Chapter 1022 Reincarnation

        The white world is also an alien existence!

        Mu Yu never thought about this. He always thought that the white world only began to deteriorate after becoming the owner of the Mie Palace and embarked on the road of cultivation of the soul. However, he did not expect this guy in the white world to be an alien!

        "If the White World is a Soul, why should my Master believe him?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

        In the first place, Mu Yu Master was unable to maintain and let the white circle Help, and in Mu Yu's view, it is impossible for Master's ability to realize that the white circle is a soul-race.

        "Because he had just come to triple-day soon, he is not called the white circle, but Horcrux inadvertently, at that time the master of the Triple Palace is actually a person named the white world." When the white circle was trying to protect the triple-day, and the sword shadow Dust wind just maintain good sleepy immortal, the soul inadvertently to find ways to infiltrate triple-day, and took the white world soul, know everything, but sword shadow wind want to stop already late, because his fix not enough to solve the soul unintentional. ”

        Mu Yu think more and more scared, no wonder at the outset he felt that there is something wrong, master such a wise person how could it be wrong to believe that people like the white world? The daring of the white world is a good person. After assisting in the maintenance of the imprisoned Xianqu, it was inadvertently restrained by the soul. The sudden intrusion of the soulless heart is probably something that Master Mu Yu did not expect.

        After that, why not transfer the people in the Moyun Mountain Range, because the soul is indifferent from it!

        "How did you know that?"Mu Yu asked.

        "The soul has no intention to come to the three days, it has been to release us, he found me to tell me all this. All the entrances and exits of the Three Heavens are protected by the sword shadow dust, which is like a safe barrier. We can't invade the triple sky in other worlds thousands of years ago, but there is a place where the sword shadow dust can't be done. Hold it. ”Red Moon replied honestly.

        At this time, Shoumang said: "I know, it is a reincarnation channel."

        "Reincarnation channel?"Mu Yu is amazed. According to He Liankong and Xuanji, the location of the Mie Palace is on the reincarnation channel. What is the connection between them?

        Mu Yu also asked more about the reincarnation channel.

At this moment, the whole body of the Red Moon suddenly struggled, and it was fighting against the wood feathers!

        At this time, the power of the soul is getting weaker and weaker. The red moon is not an ordinary person, but a weird race, and its strength is also very strong. Seeing that it is necessary to break off the soul of the soul, and then it is a fight, in order to perpetuate the aftermath, Mu Yu snorted, angry and dead have already wrapped the red moon!

        "Can you talk to me about the reincarnation?"Mu Yu asked.

        At the beginning of the sentence, the five Eumundine masters were sent to the reincarnation by the sword shadow dust, attached to Mu Yu, so they must know something.

        Sentence silenced for a moment and said: "There is a very strong presence in the reincarnation channel, which is specifically responsible for selecting the soul."

        "Choose the soul? What does it mean? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

        "Do you know why we chose the Rebels and the Yaos in the first place?"Sentence did not answer Mu Yu positively, but asked a very strange topic.

        The ten demon kings and the five Yumuning Lords were sealed. This incident has not been clarified by Mu Yu. What is the meaning of their so-called rebellion against the heavens is not very clear.

        "Are you ready to tell me this time?"Mu Yu frowned.

        "Because the soul sacrifices."

        The sentence is a bit strange, like being angry because of something, but also being reluctant to do something.

        "After death, every life in the world will enter the reincarnation channel for reincarnation. The soul of natural death will have the qualification to reincarnate, and the soul that is killed will be swallowed up by a horrible existence. The sword and dust have once told me that this is the rule of every world, the people of their level. Call this kind of thing a soul sacrifice. ”

        "The soul that was killed? Is it abnormal death? ”

        Mu Yu quickly analyzed this matter in his mind. He thought of the war of three races of three heavens. He was shocked: "Do you mean that the existence of terror is a heavenly person?"

        The sentence was silenced for a moment and a sigh came out.


        Sentence answer.

        Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully: "If you want the soul to die abnormally, then killing each other is the most convenient thing, so the race war can't stop for the heavenly person."

        "Yes, whether it is the Yumeng Mozu, the Yaozu or the Terran, or all kinds of monsters, they must kill each other. The souls that are not normally killed will be swallowed up by the heavenly lords. We told us that we only knew that we were only captive animals. It is ridiculous to say that we are desperately consuming the lives of the tribes to compete for the land. In the end, the contradictions of the three races are actually deliberately arranged by the heavenly lords. Only wars can be obtained between races, and those who hold the heavens can get the soul of sacrifice. The Heaven does not allow the tribal war to stop. ”

        The words of Mang’s words made Mu Yu feel a discomfort. The original mastermind of this was not the Sangong Palace, nor the White World, but the so-called Heavenly Man!

