Chapter 104 uses the dragon seeker

"What is it, hurry and listen!"Mu Yu asked curiously.

This guardian of the mountain must be under the master's cloth. Regarding Master's affairs, he can't wait to learn more. Maybe he can rely on this to find the whereabouts of Master.

"Do you know why I am looking for a dragon array in the dusty cliffs? There is a gathering of ghosts in the Dust Cliffs, which is rich in aura and can be used to help the dragon array. Of course, it is not only that, I found that the dust cliff itself is the whole array of guardian mountains. I think there must be some secrets hidden under the ground of the dust cliff. Unfortunately, I am too low to explore. ”Looking for the old is a little regrettable.

“What is the secret under the ground of the dust cliff?”

Mu Yu frowned. He has been here for more than two years. He has never heard anyone say what secrets are there under the dusty cliff. If he is not familiar with the old-fashioned approach, I am afraid he will never find it in his life.

"Yes! It is a pity that we have no skill in squatting. If there is the ability of the soil, it is excellent. ”Looking for the old man, he said with a smile.

If you want to explore the secrets under the ground of the cliff, you must dig deep under the ground, but at the same time it will destroy the gathering of the dust cliffs, which is extremely uneconomical.

Mu Yu looked at the old banyan tree on the edge of the dusty cliff. This old banyan tree has been growing for many years. I don't know if I can use it to look at it underneath it. It is also magical, and Mu Yu has never been integrated into this banyan tree. When I was practicing alone in the dusty cliffs, I was worried that the two ghosts who were out of the ghosts would see that they were frightened from the trees, so they did not plan to integrate into the old banyan tree.

"You said that this formation can attack people in the entire mountain, so how to achieve it?"If you can control the mountain that the old man said, then if the next foreign enemy invades again, you can directly call the big array to throw them out, and save yourself.

Looking for the old man to shake his head: "The base that will help this big array should be here. I need time to explore where the line is."

The eye is the effect of controlling a large array. If this big array is under the dust, then I am afraid that only one of them knows where the line is.

The air quickly came over and told them to go to dinner. He looked at the old man with resentment. Today's meal is not for the old. The first two days were looking for old cooking. His cooking was much stronger than An Shu, making it hard for others to improve their meals. Therefore, when I saw the black-and-white thing in the empty space just now, he was like a singer who was vacant.

"Can you make another meal later?"Empty and quietly ask for old.

Looking for the old man is helpless: "When you want to be an adult, you can do one thing, can you do dinner for you?"

The empty air was crying and sulking, and An Shu sat on the other side, burying himself and eating his own food, saying nothing. I was thinking about where I would go to fight with a hare to fill my stomach. Miao Miao said, "Would we give these meals to the prisoners?" Master said that prisoners should also be humane. They did not eat breakfast and must be hungry. ”

I quickly agreed, and the head had to be like a chicken. The two men couldn’t wait to take the two black-painted things on the table. Others have unspeakable smiles on their faces, and it is the most inhumane to treat the uncle's meals to the prisoners.

Everyone took a few mouthfuls of rice and pretended to be full. An uncle would not take care of people. Usually, Feng Haochen was taking care of them. So when the head disappears, they go hunting in the mountains every day.

"It's almost noon."An Shu and the old man said a word, then put down the chopsticks and went out.

Everyone can't wait to throw away the chopsticks in their hands, as if the chopsticks are a monster that people can avoid. When An Shu was there, apart from the two guys who didn’t know how to be tall, no one dared to show the rejection of An Shu’s meal, because who would dare to dislike it, An Shu would make him practice more hard.

At this moment, the sun is shining. In addition to the two drunks sent to the prisoners, all the people gathered in the dust cliff.

"Using the dragon seeker to find someone needs to use this breath, the head of the adult's clothes did not take it wrong?"Looking for the old man once again confirmed the engraving line of the dragon hunter.

He had never put such a complicated array before, and he was not in the middle of the game.

An uncle held a neatly folded piece of clothes, washed white, and some places were patched, so that the old man doubted whether the dress was worn by a headman or not. The gray disciple is still shabby.

"Remember, I will carefully recall the appearance of the head of the adult, so that he can more accurately sense his position. Also, no matter what happens, you must hold on, if you can't hold it, you will have a life-threatening danger. This is not a joke. The search for a dragon array is very unstable, and its oppression against the array is very large. ”Looking for the old and serious warning.

Everyone’s expression is also very serious. Master is not there. Now An Shu is their main pillar. If An Shu has another accident, then everything will be finished.

"I know."An Shu has no expression, only this way can find the head, even if it is dangerous, he has to try. The introduction of this thing An Shu will not let other people go to risk, so only he can do it.

Looking for the old, let An Shu sit in the center of the dragon array, and find the dragon array to form a gossip array. The center is occupied by the five elements. The spiritual engraved line permeates the ground and flows slowly. Like the flowing water, it flashes white light under the traction of the five elements. The mysterious lines are looming and very strange.

