Chapter 1048: People without shadows

        "Yes, the owner of Qishuicheng is a predecessor of the Mahayana period. The founder told me that the entire Qishuicheng guardian is no less than the array of our ancestors."Zhuge Xiaosheng said.

        "Not as good as the temple? Doesn't that mean that Qishuicheng is also a Taoist? ”Mu Yu was surprised.

        "Door? What is a Tao? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng asked inexplicably.

        "Sovereign, don't you know the Tao? The array of our ancestors and the opening of the Ding Ding School is a Taoist! Xiaoshuai, do you still remember the inscription that we interpreted in the opening of the market? Tell it to the lord. ”Mu Yu said to Xiaoshuai.

        The last time they tried to save the Dan Ding faction and enter the Kai Ding Ding, in order to start the opening of the market, the first eight inscriptions were interpreted to form some similar interpretations.

        Xiaoshuai shook his head and said: "Do you mean those strange inscriptions? I think that when chaos begins, the law is born, the Tao is one, the second is life, the two are four, and the four are born and gossip. The yin and yang are beginning to be chaotic, and they are stored in the Tao, and they are given to the people. There is another sentence…The Taoist law is natural, the nine-day Taoist town Xingyu, the five elements of the spirit of life. The beginning of the nameless world, the mother of all things. ”

        Xiaoshuai said and said: "I still don't understand these words until now. I only remember that Tianhengchang stopped in chaos and closed, and the shadow god spirit is not within the five elements. The handsome bondage should be me. ”

        Mu Yu suddenly remembered something. He patted his head and suddenly understood a lot: "Yin and yang, starting from chaos, in the Tao, giving the heart." Both yin and yang mean chaos yin and yang! ”

        Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai pulled out from the body of Mu Yu and played happily in the air.

        Mu Yu explained: "At that time, we did not see the big black and white of the opening of the market, so it is not very clear what this sentence means. But now I think about it, the nine heavens and the town of Xingyu, the five elements of the spirit of life, that is to say, there are at least nine devices, each channel should have chaotic yin and yang, such as the owner of the open market is the dead wood The owner of the temple is now me, and the five elements of the spirit of life, the five elements of the spirit must refer to this! ”

        Mu Yu’s sword appeared in the hands of Mu Yu.

The more he thinks, the more likely he is, because the Muling Sword is a very powerful thing, and even the Mang himself is not very clear about its source. In this way, the water spirit in the hands of Qiao Xue is also a five-line spirit. As for Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan, have they got the five elements of the spirit, Mu Yu does not know.

        Mu Yu continued to say: "Small handsome, you just mentioned that 'Tianheng is long and the chaos is closed, and the shadow god is not within the five elements'. The shadow god refers to my master, not the spirit within the five elements. Refers to you, then the meaning of Tianheng, must refer to the power of Tianheng that exists in the bodies of nine eternal beings! When nine living beings are not enough, heaven and earth will perish, meaning chaos closes. ”

        Zhuge Xiaosheng did not quite understand what Mu Yu said, and asked: "Do we know what these things are all about?"

        "Nine-way device, Kai Ding Ding and Temple Hall can resist the invasion of the Miegong people. If Qishuicheng is not going to be hungry by the people of Sangong Palace, it means that Qishuicheng can also!" And we haven't found another person who will live forever, 辗 兮! ”

        Mu Yu thought of a possibility, isn't the owner of Qi Shuicheng a kelp?

        Xiaoshuai slaps his head and suddenly realizes: "I can suppress the ability of the field of cultivation. If the owner of Qishuicheng is keloid, then the kelp is not the ability of the field-"

        "There is no fairy!"

        Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai said in unison.

        "There is no fairy?"Zhuge Xiaosheng and Yan Ran did not understand that they knew very little about the field ability of the Mahayana period.

        Mu Yu explained: "After leaving Qingshuicheng, we went to the sea and went to the king of the Siren King. The mysterious machine sealed the King of the Siren. He left a town demon tower with many powerful ones. Array. Xuanjizi real person, sovereign, you should know? ”

        Zhuge Xiaosheng nodded: "Xuanjizi Reality is a very powerful strategist of our ancestor. It is recorded in the books of our ancestors. The talent group has created many powerful arrays, but he seems unwilling to act as a squad. The patriarch of the sect, but concentrated on studying the array, and later disappeared mysteriously."

        Mysteriously disappeared, it was to go to the demon island to suppress the Kraken king.

        "He was the real Mie Palace master more than 5,000 years ago!"Mu Yu said.

        Although the people of the Mie Palace want to be kept secret, now the Mie Palace is not the same as it used to be, and it is controlled by the aliens. Zhuge Xiaosheng can be trusted, so Mu Yu does not hide anything.

        "what? The owner of the Mie Palace? ”Zhuge Xiaosheng was shocked.

        Mu Yu said the details of He Liankong in detail. After listening to Mu Yu, Zhuge Xiaosheng was already shocked. He had not returned to God for a long time.

        "We have a triple palace owner hidden in our ancestors?" God! I don't know at all. ”Zhuge Xiaosheng whispered.

        This news is really shocking to Zhuge Xiaosheng. He originally thought that Xuanjizi was just an elder who didn't ask the world from his ancestors' classics, but he didn't think that the identity of Xuanjizi's real person was so terrible!

