Chapter 1054 has a sword in mind

        Solitary days to defeat the day Ridge Sword thing, repair the real world Many people know, is also that war, just let all people understand, the lone Yi days in the end how deep hidden!

        The day Ridge Sword is like a mouse has been trampled on the tail like, angry.

        "Lonely day, what are you doing?" If he doesn't die, your master will die! ”The day Ridge Sword says angrily, he does not like someone to expose own scar.

        Solitary days clenched the sword in his hand, the sword full of cracks, a burst of light.

        Mu Yu looked at the Tianji sword and smiled lightly: "Tianji sword, are you voluntarily working for the Triple Palace?"

        "What is it!" The majesty of the Mie Palace is inviolable! The entire three major 6 are led by the Triple Palace, I just know the time. ”The Tianji sword sneered.

        "You are not controlled by the gods, so it seems that killing you is not too embarrassing."Mu Yu Road.

        The Tianji sword laughed loudly: "If you want to kill me, you must first ask if you can't do it alone!"

        Lonely Day said seriously to Mu Yu: "You can't kill him."

        Mu Yu turned his head and said to the little handsome on the shoulder: "This string of mountains borrowed me."

        "Then you have to remember to return me two strings, oh no, three strings…Four strings are good. ”

        Xiaoshuai reluctantly handed the bamboo stick that had been left with only one mountain to Mu Yu.

        "This mountain is good."

        Mu Yu looked at the string of hawthorn handed to him by Xiaoshuai. The last hawthorn on the bamboo stick still had icing, and a tooth print of Xiaoshuai.

        Mu Yu lightly shot,

The bamboo sticks are mixed with the last mountain that has gone to the spine sword!

        It was just a mountain, but it was mixed with a very strong sword, as if it contained a sword, just fierce!

        The spine of the Tianji sword shrank, and he was so shocked that he could not resist this terrible mountain string!

        How can this be?

        I am a genius in the Valley of the Swords, I can't beat the chopsticks of the lonely days, I can't stop the sash of the sash, but I can't escape the mountain raft of Mu Yu!

        The self-confidence of the Tianji sword has been greatly contused. He is also the cultivation of the robbery period. How can he be so vulnerable in front of these three people?

        He can't accept it!

        "I said, you can't kill him!"

        Lonely day frowned, and he reached out and grabbed the mountain.


        The speed of the lonely sky is extremely fast, and his hand also contains a strong sword meaning, colliding with the hawthorn string!

        The last mountain with a tooth print was caught in the hands of Lonely Sky.

        However, there is a blood hole in the forehead of the Tianji sword!

        Lonely Heaven seized the foothills, but did not catch the bamboo tag that stalked the mountain.

        The bamboo stick of the hawthorn pierced the center of the forehead of the Tianji sword and destroyed his vitality!

        Everyone sucked in a cold breath!

        Tianji sword, is it so dead?

        On the top of the list, the 23rd Tianji Sword was actually killed on a bamboo stick of Mu Yu!


        The body of the Tianji sword fell to the ground, causing a dust.

        Just like being on the heart of everyone, every gambler is shocked!

        The cool color of the lonely sky became extremely angry: "I said, you can't kill him!"

        Mu Yu said faintly: "In my eyes, the damn person, I will definitely kill! No matter what reason he can't kill. ”

        Going out of the Moyun Mountain Range and experiencing so much, he understands that he can't be soft-hearted when dealing with the enemy. If he has a reason to die, he must kill it as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will only add weight to himself.

        The lonely sky is unstoppable, and the mountain in the hand has been broken into powder: "When he dies, my master will die!"

        He made any compromises for the talents of the Boyang Road. If it wasn't for the Boyang people who brought him out of the school, he would be given the opportunity to practice and bring him to the road. He could not have achieved today. The Boyang Taoist is everything for him. He will never make any bets on the life of the Boyang Taoist.

        Mu Yu said slowly: "You are wrong, he is dead, your master will not die, because for the Mie Palace, your master's life is worth more than the Tianji sword."

        A lonely day.

        "If the people of Boyang have an accident, will you still follow the control of the Mie Palace?"Mu Yu continued.

        The battle of Xuanxian in the immortal list is getting more and more severe, and the competition for the nine Xuanxian is getting bigger and bigger. The Sangong Palace must hold the chips that can be caught in the hands. The solitary sky is such an extremely powerful chip. .

        The strength of the lonely sky is enough to compete with Mu Yu in the great monument, and the Tianji sword can't, so the Tianji sword can die, and the Boyang Taoist can't die!

        The face of Lonely Day gradually eased down. He only had the strength in his heart, his brain was straight and he would not turn.

        "Hahaha! Mu Yu, you are really smart. ”

        A cold laughter spread throughout the open-air casino, and two hooded black men appeared on the ring.

        During the robbery period, it is the master of the two robbery periods!

        All the gamblers were shocked and felt that they would not come here today. They can witness so many masters of the robbery period, although they have no regrets!

        "Useless people die when they die, but your master is obviously useful."

        A black man squinted at the body of the Sword Sword, and the death of the Sword Sword was irrelevant to them. The three palaces value only those who can really do things for them.

