Chapter 1045, the hidden genius

        It was a scarred broad sword with a crack on it. It seemed that it could be scattered into pieces at any time, but when the lonely day was holding the sword, there was an unspeakable breath from the sword in his hand. It came as if the ordinary sword contained the murderous intention of the sky, and the moment and the lonely day merged together. &1t;/p>

        The Tianji sword and the weather yang were cautious, and they did not have the sword. &1t;/p>

        On the one hand, Tianyuan Wan suddenly slammed the throat of the Boyang Taoist, and at the same time he had seized another hand of the Boyang Taoist. He said coldly: "Do not agree, your waste master does not have the right arm." It will be necessary to keep it."&1t;/p>

        There is a painful look on the face of the Boyang Daoist. Tianyuan Wan is a master of the robbery period. How can he resist in a small Golden Age? But the Boyang Taoist clenched his teeth and prevented himself from calling out. He shuddered and said: "Yi Tian, ​​go! Don't compromise with them. ”&1t;/p>

        The sword of the lonely sky has already made a fierce sword, and the anger in the heart has already filled his sword. The whole sword is shaking with anger. &1t;/p>

        Tianyang Yang laughed: "You are strong, but it is impossible to kill us before we remove your master's arm and crush his throat."&1t;/p>

        There are three people in the robbery period here. There is only one person in the lonely day. If they want to kill the people of Boyang, the lonely days cannot be stopped! &1t;/p>

        But Lonely Day just looked at Tianyuan Wan coldly, and the two cracks in the broad sword in his hand suddenly lighted the white light! &1t;/p>

        It’s so glaring, it illuminates everyone’s eyes and makes people’s eyes shine. &1t;/p>

        Oh! &1t;/p>

        Two swordsmanship appeared in Tianyuanwan's double palms, and it was almost an incredible point. It was almost impossible to respond to Tianyuanyuan! &1t;/p>

        Tianyuanwan and even the spiritual power of his body did not fall on the people of Boyang.

Did not hurt the Baiyang Taoist a hair, it has been smashed by the sword! &1t;/p>

        "Ah-" &1t;/p>

        Tianyuan screamed, and his hands were cut off by the sword of the lonely sky! &1t;/p>

        The look of madness on the face of Yang’s face suddenly stagnate. He knows that the lonely day is very strong, but he did not expect that the lonely sky would be strong enough. The Tianyuanwan who robbed the double heaven even had no time to start the people of Boyang. Has paid a painful price! &1t;/p>

        The Tianyang Yang and the Tianji Sword, who had been robbed of the Five Heavens, could not see the sword themselves! &1t;/p>

        The shape of the lonely sky flashed, and a sword was drawn again, going to the throat of Tianyuanwan! But this time the two Yang and Tianji swords have already reacted. They shot at the same time, and the powerful atmosphere swept out, jointly blocking the sword of the lonely sky. &1t;/p>

        Hey! &1t;/p>

        Tianyang Yang and Tianji Sword actually stepped back three steps at the same time! &1t;/p>

        However, the people of Boyang have been protected by Lonely Heaven. &1t;/p>

        From the sword to the rescue, even half the time of breathing is not enough, and Lonely Heaven will save his master. &1t;/p>

        The crack on the broad sword once again illuminates the sword, as if every crack has a horrible sword, making people chill! &1t;/p>

        "You are all damned."&1t;/p>

        The broad sword of the lonely sky has a strong killing intention, once again! &1t;/p>

        He wants to take out the sword and kill the three! &1t;/p>

        Hey! &1t;/p>

        Suddenly Jianqi swept out with an impeccable air–&1t;/p>

        Tianyang Yang with Tianyuan Wan retired, they dangerously and dangerously avoided the horrible sword, the body is extremely embarrassed, the strength of the lonely sky is far from their imagination, they can not resist this sword gas! &1t;/p>

        boom! &1t;/p>

        The entire inn has been completely destroyed by the sword of the lonely sky! &1t;/p>

