on the rifle! (Tianjin novel network https://)

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