Chapter 1029, the opposite of the two sects

Shadow killing Huang Quan did not rush to start, Ximen unfortunately as an evil younger brother, his own extraordinary strength, to kill Huang Quan's identity, certainly know what kind of person is evil.

Evil is not studying for a lifetime, how to defeat the practice of Tianjian Jiuqiu. Many of the exercises have been abandoned after he was created, but many of the exercises are enough to cause the world to snap.

Since the evil is not old, since it has specially developed the illusion of dealing with the shadows of the filmmakers, then the unfortunate cultivation of Ximen is used as a display, and the killing of Huangquan is not cheap!

"It seems that today is my big idea, but Mu Yu, I still want to remind you that the actions of the rumors have already committed the taboos of our filmmakers. This thing will not be a good time for our filmmakers, not only I, even some people will find trouble in the words."

Shadow killing Huang Quan snorted, then the yellow spring water under his feet emerged, wrapped him, covered him, and then all the springs were violently rushed to the abyss on the ground of the ghost gate, and the shadow killed Huang Quan Has disappeared.

"He ran very fast."Simon unfortunately slammed his fan and said with ease.

Mu Yu’s heart has some doubts. What did he say that he would have committed the taboo of the filmmakers? Who is the "some people" referred to in Huang Quankou?

Although Mu Yu didn't understand this, he didn't stop the plan to kill Huang Quan. Now that the Ghost Gate has been destroyed, it has already caused a huge movement. I am afraid that after waiting for a while, more people will come. Looking at the situation, even the people of the Mie Palace are very likely to show up, and it is not wise to entangle with Huang Quan.

"We are leaving here."

Mu Yu did not say anything at the moment, and immediately took the lead and went away, and then waited closely, and Simon unfortunately followed it.

They flew all the way to the west until they had been flying for an hour before they stopped on a mountain.

Mu Yu, Su Ran and the old Jiangyou were all sitting down and began to adjust their interest rates. They only consumed a lot of spiritual power in order to kill the ghosts.

Ximen unfortunately saw that Mu Yu and others were practicing, and they were bored with Xiao Shuai and exchanged their thoughts on "The West Gate Unfortunate Battle Pan Yinlian".

"So you were doing these things at the Red Willow Green Building and Pan Yinlian?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

"Yeah, little guy, I told you, the girl there is really punctual. I can pick it up with a light slap, especially the first flower, that time, hey, you don't know, enough…"Simon unfortunately explained it incessantly.

However, Xiaoshuai couldn’t wait to interrupt Ximen’s unfortunate explanation: “Is there anything delicious in Huali Liululou?”

"Of course it’s delicious, but the girl there is better, especially the top card, the kung fu…”

"something delicious? Do you have beef pie? Is there any roast beef? How much stuffing does the meat pack have? ”Xiaoshuai's face is full of excitement.

Ximen unfortunately looked at Xiaoshuai with a look of disappointment. He didn't understand how the girl who talked about the flower red willows had to go to eat.

After he recovered, Mu Yu suddenly heard Xiao Shuai’s words. He couldn’t help but laugh at the side: “Oh, Simon is unfortunate. It’s useless to communicate with Xiao Shuai. His focus is not on those flower girls. It is the food of the flower red willow green building."

At the beginning, the white demon king secretly took a small handsome to go to that kind of place, and Xiaoshuai gave people a question about Liu Liulou. However, Xiaoshuai remembered the food in that place. This kind of flower-seeking place, the food for cooking is very delicious, because there is a saying that if you want to catch the man’s heart, you have to tie the man’s stomach, so that The food in the local area is generally not bad.

It is a pity that many men go there without going to the food, but the little handsome is just the opposite.

Simon unfortunately shook his head: "You little guy, destined to be single forever."

Mu Yu doesn't think that Xiaoshuai will be single for a lifetime. This guy is liked wherever he goes. Girls like it, and even the sixth-order monsters and the seventh-order monsters and monsters are all heart-warming. .

Mu Yu immediately asked: "Ximen unfortunately, how can you suddenly appear in the ghost door?"

It would be too much to say that it happened to be in this place.

Simon unfortunately shook his fan with helplessness and shook his head: "No way, a guy from the Mahayana came to me. The guy said that you might have trouble, and sent me." How can I be so bad! The trouble you have caused, every time I have to come to you to wipe your ass. ”

Mu Yu was surprised: "Who is that predecessor?"

