Chapter 1028, the threat of killing Huang Quan

Jianguang is pervading and sweeping the entire gate.

Senran’s ghosts have disappeared under the sword of Muyu. The entire ghost gate has been razed to the ground. Even the ghost pits have been damaged and collapsed. All the people who are in the ghost gate are killed by Mu Yu, including the gatekeeper of the ghost gate. Ghost chill!

The remaining ghosts who are still outside have already awakened their twins, and even the twins have taken their bodies, and they can no longer make waves in the realm of comprehension.

"Then it will be you."

Mu Yu did not care. He turned his sword in his hand and turned to the side of the ghost door that had not been started. This is a gloomy but quite powerful shadow killing Huang Quan. If you really fight, Mu Yu does not think it will be easier to beat each other. .

"I didn't expect that even the ghosts and chills will be damaged in your hands. It really makes me look good."

From the very beginning, when he battled with the ghosts and chillers, he was standing by, not helping the wooden feathers, nor helping the ghosts to chill, even when the wood feathers killed the ghosts and chills, even the brows did not wrinkle. A moment, it seems that the death of a ghost is not worth mentioning in his eyes.

Mu Yu and the two of them clenched the sword in their hands.

The shadow of Huang Quan’s voice is still mixed with echoes. Looking at the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu, he sighs at the Xianlu sword in his hand. He admires: "The sword of the sword shadow dust wind is really worthy of the name."

"If you want to teach, I will accompany you."

Mu Yu quietly took out the pure spirit of refining from the twin bodies, quickly recovering his own spiritual power, and by the way, helped to recover. And stunned the sword, although the power is huge, killing the ghosts, but let them consume a lot of spiritual power, the situation is not optimistic.

Shadow killing Huang Quan said: "If you don't have a fight with the ghosts, you may be able to fight with me, but now, you are not my opponent."

"You can try."Mu Yu is not afraid.

He only stopped fighting with the ghosts and chills. He also played in the 18th floor of the ghost cave and the soul of the Red Moon. He also competed with the ghost ancestors and was able to fight against powerful opponents three times in a row. Yu is also very hard, but the shadow killing Huang Quan wants to get the whereabouts from him, Mu Yu is impossible to make him succeed.

"Mu Yu, we can also defeat this annoying guy together."

Suddenly, she also raised the Xianlu sword, although her face was slightly pale, but she did not back down.

"Hahaha! You are too naive! Ghost chills, they die in your hands, just because you first ruined their twins, but I am a shadow killer, you should understand that I am different from them, you two are not my opponents. ”Shadow killing Huang Quan sneer.

"They are not two people."

Meng Gong snorted and stood by Mu Yu. Although his injuries have not fully recovered, he was able to refine the wood feathers to him when he was only fighting with Mu Yu and Ghosts. Pure theoretical spiritual power, this time is enough for a battle.

Shadow killing Huang Quan looked at Meng Gong with some surprise: "When will the people who die and die choose the person who helps the sword shadow?"

Meng Gong was silent for a moment: "My old Jiangyou is no longer a life-and-death person."

Huang Ying took a look at the old river tour and was surprised: "There is a river tour. It turns out that you were a traitor to the river sorrow 50 years ago. Even I have looked away. I did not expect that the famous river tour would become Meng Po's twins."

"So the river tour?"

Mu Yu turned to look at Meng Gong. He always thought that Meng Gong’s name was Meng Gong. At least everyone’s impression of Meng’s husband, who is guarding Naihe Bridge, is definitely called Meng Gong.

Therefore, Jiangyou explained faintly: "Meng Gong was only declared by the old woman after she framed me. In order to cover up her dirty behavior, my original name was Jiangyou."

Mu Yu did not understand the life and death of the door, and did not deal with the life and death door. He only encountered the death of the life and death door in the double heaven, the two sides played against each other, since then all the troubles came from the ghost door And the Mie Palace, so it is not clear what the words "the old river tour" mean for the life and death.

Amazingly, he exclaimed: "You are the famous river tour of the famous name?"

Therefore, Jiangyou looked at it with a glance: "Even a little girl remembers me, I thought that the realm of the truth has forgotten me!"

