Chapter 106 Weird Egg

"I can't control it. Only the old man knows how to control it."The words of the strange egg disappointed mu plume.

"Then what is the meaning of your being here?" It's so quiet here, you're all bored. ”Mu Yu asked. If he is trapped in such a place for more than a decade, I am afraid he will go crazy.

"There is so much aura here. I am not greedy in absorbing anger. The violent aura has no effect on me. The old man said that it can make me break the eggshell faster. It is not very boring to sleep every day!"The geek turned around in the air, and didn't care about Mu Yu.

Mu Yu was quite helpless. Master didn't know where to hold a strange egg. He also threw it on the eye of a reiki. It was a decade of sleep, and this guy was willing and willing.

"Weird egg, there is a very powerful person outside, he wants to dismantle the mountain. When you don't have to absorb the aura, can you stop him?"Mu Yu asked eagerly.

The Jiuhua real person is the repairer of the Yuan Ying period, and he can kill a martial art with his hands and feet. He thought that Master had the ability to protect this precious aura, and also stuffed an egg here. Maybe there is any way to protect this mountain.

But when he looked at the strange egg that was not divided, he immediately extinguished the idea. Just such a small point, go out and not let people add some tomatoes to the speculation!

"what? Who is so bold, dare to come to the baby's site to wild! ”There was a knocking sound inside the geek, and the eggshell swayed up and down, and it was a little angry.

"Weird, people in the Yuan Ying period, are you afraid of it?"

"What is the stuff in the Yuan Ying period! I was not afraid of the old man at the beginning, but I was afraid of a Yuan Ying period? ”The strange egg's tone is so big, Mu Yu blinked his eyes. The strange egg means that Master was more powerful than Yuan Ying?

The grotesque ass (not the ass is the head) forced to stir up, and then the aura of this space began to become a little impatient, the aura shot around, surrounded by a golden pattern, and the aura entered the formation. It turned into a white light that disappeared and did not know where to go.

"What are you doing?"This arrogant aura made Mu Yu very uncomfortable. He stopped absorbing these auras. If these arrogant auras would enter the body, they would destroy the meridians in the body and cause irreversible damage.

"Give a little bit of aura to this broken method! The old man said at the beginning that if anyone wants to grab a reiki with me, then inject the aura into this array, and beat the invaders to the bottom! ”The geek is very hateful to the invaders. For it, this aura is itss, and others are not contaminated.

Mu Yu's eyes are bright, this strange egg does not seem to be reliable, but Master still gave it a hand, so that the strange egg has a way to protect the dusty mountain from the invasion of foreign enemies?

He suddenly understood what it means to look for the old guardian of the mountain, and it is just under the falling cliff. This aura is probably the base of the guardian’s array, and only this kind of aura that produces aura. Only to provide such a sufficient boost for the Hushan array.

He quickly said: "Do you have a way to run that guy?"

"Is the guy outside the Yuan Ying period, right?" His kind of fart is repaired, dare to grab my things, see how I teach him! ”The geek has already discovered the Jiuhua real person who has fallen into the dust gate through the invisible array method. It does not stop stirring the aura, and the aura of the aura eye just squirts it and it is smashed onto the pattern.

"Great, blame the bad guy, hurry, I need your help."

"The bad guy catches the blame, it's not right, the blame is bad, the egg is broken. How can this sentence be so swearing."The blame licked and said, "Go, we will go out with him!"

"Are you not here to control the formation?"Mu Yu was surprised. Here the aura is so full, control here is the king, if you run out, how to control the mountain.

"All said that only the old man can control, I will only add aura to this formation, but even if I do not add aura, this array is actually more than enough to deal with a Yuan Ying period."The geek got into the hand of Mu Yu,

Signal the wood feather to take it out.

"You shouldn't be mad at the trees?"

Mu Yu used to hold a small bird in the tree, and the little bird immediately screamed. Incorporating with the trees is not a joke. In addition to the two wonders of Muyoumeng and Muyu, any animal entering the trees will be killed alive.

"It won't be. If you want to show me up, let me solve it."The strange egg shook his head and said.

Mu Yu did not say anything, directly holding the strange egg into the root of the tree, the original way back.


On the half-mountain of the dusty mountain, the momentum of Jiuhua’s real people is soaring, and the people around the Jindan period have changed their faces.

"I knew that the juniors of your dusting group had two brushes, and they also deducted my people. It didn't mean that the old man came to see him personally."Jiuhua’s real person sneaked a glance at the run-down mountain gate and sneered.

The gate of a martial art is so shabby that I am afraid that the real world can no longer find a second one.

"Jiuhua's predecessors, the people of your party, we have already let them hand in hand to you safely, but we do not want to intervene in the matter of comprehending the real world, please let us go."It is said.

The first purpose of Jiuhua's real person's trip was to come to someone. Because of the oppression of Yuan Ying, he couldn't help but let the people go south.

Thirty-three people headed by Ju Wenxing stood behind the real people of Jiuhua and looked at the disciples of the Dust. In this trip, they came to the dusty mountain to find things. They did not expect to plant a big heel and become a prisoner of the ranks of others. If this is spread out, I am afraid it will become the laughing stock of the realm of comprehension.

What is even more frustrating is that the two little-nose children just gave them a few black-painted dishes. They used to live in Jinyi jade food and saw that the black-lacquered stuff was full.