        Lonely day clenched the broad sword, and the undulating chest gradually subsided.

        "But if you haven't finished the task today, the only arm of your waste master can't keep it!" Not only his arm, I guarantee that his feet will be lost, let him be a real hand-free waste! ”Another black man said coldly.

        The lonely day wrists burst into the blue veins, and he stared angrily at the two powerful black men, and his heart angered through the chest.

        "Wu Yu, you killed Yu Hongyi, and actually dared to appear here brazenly, I really admire your courage."

        The black man laughed.

        His words echoed again throughout the casino, and everyone was a glimpse!


        Yu Hongyi, who ranked eighth in the ranking of the immortal, actually died in Mu Yu’s hand!

        Is this wood feather so strong to this extent?

        "first name."

        Mu Yu faintly stared at the two black men, the two men, very strong, repaired at least to rob the nine heavens.

        "Abandoning the project."

        "Lu Mingyuan."

        Two black shadows slowly reported their names.

        Everyone has been shocked to say nothing!

        Abandoned the project, the most immortal ranked seventh!

        Lu Mingyuan, the most immortal ranked sixth!

        The entire open-air casino is almost boiling, but the oppression of the robbery period is extremely great, and the hard-working students put their excitement down. No one dares to say a word, and even dare not take a breather.

        Slowly walked to the side of Mu Yu: "So now it is three dozen! Brother Mu Yu, my favorite is to win more. ”

        Mu Yu looked at the three people on the opposite side. The lonely day was very strong. Both the abandoned project and the Lu Mingyuan were not weak. The three of them were not weaker than Mu Yu and Yu.

        If you really fight, it’s hard to say that you’re up to it.

        The gamblers in the entire casino have been suffocated. This is a battle of the world. The geniuses of the five geniuses have gathered here. Today, they must become a battle for the realm of comprehension!

        "Is it ready?"Mu Yu said faintly.

        "We are always ready to kill you."Discard the item and cool the channel.

        Lonely Sky has once again raised his broad sword and pointed to Mu Yu: "Sorry, I must kill you. and–"

        The eyes of Lonely Sky became war-torn: "I have to fight you again!"

        "I will satisfy you."

        Mu Yu reached out to the iron fence of the open-air casino in the distance. A huge piece of iron was held in his hand. He reached out and the iron piece was like mud in his hand. He was made into a hand. The same iron sword as the shadow sword!

        Lonely days frowned.

        "Use your sword."Said alone.

        "This sword is enough."Mu Yu Road.

        The shadow sword in his hand is a sword that can communicate with the heavens and the earth. It is extremely powerful, but the broad sword of the lonely sky is just an iron sword.

        Lonely Sky shook his head: "I don't want to take advantage of you. The sword in my hand is my brother. It is also a weapon of the gods, and the sword in your hand is not familiar with you. It can't give you all the strength." ”

        "We are all people who use swords. There are swords in their hearts. Everything is a sword. Why do you care about the sword in your hand?"Mu Yu said.

        The eyes of Lonely Sky lit up, and Mu Yu’s understanding of Kendo was in line with him!

        For a long while, Mu Yu continued: "My sword, only sinister people."

        Lonely day slowly retracted his broad sword on his back.


        The iron fence in the distance also flew into the hands of the lonely sky, and he was instantly built into a broad sword.

        "So, we are fair."The lonely sky waved the new broad martial art.

        There is a sword in the heart, and everything is a sword!

        A brand new broad sword, a brand new shadow sword.

        Jianfeng suddenly burst into a fierce cold at the same time!

        Lonely sky is still just a sword, the sword is very simple, very heavy, heavy to the whole void is faint to collapse, as if you can not bear such a terrible sword, swordmangly overbearing, as if the next moment Will destroy the entire casino!

        No one can doubt this, because Lonely Day can do this!

        The sword of the lonely sky, only one stroke, a move forward, a simple sword, people can not find a flawed sword!

        The iron sword in the hands of Mu Yu also stabbed.

        His sword is just a sword, but in the eyes of all people, it has already been transformed into a thousand. There are nine swords shadows swept out. Nine swords are pierced from different angles. The nine swords are so powerful, each A sword move has changed into another sword trick, complement each other, perfect!

        Nine swords suddenly re-condensed into a sword at a certain moment, the sword is still simple, but the simple is mixed with the mysterious sword meaning, ninety-nine one, the road to Jane!

        They are also simple swords, but the simple swords each contain different swords, and their swordsmanship has already been recognized by people at the place!

        The sword is intended to form a stormy wave around the two people, just like two swordsmen confrontation, the next moment will collapse the world.

        However, the platform is still intact, and their swordsmanship still hits at a point. No one has let the violent swords be wasted in unnecessary places, and will not destroy the downfall.

        Those who can destroy all things, not necessarily the real strong, can protect the people of all things, is the real strong.

        Because of guardianship, UU reading is more difficult than destruction!

        Their swords are finally colliding together!

        There are only two young people in the eyes of all.

        But in the eyes of these two people, only the sword in their hands is left!

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