Chapter 1026, the soul of the ghost

The whole ghost Gate originally was Center soul, whether it is in the high altitude of the matrix, or ghost door because of the encounter caused by the damage of the ground, cross the soul Center force even spread to the depths of the ground.

If this power is controlled by the Red Crescent, I am afraid that the whole ghost door will become a horrible killer after crossing the soul. But Mu Yu did not know how to control, so these things, although they were on the soul, but did not attack anyone.

But in all disbelief uncertain time, the ghost door but a startled, those demon different red light gradually began to fade away, originally watched the countless double demon of all eyes also gradually closed, and then was on the soul of everything is silent down.

Oh! Oh!

Numerous cracking sounds came from all directions. In the stunned eyes of all people, the ghostly door that had been enchanted by ghosts and indestructible turned into pieces of debris and began to fall from the air.

Not only that, but the ground soil of the whole ghost gate also burst open, and turned into a group of powders, just like the world collapsed, and the things that were attached to the evil spirits that were greeted by the soul could not bear the soul. This power has gone to destruction!


The ground of the ghost gate was sunk, the smoke was rolling, the sound was deafening, and the eardrums of everyone creaked. Within a thousand miles, no matter whether it is trees or rocks, all of them have been destroyed by the power of the soul, and there is also a horrible pit on the site of the ghost gate, which is as deep as a kilometer!

For a moment, the power of the soul to the heart spread to a depth of 1,000 meters, destroying this land!

The ghost chill is already angered, and his martial art is completely destroyed under the interference of the soul of the soul. Just like the starry gate, it is completely destroyed and destroyed in the hands of the ghosts of their ghosts!


The ghosts are cold and stunned. Today, not only the twin corpses are destroyed, but all the ghosts have lost their twins, and the ghost gates have been taken away. Now even the entire ghost gate is destroyed. This heavy blow Let the ghost chilly can hardly stand firm.

Meng Gong was also shocked to see the ferry that was wrapped in trees. He couldn’t help but say, "How can this thing be so powerful?"

"The power of it does not belong to this world."

Mu Yu did not explain too much, but he also finally realized the true power of the soul to return to the heart, even if the soul is in the hands of the Red Moon, he did not feel so shocked, it is because Chiyue knows how to control The soul is loyal to know how to use this power. And Mu Yu just casually let the soul return to touch the ghost array, and even directly destroyed the entire ghost door.

This kind of thing is too terrible!

"It is no wonder that the dead wood old man was going to rob the soul of the soul and was accidentally injured by this kind of thing." Once this kind of thing goes out of control, it will cause irreparable damage. ”

In the heart of Mu Yu, there is a general understanding of the soul returning to the soul, and the power to be degraded by the soul is limited. Although it will spread its power quickly, the farther it passes, the power is consumed. The faster it is.

Those ordinary trees and rocks can't bear the power of this evil. They will not be destroyed for a long time, so the process of power transmission will still be interrupted. It will not spread too far. Fortunately, it may be afraid. The soul will be as good as the angry and dead, enough to destroy the whole world.

Although the soul of the soul is strong, but Mu Yu does not know how to control it correctly, so he must act with caution, otherwise he may not be able to benefit from the soul of the soul.

Xiaoshuai shouted loudly on Mu Yu’s shoulder: "Devils, you are finished!" Let this coach give you a little more! ”

Now only need to rely on the soul to return to the heart, any attack method of the ghost gate is ineffective for Mu Yu, but will be sent to the soul by the soul. Therefore, with the soul returning to the heart, it is equivalent to having a layer of shield. Although the wood feather does not control, it can resist the attack.

But the ghost is chilling but sneer: "I admit,

You are really powerful, actually in the hands of the ghost ancestors to take our souls to steal, but if you think you can deal with me by the soul of the soul, then you are very wrong! You look at it now, can you still use this power to devote your soul to the heart? ”

Mu Yu turned his attention to the soul of the soul that was wrapped in Mu Ling. It seemed that the spirit of the soul was passed on to the ghost array, and it was spread unscrupulously, but it was also The power was consumed unconsciously and began to sink.

At this time, although the whole soul of the soul is still faint, but there is no temptation to deceive the wood spirit that wraps it, but only to succumb to the soul, but always want to give the soul to the soul.

"What is this?"Mu Yu was puzzled.

Sentence Man said in Mu Yu’s mind: β€œThe soul of the soul has left the eighteen layers of hell. Without the support of the soul, there is no way to fully exert its power. It should have suffered some heavy blows, resulting in a split in two, which was greatly limited. The soul of the eighteen layers of hell you saw was to allow this half of the soul to return to the power to temporarily restore some power, but just now, the painful power that this ghostly man has collected is almost exhausted. ”

"It turned out to be this way."

Mu Yu slightly nod, no wonder Ghost Gate has such a powerful strange things but did not make a secret, the original Mighty Center is the soul of the pain is required to support the strength of the spirit, this is only in the 18-storey hell of those tortured souls can learn, the conditions are too harsh, otherwise to Ghost gate style, Long time to take the soul Center in the real world of the bully.