"Master, you have to be the master for us!"The erythema on the face of Ju Wenxing has not faded. His itching lasted for two days before it dissipated. These two days almost caused him to suffer. He has never been so embarrassed, and his heart is filled with resentment.

"To shut up! Thirty-three Golden Danes can't get five Golden Danes, you still have a face! ”Jiuhua real people whispered.

Ju Wenxing quickly bowed his head and didn't dare to speak again, but he was still very reluctant. He was cleaned up by two little boys who didn't have anything to do that day. This is a shame of a lifetime.

Jiuhua’s real person then laughed and said, “Hey, I thought I was coming to you?” At the beginning, I was looking at my eyes. I didn’t see the wind and dust as the famous sword shadow dust. It is no wonder that your disciples are talented and the apprentices who came out from the sword and dusty hands are well-deserved. ”

When he said this, everyone in the dusty group was shocked. Jiuhua real person has already known that Feng Hao dust is the sword shadow dust wind!

The slogan clenched his fist. He always thought that Master’s secret was well preserved, but he did not expect that Jiuhua’s real person did not know where to know it after entering the Yuan Ying period. At the moment, he was still outspoken. Not in his hands?

“The seniors laughed, and the younger generation had never heard of the sword and the dust.”It is said that at this moment, nature is not directly acknowledging.

"Less me confused! When the sword and the dusty wind heard someone looking for him, they disappeared without a trace. Unfortunately, he was willing to keep you down. For his own safety, even the apprentice did not care. It seems that he is also a person who is greedy and afraid of death. Are you telling me the whereabouts of the sword and dust, or am I taking you back and tortured? ”Jiuhua real person asked.

The words of the people and others face each other, Jiuhua real people did not find their own master?

"The younger generation and others don't know who is the shadow of the sword, but Master has traveled far away, and we don't know where he is."

This is the truth. They have been looking for Master’s whereabouts for the past few months. Unfortunately, Master is like a human being, and there is no news. It is even said that An Shu is still using the dragon seeker to find the whereabouts of the head in the back hill, and he does not know whether he has found it.

"It seems that you are toasting, not eating and drinking fine wine?"

Jiuhua's eyes are condensed, and the atmosphere of the Yuan Ying period makes the squally showers generally fall on the body of Yan Yan and others. The words are frowning, biting his teeth, and protecting Lan Linger and Xiang Nan behind him. Lan Linger and the south of the two combined their own spiritual power with the promise, which barely collapsed.

"What is the use of Jiuhua real people to bully us juniors? When our Master had made a name for himself, would you not have the courage to speak in front of him? ”

The figure of Mu Yu fell on the side of the rumor. At the moment he appeared, all the oppression of Jiuhua’s real people suddenly vanished, and the face was so loose that he looked at Mu Yu. No one knows why the power of the millennium is so direct.

This is naturally the blame of the egg, it did not let the wood feathers disappoint, the dusty mountain invisibly exudes a mysterious and powerful force to unload the power of Jiuhua real people.

Jiuhua real people slightly frowning, a little unexpected, why did the few juniors who have been struggling to do so now become so calm? Since he stepped into the dusty mountain, he found that there seems to be something wrong here, but he is now a man of the Yuan Ying period, and he has already realized his own strength. In addition to the Qingsong Taoist and the mysterious people behind him in the Mo Yun Mountain Range In addition, what will hinder oneself?

He didn't put that strange feeling in his heart. At that moment, the feeling of something wrong was getting stronger and stronger, and he began to pay attention.

"Hey, the feng shui turns, I heard that the sword dust dust is now only the Golden Age. He is humbled in front of me. UU reading, you juniors have seen me, I don’t know what to do, no one teaches. Do you have a number of gifts?"Jiuhua real people said quietly.

Jiuhua real people know that the sword shadow dust wind is only the repair of the Golden Dan period! Who is standing behind him?

"My Master will have another accident. The means he left behind are enough to deal with your old bones that are bullying and hard!"Mu Yu was holding the geek in his hand. It was a bit weird in the eyes of outsiders. He couldn’t understand why he had an egg. Did he come to the kitchen before he came? What does this seem like the ostrich egg can do?

Jiuhua real person put away a smile, he said coldly: "Then I have to look at it, what means to the sword shadow dust wind left you!"

Jiuhua real people are still holding hands, his clothes are not windy, the sky suddenly appears a palm of ten feet long, the palm of the hand is rolling, overwhelming, can not be a lifetime, the emptiness of the emptiness of the air, the horrible atmosphere The heart of everyone.

"See if you can stand up to the old man!"

The huge palms ruined the earth and covered them with Mu Yu and others. They suddenly thundered and thundered, and the violent aura seemed to be able to smash all the things in the world. The rolled up stones have been shaken into powder, one in the Yuan Ying period. The horror of the palm!

"The strange egg looks at you!"Mu Yu shouted, and the strange egg in his hand was thrown toward the palm of his hand.

"I rub, you throw me out to dry up?"The grotesque pig-like voice rang in the air.

Mu Yu suddenly looked dumbfounded. Just now the blame is not saying that he will just show it up, will it be solved by himself?

"Don't you use it like this?"Mu Yu thinks about whether he misunderstood it.

"With your sister, have I told you to throw it out? Help! Bad guys kill handsome guys! ”The geek was thrown in half and immediately ran back, no matter what the big palm!

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