1060th Chapter vs Mahayana period!

  I am afraid that even Wu Yuzhou did not think that they did not die in their hands in the lonely day, but they died in the temple!

  The seven serpents of the temple made all the two men of the robbery period into the essence of the soul, and swallowed them all. Then the whole person actually lit up the white soul, and the soul force hardened those vitals. Go on.

  After the souls of the souls of the two robbers were absorbed by the temple, his field ability suddenly became extremely powerful, and it has faintly surpassed the power of the two heavenly swords of Mu Yu and Sudden. The temple made a mad scream, and the whole man had already risen to the ground and once again went to the enchantment of the sky –

  The power of the field instantly covered the enchantment, and the whole squall enchantment had collapsed, as if the bloody red sky was broken, and the temple had already rushed outside the casino and got rid of the casino. The vitality of tens of thousands of people.

  "This time, I want to razed the entire city to the ground!"

  The temple made it indifferent until it retreated to the sky.

  Mu Yu and others looked at each other and looked very dignified. The temple swallowed the two souls of the robbery period and became stronger than before. Now the enchantment of the casino has been broken, and the temple has left the casino. The vitality of all people can not be used by the formation, and it can no longer affect the temple. The situation is not good!

  "The soul of the Faro, the madness is seven!"

  The temple made the sound of murderous sounds come from high altitudes, and the seven great snakes had been smashed into the whole casino with the violent momentum. With his current soul power, a long-range blow is enough to destroy the casino!

  "Stop him! Otherwise, this guy will become stronger after the people in the casino die! ”Mu Yu shouted, he had already rushed out and greeted the violent seven big snakes.

  Once the gambler of the casino is killed, it is equal to the tens of thousands of souls. It is the source of strength of the temple, and they are even less likely to play this powerful master of the Mahayana period!

  Suddenly, lonely, and unfortunate, Simon and the three follow closely, they all understand the seriousness of the matter. Nowadays, the temple can let go of the high altitude, the strongman of the Mahayana period is quite terrible, they are five people. I am afraid that they may not be played together.

  But no one has retreated, because the five people here are all hated by the souls, and there are reasons to kill the souls!

  The sky sword of the sky instantly smashed into the past with seven giant snakes. The majestic swords of the sky made the whole world seem to be shaking, and the atmosphere of incomparable tyranny erupted. However, the temple completely released the field ability at this time, and it was even more terrifying. The big snake and the two swords smothered each other, and the two heavenly swords showed signs of collapse!

  Mu Yu stood calmly in the void, and the blue gossip bursts out at the foot. The mysterious gossip formation forms a whirlpool. This vortex is intertwined in the whole casino, bringing together the illusion of all gamblers. At his feet, he was then integrated into two swords that would collapse.

  The original and precarious Tianjian re-energized, and re-emerged in the exuberant swordsmanship, which was an instant blocking the attack of the madness!

  However, the power of the field has shrouded all five people. In this field of power, the seven giant snakes are almost everywhere, only the temple is a thought, and seven giant snakes will appear anywhere.

  When Mu Yu reacted, there was a white giant snake behind them, biting him down.

  "Be careful!"

  Simon unfortunately joined forces with the two, and the evil atmosphere broke out from them, blocking the attack of the giant snake, but the other two giant snakes also smashed toward them and flew them out.

  The simple and overbearing swords are out, and the figure of the lonely sky has appeared in the snake's neck of a white giant snake. The sword is squatting, and the white giant snake is suddenly cut off. The white giant snake disappears, but soon Re-agglomerate and wrap him up.

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword slid down from the air, and the sword gas covered the white giant snake, smashing the white giant snake, helping the lonely day to get rid of the entanglement of the giant snake.

  Mu Yu shouted: "Close to me!"

  Ximen unfortunately and Yi and others immediately agreed, five people have quickly escaped the attack of the white giant snake, backed by the wooden feathers, surrounded by wood feathers. At the foot of Mu Yu, the wind and the heart of the heart shrouded the lonely sky, the unfortunate Simon, and the three people.

  "We must join hands, otherwise we will definitely die in this person!"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  After all, the temple is a man of the Mahayana period. It is necessary to use their own methods to deal with the imperial court. It is impossible to get advantage in the field of the temple, and they can only fight together.

  "You come to command."Said alone.

  Ximen unfortunately and the two have no objection. Only Mu Yu can use the array to guide the livelihood of the carnival gamblers, so let Mu Yu command is the most correct choice.

  At this time, Mu Yu was at the center. He used the array method to absorb the vitality of the casino, and enveloped the gas of the entire casino on the five of them. The powerful vitality ensured that they had a place in the field of the temple. The giant snake is also the soul of the condensed, quite arrogant.

