1019th Chapter Soul!

        Mu Yu A surprised, since came here, haven't seen anything else, so this sudden voice startled him, he immediately turned to escape a robbery, then turn a look, incredibly is the red moon!

        "You are a scorpion, and you are still dead!"

        Mu Yu looked at the red moon standing on the altar in disgust. The monster that was sun-baked in the sun in the burial valley, the corner of the chest was still broken, and Mu Yu recognized each other at a glance. At this time, the red moon looks very weird. It is like a phantom. It seems to be bound to the altar. It seems that it is rushing out of the heart of the soul.

        "It turned out to be your humble cock, you dare to come here to mess, I want you to die!"

        The red moon leaped high and rushed toward Mu Yu. The sudden and powerful atmosphere indicates that the repair of the Red Moon has reached the stage of the robbery, which is even more powerful than when Muyu first saw it!

        Obviously, since the Red Moon was killed by the Sun of the Triple Sky, it was brought to this strange place by the ghosts in a special way, and the cultivation has already recovered a lot.

        In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadow sword crossed a green awn, and the formations surged, blocking the red moon. At the same time, a cold mantra passed through and penetrated the left arm of the Red Moon.

        "How can it be? Are you not a distracting ant? How come to the robbery period? ”The red moon was horrified, and it roared and leaped backwards, opening the distance from the wood feathers.

        "Distraction period? Do you think you are getting stronger and everyone has to stay where they are? ”

        Mu Yu snorted in disgust, and before he bullied himself again, the shadow sword in his hand approached, and once again, he unloaded one of the arms of the Red Moon.

        Mu Yu’s cultivation is still far above the red moon, but the red moon has already returned to the altar, angered, and suddenly grabbed the arm that he had been cut, and then grasped the soul of the soul in one hand, and succumbed to the soul. Flashed a demon red mans, and reloaded its arms back.

        The red moon has a hot gaze on his face.

He said: "Kid, I am still afraid of you three points outside, but here is the soul of the soul, you can not be my opponent, this is your own death, no wonder me!"

        The soul of the soul is out of a strange red light. For a moment, Mu Yu feels that his soul in the body seems to break free, and various strange illusions appear in his mind, as if suddenly there is a willingness to go to the soul. The urge to do anything.

        But Mu Yu did not fall into the illusion, he knew what he was going to do.

        "Haha! You humble ants, who are servants in the face of the soul! ”The red moon was hand-held to the soul and rushed over to Muyu.

        At this time, Mu Yu is still trying to get rid of the illusion, and the illusion of the soul returning to the heart is very powerful. It takes a certain time for him to get rid of it.

        The Red Moon has already killed Muyu –

        On the occasion of the Millennium, the chaotic yin and yang suddenly shocked, like a clear stream of water flowing through Mu Yu’s mind, promptly driving all the illusions out of Mu Yu’s mind. Mu Yu slightly frowned, this soul is really evil, but I did not expect chaos yin and yang can still resist the confusion of the soul, this wood feather did not expect.

        Mu Yu’s hand-shadowed sword was once again squirted, and a sword smashed out to meet the red moon. The shadow sword and the soul of the soul collided with each other, and a whistling sound came out. A huge wave slammed open and the altar next to it Direct Zhenfei, a powerful atmosphere swept over the array, which aroused the road.

        "How do you get rid of the Center of the soul?" Impossible, this group of humble ants can't do this! ”The red moon is full of anger.

        The soul of the soul once again swayed a red wave, and spurred toward the wooden feathers. Mu Yu’s heart glimpsed. He didn’t dare to pick up the red mans. The feeling of crossing the soul to him was very dangerous, far out of his. Imagine.


        The wood feather quickly retreated out, but the soul Center still rub to his clothing, let him feel the heart palpitations is, the part of the clothing is the soul Center red to shave, that piece of clothing is like being endowed with the soul, the clothing is like a living, tilted up to stab to Mu Yu, at the same time the place where the soul is also beginning to spread, Mu Yu's clothes seem to become a monster with a soul!

        "What the hell!"

        Mu Yu Jian Mang crossed, the soul above the Cape of the Cape spread, the clothes were cut off and retired. The cut corner of the clothes floated in the air, flashing red awns, like a soul, claws and claws, watching the wood feathers.

        "Humph! Humble ants, you still have a hand! ”

        The red moon screamed wildly, and the soul of the soul was once again squatting down to Mu Yu. The star of the wooden feathers flashed out at the foot of the wooden feathers. The whole person had already teleported out, and the red mans hit the altar that was only shaken. The altar is also like a living, a demon light, floating in the air.

        "When you go to the soul, you can give a soul to anything. Everything will follow my command. You can still let it go!"As soon as the red moon waved, the altar smashed toward Mu Yu.

        This altar does not know what material is made, it is weird, just took a blow and there was no accident. At this time, there was a burst of buzz in the air, like a heavy mountain, very heavy.