Simon unfortunately rolled his eyes: "The Mahayana guy threatened me with lightning. Who do you think he is?"

"Reverse real people?"

Mu Yu was amazed. He could use thunderbolt spells during the Mahayana period. He only knew one real thing, and the powerful field ability of shattered thunder dust still marveled Mu Yu.

"It's him."Simon said unfortunately.

"How can you promise him?"

Mu Yu felt that there was some accident. Ximen unfortunately didn't look like a guy who would easily wear soft. Even if the real person threatened him to come over, Simon was unhappy if he was not happy. He went to the kiln halfway, and he would run over.

Simon unfortunately smiled: "I am for you!"

"Stop it."Mu Yu’s face is not believed.

"Ok! He saved my life, and we evil people are not afraid of anything, they are afraid of owing to human feelings, hehe! ”Simon unfortunately shook his head.

Xiaoshuai looked at Ximen unfortunately: "Are you not a small strong who is not dead?" Will there be times when life is at stake? ”

Simon was unfortunately white and handsome: "Xiaoqiang has not grown into a strong, not the opponent of the Triple Palace!" The three fleas of the Mie Palace wanted to control me, and sent people from the Mahayana period to chase me. I almost stopped. ”

Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully, and Simon unfortunately had a strong life, but he did not suffer from the Mahayana period.

"Where is the real person?"Mu Yu asked again.

He has now got the soul to return to the heart, but he does not know how to use the soul to return to the heart. He wants to repair the soul of the dead wood, but he can't do it, but the real person may know what to do.

Simon unfortunately shrugged his shoulders: "I was pulled out by a woman in a pile of women. Let me come to this place to find you, then I will leave. How do I know where he is?"

Mu Yu is immersed in meditation. Who is this real person? How do you know his movements? Is it true that the real people have been observing him in the dark? If this is the case, why is he hiding?

"Do you have news about Luo Wei?"Mu Yu asked again.

"Do you say Luo Wei? He is busy with a terrible thing. ”Simon unfortunately said mysteriously.

"What a terrible thing?"Mu Yu frowned, and he felt a little uneasi in his heart.

Simon unfortunately shook his head: "I don't know, he came to me a while ago, saying that he is now a little…how to say? I feel guilty, this guy is so powerful, that murder is too heavy, a bit evil. ”

"Can evil doors still be evil?"Xiaoshuai laughed.

Simon unfortunately replied affirmatively: "You are right, no one has ever been evil."

Mu Yu clenched his fist. Ximen unfortunately looked at the strength of the show just now. At least there was a repair of Jiuzhongtian, but he was jealous of Luo Wei, and the extent of the killing power of Luo Wei was so strong. ?

He thought of the south, what is the situation to the south now?

What are the promises?

Mu Yu himself no longer relies on the killing power, but if Luo Wei and Xiang Nan continue to be eroded by the killing power, the consequences are unimaginable, and he knows the terrible power of that power.

"What did Luo Wei do for you?"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

Simon unfortunately touched his chin, looking at Mu Yu like a smile, and set his gaze on the side of the rest.


The sky is blue, like a mirror, the white clouds are wiped away, and the blue is refreshing.

The major cities in the realm of comprehension are preparing for Yumeng, actively seeking to find the whereabouts of the Yumeng Mozu, killing more Yumeng Mozu, and thus gaining soul points and redeeming more treasures to Bamen.

Or the way to take shortcuts is to find ways to kill people who are better than themselves.

In order to be able to learn the news of the Yumeng Mozu, the comprehensions spread very quickly. Once the city has appeared, the Yumeng Mozu will quickly pass the message to other cities.

The spread of news is not only the news of the Yumeng Mozu, but also the new movements between the eight gates.

Wuqiu City.

The guarding power of Wuqiu City is quite strong, because there are six masters of the robbery period, including the elders of the Tianxingmen, the six elders, which are very safe. When people sit in the town, why not kill the Umon Mozu?

But today Wuqiu City came to the seventh master of the robbery period.

Tianyue marks appeared in Wuqiu City, causing a sensation. No one knows why the doorkeeper of the Star Gate will visit this place, but his arrival is undoubtedly more encouraging to everyone's confidence.

