Chapter 1030 Red Dust Gate is gone!

"Zhuge?" said the student. How could it be him? โ€

The sky and the moon mark looked up incredulously. He was stunned by anger. He did not find that the person who followed him from the Star Gate all the way and killed him with him was not a weather man!

"idiot! How did your stupid person become the gatekeeper of the Star Gate? Really waste! Don't you think that this thing will be embarrassing? Ghost chilly, he ate a bear heart, the leopard will go to your star door to kill? Still ruining your star door? You never thought about why this is? โ€

The temple made anger!

Things had strayed from his control, and the news of the death of the Stargate and the ghost-gate had spread throughout the field of practice, people are passing the door of the ghost of the main ghost cold because and days of the month mark, led by the boat of the days of the Elder, kill the Sky star Gate of the seven God Peak, let the star Gate of the foundation of inheritance destroyed, and the star Gate in order to revenge, More is the United mortals door people will ghost door flattened!

Originally, everyone will be suspicious of this matter, but Tianyue and Tianyang have killed the ghosts of the ghost gates in the eyes of the public. It is undoubtedly the truth of this matter!

Tianyue marks his teeth: "In any case, his ghosts are cold and this thing can't be completely detached!" The foundation of my great star-studded ruin is so ruined, and the boat master is also dead, and his ghost door is hard to blame! โ€

The sky and the moon mark thought that the seven prestige peaks fell in front of themselves, and even saw that the body of the boat was thrown out from the big array, and he felt a pain in his heart. Although the Tianxingmen was obeyed by the Miegong, but the Tianliangmenโ€™s top pillars were killed, he couldnโ€™t stand it, and Zhuge Xiaoshengโ€™s fake Tianyang was on the side, and there was no reason to think about it.

And the sky and the moon mark are very certain of one thing. It is absolutely true that the ghost is coming to his site. There is no doubt about this.

As for Zhuge Xiaosheng's pretend Tianyang, at that time, because of the death of Tianxingzhou and the fall of the seven peaks, he was so angry that there was no doubt at all.


A white light flashed, and the sky and the moon flew back and slammed into the wall, and then spit out a blood.

"waste! A group of waste! If it is not useful to keep you, I will kill you first! โ€

The temple made a lot of thunder, and although the Triple Palace used the soul of the soul to control all the people who had been in the robbery period, but they had a very significant shortcoming. The control must be close-range control. The people of Sangong Palace simply cannot be around the sky and the moon, and they donโ€™t think that Mu Yu would not go to the Red Dust Gate first, but would go to the Star Gate and the Ghost Gate.

Waiting for the temple to make the news come over is too late.


Wuqiu City has already exploded, and all kinds of bizarre rumors quickly spread in Wuqiu City and all the cities in the entire realm.

"The eight doors are squandered because of the inconsistent distribution of resources, and they are unwilling to continue to lead the comprehensions to fight against the Yumeng Mozu."

"The ghost gate was completely destroyed, and all the twins had problems. It is said that the Yumeng Mozu invaded the ghost gate."

"The ghost chill has been killed by the Yumeng Mozu, and the elders of the robbery period are not the opponents of the Yumeng Mozu."

"The Yumeng Mozu is just pretending to be defeated. The real purpose is to let everyone relax their vigilance and eliminate eight!"


A series of rumors suddenly spread throughout the city like wings, all the self-cultivators have been heart-wrenching, and the belief in the eight doors has begun to waver. The destruction of the Ghost Gate and the Star Gate is undoubtedly making the rumor more convincing.

All these rumors were naturally secretly distributed by the villagers of the old cloth, and the Sangong Palace wanted to use the eight doors as the hope of the comprehens, but the old village chief has already shattered it.

War is not only a competition of strength, but also a game of people's hearts.

"The eight doors are not credible. Now it is necessary to let the nine Xuanxian shots early!"

The news that the village chief of Laobu has spread out has already allowed the comprehensions to transfer their hopes from the eight-door person to the nine-year-old fairy.

If the destruction of the Ghost Gate and the Star Gate cannot explain everything, then the destruction of another martial art of the Eight Gates is to push the voices of the nine Xuan Xian to the extreme!


The scorched earth was filled, the soil thorns were everywhere, a mess, and the thick smoke had not been dispersed for a long time, indicating that there was an extremely fierce war.

Mu Yu silently looked at the devastating eyes, and suddenly felt very incomparably.

Here is the red dust door.

The red dust door was destroyed.

It was Luo Wei and went south.

Yesterday, Ximen unfortunately said a word to Mu Yu, about what Luo Wei said when he was unlucky to find Simon:

"The people of Red Dust Gate made unforgivable things to my younger brother, and even killed my sister. This sect does not need to exist any longer. Those who hurt my dusty party must pay the price!"

This is what Luo Wei said.

Luo Wei looked for Ximen unfortunately in order to know the specific situation of the Red Dust Gate from the unfortunate thing in Ximen. Ximen unfortunately often dealt with the female disciples of the Red Dust Gate and was chased and killed to catch up. I know the characteristics of the Red Dust Gate, so I need Simon. Unfortunately, provide information. UU reading

"Luo Yu and Xiang Nan are purely to give you two export anger!"

Xiaoshuai laughed. He didn't care about the demise of the Red Dust Gate. Originally, the Red Dust Gate was in the plan of being destroyed. It was only because of the pleading of Mu Yu that he did not intend to start, but Luo Wei and Xiangnan could There are not so many ideas.

It is Master's daughter, whether it is Luo Wei or Nan Cheng, they all regard it as a younger sister. When I heard that there was an accident with Mu Yu, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan actually joined forces to level the red dust door!

Just to avenge your little brother and younger sister!

"Brother, you really did something I couldn't do!"

Mu Yuโ€™s heart was full of emotions, and the realm of comprehension knew that he was dying. Even Luo and Xiangnan were not clear that the time had come to life, so almost when Mu Yu went to destroy the ghost gate and the Tianxing Gate. He and the south also joined forces to destroy the red dust door!

Although Luo Wei and Xiang Nan went farther and farther on the road of killing, they still did not forget that they still have a younger brother and a simple little sister.

The two shots were crisp and neat, and Luo Wei set fire to the south!

The entire Red Dust Gate could not resist the anger of both of them, and was directly wiped away from the comprehension by the two!

"How could this be?"

Suddenly biting her lip, she hugged Muyu tightly, and couldn't bear to see the ruins that she grew up from a small place, no matter how the red door is, she is her home.

When Muyu was going to kill the red dust door, she asked Mu Yu not to destroy the red dust door. Mu Yu agreed, Luo Wei and Xiangnan were unaware of it. They did not allow the red dust door to injure the dust mountain three times and five times. In the eyes of both of them, the red dust door is no longer necessary! (Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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