Chapter 1027 2

Xianlu and the film, the two swords are mixed with Huanghuang Tianwei, vast and majestic, the whole sky is violent, the sky seems to be turned over, the sound is deafening, the two swords slammed down, smashed the ghost door The surrounding ghosts, with a whistling whistle, went to the ghost gate.

The ghost's chilly face changed slightly. He never imagined that Mu Yu and the swords of the two were able to play such a terrible power. The combination of these two swords was enough to threaten him!

"Ghosts are closing the sky!"

Ghost Cold dare not careless, now a fierce drink, and the other three ghost gate at the same time protect the ghost flag, Ghost flag again throb, issued a sour unbearable guikulanghao sound, just as the ants eroded trees, all kinds of sharp voice from the ghost flag, if to fix the poor, must be this sound to penetrate the eardrum, can no longer distinguish the sound!

The ghost flag by four people in the middle, each ghost gate rolling out the grim ghost gas, in the air intertwined with each other, evil and cold, full of endless hostility, at the same time, countless resentment of the soul has also formed a transparent white bone claw, bone claws long thousand feet, each section of the skeleton above have many small resentment soul to earn break out, a claw will go up, It seems that a mountain of heaven will be scratched under the bone claw!

The ghost hand seals the sky, the ability to seal the domain above the ghost flag!


The sword-Qi and the bony claws were violently killed together, and the waves of terror erupted, sword gas and ghost gas exploding, rolling four vent, Fangyuan thousands of land once again exploding, a layer of blast mixed with another layer of blast, like the avalanche of potential, destroy the Earth, the whole land is constantly shaking, the ground has been destroyed in a dilapidated numerous rivers, It's shocking!

Ghost chilling is a master who has stepped into the Mahayana period. His ghosts are blasting. The above is a fascinating field with the ability to have a Mahayana period. This field has blocked the entire space and blocked the two. Put the power of the sword.

However, the powerful impact was directly transmitted to the four of them. The four ghosts, led by the ghosts and chills, were unanimous and white with the ground, and there was already a blood in the throat.

"A good and powerful sword, the sword shadow dust wind is really worthy of the name."

The ghosts and chillers swallowed the blood of the mouth, and then the four men all withdrew, and the body rolled again and again, and stabilized the powerful ghost flag of the ghost.

Ghost chilling half-step into the Mahayana period, the strength exerted in the robbery period is considered invincible existence, let alone there are three other people in the robbery period. But the four of them faced Mu Yu and the two heavenly swords together, and they even fell into the wind!

In the meantime, there must be reasons for them to lose their twins, but even so, the cultivation of ghosts and chills is higher than that of Mu Yu and Suo, not to mention three people who are not weak, but still only two. It is unbelievable to make Tianjian a tie.

The combination of Mu Yu and Su Lian, although blocking the ghost hand, but their face is also slightly white, the strength of the other side is stronger than them, hard work, although not a virtual, but also cost a lot of spiritual power!


Ghost chills once again drunk, stepping out in one step, standing in the middle, the powerful atmosphere of the nine-day heaven on the body, the countless white souls floating around him, the screaming soul screaming, the horror is extraordinary.

Ghosts and other three people immediately agreed, and they also had strong grievances in their bodies. These grievances are all made by them. At this time, they are summoned by them. All the grievances are gathered on the ghosts and chills. The spirit of the ghosts is getting stronger and stronger, just like an endless ghost hole. Incarcerated countless grievances.

These grievances roared and rolled, and went away to the ghost flag of the ghost's chilly chest.

"Ghosts are closing the sky!"

The power of the horrible field once again poured out. There were countless faces of grievances on the ghost flag, as if to break free from the ghost flag, but gradually, the ghost flag gradually evolved, forming a pale again. The bone claw is different from the bone claw that the hurriedly summoned

This time, the bone claws seem to have broken the void, and the surrounding air seems to be unable to withstand the power of the bone claws, and constantly generates airflow faults!

As soon as the bone claws came out, the resentment echoed in all directions, and the sound of the ghosts and wolves screamed in the clouds, and the power of the field actually suppressed the power of the two swords.

However, the chilly face of the ghost has become extremely pale. Although he stepped into the Mahayana period, he was not a Mahayana period. He did not fully understand the field rules of the Mahayana period. This ghost flag is not what he sacrificed, but is directed by the ancestors of the seal. His power to play the ghost flag still costs a lot.

When the ghost flag is fully deployed, it needs strong ghosts as a support. All of them have lost their twins and have not fully recovered. Therefore, the strong action uses ghost flags, and their consumption is quite huge.

Originally thought that relying on the blockade of the ghost array, Mu Yu and others were difficult to fly, but never thought that the ghost array was destroyed by the soul of the soul. At this time, Mu Yu and Hao Ran even launched the Tianjian and communicated the sword of the sky. If you don't use this ghost flag, you can't get a wooden feather.

"You ruined my ghost door and stole the soul of the soul. I will definitely sculpt you, and I will never be superborn!"

Ghostly chilling and looking at Mu Yu, then screamed, and the bones of Senran had already broken the void and waved at them.

However, Mu Yu and Su Ran have been linked together by the wind and the heart. Their minds are connected, the sword in their hands is full of power, and the momentum is in full swing. They have already covered four ghosts!

"Awkward, do you know that Masterโ€™s nine swords were originally one?"

