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Chapter 1056 The Casino Powerhouse!

        Master ”

        Lonely Day has already rushed to the side of the Boyang Taoist, and he was relieved to see that he was intact. But his body still trembling, facial expression is still extremely worried, because he remembers the Triple palace in Be Yangdao human body under a powerful soul, enough a thought took Be Yangdao human life of the soul of surgery.

        "I'm fine, it was this girl who rescued me, and I was relieved of my soul," she said. ”The face of Boyang Road is a bit pale, but it doesn't look bad.

        "thanks, thanks……"Lonely days gratefully look at the awe.

        Suddenly smiled: "No thanks, Mu Yu let me do this, and he taught me how to unlock the soul of the Triple Palace. I have already handed over your Master to you, and you should protect him."

        It has already fallen to the side of Mu Yu.

        "a little slow."Mu Yu smiled faintly.

        "No way, killing Tianyang and Tianyuanwan is not easy, but I finally caught up."Suddenly spit out my tongue.

        "Sudden sister, you are one step later, Mu Yu really wants to fight with Lonely Day, we can't delay for a long time."Xiaoshuai jumped to the shoulders of his shoulders, biting his chicken legs.

        From the beginning to the present, Xiaoshuai has been eating his own things. Even when Mu Yu and Lonely Day are working, he stands on the shoulders of Mu Yu to watch the excitement. The so-called procrastination time has nothing to do with him.

        "It’s good to come."

        Mu Yu shook his head slightly, and really played against Lonely Day. He must do his best, because Lonely Sky is a powerful opponent. When it is very likely that both sides will suffer, then there will be no chance of winning with the people of Mie Palace.

        "Fortunately, you are fine, the three brothers of the Mie Palace are really amazing.

It is true that the news of the shadowless family is really good. ”Said awkwardly.

        Mu Yu heard about the lonely day from Shangguanlin and rushed to the casino. When I came to the casino, two people from the Sangong Palace and Tianyang Yang and Tianyuan Wanxi were holding the Boyang Taoist, and they were also in a corner of the casino.

        Today's lonely day is to kill, and it is hard to say who will be better than to fight against each other. To stop the lonely days, only to save the people of Boyang. However, Mu Yu and Su Ran could not rescue the Boyang Taoist from the hands of these four people. Anyone who abandoned Xiang Xiang and Lu Mingyuan was not weaker than Mu Yu, and could only split the road with the savage soldiers.

        Mu Yu appeared to attract the two of them, namely, Xiang Xiangsheng and Lu Mingyuan, while he was responsible for dealing with the relatively weak Tianyang and Tianyuanwan. Mu Yu knows that as soon as he appears on the stage and kills the spine sword, the two people in the Mie Palace will definitely come out to deal with him. At that time, it is a good time to start and save people.

        The strength of the awe-inspiring is also very strong. Like Mu Yu, her strength cannot be judged by the surface repair. It is not a problem to deal with Tianyang Yang and Tianyuan Wan.

        "The goddess of the red dust door, it is really my mistake!" I didn't expect to see you in just a few months, and your strength has become so high! ”Lu Mingyuan looked at the coldness coldly.

        The sudden appearance once again caused a sensation, the red-dust door of the goddess, now one of the eight doors of the red dust door was uprooted, no longer exists, but suddenly appeared here, it is surprising.

        In addition to being a few years younger than a child, no matter how old or talented, it is not weaker than the evil girl!

        "Oh, my sister is coming, so how many times should we be?"He sneered at the cover and turned his head to look at the abandoned Xiang Lu and Lu Mingyuan.

        In this fight, the number of people on both sides has been changing. Everyone is a stalwart of the sky, and the number determines the advantage.

        "Amazing girl, can you help me look after my master, I want to enemies."

        Lonely Heaven helped the people of Boyang to walk and say.

        Suddenly thinking about her head, she asked to look at Mu Yu.

        But Mu Yu said: "Little handsome, you take care of him, it's not that simple."

        "Okay, I will cheer you up."Xiaoshuai has already flew down on the shoulders of the Boyang Dao.

        Lonely day looked at Xiaoshuai, he did not know the ability of this little beast, but did not say anything.

        Four people faced the abandonment of Xiang Sheng and Lu Mingyuan, and the gap in strength has been opened.

        Abandoning Xiang Sheng and Lu Mingyuan’s ugly look did not seem to panic, but sneer: “Only four of you want to save the entire casino?”

        Mu Yu said calmly: "We are not here to save people."

        The sword in the hands of Lonely Heaven is killing: "We are coming to kill."

        The four people's fierce momentum swept out, and the soul of the two aliens, Xiang Xiangsheng and Lu Mingyuan, was suppressed. The entire huge open-air casino was so powerful that as long as either party moved a little, the entire open-air casino would be destroyed.

        The atmosphere has been quiet to the extreme, this time the gamblers also realized that something is wrong, because there will be an earth-shattering battle!

