Chapter 1032 Long Qingan

Oh, my God!

Mu Plume surprised, he did not expect to lie on the ground will be a day!

"Did he save you?" โ€

Mu Yu immediately went over and kneel down to check the injury of Tianjiancheng. He found that Tianjiancheng was severely injured, unconscious, and his body was extremely disordered. He seemed to die at any time.

"I used your Dan medicine to hang his breath, I thought you should be able to save him." However, I still don't understand why Tianxingmen's Tianjiancheng is risking his life to save me. If he didn't come over and use a strange technique to take me out of Wuqiu City, I am afraid I will be the Mahayana period. People hold on. โ€

Zhuge Xiaosheng recalled that the scene at that time was also a sigh of relief. He originally pretended to be a weather-positive man, and went to Wuqiu City to kill all the remaining embers of the ghost gate, but did not expect to encounter the temple when he first entered Wuqiu City.

During the Mahayana period, the temple suddenly appeared, and the powerful pressure that broke out made Zhuge Xiaosheng not even have the thought of rebellion. At that time, he thought that he would die. As a result, Tianxingmenโ€™s Tianjiancheng hurriedly found him and saved his life.

Although Mu Yu did not know the origin of Tianjiancheng, he immediately transferred the vitality of Muling to Tianjiancheng to help Tianjiancheng recover his injuries. At the same time, he took out the life-saving medicine given by Yundan Taoist to Tianjiancheng. Take it.

"Who is this guy loyal to all? Why are you still so desperate to save the old man? โ€

Xiaoshuai curiously jumped to Tianjiancheng and tapped the chest of Tianjiancheng with his fingers. Then the tail moved a few times and gathered the surrounding aura to Tianjiancheng.

"I don't know, he has been reluctant to give his words."

Although Mu Yu has no good feelings for the real Tianjian, he can be sure that the original Tianjiancheng is dead. This is neither a demon nor a Tianjiancheng himself, but belongs to another soul parasitic in Tianjiancheng. But why did this person help him, Mu Yu still does not understand.

When Tian Tiancheng said that his original name was Long Qing, and Mu Yu did not know who the so-called Long Qing An was.

At the Star Gate, Mu Yu wanted to kill this unknown person, but he still intends to save this person first, but I donโ€™t know why, he always thinks that Long Qingโ€™an looks familiar, and this time the dragon Qing An would have saved his life to save Zhuge Xiaosheng, which is even more unexpected.

But what makes Mu Yu even more surprised is that Long Qing An has the ability to escape from the Mahayana period. Who is the so-called owner behind him?

Mu Yu can only temporarily put all doubts off, and the mystery can only be asked when Long Qing is awake. Fortunately, Zhuge Xiaosheng used the seventh-order medicinal herbs to hang the life of Long Qing'an. Now Mu Yu took over and knew how to save people.

Soon, the life of Long Qing'an was stabilized, the injuries in the body were also controlled, and Mu Yu was relieved.

"I thought it wouldn't be a while he should wake up."

Mu Yuโ€™s heart has been pondering one thing, because Long Qingโ€™s body and soul are not very compatible, especially his soul, very familiar, always feel where he has seen it. Unfortunately, Mu Yu is not familiar with the things of the soul, can not determine the identity of the other party, even the sentence can not be determined.

Zhuge Xiaosheng looked at the river tour with a puzzled look and then asked: "Mu Yu, the friend of the life and death door is –"

Therefore, the atmosphere on Jiangyou is very cold and sinister. After coming here, he just sat silently and continued to meditate and rest. As a person who lives and dies, the unique atmosphere of the body is naturally a singularity of Zhuge Xiaosheng.

"Forgot to introduce it, he called the old river tour, is the person who lives and dies."Mu Yu introduced.

"So the river tour? This name…"

Zhuge Xiaosheng was very surprised to see the old river tour. "You are the first master of life and death decades ago, so Jiangyou?" Itโ€™s also a life-and-death door…โ€

Zhuge Xiaosheng obviously also knows the reputation of the old Jiangyou. After all, the killing of the door of life and death was aroused in the realm of comprehension, and Zhuge Xiaosheng was also emerging in the realm of comprehension.

I know this thing.

"The traitor, that's right."Therefore, Jiangyou opened his eyes and responded indifferently.

Zhuge Xiaosheng frowned. He didn't trust the people who died at the door. Because the life and death gates were also members of the eight gates, the eight gates are now controlled by the Triple Palace, and they are rivals.

Mu Yu gave a general introduction to the process of the ghost gate. Zhuge Xiaosheng and the Jiangjiang tour barely nodded and gestured. It is a good question. If it is not because of Mu Yu, he is impossible to believe that Jiangyou Human.

This time, everyone suffered more or less injury, and now they are beginning to sit and adjust their interest and recover their injuries. Mu Yu took out the spiritual power collected from the twin corpse and refining it to others. The spiritual power that was swallowed up by black and white and then merged was quite pure. This spiritual power can be refining by everyone, as long as it is absorbed by the heart. If you can, it can be transformed into your own spiritual power.

When Mu Yu opened his eyes, he was also an accident. After refining the spiritual power of the twins during the robbery period, his strength was actually achieved by the five-day retreat!