Mu Yu looked at the stunned. He was the first to use the Tianjian with the singer. When he used the wind and the heart, he saw the heart of the heart, always so simple, like a blank sheet of paper, white paper. There are only a few simple shadows, Miao language, wind and dust and wood feathers.

He found himself in it, and a pure sense of joy spread in his heart. There are only three people who care about it, and Mu Yu is one of them.

Suddenly, she smiled innocently, and her smile would make Mu Yu feel at ease every time: "I know, my mother and I have said that the nine swords are one and the same, it is unstoppable."

โ€œSo this means that Xianlu and the film can also be combined into one.โ€Mu Yu squinted at his eyes.

I nodded thoughtfully and smiled happily: "That will teach me."

The two men held the sword again with their hands, and the Jianguang stirred the sky. On the nine days, there was a roaring sound. Then the two vortices in the sky began to condense together and began to merge with each other to form a huge vortex.


The two swords seemed to have smashed the sky, and it seemed to have broken a hole in the sky. The sword above the sky could not stop pouring from the whirlpool into the sword on their hands. The swordsman illuminated the whole sky. The wind and thunder rolled, and then the two swords slammed into one, forming a sky sword that merged with the blue light and the autumn water!

The Tianjian trembled slightly, looming, with the scent of Xianlu, and the singularity of the singer, the two swords merged together, as if the long-lost relatives embraced each other and suddenly became more magnificent. The sword is wide open, and the whole sky seems to be shaking.


The sword gas burst open instantly, and countless swords and shadows flew, and the sword shadow shimmered with thunder, and it seemed to be floating with fallen leaves, and it turned out to be a green dragon. The swords of Tianjian Jiuqiu are constantly superimposed together, and they are getting more and more fierce. Finally, they have reached a peak!

Tianjian nine cited the ninth style, ninety-nine one, the road to Jane, back to the truth!

That sword smashed the sky, shattered the void, and greeted the ghostly cold bones, banging together, stirring the whole world!

The powerful volatility rolled out again, and the Tianjian actually pierced the bone claws directly. There was a crack on the bone claws of the world. Then a soft bang, the crack exploded, and it became a thousand bones. Destruction, the sword power is not reduced, continue to fall to the ghost chill!

The ghost chills and the pupils shrink, he is furious, I did not expect that he has completely displayed the ghost flag with the atmosphere of the field, but the other two swords of the heavens are combined into one, and the bones that illusioned him are annihilated. !


The ghost screamed and screamed, and he took up the ghost flag and smashed it out. He did not dare to meet this sword. At least in the absence of his twin son, he could not exert his strength.

But he was able to go out, but the remaining three elders were too late to flee. They opened their eyes in horror. The sword gradually magnified in the eyes of the three of them, and finally fell, and Jianqi invaded them. The body.

The three men all widened their eyes, and there were cracks on the surface of their bodies. The overbearing and sturdy swords were drawn from their bodies, like a wild beast, and they couldnโ€™t wait to break through.

boom! boom! boom!

The three ghosts in the air were directly smashed by the sword, and they were smashed into thousands of miles, and even the soul did not have time to escape!

Mu Yu and Yan Ran are also slightly white. Although this sword is powerful, it also consumes their powerful spiritual power. At this time, Tianjian has returned to two, each of which spreads out and falls on two people. In the hands.

The ghost is cold and angry, his heart is bleeding, and the elders of the three ghosts are dead in front of him!

"Mu Yu, you remember me! One day, I will definitely bring back the blood debt of today, and let you fall into a land of annihilation! โ€

Ghost Cold dare not tired again, lost three of the elder in the robbery period, he lost the twins have not yet fully recovered, and now was two days sword injury, the body has been a heavy blow, only his one is impossible and the other side continue to fight, not to mention that there is a close to the enemy to fix the mysterious Shadow kill the afterlife!

Ghost chill has already begun to retreat. UU reading

But at this moment, a white shadow suddenly crossed the sky, as if he had been waiting for him in that direction, and the speed was so fast that even the ghosts and chills did not react!

Then the ghost chills and the body slams!

His chest was pierced by a small claw that had caught his heart and he twitched violently.

"Little devil, what do you do when you call those threats? Want to escape asking this handsome? โ€

Xiao Shuaiโ€™s figure is extremely fast. When there is no twin in the ghost, he is already shot when he is greatly traumatized!

"How can it be? How can you break through my ghost shield? โ€

The ghost is incredulously looking at the little hand of the chest, his soul wants to break free, but the little hand seems to hold his soul tightly, without giving him any possibility of breaking free.

"Your turtle shield? What is the turtle shield of the bastard in front of the strongest invincible little paws in this handsome world? โ€

Xiaoshuaiโ€™s thin, flap-like blade shimmers with a fascinating coldness. He has never had anything that his claws canโ€™t cut, let alone the ghosts that have been smashed by Tianjian.

"You have no chance."

Mu Yu said indifferently that the ghost chill at this time was greatly traumatized. Without twins, the ghost flag was also damaged. However, if such a person let him escape, he will inevitably be able to wait until he fully restores his strength. It caused great trouble, and he did not allow such things to happen.


Mu Yu has already smashed the sword in the past, and the shadow of the sword instantly smashed the ghost's chilly head! Sword gas invades each other's body, shattering his whole person into pieces, and smashing the soul into ash, leaving no possibility of resurgence!

The door of the ghost gate, the ghost is chilly, dead! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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