Chapter 1015, 18th Floor, Hell

The souls here still have consciousness, just like deliberately letting them retain their consciousness and making painful mourning, and growing those wildfires.

But Mu Yu looked at the souls that were watered by weak water, but suddenly the heart suddenly moved. Why can the soul after being watered by weak water recover? Does this mean that weak water can also repair the soul of the dead wood?

You must know that he can now borrow the words of life and death, but he can’t resurrect the dead wood. Because the soul of the dead wood is broken, just let the soul of the dead wood become complete, the dead wood Can really resurrect!

Mu Yu had this idea in his heart, but he did not smash and deal with the ghost door until now, he will not easily believe in the ghost door. The ghost door is too weird. Wood Yu must first clarify the drawbacks of this practice, otherwise it will not easily experiment on the soul of the dead wood.

"But how do you get into the bone tower?"

Mu Yu's fingertips carefully formed a pattern, touching the bone tower, and the pattern covered the bone tower, but there was a strange force to sway the lines, not to let the wood feathers close.

At his feet, he has already jumped into the air and flew up and down one by one. He saw countless souls being tortured in different ways, and countless ghosts turned into blood, making people chill.

Just a moment, Mu Yu has stood at the top of the 18-story bone tower, but still has not found any entrance.

"Cut it directly!"

In the hands of Mu Yu, the sword splits fiercely, and the blue-colored sword swells out and slams into the bone tower!

"Humble humans, just because you want to destroy my eighteen layers of hell!"

The angry voice of the ghost ancestors sounded again, and the bone tower lit up with a white light. These rays came from the bones, and the light blocked the woody sword.

"Soul strength?"

Mu Yu recognized the white light at a glance. The soul force is the source of strength for the Miegong people. He and the people of the Mie Palace are not one or two times. Others don’t say that there are already several Miegong people who have been him. Killing, but why is there a soul in the depths of the ghost gate?

The soul force emitted on the bone tower is too powerful, which contains the ability of the field, far beyond the cultivation of Mu Yu, Mu Yu can not cope with the soul power here.

"Kid, after I recover, I will definitely pile your bones on my eighteen layers of hell. I will also draw your soul and make you a tormented member of the 18th floor of Hell. Let your Pain is the source of my strength!"The ghost ancestors said hotly.

"So, you have no ability to start with me now?"Mu Yu was surprised to pretend.

"I can't start with you, can you help me?"Ghosts sneered.

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, then rubbed his hands, grinned: "Then I don't worry about anything." ”

He put his hands together and slowly opened, and a group of blue spiritual powers swirled out in the palm of his hand.

Ghost ancestors laughed: "Humble ants, I advise you to escape before I recover!" Otherwise, the day when I am out of trouble is when you are killed! ”

"You may not have a chance to get out of trouble."

The blue spirit in Muyu's palms began to fade away from the blue light, turning into a black and white breath. The two breaths were still in a wonderful balance.

"The arrogant ants, dare to dare to be so big! Just by you? ”The voice of the ghost ancestors is still full of disdain.

However, the black and white spirit in the two palms of Mu Yu has already eroded the past with the soul of the bone tower!


Black and white spirits are in the face of a powerful soul barrier. Those souls are also slightly resistant to the blessing of field power, but the black and white spirit in the wood feathers is the anger and death of the grass. It is the most primitive and terrible thing in the world, and the ability of the field is strong enough to resist them.

It’s just that this phagocytic process must be careful and not subject to any interference.

Because he must ensure that the amount of anger and death is the same, and once this balance is broken, it will lead to terrible things.

The soul power covered on the bone tower began to tremble, and there was a sign of collapse, and it was impossible to bear the eccentric swallowing power!

"How can it be? What did you mean by a humble cockroach? ”

Ghost ancestors finally realized that something was wrong. He found that Mu Yu had the ability to swallow the guardian soul of the bone tower. Once the soul of the bone tower was broken, it was a huge blow to him!

"hateful! Ghosts, are you still doing it? Hurry and kill him! ”The ghost ancestors were so angry that he couldn’t seem to shoot at all.

Ghosts and other people still trembled on the bones floating in the air. At this time, they heard the anger of the ghost ancestors, and they were somewhat overwhelmed.

The bridge to the keel has been broken. They can only stand on the bones honestly, and the nearby bones are separated by several meters. If they want to reach the keel, they must jump to other bones suspended in midair. .

But below is the weak water. The weak water has a very strong suction. Once it jumps up, their repairs must be pulled down by the weak water. They become a member of those corpses. They don’t have the burial period of Mu Yu. Repaired.