        However, as the owner of the Triple Palace, Xuanjizi follows the principle of secrecy. He only stands out when the comprehension is in danger. At other times, he will not reveal his identity, so everyone in the array does not know this. Things.

        Mu Yu continued: "At the beginning we entered the town demon tower of the mysterious son, where the town demon tower has a layer that is limited by a field ability, the ability of that field is called the spiritless, we are there to deal with the ghost The door is a ghost."

        "Yes, I have to unload him eight."Xiaoshuai proudly added.

        Mu Yu has always felt that the field of innocence and immortality is very against the sky, because no one can use the technique in this field, and the spiritual power of the body is completely crushed to death, which is a real mortal.

        In this field, if you want to defeat your opponent, you will rely on the flexibility and power of your own body. There is a strange technique at the time of the ghost, and the body is almost the same as the Menggong’s old river tour trapped in the twin bodies. . Mu Yu has a shadow sword, even if he can't use the power, the sword is still strong.

        If Qishuicheng itself is a Taoist device, or if there is a Taoist guardian in Qishuicheng, then there must be a person in Qishuicheng who controls Chaoyang Yinyang. Muyu needs to meet this person.

        Zhuge Xiaosheng strongly suppressed the shock of his heart. He thought for a moment and continued to say: "Yes, there is one more thing. What makes me feel very strange is that there are some people in Qishuicheng who have no shadow."

        "No shadow? There are people without shadows in this world? ”Mu Yu frowned.

        Xiaoshuai interface said: "Mu Yu, have you forgotten?" The two people we met in Shimizu Castle, what is the name, oh yes, what white nights are there in the night, they are people without shadows! ”

        "Ok? They have no shadow? you sure? ”

        Mu Yu didn't notice this at first, because the first time he saw White Night, it was at night, when he thought about saving Mu Xin, didn't care about this. The second time, after meeting my own brothers, the mood was somewhat low, and I was unwilling to talk to people without the shadow family.

        "Yes, I came to see us twice in the night. When he appeared twice, the position of standing was very rough. It was just in the shadow of a rock in the desert. I couldn't see if he had a shadow. But how could their tactics be able to hold me handsome? ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

        "Then why don't you say that early!"Mu Yu knocked on Xiao Shuai’s head.

        "At the time, he didn't say that he came from a shadowless family!"No shadow family, no shadow race, is there no shadow? Obvious things, I thought you knew it already, so I didn't mention it. ”Xiaoshuai blinked.

        Mu Plume laugh and cry, he carefully recalled two times to see the scene of the people without shadow, did not pay attention to these, he slowly said: "At that time Daytime said the existence of the Shadow tribe is to eliminate the shadow organization, I always thought that ' no shadow tribe ' literally understand, should be ' Let the real world No shadow organization ' meaning, strange–"

        "what happened?"Xiaoshuai asked.

        "Have you ever thought about one thing? We always thought that the filmmakers were the minions of the Mie Palace, but the ghost gate elder Huang Quan, who was lurking in the ghost gate for so long, would have been a filming and killing of the filmmakers! If the filming organization is the minion of the Mie Palace, then the shadow killing Huangquan should help the ghost door talents, but at that time, Huang Quan chose to stand by and watched us kill the ghosts, which is obviously not right. ”

        At that time, Huang Quan was looking for a wooden feather for the sake of advocacy. There was some connection between the promise and the killing of the winter solstice. Mu Yu guessed that he had some important secrets of the filmmakers, and that Huang Quan had to find a promise.

        Mu Yu then analyzed: "The shadow killing of the filmmakers is to kill by shadow, and if you say that there is no shadow in the white night, this is very abnormal. All of us in the three heavens have shadows. We have never heard of anyone who has no shadows. If I have not guessed wrong, perhaps the people without the shadows are also aliens outside the triple heaven! Just like the soul, the ghost, the moon. The shadowless family is also one of them. ”

        The more he thinks about the possibility, the more likely it is that the Qishuicheng place is not just a city without a comprehension, it is very likely to be a settlement without a shadow.

        "Just what is this pictureless family?"Out of the air.

        None of them knows the origin of the no-family. Only when Lu Xianshi once helped the filmmakers to do the business of the formation, they heard the origins of the no-family from the film organization.

        "When the Helian air was in the demon island, did not say that the origin of the shadowless family was to avenge the old man with white beard? What kind of young man named Bai Liangsheng got the guidance of the old man with white beard, UU reading and then it was soaring, right? Wood feather. ”Xiaoshuai said.

        Mu Yu shook his head: "Some words that Herlian’s predecessors said on the demon island can’t be taken seriously, because at that time, Helian’s predecessor was a triple palace, and he guarded the secret of the Sangong Palace. It is confidential, so he may say that the origin of the no-family may be just a random Du Fu. Sovereign, do you know how to get to Qishuicheng? ”

        Zhuge said: "Do not know, was the patriarch to take me, at that time my fix is still very low, the patriarch, using the great Avatar, took me to a very ordinary river, surrounded by fog, we walked along the river, then the patriarch took out a token, threw into the river, then we saw the city. ”


        Mu Yu’s mind flashed a ray of light, and he seemed to have a token too!


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