Chapter 1033 is against the real person!

Because Long Qingan, who helped Zhuge Xiaosheng get out of trouble, finally woke up. When he woke up, his look was still a little confused. When he saw the wooden feather, his eyes showed a hint of joy, and then he struggled to stand up and bowed.

“Thank you for the help of Mu Yu’s life.”Long Qing'an looks humble.

Mu Yu let Long Qing An lie well, and then said: "You don't have to be so much to me, I have no relationship with you."

Long Qingan still respectfully said: "The master asked me to help you, so I am willing to do anything for you."

Mu Yu frowned, and the owner behind Long Qing’an always made him very uncomfortable.

Zhuge Xiaosheng said in the side: "Although I don't understand why, but I still want to thank you, you helped me twice."

Long Qingan said quickly: "The Zhuge Sect does not have to thank you. It is much more important to live than to live."

Mu Yu Shen said: "You still won't tell me who your host is, right?"

"The owner said that at the right time, let you know, I am only responsible for executing the order, and the rest can't really be said."Long Qing An Road.

Mu Yu’s impression of Long Qing’an is very strange. This person always gives him an inexplicable sense of familiarity, but he can’t talk about where he is familiar. However, he knew that Long Qing'an would not be threatened by him. At this time, Long Qingan assisted Zhuge Xiaosheng to escape, and Mu Yu could not really take care of him.

After a long while, Mu Yu said: "You help us, then Wuqiu City must be unable to go back, you are seriously injured, how to act next? Did your master give you instructions? ”

Long Qing's eyes passed a strange look, then shook his head: "I don't know, the master gave me the ability to save my life, so that I can escape from the Mahayana period, but I have problems in this ability to save Ge Xiaosheng. So I can only wait here for further instructions from the owner."

Mu Yu said coldly: "Would you like to die here?"

Long Qingan did not answer, just bowed his head.

Mu Yu snorted, he could not casually throw the seriously injured Long Qingan in this place regardless of the situation, after all, according to Zhuge Xiaosheng, Long Qingan helped the Ge Xiaosheng to conceal his identity when he was at the Star Gate. It is also the life of Wuqiu City to save Zhuge Xiaosheng, Mu Yu is not a ungrateful generation.

However, Mu Yu does not want to always follow a person with unknown origins, refuses to say his true identity, and is always willing to help them, so that Mu Yu feels very arrogant.

"How do you usually contact your owner?"Mu Yu asked.

Long Qingan replied: "I usually know his command clearly when I think of a normal owner, and I know where to go to find him because there is a special kind of feeling between me and my master. But what makes me feel very strange is that this sensor seems to be cut off by what, or, adults, you…"

Long Qingan suddenly opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Mu Yu: "Wu Yu adults, how can you have that kind of breath?"

"What is the smell in me?"Wood feather

Long Qingan looked at Mu Yu very surely, and then immediately thought of something, and quickly asked: "Mu Yu adults, have you got the ghost of the ghost gate?"

Mu Yu frowned: "How did you know? Is it not that you are a ghost door? ”

Long Qing’an seems to be somewhat flustered and continues: “Adult, I am not a ghost door. If you want to take the soul to the heart to cure the resurrection of dead wood, don’t do it!”

Mu Yu never imagined that Long Qing'an would say this sentence. He must know that he was able to heal the wounds of the soul. He learned from the ghosts, but he was looking for the soul to treat the dead wood. Almost no one knows about the old soul, but how can Long Qingan even know this!

The most important point is that it hasn't been long before Mu Yu got the heart of the soul. Can Long Qingan know this?

"who are you! It is best not to challenge my patience. ”

Mu Yu grabbed Long Qing’s collar.

He will not regard the things of the dead woods as a play, as long as they can save the dead woods. He will do everything in his life. Now he has gotten the heart of the soul. The thing he wants to do most is to resurrect the dead wood, but Long Qingan said that it should not be used on dead wood. This is intolerable to Mu Yu. .

Long Qing'an was caught in the collar by Mu Yu. His original injury has not fully recovered, and he is weak. Now he is oppressed by the powerful momentum of Mu Yu, and he almost can't breathe.

However, Long Qingan still said that he can't use the soul to return to the heart, or you will regret it.

"Dissuading me to save talent is what you finally regret to do."Mu Yu yelled.

Originally because Long Qingan had been helping him, the other party did not say that the fall of the master behind the wood feathers was annoyed, but barely acceptable, but now he must fully understand the identity of Long Qing'an, otherwise his own every move will be The inexplicable person is in his hands.

Long Qingan said eagerly: "You can kill me if you are an adult, but if you use your soul for the dead wood, you will not see the consequences."

"Give me a reason!"Mu Yu said.

"because……because……"Long Qing An Zhiwuwu, because for a long time did not say it.

The feathers of Mu Yu’s eyes are getting stronger and stronger. He doesn’t like to be disturbed by anyone in the dead wood, even if he helps him.

"Because you are absolutely unwilling to make Evergreen Evergreen become the same as Long Qing'an."