"Ghost ancestors, we can't go!"The ghost said eagerly, he wanted to say that even if he used to, he would not beat Mu Yu.

"waste! You are this group of waste! Bring an outsider here, really damn it! ”The ghost ancestors roared, but he could only move his mouth, but it did not help.

"I need to concentrate on my work, don't make noise, be quiet."Mu Yu said impatiently.

"I am so angry!" Humble and dirty ants, I must ask you to live without asking for death! ”The ghost ancestors were angry and sorrowful, and they couldn’t wait to rush out of a certain place to smash the wooden feathers, but they couldn’t help but kill the wood feathers that swallowed the soul.

Ghosts and other people are also helpless. Originally they saw Mu Yu killing the Quartet in the ghost pit, and they thought about coming here to take refuge. Who can think of Mu Yu actually mixed in, but also mixed into the ghost gate.

There is only one road to the bone tower. Except for the bone bridge through the ghost gate, even if the wood feather can be used to offset the gravity of the weak water, it is impossible to get close to the bone tower. But the bad is bad. Mu Yu also passed the ghost gate, and also tried to destroy the altar of the ghost gate. This led to the change of the bone tower from the only approach to the passage of the suction that can offset the weak water.

However, only Wood Yu can do this.

At this time, the ghost ancestors were already angry, the resentment sounded through the entire cave, and the words of various threats were endless, but Mu Yu was too lazy to care, and could not be disturbed in the process of engulfing.

The soul of the top of the bone tower has gradually been swallowed up by the black and white spirit, breaking through a large hole, enough to accommodate the wood feathers. Mu Yu immediately re-integrated the black and white spirits together, and the black and white spirit in his hands swallowed up the soul of the field, and it became very strong, but the hole that swallowed about a meter in diameter was actually More than the power of a twin kidnapped twins!

"It’s good to devour the soul here."

Mu Yu could not help but admire, if it is not time now, the ghost chill is very likely to come back to find him suffocating, he will definitely take some time to swallow the entire bone tower, and the spiritual power collected at that time. But it is a very scary amount.

He sealed up the collected spiritual power with the Gathering Array, and then slowly found a time to refine these spiritual powers after leaving here.

Mu Yu’s sword gas was once again stabbed. This time, the top of the 18th layer of the bone tower was pierced by a hole. The towers made of bones could no longer stop him. Mu Yu has easily entered. The eighteenth layer of the bone tower.

"Humble and dirty man, you damn it!"Ghost ancestors saw that Mu Yu really entered the bone tower, and the mood of anger was already mixed with panic, and he angered again and again.

Mu Yu had just landed, and those horns and horns that were afflicting the souls of the human race suddenly roared and rushed toward him, but these meat-winged horns were just the form of the soul, not as great as they were seen in the town demon tower. .

"It’s annoying to see you with these meat-winged horns."

Mu Yu snorted, UU reading www.uukanshu. The blue gossip array at the foot of the com lights up, and the thundering and smashing of the snakes smashed out again. Countless thunder snakes creaked, and the meat-winged horns in the keel tower covered the past.

There are thousands of flesh-winged horns and countless tormented souls in the bone tower. These flesh-winged horns are directly smashed by the thunder snakes when they encounter lightning.

"Strange, these are not pure meat-winged horns."

Mu Yu's heart is more and more surprised, and he is no stranger to the meat-winged horns. After all, his killing power is from the horns of the town demon tower. The meat-winged horns are very powerful, but the meat-winged horns here are more like a kind of soul. They are completely incomparable with the meat-winged horns that have been encountered.

"Humble people, ants, you wait for me, I will inevitably smash you a corpse, so that you can't ask for survival, you can't die…"

"I said that you are a fool? After a few words, is the cultural level so low? 骂 Individuals also take repeated, not good to learn to talk, even the deaf people will make people despise. ”

Mu Yu recovered the lightning pattern. He had already collected all the meat-winged horns in the 18th floor. The rest were the tortured souls. His lightning patterns did not hurt these. Tortured soul.

"You are an ant, dare to talk to me like this, I don't know how to live!"Ghost ancestors felt the anger in their chests burned to the brow.

Mu Yu was too lazy to go out with this guy, but he heard a little clue from the words of this old devil, because this devil always said that the humble human ants, with a self-righteous tone, in the tone Mixed with inexplicable superiority and scorn.

Is this old devil so arrogant and arrogant, does it mean that he is not a human being?

If this old devil is not a person, what would it be?

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