Chapter 1055, Despicable Ugly Creatures

        The confrontation between the two swordsmen makes everyone's heart mention the eyes of the blind. In front of this horrible sword, it seems that the victory is not so important. They are all convinced by this powerful sword. That is No one dares to guess which side is more powerful in the realm where the gamblers present will never reach.

        But the other two unrelated people in the ring are moving! Abandoning Xiang Sheng and Lu Mingyuan, they have already emerged a sacred white awn, eight soul beads appear in their whole body, sacred and stalwart, like two gods, but their goal is actually to Mu Yu Come!

        They want to take this opportunity to kill Mu Yu!


        I don't know who shouted, all the gamblers yelled in anger.

        That is the test of the solitary days and the wooden feathers. They have been tested in a straightforward manner and have not yet won the game. However, the three-members of the Sangong Palace and Lu Mingyuan have taken the opportunity to attack Mu Yu and want to use the wood feathers. When you can't distract you, interfere with this test!

        The danger of swearing is the most spoiled!

        The two people in Miegong have a sacred light shining on them. They were originally a symbol of the authority of the real world. But in the eyes of all gamblers, this so-called god is so ugly! I don’t dare to fight in the right place, but I’m going to sneak in!

        "Do all of you in the Mie Palace are this shameless face?"

        He has been paying attention to the actions of Xiang Xiangsheng and Lu Mingyuan. Almost when the two of them moved, the shawl on the scorpion also moved. The shawl of the sky entangled the abandonment of Xiang Xiangsheng and Lu Mingyuan. .

        The sly shawl is full of casual but powerful atmosphere, even if they are abandoned and Lu Mingyuan are afraid to take a nap. Lu Mingyuan was surrounded by shawls. His white soul force collided with the sly shawl, bursting with horrible fluctuations, and slamming away. However, the abandoned item has passed over the crepe and continues. Going towards Mu Yu!

        You can only stop one person!

        "We don't need to pay attention to the principles of the Triple Palace.

Just kill you, everything is easy to say! ”

        Abandoning the project, he laughed, his laughter seemed extremely sacred, echoing in the entire casino, but making everyone angry!

        "The people of Mie Palace are really shameless!"

        "It turns out that we all believe in the triple palace!"

        The gamblers are all screaming, but the abandonment of Xiang Xiang and Lu Mingyuan seems to have ignored the fact that they are the identity of the Three Palaces, because in their eyes, after today, the entire casino is a dead city!

        They want to kill the entire city.

        Dead people, even if they know their identity, know the dirty tricks of their unscrupulous means, they can't speak, and they can't spread it!

        "The soul of the law, the sound of the hammer!"

        Eight soul beads have formed a white and white sledgehammer in the body of the abandoned project. This hammer squeezes the space and smashes the ground down to the wood feather. The horrible momentum seems to shatter the star, shaking The heavens and the earth, the 撼天锤 immediately turned into a blood red, so strange.

        Blood red, is the person of the Mie Palace specializing in dealing with Mu Yu's blood protection!

        "Give me to die!"

        Abandoning the project and raising a smile, he is very confident in his own soul. If it is a dozen, he does not necessarily kill the dead wood feather, but at this time, Mu Yu will definitely fly under his hammer!

        However, in the eyes of Mu Yu, there is no panic at all. Just like Lonely Sky, they all have a smattering sword in their eyes. They all have only opponents. The tricks of jumping the clown like Sangong Palace will not affect him at all.

        The Sword of the two swords gathered at that point, and all the swords suddenly blew away from that point, the stalemate of the sword is like to find a pouring mouth, two different sword is originally opposed to each other, but at this time they are fused together, as if two flexible dragon winding each other, common to the abandonment of the shake-day hammer and go-


        Under the attack of two swords, the despicable smashing hammer was instantly smashed into intricate pieces, which seemed so vulnerable to being scattered in the air.

        "How can it be!"

        The abandoned item revealed an incredible look. He never imagined that this situation would occur. In his eyes, the lonely sky and Mu Yu were deadlocked. At this time, he sneaked into the wood feather, and the wood feather would die. But the feathers of Mu Yu and Lonely Heaven are united together at this time to come to him!

        That is the meaning of Mu Yu and Lonely Heaven. They are not weaker than any of them, not to mention the combination of the two!


        The two swords defeated the hammer of the scorpion and continued to rush forward, directly penetrating the shoulder of the abandoned project, cutting down half of his body and tearing his body.


        The abandoned item raised a sharp scream, lost half of the body, and distorted the whole person. He was mad at the anger, but he was not an ordinary person, even if he lost half of his body, he still did not die!

        He rushed out and rushed into the gambler, grabbed hundreds of gamblers, directly turned them into a group of blood fog, integrated into himself, and repaired his own injuries.

        All the gamblers in the open air shouted in horror, and they never imagined such an incredible scene. The sneak attack on the sinister sinister sinister was unsuccessful, but it was cut off half-length, but the abandonment of the project was to restore the gambler’s life!

        "The Triple Palace is a demon!"