        The front of the wood feathers lit up with gold plaques, and the "Face of the World" illusion came out and intercepted the altar. However, the red light above the altar suddenly surged toward the wooden feathers of the world. The golden ruler was dyed into a demon red in an instant, and then the world was surrounded by wood feathers.

        "This is the soul of the soul!"Mu Yu was shocked and his body shape disappeared again in the same place. At this time, the world of the sky has already got rid of his control and became a soul in the hands of the Red Moon.

        "Haha! Have you ever thought that your own array will also be applied to yourself on a certain day? ”Looking at Mu Yu’s appearance, Chi Yue’s smile was particularly embarrassing. It once again waved the soul of the hand to the heart. The altar and the squad of the world and the squad of the genius were all surrounded by the wooden feathers.

        For the first time, Mu Yu saw the magic weapon that can be used as his own method. What is the origin of the soul? How can it be so evil?

        It is very familiar with the wooden feathers of the Tianzhu star array. When the wood feathers are about to be visible, the world has already come up to the wood feathers. As long as the wood feathers are enclosed, it is enough to trap the old monsters there. feather.

        "It's awkward!"

        Mu Yu was entangled in his own technique, and the shadow of the sword smashed in the past. The sword of the scorpion smashed again and turned into a blue-colored sword, and went to the red moon.

        However, the Red Moon used the soul of the soul to block the sword, and the red manskins were once again integrated into the swordsmanship, and the blue swordsmanship was also red! Jianmang immediately seems to have his own consciousness, get rid of the control of Muyu, and then rushed to Muyu!

        "I really saw a ghost!"

        Mu Yu is simply wanting to marry her mother. How can this soul be sent to the soul of the sword, and what else can it be the opponent of the soul? No matter how the opponent attacks, they will be directly controlled by the soul, and the swordsman and the array will not escape.

        At this time, the red swordsman smashed toward the wood feathers. This sword mans is from the hand of Mu Yu. The wood feather is like fighting with another one. He can’t dodge, he can only raise the shadow sword. On the sword mans.


        The red sword mans was bounced off by the shadow sword, and the wood feathers retreated.

        "Fortunately, the sword is his own, otherwise I really don't know what to do."Mu Yu's brow is locked, at least Master's sword will not be tempted to surrender to the soul, this is the only thing to be thankful for.

        Mu Yu’s mind flashed a lot of thoughts quickly. He knew that there must be some weaknesses in this soul. Otherwise, if this thing is used in the realm of cultivation, everything in the whole comprehension will be given to the soul. Where can Resist it?

        Such a powerful magic weapon, the ghost door people are still placed under the ground, not to conquer the three heavens too can not say.

        He put his gaze on the natural array under the master's cloth. Master's array of techniques has reached a state of supernaturalism. This kind of battle is quite high, and he has not been tempted by the soul to give the soul. This shows that the role of the soul is also It is impossible to see the success of the soul when it is necessary to see the object of the soul.

        But where exactly is the weakness in the end?

        Those magic weapons that have been crossed to the soul have once again come up to Mu Yu, but at this moment, a slamming sound, the piece of clothing from the wood feathers that was first crossed by the soul suddenly broke directly in the middle of the flight. The disappearance of soot has disappeared.

        "The original weakness is in the time of the soul!"

        Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and then the shadow sword greeted him again. His shadow sword did not dare to appear any swordsman, for fear of being beaten again. However, the temperament of the soul was blocked at the forefront, and the feeling that it was necessary to stab the altar but always could not be stabbed appeared on Mu Yu.

        Mu Yu feels a headache. Usually he uses this technique to make the enemy feel powerful and unable to get his head. I didn’t expect him to be educated by his own array.

        His shadow sword was blocked by the end of the world, but the world was not blocked by the altar and swordsman, and the two smashed each other against Muyu!

        Mu Yu can only withdraw the shadow sword, and the wood spirit sword suddenly turned into a big tree, ushered in the altar and swordsman.

        A bang, Mu Ling shocked the wood feather, and the wood feather disappeared into the wood, and then appeared again in another place.

        Fortunately, the wood spirit sword will not be crossed.

        However, at this time, the sound of "哗啦" came again, and the swordsman and the ruler who had been crossed by the soul were turned into red smoke disappeared.

        These things have not existed for too long after being riddled with souls. It is like exhausting the power of them and will soon disappear. This is the defect of the soul returning to the heart.

        "But this altar is really awesome."

        Mu Yu looked at the altar, and the altar was here to store the soul of the soul, without the flaws of swordsman and array.

        Red Moon sneered: "Do you think that it is only this ability to go to the soul?" I tell you, UU reading www. Uukanshu.com You are going to die today! ”

        The red awns that greeted the souls were swept out in all directions, turning the floating stones, the huge chains and the blisters formed by the weak water into a demon red.


        All the stones are like life, and the weak water forms a huge face, and the red chain is squeaky. Then the weak water deformed again, and the body and limbs appeared, turning into a monster of up to ten meters, and the red chain creaked.

        "Forgot to tell you, these years of absorbing the power of the soul to the heart will not be so easily broken!"The red moon laughed evilly. …


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