Chapter 1021 Mu Ling with life and death!

        "You dirty ants, actually say me!" Give me death! ”

        The red moon waved his hand and wanted to let the enchanting red mang, which had already surged, give the wooden feather to the soul completely. However, the look on his face suddenly stagnated and became unbelievable!

        The enchanting red mans that touched the white anger became very powerful and was completely provoked by the potential, but completely out of the control of the Red Moon, but continually reached a peak, like to burst open, let red The month is full of anger!


        After the momentum of the demon red mangage reached its peak, Shengji would fade, and gradually began to fade red, gradually becoming a white anger, assimilated by anger!

        "how come? What is this? ”The red moon is full of anger!

        "Destroy your dirty stuff!"

        Mu Yu waved his hand coldly, screaming angry and dead before he completely ran away, immediately pulling angry and dead air toward the red moon.

        This anger and death is ultimately the differentiation of his variability. Even after being separated, he can still be controlled by him for a period of time. As long as he does not devour too much, he can be commanded by Mu Yu.

        At this time, the arrogance and death that looked like humans and animals were swaying in the air, forming a whirlpool, wrapped in the red moon.

        Red Moon is very angry, it immediately controls the weak water monsters want to block the anger and death, the black heavy chain power is extremely powerful in the anger and death, in its view, this powerful chain is enough to make this weird Black and white smoke is broken up,

        But once again, the Red Moon was miscalculated, and it was in dismay that the impenetrable black chain, which was controlled by the weak water monster, was pumped on each other's black and white smoke, the buoyant black and white smoke does not have any signs of collapse, on the contrary, the chain in the black smoke on the time, was actually directly swallowed by black disgust, all the huge force disappeared without shadow!

        And the chain is pumped on white smoke,

The chain itself has suddenly risen again, and the red moon has not had time to be happy. The soaring chain is instantly cracked and turned into a part of white smoke!

        "impossible! How can you humble the ants to block the soul? ”

        The Red Crescent is roaring. It is not clear what it means to be angry and dead. There are not many people in the world who can recognize anger and death.

        However, Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him. When he was fighting, he did not like to talk nonsense with the other party. Mulingjian had formed a huge hand and held all his anger and death.

        Angry and dead can't be absorbed by Muling now, but Muling will not be swallowed up by these two things, so when the wooden giants of the woods are trapped in anger and death, Anger and death are only constantly trying to go away, but they can't break free.

        After Muling wrapped his life and anger, under the control of Mu Yu, Muling had formed a big tree, and numerous branches were criss-crossed, but each branch was hollow, wrapped in anger and death.

        When the red awns that are tempted by the soul are attacked again, Muling will directly let the branches scatter their birth and death, and swallow the enchanting red awns!

        The wood spirit at this time is like a very powerful devouring weapon, it turned out the branches up and down, even if it is a leaf contains a great ability to devour, each leaf veins are flowing with anger and Dengbal, after constantly swallowed, angry and Dengbal more and more, and the wood is more and more.

        Thanks to Muling, this terrible and powerful treasure is almost endless when it is transformed into trees, otherwise it will not be able to withstand so much anger and death.

        The Red Moon has been arrogantly angry. It commanded the weak water monster to catch the wood spirit, but the weak water monster just touched the wood spirit, and was directly swallowed up by the anger and death that the wood spirit leaves overflowed. These weak waters absorb yin all year round, they are powerful, and they contain terrible tearing power, but nothing is in front of anger and death!

        Mu Yu snorted and once again controlled Mu Ling. This time, his Mu Ling took the upper hand from the original downwind, and in turn eroded the weak monster. The weak chain of the weak monster has been swallowed up, it only Can illusion the weak water giant to fight against the wood spirit.

        However, how much weak water on the body is swallowed up by the anger and death between the leaves of the wood spirit, and when the anger and death devour the weak water become more, Muling morphs more leaves at the right time. Wrap your anger and death!

        It’s just a moment, the weak water monster that was originally arrogant and arrogant has been swallowed up by anger and death, and the residue has not been left, but Muling has become overwhelming and continues to swallow away at the altar.

        The altar that has been infiltrated by the soul of the soul for many years has become extremely strange. This time, it completely met the nemesis. When the branches of Muling were wrapped around the altar, the altar did not have any resistance, and all became angry and dead. !

        "It’s really angry and angry!"

        Even Mu Yu has to admit that this kind of thing is too terrible. Who can think that the little grass that he got to go to the second day will have such terrible power, the most primitive balance of the world is really not Just talking about playing, this thing will destroy the world if you don't pay attention!