        The consequences of the six looting periods are far from being the only way for them to control their own abilities without destroying the downfall. One is careless and everyone is hard to protect.

        Thousands of gamblers have already panicked to the extreme, but no one dares to move, the powerful momentum makes them can only sit in the same place, no one dares to make any extra moves, for fear of a move will be lost. Land, can only watch all this panic, watching this unprecedented gamble.

        "Haha, it seems to catch up in time."


        Another sacred white mans fell on the side of the abandoned project and Lu Mingyuan. The appearance of this breath made everyone breathe again.

        Another comprehension of the robbery period!

        At this time, the whole casino was completely silent, and the gamblers no longer had the excitement just now. The vitality of all the people has gradually dissipated, and the people of Sangong Palace have re-emerged the divine soul power, which is so eye-catching. Awesome.

        The momentum on them is always so holy, holy but dirty!

        "Uuzhou, you are a little slow."Lu Mingyuan said faintly.

        Wuyuzhou, the fifth ranking!

        "Not only me, but another person has come."Wu Yuzhou looked at the opposite of the four people.


        The horrible atmosphere came from the casino. The man just took a step in the void. Everyone looked up in horror and looked at the sky-like figure in the air. The heart could not help but tremble.

        Mahayana period, the legendary Mahayana master!

        The turbulent momentum swept everyone, and the gamblers of the entire casino were horrified, and no one expected that there would be a master of the Mahayana period!

        "Wu Yu, you will actually appear here, since you voted for the net, it really is not a trip!"

        The man in the air was a triple palace that was chasing Muyu in the Mouyun Mountain Range!

        Mu Yu looked at the temple of the Mie Palace indifferently. When he first entered the robbery period, he was almost chased by this person. Now he is no longer the former, but the temple still gives him a huge threat. .

        At this time, the number of the two sides has been balanced, but everyone knows that at the moment when the temple was made, the victory of the test was fixed!

        That is the master of the Mahayana period, and the power of the field ability is realized. It is impossible for the four people of Mu Yu to be the opponents of the Mahayana period!

        "The ugly of the Mie Palace is coming very quickly."He is still laughing, as if he did not put the temple in his heart.

        All the gamblers feel that they are crazy. This beautiful woman is very powerful. No one denies this. However, the temple is a rival of the Mahayana period. How strong and how dare and the Mahayana period The person called the board?

        The temple made the condescending ants look at the ants in the competition. In his eyes, these people are not worth mentioning. Even if they are the so-called arrogant sons, they are nothing in the face of absolute strength. As long as he has a thought, The open-air casinos will be wiped out, and the entire casino will be razed to the ground in an instant!

        However, he fell his eyes on Mu Yu. When he was in the Mohe Mountain Range, he used all kinds of means. He did not kill the young man. He was also killed by one person. This kind of humiliation is still unforgettable!

        "Mu Yu, I admire your courage."The temple said coldly. "At this time, I thought that you would hide in your own mouse hole and shake it. I didn't expect you to dare to come out and die."

        Mu Yu looked at the temple indifferently. When he appeared to help the lonely sky, he realized that today's things would not be good, but he did not retreat, because the lonely sky can't go wrong, the battle of Xuanxian can't be without him. .

        "I thought that your group of locusts didn't dare to show their faces. How suddenly did they figure out that they were coming out?"Mu Yu responded in a tit-for-tat manner.

        The shadow sword has already trembled in the hand, and the Xianlu sword and the shadow sword touch each other, and the momentum of the two Tianjian is constantly rising.

        The temple ambassador also seems to have noticed this point. The nine swords of the Jianfeng dust wind still make him jealous. He knows how powerful the power of Tianjian’s communication will be, even in his view, the wood feather and the sorrowful repair. It is the combination of the two swords that will not pose a threat to him, but he has done a good job.

        "Do you think you can escape this city today? You are wrong, I will not give you any chance. ”

        The temple suddenly waved his hand, and the powerful and sacred soul force came out of his hand. His gaze became extremely cold: "Any chance to use the sword!"


        Just like in the city of Chun'an, the entire wall of the casino has begun to spread an indestructible white soul barrier, which is enough to cut off the connection between Tianjian and the sky!

        "Mu Yu, UU reading did not expect you to eat a glimpse but not a wisdom, but also dare to come to this place in the city! You are the strongest relying on two swords, Tianjian can't communicate with the sky, you will die! ”

        The temple made a sneer, even if it was sneer, it still seemed to be just in the ears of all people, as if it was a ruling of justice, sacred and dirty!

        Many times with Mu Yu, the people of Sangong Palace understand the sword in the hands of Mu Yu. Tianjian is very powerful. In an empty place, no one can stop the connection between it and the sky. The power of the wave will grow exponentially, but in the city, it is enough to cut the sword and the sky with the soul enchantment prepared in advance. The connection makes the power of Tianjian directly compromised.

        The soul enchantment of the casino has begun to climb gradually, forming a circular shield in the sky, turning the whole casino into a cage that is difficult to fly! …


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