  “How do you beat the people in the Mahayana period?”

  Mu Yu’s mind whirls rapidly. He has encountered more than one or two masters of the Mahayana period. Whether it’s a real thunder or a white demon king or other demon kings, these people have given him an unattainable feel.

  The place where the difference between the robbery period and the Mahayana period is the biggest is that the Mahayana period has mastered the ability of the field. The field is a kind of heavenly law that is realized by Mahayana, but no one tells Mu Yu how to deal with this law.

However, Mu Yu knows that there are weaknesses in any technique. For example, his extremely powerful Tianjian can exert powerful power with the help of the sword of the sky, but once it is trapped by the enchantment, the connection with the sky will be restricted. However, the reason why the deadland in the deadland has no effect on the wood feathers is because the desperate life is full of powerful poison, and the poison is not effective against Mu Yu.

  So where is the weakness of the madness?

  The geniuses of the five robbing periods were wrapped in cyan gossip, forming a strong barrier. Although they could not affect the temple, they could still avoid the attack against seven giant white snakes.

  It’s just that the speed and strength of the seven white giant snakes have become stronger and stronger. Every giant snake is smashed down, as if the earth and the earth are trembled. The clouds in the air have been shaken. If not, the strength of the five of them is extremely extreme. Extraordinary, I am afraid that the attack of a giant snake can not be stopped.

  But in this way, it is impossible for them to spend a lot of time on the spiritual power of their robbery period. I am afraid that it will be completely defeated by the temple!

  "You can still hold on for so long, it really looks like you, but you will die today!"

  The temple was cold and sipping, and the white spirit of the hand was once again shining. The offensive of the seven giant snakes has become more and more intense.

  “When you’re crazy, you’re everywhere in the field, so how do you get through this field?”

  Mu Yu manipulated the array, with the people once again escaping the attack of a white giant snake, but another giant snake has appeared on the left, and the sword in the hands of the lonely sky swept out and cut off the serpent. The attack, hard to bear the blow of the giant snake, five people quit again.

  The giant snake at the top appeared again. The evil fan in the hands of Simon unfortunately scraped a demon fan blade and knocked the giant snake back. He also manipulated the scorpion sword of Ling Xiao to annihilate the giant snake below.

  Mu Yu in the mind of the original time in the array, he learned the experience of Tiangang Star array, Tiangang array can do with the array of people blink, but this matrix of the transient target is in a range of random appear, can not complete control, and the wooden feather control This matrix, is combined with fallout footwork, Let yourself appear in a particular position.

  To some extent, the madness is also like a scorpio star after the improvement of Muyu, which can appear anywhere in the field, but is obviously stronger than the wooden scorpion. In this case, as long as the law of the emergence of the seven giant snakes is counted, it should be possible to predict the next movement of the seven giant snakes in the wild, to avoid such passiveness.

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, green stripes appeared. He kept avoiding the attack of seven giant snakes, but the attacking position of the seven giant snakes gradually formed an extremely complicated trajectory in his mind. Because of the wind and the heart of the heart, they can see the thoughts in Mu Yu’s mind.

  "Do you want to deduct the area of ​​the deal? Can you still do this? ”Simon was unfortunately surprised.

  Others saw that Mu Yu’s mind was actually deducing this field, and he was shocked. They never thought that they could use the deductive ability to cope with the masters of the Mahayana period. However, the deduction method in Mu Yu’s mind is really complicated, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Lonely and other people do not have the talent in this respect, can not keep up with the idea of ​​Mu Yu.


  The formation of five people was defeated by two giant snakes. The spiritual power in the body was trembled and the blood was rolling. The power of the Mahayana period was beyond their imagination. Everyone was not hurt, but everyone I bite my teeth and hold back.

  At the moment, Mu Yu has been immersed in the complicated deduction of his mind, and the entire array cannot be controlled.

  "We help Mu Yu delay a little time!"Knowing Mu Yu, she said to others.

  In the face of the Mahayana period, they can only rely on wood feathers. At this time, Mu Yu needs time to deduct the weaknesses in this field. As long as the weaknesses in the field are pushed, it is possible to defeat the temple. However, the attack made by the temple was fierce, and the strength of the five of them was still too strong.


  Lonely Sky simply responded that every crack in his broad sword had a strong sword, and it was contaminated with the vitality of the Muyu Eight Diagrams. The sword of the overbearing sword also formed a sword with a long sword. mango!

  The sacred sacred sword is like a spring water. It helps him to block any violent white giant snake that has swept away. The face has already shown a strenuous look. Mu Yu is now attentively deductive, and their power cannot Use one at the same time.

  "Hey, you and I don't need to hide."

  Simon unfortunately suddenly smiled and smiled.

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