This kind of technique to enrich one's self-cultivation by consuming other people's spiritual power is really strange. Even Mu Yu does not know whether there is any risk in doing so.

He felt it carefully, but he did not realize that any unexpected things happened. The black and white spirits completely devour the twins' cultivation and then give back to Mu Yu himself. The improvement of him was achieved with twice the result with half the effort.

Xiaoshuai bit his apple, sitting on a stone in the distance, and cocked his legs and said: "Mu Yu, can you enhance your cultivation by consuming other people's spiritual power in the future?"

Mu Yu indulged for a moment, carefully felt the situation in the body, and then said: "This is still a very limited, only the engulfing of the spiritual power in the robbery period can make me repair faster, swallowing the fit period The spiritual power of me is basically insignificant, and at best it can only be used to restore the loss of spiritual power."

When you devour others, this process must be very focused and can not be interrupted, so it is impossible to devour others at any time and place. It can be said that the drawbacks are also obvious.

Suddenly opened his eyes, it seems that the spirit is still not very good. She flew to the top of the cliff on the valley without a word, sitting on the stone and stunned.

The wind on the top of the mountain is very big, and the skirts that are blowing are swaying and hunting.

Mu Yu jumped over and sat down beside him. He said, "Stupid girl, don't think too much."

"But my sisters are innocent. How can they say that killing and killing? Many of the teachers are very kind, and those who do evil are only the elders. Those sisters should not die. โ€

Suddenly, the mood is low. A big sect says that the door is extinguished. It is not a taste in her heart. Many people in the Red Dust Gate are playing with her from childhood to the big ones, although the elders of the Red Dust Gate are forced to stun, but the sisters and sisters and this It doesn't matter, it just can't stand them and die like this.

Mu Yu looked at the valley where the weeds were still ruined. He didn't know how to comfort him. He used to worry that he would be sad, so he dismissed the idea of โ€‹โ€‹looking for the red dust door, but Luo Wei and Xiang The two men did not think so much at all, and they went directly to the Red Dust Gate.

"Luo Wei and the south of the two do not know that you are still alive, they just want to avenge you."Mu Yu out of the channel.

"I know that they are good for me, but I thought I would just have to subdue the elders of the Red Dust Gate. The culprit is them, not my sister."

Suddenly stretched out and touched the grass growing in the crack of a mountain cliff. The grass was weak and slender, but it was stubbornly rooted in the crack of the stone, interpreting the beauty of life, but some lives quickly disappeared with the wind and ceased to exist.

Mu Yu looked at the sad look, and his heart touched. I donโ€™t like the dead, just like the former Mu Yu, I naively believe that every thing has the value of existence. No one is qualified to deprive others of their lives at will, so no matter whether itโ€™s the former Mu Yu or the present, they are working hard. A kind person.

However, in the realm of comprehension, good people often do not end well. Mu Yu learned this truth. What he can do now is to use killing to solve the problem and to violently violently.

However, Mu Yu couldn't tell this feeling really, but it has always been a simple girl. Even compared to the wood feathers in the Mouyun Mountain Range, she has experienced so many winds and rains that she has not experienced so much. The mood of Mu Yu.

Mu Yu reached out and licked the hair of the horns. He hoped to understand all of this, but he hoped that he would not be contaminated by these things and lose the essence of purity.

He whispered: "I just want you to know one thing. The reason why the people of Red Dust Gate are good to you is just because you have inherited Master's talent. If you are just an ordinary person, the people of Red Dust will only give up on you. Such as ๆ•ๅฑ. When you were forced by the elders of the Red Dust Gate, your sisters did not stand up to help you. UU reads But whether it is Luo Wei to the south, or me and the promises, someone hurts you and hurts you, we will definitely come back. Those of us who have fallen into the dust can be enemies of the entire comprehension community for their loved ones. You are part of the Dust Mountain, not the Red Dust Gate. โ€

The talents of the dusty mountains are not the most important. For example, the old-fashioned dignitaries are not as talented as the Lingling children of other brothers. As long as they become part of the Dust Mountain, everyone is treated equally. Even if the old-fashioned people in the early training period came to the forefront, they were sincere and fearful of others. However, everyone recognized the old-fashioned, and they actively converge on their own golden scent, trying not to let him influence him, and not to pose in front of the old man. The posture of the master of the Golden Dan.

Not to mention that when Luo Wei returned to the Dust Mountain as a Yuan Ying period, he was quite honest when facing An Shu. When he faced the words, he was also a good younger brother.

And the Red Dust Gate and any other martial art that is cultivated to be supreme in the realm of the truth, it is impossible to make people feel at home.

Suddenly biting her teeth, she knows that Mu Yu is right. In this world, she really cares about her, not the person who is the red door, but the same door of the dusty mountain, because the people of the red dust door forced her to cultivate the red dust and forget the situation. At that time, her sister and sister did not come to save her.

"thank you all."

Calm's face eased a lot, she and Fallout Mountain's brother and sister spend time not much, but also in Fallout Mountain for more than a year, she understood the atmosphere of Fallout Mountain, also very like her father created the door, that door faction and other door faction is not the same, because Fallout Mountain is a home, not infighting place.

Mu Yu touched his head and smiled: "Don't say thank you, because we have to go back and save the Master!"Po Xing Shi Academy https://)

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