Chapter 1020

        Whether it is an altar or an iron chain, because it is affected by the heart of the soul all the year round, there will be no collapse. At this time, these things have begun to combine under the influence of the soul and become a soul. monster.

        The monster formed by this weak water looks very powerful, rolling over the arrogance of the sky and pressing down against the wooden feathers.

        At the foot of Mu Yu, the Scorpio star was a little bit and could only be transferred quickly. At this time, he did not dare to use the swordsman and the squad. It is too strange to sing the soul to the heart. He can give any soul and magic weapon to the soul, if not the shadow of the wood and the wood The spirit has its own spirituality, and Mu Yu has no spare time for a half-back.

        But now the situation is not optimistic, because he lost the swordsman and the array, and the sword and the wood spirit alone could not do anything.

        Muling suddenly popped out thousands of leaves and blocked the weak water monsters. Fortunately, after Muling had penetrated Muling, the branches that the magic weapon changed now are no longer so fragile and will not be easily swept away. So Mu Yu can also persist for a while.

        The Red Moon is also surrounded by another direction. It is hand-held by the soul, and the red mans are swept away. The monsters are incomparable, and the wooden feathers can only avoid their sharp edges.

        "Damn it! I didn't expect it to be so tricky! ”

        Mu Yu thought that he should not encounter any troubles when he came down, but even if it can be easily solved, he did not expect to kill a character who is so troublesome.

        The chains in the hands of the weak water monsters cover the sky, the sound creaks, and the deafening, those chains are like their own eyes, and they can easily repel the wood spirit and come toward the wood feather body.


        The chain swept past and swept over the wood spirit. There was also a strong vibration on the wood spirit. The wood feather must bear this strong vibration while maintaining the wood spirit. It was also a tumbling.

        This battle is very wrong,

His original strength is not weaker than the current red moon, but because of the soul of the soul, he has become a shackle.

        "It seems to have to leave here as soon as possible."

        Mu Yu’s heart rushed, and the soul of the soul has been placed here. There should be some restrictions. Just leave the place and go back to the plan. Maybe there will be a way to cope with the trouble of the soul. s things.

        He looked up and when he came down, he drilled down the pipe formed by weak water. The weak water penetrated the black rock, so the wood feather had to rely on Muling to drill into the rock. in.

        Mu Yu did not hesitate to rush directly to the top, and Mu Ling also quickly entangled with the weak water monster, while blocking the side back.

        "Humph! Want to escape? No doors! ”

        The Red Moon has already seen the intention of Mu Yu, and also understands that Mu Yu wants to leave this place, but he will not let Mu Yu escape. The demon red mans in his hand poured out again, forming a thin film that swung over the black rocks, and then the black rocks were strangely changed, producing souls and roaring one after another.

        After the black rocks were seen, the wood feathers rushed over. On the black rocks, there were a pair of demon-blooded red eyes. Then these black rocks were stretched out with red stones. Caught over.

        "See the ghost! How do I feel like I have seen this scene? ”

        Mu Yu’s escape from this place was directly interrupted. The fascinating eyes on these black rocks made him feel vaguely familiar.

        Then he jerked!

        correct! Evil is not old!

        Simon unfortunately took him to hell to see evil not old and six evil back to evil when not old, the original Six evil, a return to evil not veteran on, immediately out of the strange Red Mans, the whole room will be all things appear this same demon different eyes, like to live over generally be evil, is not evil in the hands of the six evil and the soul Center have some relationship?

        Mu Yu couldn't think about it, but he didn't have time to think about it now. At this time, the evil is not clear, and he doesn't know how the situation is. It is useless to think too much. The most urgent task is to solve the blockade of the soul. .

        "The spirit of crossing the soul is too strong, and the opening of the temple is a level. If you want to fight it now, you must solve the red moon that controls the soul."The sound of the sentence mang sounded in the mind of Mu Yu.

        "Of course I know that I have to solve the Red Moon. The point is that I can't get close to him."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

        "You can only use the weird power in your body."Sentence made a suggestion.

        "How can it be? That kind of spiritual power can be swallowed up by weak water, but I can't completely control it myself. Once I lose balance, it will lead to very serious consequences! ”Mu Yu said cautiously.

        After the separation of dead air and angry, what needs to be paid attention to is their balance problem. Once the dead and angry ones have the upper hand, they will be unable to clean up and expand without limit. Even then, the ghost door will be destroyed. It is in danger.

