Chapter 1057, the enchantment of the casino!

        The casino is very quiet, and you can hear your own breathing.

        For all gamblers, this is a gamble of the world, not to be missed, wonderful.

        But watching this game, the bet is their own life!

        Above the ring, the figures of the seven crossings were confrontational, and there was a mountain-like Mahayana figure who suppressed everyone in the air.

        Mu Yu did not respond to the temple, but looked at it and said: "Is it sure?"

        He smiled softly: "That depends on the situation."

        I didn't know where the wind was blowing from the air. The wind was filled with subtle flute sounds. It was intoxicating, and the petals fell from the air in the ring race. The familiar scenes made all gamblers a glimpse.

        Everyone has already understood who is this time.

        The evil boy's golden boy, the infamous Simon is unfortunate!

        The cool figure fell from the air, blowing the flute, and the flute sounded long and sorrow, and then disappeared into the petals.

        "I thought it would be a shame to slap you alone."

        Ximen unfortunately slouched the flute in his hand and walked to the side of his beggar, and grabbed the thin waist without any scruples.

        "Your waist is getting thinner and thinner!"Simon unfortunately smiled unscrupulously.

        Everyone swallowed in his heart, dare to sway the manual foot so unscrupulously, except for Simon, I am afraid there is no second.

        "My waist is thin,

But it is not for you to touch. ”

        With a light hand, Simon's unfortunate hand has been swept out of her waist.

        Simon unfortunately shrugged his shoulders and looked at Mu Yu: "Oh, Mu Yu’s younger brother and sister-in-law are so close. They are also brothers and sisters. You don’t learn from others. You must love each other between your brothers and sisters. Yes!"

        Suddenly, Ximen was unfortunate, and she was naturally aware of Ximen’s misfortune.

        "I am thinking about when you will appear!"Mu Yu smiled.

        The southern Fuli Garden was attacked by the Mie Palace, and it was impossible for Simon to be a cultist. Someone is coming to the city to make trouble today. How can Simon unfortunately sit and watch?

        "Yeah, I am here today to find someone to collect debts."Simon unfortunately lazily gathered the length of the shawl, and his eyes suddenly became very deep.

        The people of Miegong saw the unfortunate appearance of Ximen, and they still did not take Ximen’s misfortune in their eyes.

        Simon is unfortunately strong, but still not a Mahayana period!

        The temple made a scornful smile: "Ximen unfortunately, I still want to go to you, you sent yourself to the door."

        Simon unfortunately asked: "The southern 50-mile garden, is your triple palace?"

        The temple made a sigh of laughter: "I thought that you could kill both of you in the southern 50th park. I didn't expect you two to be the fish that slipped through the net. Now they are fishing together, and they are all living together."

        "Is fishing together? Just by you? ”

        Ximen unfortunately "slammed" to open his evil fan, this fan of the legendary evil door, Simon unfortunately rarely used it in front of everyone.

        The temple made the smile on his face more and more arrogant: "What? Do you think there is a possibility of escape this time? You stupidly stupidly stepped into the soul enchantment of our cloth! Hahaha! ”

        The entire huge casino has been shrouded in the enchantment of the soul, and the sacred white mantle covers the entire city and looks very magnificent.

        This soul enchantment is extremely powerful, and it is started by the soul of the temple. Without his cultivation, it is impossible to defeat!

        However, Ximen unfortunately shook his head slightly: "You are too naive, I thought that you are a master of the Mahayana period, your head will be smarter! right? Mu Yu, I really appreciate your masterpiece. ”

        Mu Yufeng looked at the temple lightly: "The people of Sangong Palace like to treat people as fools, so it is no wonder that arrogant people can't convince people." You guys, this group of locusts, can only do something to make a small gesture. ”

        The smile of the temple slowly closed up, revealing a gloomy look: "If you die, you will dare to swear!"

        Mu Yu slowly stepped on his feet, his eyes suddenly became fierce!

        The entire city was suddenly centered on the foot of Mu Yu, and a sinister red awn was born!

        It was as if stepping on the empty air, swaying the red shackles.


        The dense patterns spread out from the foot of the wooden feathers. In the case of the Chenfeng spider web, the entire open-air casino was crawled, and the whole city pool was climbed. The city wall climbed up and climbed to the soul enchantment!

        It was a red demon pattern, and these patterns were given a variety of evil spirits, as if the whole casino was sinned by this breath, and all the things turned out to be the demon red eyes, no matter It is a floor, a sword, a flag, a table…

        The entire city has been demonized!

        The face of the temple has solidified, and he looked at it with shock: "How is it possible? Evil spirits that are not old? impossible! Evil is not old…impossible! Absolutely impossible! ”

        The scent of evil is incomparably similar to the mighty atmosphere of evil.

