Chapter 1031 Going and staying

"What about my mother? Is my mother also having an accident? โ€

The tears of the sudden tears are about to fall. All the sisters and sisters of the Red Dust Gate have been killed, but she is more worried about her mother, because her mother was imprisoned in the Red Dust Gate for many years and has not left. Now the Red Dust Gate is destroyed, but not Know that life is death.

"Reassure, Luo Wei and Nannan know the difference, and know that your mother is our master, I think they will save the mother."

Mu Yu stunned and comforted, Luo Wei and Xiangnan knew this thing, they would not be aimless, even if the idea became radical and embarked on a strange road, it still retains the memories and emotions of the past. The identity of Miao language is clear to them.

"Luo Wei, south, thank you."

Mu Yu said quietly in his heart, even though the Red Dust Gate had made unforgivable things for the mother and the daughter, but still had an old feeling for the Red Dust Gate, and did not want Mu Yu to move the Red Dust Gate. If it is not for the feeling of utter feelings, Mu Yu must destroy the red door with his own hands.

"I like Luo Yi and the southerly temper. I will give them one chicken leg next time."Xiaoshuai said with a smile.

Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuaiโ€™s head and held back without laughing. Now he can be alone. This kind of brother who is not a teacher and a brother who has been arguing with the enemy has always been a pillar of his heart. He will also go to the fire to protect his brothers and brothers, so when the film kills Huang Quan, he wants Mu Yu to help find the words. At the time, Mu Yu refused without thinking.

Brothers and family members are the most worth cherishing.

Simon unfortunately sighed and sighed, a bitter heart, said helplessly: "Hey! I have pity on the red dust sisters. I just didn't have the heart to start with them and didn't follow the Luo Lan to destroy the flowers. The two guys are really ruthless. At least you can grab me to adjust…"

Wood Yu took a look at Simon and unfortunately, Simon unfortunately looked at it and closed his mouth with interest. Mu Yu did not have the mood to manage the life and death of other Red Dust disciples. Now the kindness to the enemy is cruel to himself. In this case, there is no sympathy.

"Ximen unfortunately, you really don't know where they are?"Mu Yu asked again. He always wanted to know about Luo Wei and his whereabouts to the south and to join them.

Simon unfortunately shook his head: "I don't know, the guy has always been a ghost. I don't like the murderousness on his body. I didn't even see the south face. Luo Wei just asked me what is worth noting and the mother. After that, I left."

Mu Yu pondered for a moment, remembering Lan Linger, they were still in the southern fifty-liyuan, and that place was also the gathering place of the evil faction, they asked: "I am in the dusty mountains in the south, they are all right?"

Simon unfortunately shrugged his shoulders: "I have seen them, they have nothing to do, the broken yard is quite magical, there is a strong array of guardian guards, and there are actually the evil arrays set by my old man, even I can't force it." ."

Mu Yu knew this method. When Master went there, he set up a powerful array. He knew how to go in. With the master and the evil spirits, those who want to resist the Triple Palace should still be able to do it.

"No matter what, I still have something to do now, don't call me again."Simon unfortunately left behind.

Mu Yu knows at least that Luo Wei and the South are together, which gives him a little peace of mind. Luo Wei and the strength of the south are still above him. If they join hands, they donโ€™t have to worry about the Mie Miyagi period. Aphids.

"So the river tour, what about you? Want to return to life? โ€

Mu Yu turned and asked.

Therefore, Jiangyou looked indifferently at the red dust door that had ceased to exist, shaking his head: "I have nothing to do with the life and death door. Now they will kill me when they go back. I don't have to go back."

Meng Po is dead, so Jiangyou can't prove his innocence. He doesn't need to prove anything. The ghost door has been extinguished, the dust is returning to the dust, the soil is returned to the earth, and the great hatred is reported. It is the best ending.

Mu Yu said: "You are seriously injured now,

If you come to my ancestors for a while, take a break and wait until you get hurt! Now there is the eye line of the Triple Palace everywhere in the realm of comprehension. If you are not careful, you will become the object of their control. I don't want to kill you when I meet you in the future. โ€

Therefore, Jiang You cold channel: "I am not a good person, you better not take me, or what I can do is not what I can control."

Mu Yu smiled slightly: "The world has never been an absolute good or a bad person. I don't think I am a good person, but I think at least that both of us are trustworthy people."

Therefore, Jiang Youโ€™s eyes moved and he looked at Mu Yuโ€™s eyes full of strangeness. โ€œYou believe me so much?โ€ I am not afraid of waiting for me to fully recover my cultivation. โ€

"you are not."Mu Yu said.

Therefore, Jiangyou said coldly: "You don't think you know me very well."

"So you are?"Mu Yu asked.

Therefore, Jiang Youyiโ€™s sleeves were a little annoyed by this question, and he said, โ€œWell, I will temporarily borrow your site to recuperate.โ€

"I have only one request. I am not allowed to move the people of the sect and the Dan Ding, and I will not limit your freedom. If you want to practice something, I suggest that you deal with the embers of the Ghost Gate and the Star Gate. โ€

The meaning of Mu Yu is very obvious. Therefore, Jiang You is a person who lives and dies. The practice is very evil. He needs to kill and temper his zombie exercises. However, today's Muyu has long been fascinated by the killing. If Jiangyou is practicing with the life of the ghost gate and the Tianxing doorman, he will not feel any discomfort at all. UU reading www.

"I have a measure."

Therefore, Jiangyou took a deep look at the wood feathers and stopped talking.

Mu Yu knows that the Jiangyou tour will not be a person who is going back to the past. When he used the Tianyan wheel to return to the past, he also assisted Mu Yu to escape after he got out of trouble. He can know that he is a person who knows the truth. Since he used to be a master of the nine-day squad, he may be able to use it if he helps him recover to the past.

Therefore, although Jiangyou is not a good person, he has at least principles and is favored by Mu Yu. He understands what he should do.

The three of them left the red dust gate and rushed toward the dead wood valley. At the beginning, I agreed with Zhuge Xiaosheng. Once the matter is over, I will meet there.

It took a few hours, when Mu Yu fell in the valley, Zhuge Xiaosheng was already there waiting for him.

"Mu Yu, are you all right?"Zhuge Xiaosheng seems to have a pale face and a somewhat unstable atmosphere.

Mu Yu frowned and asked, "Are you injured?"

Zhu Gexiao grew a sigh of relief and smiled and shook his head: "It is good to be able to take back a life. I pretend to be a ghost in the sky and provoke the sky and the moon to kill the ghost door. Although it is killed, it is a Mahayana period of the Miegong. The man rushed over, I almost didn't escape."

People in the Mahayana period?

Mu Yuโ€™s heart was also a nervous one. Zhuge Xiaosheng was just like the same, and he entered the robbery period soon. If something went wrong, he couldnโ€™t blame.

"How did you escape?"Mu Yu quickly asked, he did not want Zhuge Xiaosheng to have any accidents, and now Zhuge Xiaosheng was so innocent that he was relieved.

Zhuge Xiaosheng turned his gaze to a figure lying on the ground in the valley. Then he was puzzled and said: "This person saved me, but he was seriously injured. You can help him quickly."Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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