At this moment, a voice screamed across the valley and spread to everyone's ears, causing everyone's heart to shake. While resting, the river tour quickly plunged to the side of Muyu, and looked around like an enemy.

Mu Yu stared at the figure in the distance, and then suddenly he saw a familiar middle-aged man.

Talk about the spring!

It turned out to be a clear spring!

This person was the first person to stand up to support Mu Yu in Dongsha City and one of the first 23 people to leave in Dongsha City.

"who are you!"

Mu Yu stared at the Qingquan in a blue dress. The sudden appearance of this person made Mu Yu feel a great threat. Although the other party did not deliberately display the atmosphere of the oppressed, the power was actually in the Mahayana period. People!

Talking about the smell of Qingquan is very indifferent, he looked at Mu Yu: "You are not always looking for me?"

A blue light flashed on the body of Qingquan. In his eyes, he was faintly filled with lightning.

"you……you……Are you…"

Mu Yu’s mind flashed a picture quickly. It was when he used Hai Dongqing’s body to find the ninth eternal life. He accidentally saw the picture in a thunderstorm. It was this figure! Then Mu Yu’s mind flashed a lot of thoughts. When he thought of the soul, he exclaimed: “Are you a real person?”

At this moment, Tan Qingquan suddenly threw a small figure behind him, and it was the Qingfan that was taken away by the real person. Qingfan saw Long Qingan caught by Mu Yu, and immediately ran over and eagerly shouted: "Two hair brother, you should not treat the grandfather of the city, the grandfather of the city is a good person."

"Master of the city?"

Mu Yu suddenly loosened the collar of Long Qing'an and looked at Long Qing'an with shock.

Long Qingan sighed, but he walked quickly to the side of the real thunder, and Christine said: "Master."

Mu Yu asked: "Qing Fan, the grandfather you just said is…"

"It's him! He is the grandfather of the city of Dongsha, and the master saved him. ”Xiao Qingfan carefully took Long Qing’s clothes.

"The owner of Dongsha City, are you the owner of the old city of Dongsha City?"Mu Yu looked incredulously at Long Qing'an on the ground.

Long Qingan just looked down and didn't talk much.

Mu Yu turned his eyes to talk about Qingquan: "What the hell is going on?"

Talking about Qing Quan’s gaze fell on Long Qing’an, and then sighed: “Qing Fan said yes, he is He Jinglong.”

Mu Yu's face changed slightly. He always felt that Long Qing'an was somewhat inexplicably familiar, but he couldn't tell where the familiarity was. Now, think about it, Long Qing's gestures do have the style of the old man, He Jinglong.

However, Mu Yu still can't believe it, because all this seems too ridiculous, how can the old city owner be Long Qing'an?

"I need evidence."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

Tan Qingquan reached out and pressed it on the top of Long Qing'an's head. Then he gently lifted it up. An illusory soul was drawn from Tianjiancheng and floated in the air.

It turned out to be Wo Jinglong!

It’s just that He Jinglong’s soul is now in a strange red color, giving off a fascinating atmosphere. The breath makes Mu Yu wake up and is the breath of the soul!

"You used the soul to control the old city master?"Mu Yu’s heart rushed out of the anger, and the old man had always been a respectable person, but he did not expect to be in the hands of Qingquan, but also became a servant who was humble!

"Mu Yu adults, don't blame the master, I can live because of the owner."He Jinglong said quickly.

Mu Yu said: "What is the difference between being controlled to live and die? I will never let you live like this! ”

Tan Qingquan looked at Mu Yu indifferently: "So you are willing to let Evergreen Evergreen live in this way?"

Mu Yu One Leng, uu reading Www.uukanshu. COM subconsciously asked: "What do you mean?" ”

Talk about the spring slowly said: "The Soul Center by the spirit, will become a faithful servant, to have the soul Center, willing to carry out any order, is a controlled puppet!" I never thought about forcing He Jinglong to bow to me. It’s all because he was influenced by the soul of the soul, and he respected me. It’s a sense of slavery from the soul. I can’t even Forced to change it all. ”

Chingquan in the hands of a blue thunder, the soul from the days of the body pumped out of the spirit into the body of the day.

He Jinglong stood on the side, Xiao Qingfan had been pulling his hand, and He Jinglong looked at Xiao Qingfan's eyes full of love, but looking at Qingquan's eyes was extremely respectful.

Tan Qingquan continued: "If you put the soul of the soul on the dead wood, you will see you in the dead wood, and if you don't agree, the dead wood will treat you as the master, and each time you meet, you will be bowed. Can you accept it?"

"how come?"The plume was horrified, how could he have accepted all this, the dead wood Evergreen but his father!

"What do you think the ghost-gate man is trying to find out about the soul Center?" said the spring. Bai Jie wants to regroup the broken souls into two, so that he can fully exert the power of the soul to control the whole comprehension, which is stronger than the perfect soul that you control. many! ”

Mu Yu suddenly felt a sigh in the heart!

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