        In the sky, the original sacred and brilliant white soul was gradually eroded by the red pattern of the demon, into an agreement of the Red Mans, and the entire gambling city above, unexpectedly appeared a pair of huge red demon different eyes, the eyes are hundreds of meters long, cold and chill eyes, suffused with the biting evil mans, staring at the temple.

        "impossible! When is this? ”

        The face of the temple has finally changed!

        "Do you really think that your tricks can be implemented again and again? Really think that your dirty soul has been invincible in the world? ”

        Mu Yu looked at the temple indifferently: "This time, I see who can't fly!"

        "Mu Yu brother, your array is really making me look good!"He smiled lightly.

        At the moment when Mu Yu came to the casino, as the gatekeeper of the squadron, he already had a sinister array of gambling in the gambling city. The tactics portrayed a magic weapon in the hands of the shackles. On, named "fighting bell." This kind of power is closely related to the evil power that was first seen in evil and old age. It is obviously the guardian power left by his disciples!

        However, this force is far from enough to resist the masters of the Mahayana period, because the power of evil is not easy to control, and it is not enough to completely stimulate the formation of evil forces.

        But this array is on the hand of Mu Yu, but it is another matter!

        The evil is not the old master of the law, but his apprentice is not, so the array cannot be fully implemented. The apprentice of the sword shadow dust, Mu Yu is the door of the door!

        "You want to play, I will play with you enough."Mu Yu reinvented this evil method, which in turn made it evil to the soul enchantment of the temple.

        "is it? Then I ruined this enchantment and let you understand the power of absolute strength! ”The temple made a sneer!

        "The soul of the Faro, the madness is seven!"

        The horror field ability bursts open instantly, and the white starlight is suddenly covered by blood gas. These blood gasifications make seven white snakes up to a hundred feet, arranged in a row. The huge snake heads swallows the scarlet vicious snake letter, from different directions. The enchantment over the casino is banging!

        All the gamblers are horrified at the power of this incomparable scorpion. This power has already come out of their imagination. In their opinion, it is enough to obliterate everything. It is even more important to give the huge and evil eyes in the sky. Eliminate!


        However, no one thought that the eyes over the casino had spurred a red awn, and firmly blocked the attack of the temple. The whole enchantment of the evil was not moving! The temple made the incomparable attack in front of this interface as if it were a clown.

        "What are you in front of evil predecessors?"Mu Yu said indifferently.

        Although the temple is powerful, but the strength in the Mahayana period is simply the bottom, how to fight against the powerful people like evil?

        The temple and the remaining three people were so gloomy that they could screw out the water. They thought they were ready today and planned to turn the entire casino into a hell on earth. They are re-applying their skills, and they are ready to come to a squad, but they are still too arrogant!

        Blind arrogance is stupid! Stupid enough to think that others will be on the second time!

        The temple made himself enchanted, but the result was a wedding dress for others, but he trapped himself.

        But the temple suddenly smiled: "It is a small look at you. But if you think that this will trap me, then you are too naive! I will let you know that the power of the Mahayana period can not be countered by your so-called worming skills. In the face of the Mahayana period, you humble these ants, I can kill them with one finger! ”

        The powerful atmosphere of the sky is already locked in the wooden feathers and other people. In the eyes of the temple, the people in the robbery period are in the face of the Mahayana period, and many plans are vulnerable!

        However, Mu Yu looked at the temple sarcastically: "You souls have never thought about learning the lesson?" Because of arrogance, I think that my own set is enough to suppress everything, and I don’t want to improve myself at all. You think that the self-cultivator is too simple, I really think that I am impeccable? ”

        "Is it not? You ants, what are you in front of our souls? ”The temple said contemptuously.

        Mu Yu smiled a little, and the pattern in his hand suddenly swept out. This time, the pattern that was lit up in his hand was a gossip pattern full of vigor and vitality! The pattern spread across the entire casino and shrouded them.

        The gambler's eyes were confused, and then gradually blossomed!

        "I won!"

        "I became the last winner!"

        "Hahaha! I earned 10 million! ”

        The people of the entire casino suddenly cheered excitedly, as if they saw some exciting events, everyone broke the temple and made the oppression of the Mahayana period, began to cheer and exclaimed excitedly.

        Although the casino is small, there are also tens of thousands of gamblers. These people are affected by the magical array of Mu Yu, which gives them an illusion of excitement. The momentum of screaming and cheering has formed a powerful and vigorous life. The whole casino, as if the entire casino has become a passionate and exciting place. UU reading

        The temple made a big change again. The white sacred souls of the four people began to be forced back, and the ugly face appeared again. The people in the entire city cheered and shouted the vitality of the gathering to oppress their soul and let their souls I can't get it up in an instant!

        "Then, the celebration of the casino officially begins!"

        The wooden swords in the hands of Mu Yu and Suan’s hands instantly burst into a majestic sword, and they communicated the whole world at once. There were two vortexes in the sky, spurred from the red eyes of the demon!


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