        "It's a shameless demon!"

        All the gamblers are screaming, and the angry voice integrates a powerful life, pulling the sacred soul of the white and the white spirit of Lu Mingyuan. The sacred soul is suppressed into their bodies, let They have an ugly appearance!

        It's a dirty creature, the skin is wrinkled, the sharp teeth are jagged, and it's very different from the sacred feeling.

        The ugly thing only dares to stay in the black for a lifetime, can not stand the vitality of the vitality!

        "You all have to die today."

        Abandoning the item and screaming, the ugly face is even more hateful, frightening many gamblers, they want to escape, but the powerful oppression of the robbery period makes them unable to move, their legs are not listening.

        They can't escape!

        Lu Mingyuan also fell to the side of abandoned Xiang Sheng, he stared coldly at the lonely sky, said: "Lonely day, you dare to start with us, then your waste master can not live any more!"

        Lonely day clenched his fist and said coldly: "This is my battle with him. I don't allow anyone to interfere! If you want me to do things, you must let me solve it in my own way! ”

        He has a very straight personality, so he doesn't like the treacherousness of the Mie Palace. He doesn't like to play tricks. He doesn't want to win!

        Lu Mingyuan sneered aloud: "In your own way? You look at yourself too high, you are our jealousy, you have to act in our way. You have destroyed our affairs three times and five times, then the last arm of the Boyang Taoist is no longer necessary to keep it. This is my warning to you! Heavenly yang! Cut off the arm of that waste! ”

        Everyone was shocked. The star-studded door was famous for the elders of the robbery period.


        A bloody right arm fell out of the void and squatted in front of the lonely sky!

        "Do not! Do not! Do not……Master, Master…"

        Lonely day saw the bloody old arm, and had completely messed up his hands and feet. The Boyang Taoist had only one arm left. Now even the remaining arm has been lost. His heart is like a knife, and the man goes backwards. Two steps, the fierce momentum has dispersed from his body.

        "Don't hurt my master, I beg you, don't!"

        The lonely eyes are red, and the whole person is shaking.

        Lu Mingyuan sneered and said: "So pull out your sword and kill Mu Yu!" If you can't kill Mu Yu, then I will cut off your master's legs, dig his eyes, cut his ears and nose, but I won't let him die, I want you to understand, your master's The fate is in your hands! ”

        Tens of thousands of gamblers were horrified to see what the ugly creature had said. The second heart of Lu Xingyuan’s heart was so vicious, and the scorpion was so tempted to torture the lonely master’s master to force the lonely day to press them. The requirements for doing things.

        The lonely sky trembled and pulled out his broad sword. The scarred wide sword, his body full of violent anger, looked at Mu Yu: "Sorry, I must kill you, I can not let my master…I can not……I can not……"

        "I will not hurt my esteemed person."Mu Yu said slowly. "We are very similar in some places. I have always regarded you as a respectable opponent. The opponent should not be concerned."

        "Sorry, I have to protect my master…"

        The broken sword in the hands of Lonely Heaven has risen, and the scarred and broken swords have drawn a sword of incomparable horror. Every crack is like a sword, and the broad sword seems to be a fusion of countless swords. to make.

        Mu Yu continued: "So I am worried about you."

        "I must kill you…I have to……"

        The sword of the lonely sky has become very turbulent, turbulent but powerful. The ring was cracked, and the ravine spread from his feet and spread to Mu Yu. However, he still did not move the sword. He did not like this forced battle. He wanted to fight in an upright manner.

        Lu Mingyuan said coldly: "Lonely day, what are you waiting for?" Do you want me to let Tianhouyang cut off your master's legs? ”

        Mu Yu turned to Lu Mingyuan and said indifferently: "Despite your try!"

        "Heavenly Yang, cut the legs of the Boyang Dao!"Lu Mingyuan is cold and shouting.

        "No, wait a minute, I will shoot, I will shoot!"

        Lonely day said in a panic, he stepped on his toes, and the whole person had already rushed to Mu Yu as the arrow of the string.

        But at this moment, an old and eager voice sounded.

        "Yi Tian, ​​stop! It’s okay for the teacher! ”

        The body of the lonely sky slammed in the air!


        Lonely day turned around, I don’t know when I have stood two people in the downfall, one is wearing a cyan skirt, the other is a Boyang Taoist!

        Suddenly support the people of Boyang, and the right arm of the Boyang Dao is still intact!

        "Master, you, are you okay?"Live alone.

        "how come?"

        Lu Mingyuan's ugly look suddenly became stiff and became extremely embarrassing: "Impossible, how can you escape this waste, UU reading Tianyang! what are you doing! ”

        "Are you calling this person?"

        Suddenly snorted, a hand, the weather yang banged out of the air and squatted in front of Lu Mingyuan.

        Everyone looked at the weather in amazement. At this time, the weather is already a dead body. It has already died for a long time, and there is one less right arm!

        The bloody right arm just turned out to be from the weather!

        The audience is stunned!

        No one thought that things would be so unexpected! …


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