        But at this moment, the Boyang Taoist had already fallen to the ground. His face was already filled with strange white awns, as if a strip of white worms kept swimming under his skin, it seemed to be Breaking out of the skin, the Boyang Taoist people huddled together in pain! &1t;/p>

        Lonely day face suddenly changed! &1t;/p>

        "Do you think that it is so easy to save this waste from our hands? He has the soul of the Lord. When I think of it, he will explode and die. The soul will always be enslaved by us. No one can lift it except the Lord. Do you really think that you can compete with the Triple Palace? ”The weather is cold and laughs. &1t;/p>

        Lonely Heaven firmly supported the Boyang Taoist. He stared angrily at the weathering sun. He was a person who could not cultivate spiritual power. He had a physical strength and a gift in the kendo. No help! &1t;/p>

        "Yi Tian! Master's life is not worth the money, they want to give them. If you can kill them, do it now! If you can't kill it, just leave. Once you compromise, you will succumb to their hands in the future, I don't want you to be like this! ”&1t;/p>

        The people of Boyang suffered great pains. These words were almost squeezed out of his teeth. He shook his hand and wanted to let his apprentice go. In the face of the master of the robbery period, his Jin Dan period of repair did not even have the opportunity to commit suicide. He was not afraid of death, only afraid that his apprentice would do something contrary to morality. &1t;/p>

        However, the lonely day slowly put down the sword. He once used the Master to destroy the ingratitude of the cadres, and now he will abandon his master's life. &1t;/p>

        "Who do you want me to deal with?"&1t;/p>

        Asked lonely and coldly. &1t;/p>


        Mu Yu and Su Ran are heading in the direction of the southern Fuli Garden. They are going to take all the people from the Dust School to the Zong Zong. &1t;/p>

        Although the small courtyard in the southern Fuli Garden was set up by the master and the evil spirits, it was enough to resist the people of the Mie Palace. However, in Mu Yu’s view, the space for the place was too small, and now he has his own Zongmen, you should protect everyone close to you. &1t;/p>

        In addition, he has other things to do. &1t;/p>

        Sitting in the void and looking at the list of the most popular in the sky, asked: "Mu Yu, are we going to find these people one by one?"&1t;/p>

        Mu Yu shook his head: "Only find some people who are necessary."&1t;/p>

        The head of the old cloth told him that the voice of the real world is too loud for the immortal monument. If the Sangong Palace can't stop the opening of the immortal list, then it will definitely make a fuss about it. In addition to most of the top 20 Mie Gong people, in order to ensure that the nine immortals are infallible, they will find ways to control the most potential people on the list. &1t;/p>

        This time, the village chief of Laobu has been studying the changes in the list of the most popular lists, and listed some of the potential people on the list. Most of these people did not have the impact of the immortal list, but in the view of the village chief, it is very likely that there are people with hidden strength, a total of six people. &1t;/p>

        Simon is unfortunate, evil person, ranked twenty-nine. &1t;/p>

        Hey, evil person, ranked thirty-two. &1t;/p>

        Shangguan Lin, scattered repair, ranked forty-one. &1t;/p>

        Lonely days, scattered, ranked forty-fifth. &1t;/p>

        Murong Yu, scattered repair, ranked fifty-first. &1t;/p>

        Rain Mo, scattered repair, ranked fifty-two. &1t;/p>

        These six people are the heads of the old cloth combined with their various performances and rumors in the realm of cultivation, and through the analysis of their potential, determined that their true strength is not limited to the current ranking. &1t;/p>

        The 50th place in the celestial list began as a watershed, because the top 50 were strong people above the divine period, but in the analysis of the data collected by the village chief, it seems that Yu Mo and Murong can not be repaired. Did not reach the distraction period! &1t;/p>

        Mr. Laobu told Mu Yu that according to the current trend of the exhibition, the opening of the Great Monument has become a foregone conclusion. Since the Three Palaces cannot prevent this from happening, they will want to put the people who are most likely to become nine Xuanxian. They are firmly in their hands. &1t;/p>

