Chapter 1058 Battle Soul! (on)

  "Your Triple Palace does not dare to show up in a crowded place, not only because of the prosperous opportunity to show you the prototype, but also because everyone's cheers will make your soul power greatly reduced. I know this. ”

  Mu Yu and the stunned hands were held together, and the two smiled.

  Fighting with your favorite people, this is a pleasant mood, and any joy and joy is a deadly killing technique for the Sanhou Palace with its exposed tails!

  The magical array used by Mu Yu makes every gambler have an illusion and sees the most exciting illusion in his life. For gamblers, the most exciting moment is nothing more than a few hundred million, nothing more than Your own bet makes you earn a lot of money.

  Every tens of thousands of gamblers in the casino are thinking about the grand scene of their own gambling. Everyone starts to celebrate in their own unique way. The oppression of the temple is not worth mentioning in front of them. The vitality of the city's gamblers has gathered into a powerful force, allowing the soul to begin to quit.

  The temple and the remaining three souls have already looked at them, and the sacred coat has been torn apart, revealing the ugly true face, sharp teeth, dry skin wrinkles, like a monster that can only see the light.

  Even if the temple made the momentum of the Mahayana period even become crumbling, they could no longer exert any oppression on Mu Yu, and they could not even exert the strength of the normal Mahayana period.

  Life is the biggest enemy of the soul!

  "Give me these ants gamblers!"

  The temple made a stunned ugly face, and the raised blue veins made him look even more terrifying.

  Every time they murder the massacre in a crowded place, they use the momentum to suppress people, and they are forbidden to cheer everyone. It is because the cheering condensed chances make them feel weak. Now they only need to kill these imaginary gamblers. The power will disappear and they will become stronger again.

  But how can Mu Yu and others make their wishful thinking start?

  The powerful catastrophe is completely dispersed from them, and the vitality of the gambling gamblers in the casino has no effect on them. The powerful pressure formed by the five of them is enough to compete with the four people of the soul family!

  "Mu Yu two of you first blocked the Mahayana period, we solved the remaining three and helped you in the past!"

  Lonely Sky has already rushed out first, and the broad sword in his hand completely exudes a heavy sword, and at this moment, it is released without reservation, and rushes to the most powerful Wuyuzhou. Ximen unfortunately and Yu Wei went to Xiang Xiang and Lu Mingyuan respectively.

  The wooden swords in the hands of Mu Yu and Suan are incomparably strong. Their swords and swords are undoubtedly the most powerful at this moment. Even if they are not allowed to fight, they will be able to drag on for a while!

  "Awkward, you know what I am thinking."

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, the blue wind and the heart of the heart have been shrouded in the stunned body, the two instantly connected with each other, the film and the fairy, the two swords are tyrannical!

  "I know that I will never let go of the chance of enemies."

  The sound of perseverance is revealed in the pure eyes, and any monster of the soul family is damned!

  "Kill! Destroy the white ghost, everyone is responsible! ”Xiaoshuai shouted loudly on the shoulders of the Boyang Dao, and his voice was so majestic that he went straight into the sky.

  The Boyang Taoist has already retreated to the side. He has not been affected by the Muyu Magic Array.

Still looking at it all with trepidation. Xiaoshuai had a strange momentum and protected him.

  "Hey, old man, just follow me and shout! A little cheering little white ghost will have less strength, and your apprentice will have more chances of victory! ”Xiaoshuai said excitedly.

  "what? Yes, is that the case? ”

  The people of Boyang were once the masters of the faction. They were calm and decent, and where would they arbitrarily scream?

  Xiaoshuai was too lazy to explain anything to the Boyang Taoist. He became a child. He rode on the neck of the Boyang Dao, holding two small flags in his hand and shaking with excitement: "Come on! Come on! Handsome and handsome, buy me a good wood feather brother! Pretty good-hearted love my sister, come on! Silly, stupid, stupid, stupid! Simon, who is stinky, unfortunately cheers! Bad sister, bad luck, come on! ”

  "Small, don't you, I said that I am going to the country, I can fight harder!"Sui Xiaoshuai squinted his eyes and escaped the soul of the project.

  "Ok! The embarrassing sister of the red face is cheering! ”Xiaoshuai changed his mouth.

  He laughed: "This is acceptable."

  The Boyang Taoist also finally understood that Xiaoshuai had just come to him and said that it was a resurgence. At first, I thought it was a joke. As a result, Xiaoshuai really showed a visible vitality. The souls of the people gathered together. Look at Xiaoshuai, this kind of excitement, more than a hundred times more exciting than those gamblers, completely with one enemy!

  "Yi Tian, ​​be careful, you can!"The Boyang Dao was infected by Xiao Shuai, and finally shouted out this sentence.

  The eyes of Lonely Sky became extremely firm, and the words of the Boyang Taoist were like the same kind of intensive agent, so that the broad sword in his hand would be seven points further: "I will, Master!"

  Uyu was very powerful, but he met the same mighty solitary days, leaning on the solitary days of the mighty flesh and sword-breath, solitary yi days of the sword is simple and fierce, let Uyu feel great pressure, at this time his soul force can not fully play out the power, be solitary day sword potential entangled, simply can't go to kill those cheering gamblers, Just a face to face has been the lone-day sword to repel out.

  The goal of 绾绾 is that the culprits have been hit hard, and the abandoned project was created by the swords of Lonely Sky and Mu Yu. Now the soul is suppressed by the powerful life of the gambling city. ,
Nothing to fight.

  Ximen unfortunately is the most romantic person in the realm of cultivation. He is not worthy of anyone. He is a fan of evil spirits, and a strange white mantle turns into a whirlwind, enclosing Lu Mingyuan and letting Lu Ming Far from being able to fully exert its strength. UU reading

  The wooden swords of Yu Yu and the two of them are pointing to the sky. The momentum of the heavens is magnificent and powerful. The soul of the temple is severely restricted. The ability of the field cannot give them strong oppression. When facing the sword, his face is smashed. More resentful, lost the soul of the reliance, his field has not threatened Mu Yu.

  The two heavenly swords are fascinating, like the pillars of the celestial gods, the arrogant swordsmanship, and the swordsmanship descends from the two demon eyes in the air, blending the anger of the sky, and killing them in the temple.

  The temple made a roar, and his soul turned into seven powerful giant snakes, and slammed into the sky. However, the two swords of the sky were so powerful that they combined the vitality of the whole city and put his seven giant snakes. Give a fly!

  His madness and the seven giant snakes that were originally summoned were everywhere, but at this time they were suppressed by the two swords, and their hearts were extremely wrong. The whole man quickly rushed into the air. He had to leave the casino and go to Empty places can not be affected by the gamblers of the casino!

  Only when he is outside, he can display the area of ​​the Mahayana period without reservation, and it is enough to deal with Mu Yu and others!

  The air was originally a soul enchantment, but at this time it has been swallowed up by the evil method. When the temple just arrived in the sky, the two fascinating eyes have already issued a tyrannical red awn. The temple came.

  These two red awns are mixed with the sword of the Tianjian. They are unstoppable. They suddenly slammed the temple down. The soul of the temple can't even block the sword and the red awns, and the whole platform is broken!

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