Suddenly, I was a little vigilant and said: "I heard the elders of the teacher’s door, and the first master of the life and death gate, Jiangyou. At the age of 36, it was the master of the nine-day world. Genius! The most terrible figure among the eight gates, but unfortunately, for a woman to kill the doorkeeper of the life and death door, that is, his master, rebelled the door to life and death. This incident caused a huge sensation in the realm of comprehension. Later, it disappeared in the realm of comprehension. ”

"Hey, you won't make your own master into your own twins?"Xiaoshuai said aside in disgust.

Therefore, Jiang You’s face showed endless anger: “Nonsense! How can I kill my master! In order to sculpt me into her twin son, the old woman got my trust, and my master was not prepared. I used my despicable means to kill my master and blamed me for this. I went to find her to avenge, never thought about it. Calculated by her, I have been trapped for so many years. ”

Mu Yu was amazed. He didn't think that Meng Gong, who was a twin brother, turned out to be the first master of life and death, and this unknown past. Now the repair of the Jiangyou tour is only a matter of four or five days of catastrophe. Naturally, it is because the stagnation has not fully recovered.

"Sorry, this is only what the elders of the division said. The older generations have passed this way. I don't know the past."Suddenly I found myself saying that I should not say something, and quickly explained.

Therefore, Jiangyou snorted and waved his hand: "But, this matter has passed, and the vicious woman is dead. I have also reported a great hatred." I am not a good person, but Mu Yu has helped me but I have a wish, I will help you. ”

Therefore, this person in Jiangyou has given many touches to Mu Yu. Therefore, Jiang is a life-and-death person. It is bound to do a lot of murder. However, such people must at least do things in principle, one is one, two is two, compared with The compradors of Dongsha City who are full of ethics and morality and falsehoods are greedy and fearful of death.

Shadow killing Huang Quan is very admiring to see the old Jiangyou: "Unfortunately, if it is the Jiangyou tour in the heyday, I may still be jealous, but you can't help yourself."

The swordsman in the hands of Mu Yu once again burst into blue light, and said indifferently: "When you fight, you can make so many nonsense!"

At the foot of the shadow killing Huang Quan, a yellow light has been emitted. The giant python swallows the teeth, and the horrible momentum slams and slams open. It is even stronger than the ghost chill!

This guy is really hidden!

Mu Yu and the two of them looked at each other and saw a dignifiedness from the eyes of the other party. The two of them had spent a great amount of spiritual power to kill the ghosts. The ghosts were cold because there were no twins. They only took a head start, but the shadow killing of Huang Quan is not a ghost door, there is no scruples at all.

Not to mention that the words "shadow kill" alone have enough weight to be taken seriously!

The atmosphere has become repressed, and Mu Yu has also held his breath. The ghost array was broken, the yin of the ghost door was also dispersed, and the sun was re-cast on the earth, and the shadow of the person was reflected.

Huang Quan glanced at the sun in the sky. He had already fallen into the shadow below the yellow serpent. He sneered: "It seems that I still need to be hands-on to you. All I want is the whereabouts of the words. You tell I can leave."

"dream."Mu Yu simply returned to the road.

The yellow giant python at the foot of Huang Quan suddenly spread out and turned into six snakes and shadows. The six snake shadows swiftly passed through the air. These six snakes and abdomen grew abdomen and glided flexibly in the air. The snake shadow swiftly passed over the ground.

The shadow of Huang Quan’s figure was mixed in the shadow of the snake, and quickly came to the wood feather three.

Therefore, Jiangyou body exudes a strange atmosphere, Mu Yu and Suo Li also raised the sword in their hands, the shadow killing Huang Quan wants to shoot, they must fight!

However, at this moment, I did not know where the sky suddenly floated a series of petals, these petals are sleek, colorful, swirling from the air and drifting in the wind, falling on the shadow of the shadow of the killing of Huang Quan.


The petals swayed in the air, and the cockroaches spread out. The blossoming petals covered the snake shadows. It just happened to cover the snake shadows. Then there was a whistling sound from the distance, letting the petals After dancing, the flying snakes that were originally swift and dexterous were actually imprisoned in the air.

