Chapter 102 is completely annihilated

The confrontation between Mu Yu and the Seven Birds is so savage that everyone is stupid. Is this really a fifteen-year-old boy able to do? They mobilized the crowd to come to the dusty party. They thought that the disciples who casually drank two dusty factions would be trembled and surrendered, but who knows that the dusty party is not as good as other sects. Among them, the highest seven sects and the dusty sects have been entangled for the longest time. They still do not win or lose, so how can they be the opponents of this boy?

"Damn, give it to me!"Ju Wenxing saw that the seven birds and the Taoist people could not get the wood feathers for a while, and they secretly slammed a waste, and the arm waved, letting others rush to the promises and others.

"Let them fight alone, your opponent is me."

The body shape of the slogan stopped four Jin Dan cultivators who were going to assist the seven birds. His swords were as cold as water, and a flying sword surrounded all four people, but he still had an absolute advantage! The rest of the people rushed to An Shu, An Shu looked at the sky with the expression of Jianguang Baoqi, and he slanted his head toward the south and Lan Linger: "You two each won two I can't take it, I will give you up."

Xiangnan and Lan Linger were still thinking about the fact that these a few melons and sour jujubes should raise their hands, and they never thought that An Shu would not let them go. They looked at each other helplessly, and the flying swords in their hands were released, and four of them were kept.

The remaining seven people flying swords and swords and long sticks flew together, mixed with the spirit of the sky to blast to An Shu. Uncle held his hand and did not move. He showed a spiritual barrier around him. He shot all the magic weapons and looked at the wood feathers that struggled with the seven birds. The eyelids were too lazy to lift.

"This person is standing there and not fighting back, just defense, so many people attack him and turn a blind eye to it?"

Bai Lang looked at An Shu with amazement. It was impossible for him to walk so quietly. He must do his best to stop these attacks.

He also looked to the words, this person is younger than him, but he is so much higher than he is, and one person is also very capable of fighting alone. In the distance, there is also a wooden feather that is only a golden day, but it is not inferior to the seven birds who have long been known in the realm of the real world, and the south and Lan Linger are not inferior. What kind of martial art is this dusty faction?

The ray of yellow blasted and thundered, and the southward figure shook with a glimpse of Ray Ling in the dazzling light, and slammed into a golden man. The man should not be able to take it, his hair roots stand upright, his face is black, his body is disillusioned, and he falls down straight.


To the south of the yellow flying sword is strong and powerful, and another person who has a golden dragon and a heavy sky, his body also fell, one foot on the chest of the unlucky egg hit by the Xuan Cang lightning, stunned it. Immediately after the body shape turned, it flashed to the right, and the other man's sword came and he was hiding. The man lying on the ground was hit by the sword of his companion, and the blood splashed, and life and death were unknown.

"This is not what I did."

To the south, he touched the back of his head thickly, and the sword in his hand rose again. A khaki-colored aura wrapped the air in the air, and the flying sword in his hand slammed hard, and his spirit was connected with his flying sword and the wrapped person. The man did not know what had happened and had already slammed on the stone and smashed a stone.

"Three brothers, do you want to murder us?"The air yelled, and the man who was thrown out to the south fell to the side of them. The gravel was smashed into the air and the wonderful body. The two men suddenly looked like they were sullen.

"You are far away!" Anyway, my mission has been completed. ”To the south, he clapped his hands and took the dust off his body.

"There is still here."An Shu said faintly. His spiritual strength has been maintained for so long, and he still does not move, but those people are exhausted.

"what?"Crying to the south, An Shu’s power to catch the siege of more than 20 Jindan periods and not to fight back, seems to be left to train them.


You are not going to hurry! Grinding! ”Shouted to the south.

"You see that these four people are not weak! I can't be fast. ”The slogan is as light as a swallow, and there is no gas in the breath, but it does not control the four Golden Dan triple-day repairers, as if playing a cat-and-mouse game.