        In the Great Monument, the Mie Palace can't interfere. Although Mie Palace is currently in control of the top nine on the Pole, they still dare not care. That is to say, the Mie Palace will now coerce the young comprehensions with great potential through various means to unite against the four brothers of Mu Yu in the immortal monument. &1t;/p>

        The realm of comprehension is far from being so simple on the surface. In addition to the eight gates, there are also several geniuses such as Shuijugu, which are similar in strength to the eight-door power, and are inevitably in the control of the Mie Palace. &1t;/p>

        However, some young geniuses who have not been able to check out the Sangong Palace can not find out the same genius. These people, like Mu Yu’s four divisions, are unstable factors, so the Sangong Palace will try to control these scattered geniuses. live. &1t;/p>

        The old cloth village chief asked Mu Yu to find these people before he rushed to the Mie Palace, because no one can say whether these people are really scattered, maybe their heads are also amazing, just relatively low-key, just in case, Need to be guarded. &1t;/p>

        The village chief Laobu naturally mentioned that the two inexplicably in the top 20 of the immortal list, and Mu Yu had seen Chu Xia twice, but Chu Xia was surrounded by a Mahayana period. If Chu does not give up protection, there is no need to pay for it. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu himself has never studied the genius of the celestial list, because he did not care about the celestial list. Whoever ranks high and who ranks low does not matter, but now he has to pay attention to this. The Mie Palace is a huge monster, and it is obviously unwise for them to fight alone. &1t;/p>

        "Ximen unfortunately and the two evil sects of the sects of the golden virgins have two brushes I know, but I really can't think of how the old gods are inferring that the other four people are also hidden."Xiaoshuai shouted. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yudao: "The grandfather's eyes will not be wrong, we believe him."&1t;/p>

        He doesn't like to cooperate with others, but with these people in the great monument to unite him to create trouble, he still decided to solve the problem one by one. &1t;/p>

        "Lonely day, what are we going to pay attention to?"Xiaoshuai grinned. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu nodded: "Lonely Sky is a respectable opponent. I always think that he is very strong. The person with perseverance is the most important thing to pay attention to."&1t;/p>

        When they were in the Moyun Mountain Range, both of them were in the Yuan Ying period. Mu Yu and Lonely Day both stood up and tested each other. In the end, Mu Yu won. However, Mu Yu never thought that the strength of Lonely Sky is weaker than him. Everyone has his own adventures. After so many years, the cultivation of Lonely Heaven is bound to have a qualitative leap. &1t;/p>

        In the past, Master told Mu Yu that the cultivation path of the person who was physically repaired was extremely rough. Those who were not persevering could not cultivate, but if they could succeed in cultivation, they were all powerful, so Mu Yu never looked at the lonely sky. &1t;/p>

        "Mu Yu, I think you are also very persevering, physically strong, you can consider taking physical repair."I suddenly touched the solid arm of Mu Yu. &1t;/p>

        "He didn't need it anymore. This guy is now picking up one percent of my skin."Xiaoshuai shouted. &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu rudely licked Xiao Shuai’s head: "Where is my skin thick?" I am very shy. ”&1t;/p>

        Xiaoshuai was stunned. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com &1t;/p>

        Mu Yu is undecided, his black and white spirit is very weird. Whenever he is injured, the black spiritual power will swallow the injured muscles, and the white spiritual power will repair the muscles. The process of engulfing and repairing will make his body more Strong, so at this time his physical strength is unquestionable. &1t;/p>

        When he got the mutated black and white spirit, he almost killed him. He also paid a great price to have this ability, let alone the dead wood scorpion used blood to protect the sky. The powerful ability is not Feel free to get it. &1t;/p>

        After flying for a few hours, they finally came to the south of the 50th Lien Park. In this place, it is not allowed to fly. Mu Yu does not want to reveal his identity, so he still follows the normal method and walks toward the small courtyard where the dusty people live. go with. &1t;/p>


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