        "If you don't do this, then there is only one dead end. There is at least a glimmer of life in the use of anger and death, and if you can use it properly, you can direct anger and death to the space barrier. ”Sentence snorted.

        “Space barriers?”

        Mu Yu was surprised to see the outside covered by the array. It was filled with turbulent space. It could not be touched at will, enough to squeeze people into powder, even if the strength of Muyu’s robbery period is in the turbulent space. I dare not say that I can survive.

        "Yes, the turbulence of space will not be eroded by anger and death. You can use Muling, Muling is not affected by anger and death now. Although Muling can't absorb these two things, but can wrap them, let the angry and dead air melt this powerful array. Hole, throw it out again, with your array I think I should be able to fix this array. ”Sentence said.

        Mu Yu once again escaped from a demon red mang, he can only use the advice of Mang, although he can not control the anger and death of the runaway, but if you want to guide the angry and dead by the array here, Still can do it.

        "That's a fight!"

        When Mu Yu gritted his teeth, his left hand had white light, his right hand flashed black awns, and the whole person was shrouded in black and white, which became extremely strange.

        "The beast of the beast, I see what else you can!"

        The red moon saw the white mans and black awns on the wooden feathers, but he was dismissive. In his opinion, he had a soul to return to his heart as a reliance, and he was not afraid of anything at all.

        The random red moon suddenly felt inexplicable and felt a sudden shock. The feeling of this state of mind came so abruptly that even he did not understand what happened. He fixed his mind and thought it was his own illusion. The soul returned to the wood and attacked Mu Yu again.

        This time, Mu Yu did not hide, but just looked at the red mans from the red moon.

        "Kid, let's just let it go!"

        Chi Yuexiao smiled, he can already imagine that Mu Yu was sent to the soul by the soul, and then he was controlled in his hand!

        "During the soul to the heart, this kind of thing can not help me!"

        Mu Yu stretched out his right hand, and the black spiritual power floated out of his right hand, but this time it just floated a little, like a small black smoke, filled in the air.

        "Hahaha! When I use what means, it turns out to be just a bluff! ”The red moon laughed slyly and looked at the wood feathers very funny.

        But soon it stopped!

        Because the black smoke that seemed to be vulnerable was fluttering, the demon-like red mans that had been sent to the soul were hit, but the black smoke was only slightly rotated, and it was not imagined that the soul was controlled by the soul. scene.

        On the contrary, the fascinating red mansions in the smoky black smoke are like a sinking sea, completely swallowed up!

        "How can this be!"

        The red moon smashed, and the meaning of the soul to the heart means that he knows better than anyone. The kind of thing is very powerful. It is impossible to resist the repair of the wood feather. So where is the problem?

        "I do not believe!"

        The red moon once again pulled out a demon red mang, and shrouded the wood feathers. Only then, Mu Yu has been running away, but now only summons a black smoke to solve the attack of the soul, which makes it Accepted by law!

        Mu Yu looked at the fascinating red mans, and snorted and extended his left hand. This time, the same amount of angry air floated out.

        The red moon stared at the seemingly weak white smoke. I felt that something was wrong. I was wondering if I would take back the enchanting red mans. Suddenly, when I was touching the white smoke, I was suddenly violently rising. The power has increased by a hundred times in an instant!

        "Hahaha! Humble ants, is this your means? Are you making this thing for funny? Actually, I still add icing on the cake, it is stupid to the extreme! ”

        The Red Moon ridiculed arrogantly, and he even felt that Mu Yu was already panicked and cluttered with clues.

        After the magical red mansions touched the white spiritual power that Mu Yu’s left hand rushed out, it was like the potential was infinitely excited. The power continued to skyrocket, and the momentum continued to climb, even out of the Red Moon. Can use the strongest strength of the soul of the soul.

        "Kid, if you are pleading for mercy, I can also consider letting you die. UU reading or your soul will be eternal and sleepy for 18 layers. I will torture you. Let you have a painful mourning to enhance the power of the soul to return to the heart!"

        The red moon smugly looked at the monsters that suddenly became powerful, and the red mans skyrocketing words were enough to destroy the land, no matter what means Muyu used, in his opinion, this enchanting red mantle was enough to put the wood feathers Dead!

        He is already imagining the look of the wood feathers, and even thinking about letting Mu Yu plead for mercy.

        However, Mu Yu only looked at this ugly and disgusting thing in disgust. He didn't understand what the guy was crazy about. It was all kinds of threats and guns.

        "Ugly ugly, do you say stupid words will die?"

        Mu Yu said indifferently. …


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