The six snakes kept struggling, but their shadows seemed to be nailed to the ground by the petals and could not be broken out. This is a very strange phenomenon. Shadow killing knows to use shadow movement, but this time it is limited by its own shadow.


Shadow killing Huang Quan screamed, and already flew out, the yellow spring water rushed out of the ground again, and he stood firm.

Mu Yu and the stunned look at the sudden petals, this strange scene they have not seen for the first time, just like the memory of a guy in his mind was rummaged out, then they have understood that it happened. what's up.

"Oh, it’s so lively! I thought that the ghost door was playing ghosts all day, and I was exploding myself. Oh, it was really blown up, hehe. ”

Simon unfortunately, the lazy and leisurely voice drifted away from the far and near, stepping on the petals step by step. A robes fluttering, handsome and seductive face with a bohemian smile, the body of the air is very impressive.

"Sure enough, this shameless."

Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Who could have thought that this time, a Simon would be unfortunate. He had not seen this guy for several years. Ximen unfortunately this guy is a sinister and sinister, his talent is extremely enchanting, but he has been practicing for a few years than Mu Yu, and he has become a master of the robbery period. Mu Yu is not surprised at all.

Mu Yu even thinks that Simon is unfortunate. This guy is estimated that when he enters the robbery period, he does not need to spend any suspicion. The evil people do whatever they want, and there are not so many right and wrong entanglements.

But Simon is unfortunately this guy is very unreliable. He does things all by his mood. He will help you for a while, and he will be happy to plan to kill. However, Mu Yu knows that this guy can appear here rashly, I am afraid to help him, and he has more points to deal with the killing of Huang Quan.

"The illusion of falling flowers, the powerful evil law, it seems that you have got the true biography of evil and not old, but it is amazing!"Shadow killing Huang Quan coldly looked at Simon's unfortunate.

"The shadow of the illusion of infatuation invented by my old man is a sneaky shadow. It is a pity that your filmmakers are not accepting the task of assassinating me. I have never had a chance to play."Simon unfortunately said with some regrets.

"No chance to play? No one kills you, do you still dislike? You have a pit in your head! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

Mu Yu heard the illusion of falling flowers, but also amazed. This guy must sprinkle some flowers every time he plays, and then blow the flute to the deep, Mu Yu thought that Simon was unfortunately just engaged in the arrangement, but did not expect these petals and flute to have such a The power of the big, or the evil is not old, used to restrain the shadow killing.

And think about it, this guy is often in the real world to provoke a romantic debt, offended countless people, so many people would like to kill him, some of them will please powerful shadow to deal with him, but he still live to the present, is because Simon unfortunately has the shadow of the evil control Shadow Kill, UU reading www. is unwilling to accept such a task.

Simon unfortunately lazy to stretch a lazy waist, then looked at Mu Yu again, smiled: "Little sister, we met again!"

"To shut up."Mu Yu responded without thinking.

"It's still rude. It’s so white that I ran, but it’s good to have a little sister lately! ”Simon unfortunately blinked and squinted.

"I am Duan Baiqing…"Suddenly thought of herself, but with a magic array, quickly said.

Simon unfortunately laughed: "Sister, don't bother your brother, you are much better than Duan Baiqing's fierce woman. Last time I peeked at her bath and was chased by her for 20,000 miles, but she can't dare now. It’s a pity to come to me again."

Simon unfortunately opened his evil fan, fanning it leisurely, talking about it, and saying anything.

"Oh, now it’s my girl, you talk to me carefully."Mu Yu warned.

Suddenly glanced at the wood feather, his face was red.

Simon unfortunately snorted: "How do you have a flower!" I am so handsome, I have not taken off the order! ”

"The handsome people are generally single."Xiaoshuai said happily on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

"I like the little guy you, haha!"

Simon unfortunately laughed, and he and Xiaoshuai, two narcissistic guys, were simply brazen and have a fight.

Shadow killing Huang Quan coldly looked at Ximen unfortunately: "Ximen unfortunately, you want to drown?"


Ximen unfortunately took away the evil fan in his hand and then lazily said: "I have been so professional for so many years, are you so surprised?"

The breath of the robbery came from the unfortunate body of Simon, and the breath on his body was not weaker than the killing of Huang Quan! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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