He slammed his mouth to the south. An uncle always said that their experience is too little and they need constant experience. An uncle is giving them a chance to exercise. However, to the south, he was lazy, and let him go to fight and kill is the least favorite, but An Shu always stares at him and does not let him relax. The testimony is different, and his experience is much richer than others.

Lan Linger's red flying sword has already taken the two Jindan period's repairers, and her speed is not slower than the south. She is different from the south, and she likes to kill and kill. She turns her head and goes to the comprehension of the head of the uncle.

"Peacock opens!"

A peacock flies out of the seven birds. It stands proudly in the air, looks at the wood feathers with cold eyes, and then screams into the body of the seven birds. The back of the seven birds is suddenly bright, and the gorgeous peacock tail blooms. In the sun, all the scorpions turned into a sharp arrow and shot at Mu Yu.

"Peacock opens your sister! An old man also opened the peacock! ”

Mu Yu’s mouth screamed, and the old bald’s name was a bit cheesy. These names were heard from the story of the village chief’s “Monsters and Different Records” when he was a child. He used to feel domineering, but he always felt when he was used to it. strange. The wooden feather sword flashed again, and all the tail smashes were broken.

The seven birds were horrified, but he still couldn’t win the wood feathers, and the others had already fought. The 30 Jindan men dealt with the five people of the dusty party. The other side had four other than an inscrutable Anshu. The young people are all pressing the people of the Jiuhua School, and several of them have already lie down.

Mu Yu played very badly. His swordsmanship restrained the black fans of the seven birds. However, it is an indisputable fact that the seven birds have been repaired higher than him. He can use the sword method to make up for the gap, but the seven birds. The Taoist strength is not good enough to be defeated by him, and the two were once in a deadlock.

"Mu Yu brother, why is it not over yet? It seems that you really have to make up your body. ”

"An Shubo is watching the whole process without fear. I feel that he will give you special training tomorrow!"

The air and the wonderful things were a bit boring. Their bananas were all finished, and when they were thinking about where to get the snacks, a sword suddenly ran across the empty neck.

"Give me a hand, and then I will kill you without a hand, I will kill him!"When Ju Wenxing did not know when he had come to the air and the wonderful side, he found that the people of the dusty party were just playing with their own people. The five people actually beat all the people they brought, which made him angry. !

The slogan finally kicked the four people who surrounded themselves, and everyone else opened the distance with the Jiuhua faction. Mu Yu also retired a few dozen feet. All the dusty people looked away. Gathered to Ju Wenxing.

"He threatens to be empty?"The words frowned.

"He didn't say anything when he was bullied and shameless. He dared to threaten the two tricksters?"Looking southward, I looked at Gu Wenxing strangely.

"Take yourself more!"Lan Linger stared with interest at the sword on the empty neck.

"I feel like something is going wrong."Mu Yu patted the forehead.

What makes Gu Wenxing strange is that the people of the dusty party saw that they were threatening to use the power of the two hands without any restrictions. Instead, they looked very much, as if they were waiting for a good show. There is something wrong with his heart, but how is this possible? What kind of spray can two children under the age of 12 in their hands?

He fixed his mind and self-deprecated more, and then said: "Everyone of you will give me a good hearing. If you don't have a hand today, you will wait until my teacher respects Jiuhua's real person, and you will definitely kill all of you!" If I dare to resist, I will kill these two children! ”

"It’s wonderful, someone threatens my brother."Out of the air, a small hand bounced the sword on the neck, and his face was tight.

"Younger, what should I do? I am scared! ”Wonderful holding the empty hand.

"You two, give me a close-"

Ju Wenxing’s word “mouth” has not been spoken yet. Suddenly, a strange noise came from the tip of the sword. Then, Wen Wenxing was shocked to find that his body became itchy. He wanted to mobilize his spiritual power to stop the itching. Feeling, but the more the spiritual power in his body, the more obvious the itching. He was shaking all over, and the flying sword in his hand could not hold it. "Dangdang" fell to the ground.