        "impossible! I don't believe, you humble ants…"

        The red moon is angered again and again. It was once again broken out of the seal and was once treated by Mu Yu during the distraction period. This time, this number has been restored to the robbery period, and the wood feather is enough to revenge, but the wood Yu Shan alone is better than him, even if the Red Moon is used to return to the soul, it is not the opponent of Mu Yu.

        The red moon, which was originally arrogant and arrogant, waved in an angry way, and wanted to use the soul of the soul to stop the wood spirit, but the red awns disappeared every time they fell on the wood spirit, but instead encouraged the wood spirit. In the angry and deadly momentum, the more red awns are violent, the more anger and death are produced!

        "You keep saying that I am a humble cock, then what are you?"

        Mu Yu looked at this dirty ugly contempt. At this time, Mu Ling had already pushed the Red Moon to the edge of the formation. The Red Moon was completely sealed off the road!

        "how come……how come……"

        The anger in the eyes of the Red Moon has long since disappeared. Instead, it is endless fear. It feels fear from anger and death. The seals of thousands of years have not killed it, even if it was given the sunshine of the triple sky. Eliminated, it also tried to survive.

        But where did you think you would have encountered a life threat at this time?

        It looked at that angry and dead, and I already understood that this thing can completely let it fly away, even if it is so tenacious, it will not survive!

        "No, I don't want to die, I beg you…I don't want to die…"

        The Red Moon, which was still mad at the beginning, began to ask for mercy. Finally, it was scared by the anger and death that was enough to make it disappear, and began to beg for mercy.

        "Let me let go, I promise you what you want, you can do anything you want!" Please let me go, even if you want the life of a ghost, I can order him to commit suicide. Please don't kill me…"The red moon completely disappeared from the shackles of the singularity, but it turned into a dirty nose worm. In the face of death, it felt a terrible fear. At this time, Mu Yu was as endlessly oppressed as the original sword and dust. The anger and death made it impossible to rebel.

        The leaves have completely surrounded the red moon, and the wooden feathers are looking down at the red moon in the corner of the formation. Muling has already turned out to be the soul of the soul, using the powerful power of deadness and anger to completely control the Red Moon!

        The eyes of the red moon were horrified.

        Wood feather cold channel: "Say! What the hell are you coming from? ”

        Mu Yu feels that this guy must know the secrets of many ghost gates, and even the secrets of Sangong Palace should know a lot.

        "I am a four-day-old moonman. I was originally the commander of the Chiyue nationality. I was sent to the triple-day to kill the three heavens by the heavens more than 5,000 years ago, but the sword shadow dust gave us a seal. stand up."

        "What the hell is it?"Mu Yu is no longer the third time to hear the saying of the heavenly man. The interpretation of the sentence and the King of the Sea King is unclear. Mu Yu has to find out this time.

        "The Heavenly Man is a very powerful existence. We are only responsible for executing its orders. If we resist, we will be killed ourselves, but we never know who it is and where it comes from. I am only the vanguard of the Yuezu to lead the three heavens to annihilate. I don't know anything. ”The red moon said numbly.

        A guy who is responsible for executing the killing command, but he doesn't know what his collar is, is really weird.

        "What is the black shadow of the seal that was sealed there? Why are you breaking free of the seal, and it is not? ”

        Mu Yu pointed to another so-called ghost ancestor who was imprisoned by another method. This guy seems to be more unlucky than the Red Moon. The Red Moon has at least broke the seal of the Mou Mountain Range, and it does not.

        "He is the commander of the Ghosts and is responsible for destroying the three-day race that defies the command. The ghosts of the Three Heavens are controlled by him, but they are also sealed by the shadow of the sword. I broke free from the seal because the seals in the original Mouyun Mountain range were related to the sleepy fairy of the sword shadow dust, but then the sleepy Xianzu suddenly disappeared, and the seal there was affected, and I barely broke free. The seal here is intact. ”

        Ghost family?

        Mu Yu has always heard of such things as aliens, but he never knows what the aliens are. So far, he has heard about the Moon, and now there is a ghost. What is this? ?

        Three days on three races, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, what do they defy in the end will be targeted by the stalker?

        "How much do you know about the white world of the Mie Palace?"

        Mu Yu asked quietly.

        "White? He is not a person of the Three Heavens in the White World. He belongs to the Souls and is also sent by the Heavenly Man. ”

        "what? Baijie is also an alien? ”

        This time, the sound of Mang’s surprise sounded in Mu Yu’s mind.

        Mu Yu is also amazed, the white world is not even a three-day race? …


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