Chapter 1016 The Tortured Soul

If this old devil is not a person, what would it be?

Mu Yu's first natural thought was that the old devil was a certain meat-winged horn that had been imprisoned, because so far the ghost gate and the meat wing horn strange relations are very close, first does not say why originally in the desert permits the mountain the disorderly burial Valley, the Ghost Gate man will go to take the red month, in the town demon Tower time, Ghost Gate is also running to use the moon stone to the meat wing horns blame another way to save the purpose.

At this time, this old devil is always humbled by ants, then there is a certain kind of meat-winged horns with a Mahayana period, but for some reasons, it is impossible to find the trouble of wood feathers.

Since the old devil can't move, it seems that Mu Yu is more necessary to break the ambition of the old devil to get out of trouble.

Originally seen from the outside, the bone tower is a circle with a diameter of about 500 meters, but after the wood feather entered the 18th floor of hell, it was found that the space inside was much larger than that seen.

The 18th floor of Hell has countless tormented souls, and there are no more than a million to look at. It’s really astounding. If there are millions of souls on the first floor, there are at least 10 million souls on the 18th floor, so many Where did the soul come from?

In his heart, he was puzzled and walked toward the closest soul. This soul is a fifteen or six-year-old boy. He is very young. He is locked in the air by a black chain at the moment. The grotesque green fire is burning in the bottom, and the mouth is constantly making a terrible noise. .

The screaming made Mu Yu feel uncomfortable. When he waved his hand, Ling Xiao’s swords swept out and poured into the wildfire. The room for these ghosts without any resistance was destroyed by Mu Yu’s endless swordsmanship. .

"Thank you, thanks! I beg you, let me fly away, let me fly away, I don’t want to suffer any more, I really don’t want to suffer any more. ”The teenager lowered his head and his eyes were eager to say.

"How long have you been tortured here?"Mu Yu asked.

"Three hundred and twenty-five years, ninety-three days…"The teenager said desperately.

"Three hundred years? Do you remember this clearly? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

"Because the horrible guy you killed just now reminds me every day, to make me remember more clearly and to be more desperate and miserable." They have a special way of keeping us out of our wits, and in recent months countless souls have been sent here to be one of us …

The teenager’s eyes are dim, and even thinking of these things is full of panic.

“It’s a disgusting place. I’ve been tempted to get the soul here for so long. What do you want to do?”

Mu Yu’s heart is also quite angry. In recent months, countless souls have been sent. If Mu Yu is not mistaken, these souls must be because the Eight Doors are leading the comprehensible and the Yumeng Mozu to die. I will send it here after collection.

"I beg you, save us, please kill me, let me fly away…"The young man pleaded with despair.

Mu Yu couldn't bear it, the sword gas was shocked again, and it was cut on the black iron chain. The black iron chain was not made of any material. It was very hard and there was no way to be cut off.

"Use wood spirit."The sound of the sentence mang suddenly sounded in the mind of Mu Yu.

"I haven't heard you talking for a long time."Mu Yu responded with some surprise. Since the last time he rescued the deserted mountain, he has been quietly silent and has not spoken to Mu Yu.

"I just feel a little familiar here."Sentence simply responded.

"Familiar with? Have you been here? ”Mu Yu was amazed.

"I haven't been to this place. I don't even know that there is such a place in Triple Sky, but there is a familiar atmosphere somewhere here, very strange. In short, you save all your souls first. ”Sentence said.

"I don't see you have some kindness and want to save people."

Mu Yu said with some accidentality that there was already a wooden spirit in his hand, and the wood was made into a tree, covering the chain, but the chain still remained intact.

He frowned.

"These lives and souls have nothing to do with me. I don't like your people." But this so-called ghost ancestor is using the source of pain to restore vitality. You only have to save these souls and let them get rid of the pain, so that this guy can't recover. ”Sentence said.

"The source of pain? I seem to hear from my master. ”

Mu Yu vaguely remembered that Master had told them that the world had a lot of power to control, not just spiritual power, but also the power of emotion, the power of balance, the power of pain and happiness, but at the time there was no wind and dust. Too much in detail.

However, Xuan Ming in the body of Qiao Xue is using the power of emotion to control others, infinitely magnifying the emotions of others, causing people to collapse, and the phantom rain that Mu Yu once encountered in the double heaven, the illusion is the use of dreams And the power of memory to subvert Mu Yu's world view, these forces are quite powerful.