        Sentence continued: "After we know all this, we are ready to stop the war and we are not willing to be the pawns in the hands of others, so we intend to resist. But the heavenly person does not allow us to resist, it will destroy any race that wants to resist, and the second heaven is a lesson. ”

        "Now the double heaven has become a wild land, the monsters are savage and brutal, and the savage beast will be turned into a demon after entering the reincarnation. Therefore, the heavenly person prefers a world of life to be stupid and low, and does not want us to stand up and resist and stop the war between races. ”

        Mu Yu clenched his fist. What kind of existence is the so-called heavenly person?

        He couldn't imagine it, but he thought that the tumor that hindered the exhibition of world civilization should be removed.

        "Sword Shadow Dust is the only person who can fight against the heavenly person. He protects the three heavens, and also calms down the war of the Three Heavens, blocks the heavenly tyrants, and falsifies the rules of the reincarnation channel. Even if we kill each other, we will enter the reincarnation safely. However, he paid a lot of money and made sacrifices for his own cultivation. When his repairs were exhausted, I thought that at that time, the soul had no intention to take the opportunity to invade the Three Heavens, ready to return the rules of the world back to the original. status. ”

        Behind all wars are huge interests driving.

        Mu Yu understood this sentence.

        It’s just that this benefit is too big to imagine.

        Any soul should have the right to reincarnation and should not be a tool in the hands of others.

        "We should leave here."

        Sentence no longer says anything more.

        Mu Yu returned to the gods. At this time, the soul of the soul came to his eyes and lost the control of the Red Moon. The breath of the soul returned to the heart and began to converge, but still a strange red mang, can be anytime at any time. Evil things.

        He remembered the seal array that was used by the old-fashioned old-fashioned old-fashioned scorpion. When the old-fashioned scorpion was used to perform the array, he was not ruined by the soul, but he was also hurt by the soul, so Mu Yu would not try it easily.

        He knows how to deal with the soul of the soul, and the soul can't be evil, so he will use Muling to restrain the soul from returning to the heart.

        But the new problem is coming again, because Muling now wraps a lot of anger and death that will go away. How to deal with these anger and death has become a serious problem.

        Anger and death constantly devour the things that have been demonized here, and then they are wrapped in the branches of the woods. The wood spirit can't absorb these angry and dead air, only let them flow in the hollow branches, once the wood spirit is removed. Angry and dead will be out of control.

        "I will try to see if I can reconnect these anger and death."

        Mu Yu took a deep breath and originally planned to direct these anger and death to the space barriers, but thought that it would take time to repair the array, and soon it might be chilly to come back later, and it was even more difficult.

        "I hope that the ghost is not so fast to come back!"

        Mu Yu can only think so, it is best to give a little power to the master of the Star of the Stars, and delay the ghosts for a while. It takes time to reintegrate anger and death into his spiritual power. This process cannot be disturbed, otherwise the fusion will fail.

        He let Muling more illusion of a branch, the soul of the soul to be wrapped up forcibly, shielding the breath of the soul, and then dealing with the problem of anger and death.

        He took a deep breath and began to force the anger and death in Muling to start merging a little bit. The process of integration was very slow, because the amount must be strictly controlled, and the anger and death of any one of them will lead to The fusion failed.

        Like the wood plume expected, anger and Dengbal can indeed be fused, but the process is too slow, they do not seem to be Mu Yu by a balanced decomposition of the black and white spirit, because Mu Yu in the twin body of the sea depends on anger and Dengbal, anger and Dengbal in the process of phagocytosis is smooth, and at this time the anger and Dengbal long gone out of control.

        "No, this way, I'm afraid I'm all fused, it will take a whole year." ”

        Mu Yu tried it a bit and calculated the amount and integration of anger and death. This method does not work at all. The amount of anger and Dengbal is too much, and very grumpy, and Mu Yu in the twin Corpse Sea and the anger and Dengbal is completely different.

        He also calculated the powerful method under Master's cloth. UU reading The current method is quite strong, even if it is devour by anger and death, it will take at least a month to swallow a hole!

        Mu Yu can not wait so much time, if the ghost is chilly or any of the masters of the Mie Palace come, he will be very troublesome. Especially if the Baijie personally came over, the consequences would be unimaginable.

        How to deal with anger and death at the moment has become a major problem. Mu Yu had to use anger and death in order to deal with the soul of the Red Moon. But now it is not necessary to integrate these anger and death in a short time. Too realistic.

        Mu Yu frowned, he was thinking about the most convenient way.

        "I have another idea."

        Sentence said. …


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