If it is not after an hour, a message spreads in Wuqiu City, maybe everyone will think that the sky mark is to lead them to fight with the Yumeng Mozu.

A horrible battle broke out over the air outside Wuqiu City. This battle alerted the entire Wuqiu City. The ghost covered almost half of Wuqiu City!

"Heavenly traces, I respect you as the head of the Star Gate, do not do it, you don't ask me to start with me, don't deceive too much!"Outside Wuqiu City, the Ghost Gate elders squandered the two-day ghosts and snarled.

He has just defeated the twins who have awakened in the body, and has killed twins who are almost equal to their own strength. They have consumed a great amount of spiritual power. When they are planning to rush back to the ghost gate, they are actually being traced by the sky and the moon. The weather is stopped by Yang.

"Deceive too much? Are you ghosts ruining the roots of my star, and dare to say that we are deceiving too much? The doorkeeper, kill him! ”The weather does not give the ghost any opportunity to explain, and directly to the ghost to sink hands.

Tianyue marks also angered a spear and slammed into a ghost.

"Heavenly moon marks, if you kill me, the Triple Palace will not let you go!"Ghosts are a little flustered, not to mention that he is now lost to his twins, even in the heyday, it will not be the opponent of the star of the sky.

When the Tianyue Mark heard the "Mie Gong Palace", he hesitated a little, but the weather yang had already been with the ghosts. The moon and the moon traced the death of the boat, the fall of the seven gods, hate the sky, No longer hesitate, rushed over.

"Heavenly marks, you will regret it!"The ghost is screaming and screaming, but the weather is already smashing on the head of the ghost, and his head is smashed hard!

The elders of the ghost gates are depressed and die!

"The doorkeeper, I have to go back to Wuqiu City to kill the remaining ghosts!"

Tianjiyang re-rushed to Wuqiu City with anger, and this incident has already alerted the entire Wuqiu City. Everyone saw the door of the Star Gate and personally killed the Ghost Gate elders. The two sects apparently Has turned against hatred!

This is almost an explosive news. No one thought that the first thing that Tianyue marks came to Wuqiu City was that the joint weather yang killed the ghosts!

However, the more astounding rumors spread in Wuqiu City. The Star Gate and the Ghost Gate were killed each other. Whether it was the Star Gate or the Ghost Gate, it no longer existed. The gates of the two sects were completely erased from the realm of cultivation!

After the Tianyue Mark killed the ghost, he was about to go to Wuqiu City. However, at this moment, he suddenly changed his face, and there was a strong breath in Wuqiu City. This breath made him feel it. Great oppression!

"not good!"Tianyue marks quickly rushed into the city of Wuqiu.

The Fairy Pavilion outside Wuqiu City.

The sky and the moon were stunned on the ground, and the whole body trembled.

It is very strange to see who sees this scene. The moon is the door of the star gate. The identity is so noble. UU reads www. was also extremely pretentious to kill the ghosts of the ghost gate, but at this time it was lying on the ground, his face was afraid of the extreme.

How can such a person do this kind of thing?

"Heavenly marks, you are so bold! I dare to do this kind of thing! ”

In front of Tianyue marks, there is a person with white light all over him. The pressure on his body is like a mountain, and the pressure of the sky is not breathless.

The white-haired sky was also stunned by the horror, and did not dare to look up to see the person in front.

That is the power of the Mahayana period, standing in front of the sky and the moon, is the temple of the Mie Palace!

"Adult, I was stunned by anger for a moment, without regard to the consequences. But the ghost chills him actually sneaked into our star gate, killing our elders, this thing I saw with my own eyes, I could not hold back this tone and killed the ghost with the weather elders. ”

The good mountain gate was destroyed, the sky boat was killed, the sky and the moon were angered and attacked, and almost lost the reason. This incident made a huge movement, making the whole Wuqiu city well known!

Not to mention killing ghosts, it is still proposed by Tianyang.

However, Tianyang was on the side but he was surprised to say: "I didn't kill the ghosts, the doorkeeper, the one who killed you with the ghosts is not me. I just rushed back to Wuqiu City. ."

"what?"Tianyue marks shocked and looked at the weather!

The temple said coldly: "The man is Zhuge Xiaosheng! You are really living more and more, and even Zhuge Xiaosheng can't recognize it! ”


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