"The source of pain is a very vicious technique. By afflicting life, it draws strength from pain. The more painful others are, the more power they draw. This technique is not controlled by the three races of the Three Heavens, but by the aliens outside the Triple Heaven. ”Sentence said.

"I think so too."Mu Yu nodded slightly and was not surprised by this. Then he said, "Mu Ling is ineffective against the chain."

"Give me control of your arm."Speaking indifferently.

Mu Yu reluctantly gave up his right arm. He didn't like his body to be controlled. However, because the sentence saved the sorrow, Mu Yu was also accepting his existence and reluctantly trusting him.

The sentence mans grasped the wood spirit, and the original black and white doped wood spirit suddenly took out the vital branches, covered in the iron chain, those chains met the vital branches, like the mouse saw the cat, quickly Dissipated, and then "slammed", the chain broke and fell to the ground.

"what? How did you make Muling rejuvenate? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

Since Muling absorbed the dead air, the plants that Muling’s illusion lacked a vibrant atmosphere, no longer flourished as before, without any vitality, but under the control of the sentence It is easy to let Muling rejuvenate, which makes Mu Yu very surprised.

"Before you have not yet reached the robbery period, you can't completely control the killing power, so you can't control it. Now that you have the strength of the robbery period, you don't rely on it anymore, but if you can do it well, If you know it, you will understand that it is not a simple treasure."Sentence said.

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, in fact, in fact, his heart is still rejecting Muling, because the killing power is from it, but its solid wood plume also understands that Muling is a very spiritual thing, it always thinks Let Mu Yu accept its existence.

"What should I do?"Mu Yu felt that he did not really recognize this treasure that had saved him countless times.

"Accept it, it will be completely controlled by you."Sentence returned the control of the arm to Mu Yu.

Mu Yu holds the wooden sword. Now he relies on his own strength to reach the robbery period. He no longer needs to rely on the killing power. He also truly regains himself, so that he can not be affected by the killing power.

A magic weapon does not depend on whether it is just or evil, but should use its power to do what it thinks is right. Justice and evil are always relative.

When the same sacred thing is used in evil places, the sacred thing is evil, the same evil thing is used in the right place, the evil thing is justice.

Mu Yu took a deep breath and then took Mu Ling again. The spirit of Mu Ling was very weird, but when Mu Yu tried to communicate with Mu Ling, he was surprised to find that the anger and death in Mu Ling was also maintained. In a state of balance. Under these anger and death, Muling itself still has its own strong air.

"It turned out to be this way."Mu Yu’s mind was moved, and the vitality of Mu Ling’s cover was re-emerged. The plants that were transformed were no longer black and white, and full of killing.

However, if Mu Yu wants to deliberately let Mu Ling Huan send out a killing atmosphere, it can be done, and even let Mu Ling half kill is generally life, very strange.

"Mu Ling absorbed anger and death. Although there was a change, it was still not changed. It was originally a thing of killing and coexistence with life. It was just that I killed the killing power. UU read It won't be ruined at first."Sentence said.

"So, it was because it was taken away from the killing power to become riddled with holes?"Mu Yu asked. When the old treeman gave him the wood, he said that if he wanted to fill the hole in the wooden sword, he had to kill him. It turned out to be the same thing.

In fact, Muling became riddled with holes because it was stripped of the original killing power.

Sentence does not want to say anything on this issue, but says: "This place is very weird. You have to hurry to save those imprisoned souls, not let them feel pain and despair, and then destroy this so-called ten. Eight layers of hell."

"I know."

Mu Yu glanced at the countless souls that were still being tortured. Then the Muling Sword has turned out countless vitality branches, sweeping away all the souls, destroying the torture tools that tortured the soul, and it took about a quarter of an hour. Only saved all the souls.

"Thank you, thank you adults, ask the adults to let us out!" We really don't want to be tortured anymore. ”All the souls surrounded the wood feathers, and begged Mu Yu to kill them.

Mu Yu is helpless: "I didn't mean to save you!"

Sentence snorted: "I see you still do what they want!" Devour them all with Muling, for so many souls, if they all leave, can only become wandering ghosts, and then drift to the land of reincarnation, and Triple palace guarding the soul, is not easy to let them into the reincarnation, the Bone tower has the soul, but also can imprison so many souls, it means that the Triple Palace in helping this ghost fathers out of the way, It's going to be back again.Wait, I understand…"

When the sentence was said to be half, he suddenly whispered and his voice was shocked.

"what happened?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

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