"What power is that that will cause the soul to break into two?"Mu Yu can not help but contemplate. It is very hard for him to return to the soul. He can hardly imagine what caused the soul to suffer.

However, he has no time to continue thinking, because now that the ghost gate has been completely destroyed, then they should consider leaving. But the ghosts and other four ghosts have once again surrounded the wood feathers, and the shadow killing Huang Quan is just standing in the distance with indifference, no hands.

The ghost gates of the four periods of the robbery were against the wood feathers and Meng Gong, and Meng Gong was also hit hard at this time, and it was impossible to deal with one person alone.

"Mu Yu, make a deal with me and tell me the whereabouts of the promise, I will help you get out."

Shadow killing Huang Quan said indifferently, he also saw that relying on Mu Yu and Suo Ren to deal with the four ghosts, it is a bit reluctant, they are the result of the transaction, so I want to take this opportunity to make Mu Yu compromise.

However, Mu Yu just responded coldly: "I am not interested in working with you. If you don't want to intervene, you will stand by. If you want to help the ghosts, even if you come over, there will be more than one, and you will be less. !"

"Hello big tone!"The ghost screamed coldly.

Although Huang Ying is not a ghost door, but can not be found in the ghost door for so many years, its strength is so simple? Not to mention the previous fight, the shadow killing Huang Quan was able to be tied with the ghost chill, which also means that the shadow killing Huang Quan at least also has the repair of the nine days. If the shadow kills Huang Quan and the ghost chills together, this is a very terrifying battle!

There are some surprises in killing Huang Quan: "Do you really want to cooperate with me?"

Mu Yu showed an unrecognizable look. In the same way, he did not want to explain it twice. No matter what the rumors have done, Mu Yu can't take the things of the sergeant brothers as a bargaining chip.

"Little devils, you have to fight and fight, so much nonsense! Can you make a point if you say a word more? ”Xiaoshuai hands on his hips, disdain.

Suddenly watching Mu Yu nervously, she has just stepped into the robbery period, and she has to face so many ghosts at the same time, and her heart is also somewhat up and down.

"Little handsome, have you taught the sword of Tianjian to you?"Mu Yu asked.

"Teach, now there is no ghost, this has become our main battlefield!"Xiaoshuai raised his head and shouted.

Meng Gong could not help but reminded: "I know that you have a lot of secrets, but you are now facing four ghosts, I have no ability to help you."

Meng Gong was trapped in the ghost gate for so many years, through the twins to know how strong the overall strength of the ghost gate, not to mention the ghost owner. It is unwise to be surrounded by so many ghosts. It is not wise for Mu Yu to cooperate with Huang Quan.

Mu Yu said: "Do not worry, you rest at the side."

Suddenly grabbed the hand of Mu Yu: "Can we?"

Mu Yu smiled and said: "Master's sword is not that simple."

The cyan wind and the heart of the heart have spread from the foot of Mu Yu, and will be wrapped up, two people have already seen each other's minds. Suddenly looked up in surprise and looked at Mu Yu.

Mu Yu also looked at the stunned. For a time, it was like two people who saw each other and understood what they were going to do next.

"Mu Yu, give me the heart of the soul!"

The ghost screamed and screamed, and with the remaining three ghost gates rushed toward Muyu, Senran ghostly covered the sky, as if to devour the entire sky.

But at this time, the shadow sword and the fairy sword are illusory.

The shadows flashed a glimmer of light, and the UU reading trembled slightly, clearly only in place, but everywhere.

Xianlu condenses the flowing stream, which is like a spring water, but it covers the whole piece of ocean.

Hey! Hey!

The Jianjian Jianguang suddenly rises to the sky, the swords and the spirits echo each other, and instantly defeat the ghosts that cover the sky and cover the sky. It seems that the two swords of the celestial swords have broken the sky, and the two vortexes have begun to be transformed into the sky. The fairy dew rotates around the center.

Without the restrictions of the ghost array, the two Tianjian are enough to exert the true power!

The sly sword communicated with the sky, and there were faint winds and thunders on the nine days. It seemed to be dragged by the Tianjian. At one time, the world was discolored, and the tyrannical atmosphere instantly covered the entire sky.

Ghost chills and other people's pupils shrink, the power of the two heavenly swords in the air far exceeds their thoughts, even if it is the robbing of the nine heavens, he also gave birth to a small feeling in front of these two swords, as if The punishment of God, specifically killing the treacherous evils in the world, makes his ghost flag weaker by three points!

Suddenly surprised, she did not expect the Xianlu sword in her hands after the score, the two swords in the air is like a reunion of relatives, mutual support, but also want to stir the whole world upside down!


The clouds in the air gradually became a sword, and every sword shadow was in the evolution of the sword. At some point, the swords of the two swords suddenly met!

The sword is so arrogant, overbearing and cold, the world seems to have only two swords left, the swords are intertwined, and then slammed into the ghosts and chills!

This sword is simple and simple, and anyone can easily escape.

However, when they want to resist this sword, they find that the original simple sword has already been transformed into a thousand, as if it contains a colorful world, there is no way to resist it! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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