"Itchy! Haha, stupid! ”

The air was so excited that he picked it up, and the flying sword that fell on the ground in the living room was swaying. Ju Wenxing tried to scratch the whole body. He was terrified to grab the sword back, but he couldn’t help but sigh. He couldn’t help but scratch his skin.

"It’s a pity that such a great whole person can only bully outsiders."Miao Miao shook his head.

There is no repair in the air and the wonderful, but when someone squats at them, they will understand what the contempt is. They didn't fix it all day long, and they weren't afraid to fall off the cliff when they climbed the wall. Is it normal for ordinary children to compare? If they say that they do not have the means to protect themselves, the rest of the dust-off faction will be assured that they will go around doing things.


The empty stomach and the wonderful duo on the body suddenly gave off a golden light, and the arrogant breath slammed on Ju Wenxing accurately. Ju Wenxing had not had time to react, and the whole person had been rushed out and fell heavily. On the ground, because of the lack of spiritual power, this blow directly stunned him. He has had a little erythema up and down all over the body and looks very surprised.

"The two people's 'sweet powder' Lian Anshu have been teased by them!"

Mu Yu shuddered, not only An Shu, but in addition to Master, they used this on everyone. These two days of idleness, nothing to do, followed Master to go to his medicine garden, and secretly carrying Master to pull Lele grass. This Lele grass is an analgesic herb grown by Master. If it is used in too much amount, it will cause itching all over the body, and the faster the spiritual flow will be, the more obvious itching will be.

Originally, it was originally intended to disturb other people's cultivation. Later, it was discovered by Master. The Master did not swear at them. Instead, they gathered the powder of Lele Grass on their aprons. Master's apron for them is not a simple baby. This apron is quite spiritual and can sense the hostility of the outside world. Usually absorb the aura slowly, once the danger is encountered, the absorbed aura will be condensed to protect them from harm, and the powder of Lele grass will be quietly filled, except for themselves, the creatures within three meters It will be filled with itching.

I didn’t believe it to the south, let the empty out of the apron, he stabbed it with a sword, and then his face changed greatly, his body was itching, and the feeling of being inferior to death was still fresh in his memory!

Therefore, when Ju Wenxing left the hostility on the empty space, everyone was not anxious, because they knew that the empty stomach of the apron was hidden, and they would sense the hostility and release the Lele grass powder. To relieve itching, you must take the fairy grass. In order to prevent the two people from messing up, everyone in the Falling Dust has eaten the fairy grass, UU reading is lifelong immunity.

"Oh, the talcum powder of this apron can no longer be used within seven days."Wonderful dissatisfaction touched their apron, and they both called the powder of Lele grass a talcum powder.

"Nothing, Master is not just equipped with a dudou."Empty and scratched his butt.

Everyone in the Jiuhua School looked at the two children in amazement. The development of this story was not quite right, and the little-fashioned child with no hand-binding power knocked down the Wendeng of the four-day god. ? When did the two squeaky little hairy children of this dusty school become so powerful?

"Hey, this Lele grass, if I can use it, what a good thing!"Looking south to the south, looking at Gu Wenxing lying on the ground.

"Then you are wearing a belly pocket too!"Mu Yu laughed, Lele grass will only recruit people who are not prepared, like when they fight with people, the aura is venting, Lele grass powder will be scattered, so it does not mean much to them. As for the empty space and the wonderful, the two people and animals are harmless, who will be alert to them?

"The leader is unconscious, what should I do?"Lan Linger glanced at other people. The Jiuhua faction was able to stand still with only seven people, including the highest seven birds and the Bohua Shitai who had never been able to do it after being slapped by Mu Yu. .

"This is the end of today!"An uncle's body suddenly appeared a few phantoms, shuttled among the Jiuhua faction, the Jiuhua faction just wanted to start, did not expect a neck pain, they were all unconscious.

"You–" Seven birds have never dreamed that they have no room for resignation in front of An Shu! He made a last cry and his body lay down softly.

Jin Dan’s nine-day An’s uncle is actually horrible!

Jiuhua sent thirty-three Jindan period defenders, and they were wiped out by the dust-splitting party.

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