"At noon, the better the effect of the dragon array when the sun is strongest, then I will start the battle."Looking for the old man to see An Shu sitting on the ground, the clothes on the head are placed on his knees, everything is ready. He pulled a line of the formation to another line and then immediately retired.

The dragon-seeking array suddenly flashed brightly, the white light flourished, and the engraved lines with spiritual power flowed faster and faster, and a purple light illuminated from An Shu, and An Shu snorted and closed his eyes. The purple spot rotates along all the spiritual lines, shifting from one direction of the gossip to the other, repeating and reciprocating.

Then the five rays of light also illuminate, and the celestial iron flashes with golden light. The evergreen wood shimmers with blue light, and Xuanhai Chen Bing shines with blue light. The ancient spirit is shining with red light, Shenyan frozen soil. Flashing with earthy yellow light. Five different treasures put their own light into An Shu, and they will shine An Shu.

Uncle looked up and slammed his eyes open. His eyes were filled with strange purple. A purple light was shot into the air from his eyes. The horrible breath came from the dragon hunter, and the ground of the falling cliff began to slowly shake.

Everyone was surprised to see An Shu. This unusual fluctuation was too horrible, but they saw it in their lives, even when they faced the Yuan Ying period.

Suddenly, the old man suddenly spit out a blood, stepped back a dozen steps, and almost fell below the cliff. Fortunately, he was caught by Mu Yu in time.

"Okay?"Ask the old man.

"I can't stand this breath."Looking for the old face pale, sweating. He is too low, only during the training period, in the face of such horrible fluctuations, there is no resistance.

Mu Yu and others have the strength of the Golden Age, and can barely resist this breath. Mu Yu quickly used his own breath to protect the old man, only to find the old face better. Looking for the old man did not expect to find such a horrible spiritual power. He had no ability to lay down this formation before, and he did not know the true power of this dragon.

Uncle An, suddenly in the array, trembled all over the body. He was bloodless at all, and his mouth was exposed with a trace of blood. The purple light on his body also faded.

"Where did you go wrong?"Mu Yu asked.

There was a black shadow in the dragon search, and it was swiftly swept around An Shu. Those shadows move too fast, and everyone doesn't know where they are. Every time the black shadows crossed the body of An Shu, An Shu trembled, which made people worry.

"That is the spirit of heaven and earth, don't provoke them. You are also a body of wandering between heaven and earth. Don't be fooled by them, or you will never come back!"Looking for the old man shouted.

After the death of those who died, the soul refused to dissipate and wandered around the world. Over time, it became a grievance. These grievances usually do not have life, but once someone is conscious of the body, they will see these grievances. If the will of the person is not firm enough, it will be swallowed up by the grievances of heaven and earth, and the grievances of heaven and earth will be reborn by the body of this person.

I don't know if An Shu heard the old man's voice. His face was getting paler and paler, his ears were bleeding, and the body seemed to be unable to withstand the oppression.

"Looking for the old, how can An Shu do this?"Asked Shen Sheng asked.

Looking for the old is also incomprehensible. He looked at the formation carefully, and then his face changed aloud: "It is the base, the strength of the base is not enough! These five different treasures seem to have been used several times, UU reading www. Their power does not seem to support this time. ”

"How many times have you used it? How could this be? ”Mu Yu frowned, these five different treasures do not know where An Shu was found, they have been used, not intact, is it that An Shu used them to look for dragons?

Looking for the old face and blaming himself: "I blame me, I blame me, I did not carefully look at the power they contain. I thought they were complete and I couldn't tell. ”

Looking for old repairs is too low. I am also seeing these five different treasures for the first time. I don’t know their specific circumstances before I make this mistake.

At this time, it is not to investigate who is at fault, but to find a way to recover this danger. Mu Yu hurriedly asked: "Can you stop An Shu?"

Looking for the old man to shake his head: "Unless the Ananda can get rid of these worlds and grievances, and timely put their own consciousness."

But at this moment, An Shu’s body slowly stabilized, and the shadows around him began to dissipate, and he did not dare to approach An Shu. An Shu exudes a more powerful force, dispels those shadows, and then the purple light in An Shu’s eyes re-emerges, and the purple light rushes into the clouds, dyeing the clouds in the sky purple.

"Hey, Ann people seem to be fine. Wait, the base of this dragon search seems to be filled by a huge force that comes from there. Where does this power come from? Is it a big mountain guard? ”Looking for the old man said with joy.

Everyone was relieved, but they hadn't had time to be happy, because a thunderous voice suddenly rang through the dusty mountain.

"Falling children, seeing the old man still not coming out!"

The sound came like a thunder, and the whole dusty mountain shook a little, and the huge pressure came from it. The spiritual power was definitely not owned by the Golden Age.

At this festival, the Jiuhua real person in the Yuan Ying period came to the door!

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