Chapter 1061 The chaotic yin and yang of the shape!

        Hehe hesitated: "Ximen unfortunate, are you sure?"

        “Is there any other choice?”The evil spirits in the hands of Simon unfortunately slammed shut.

        He glanced at the wooden feathers, revealing a smile of the country: "Also, how to say that Mu Yu and my sister are also our own people, do not need to hide anything."

        "What are you two talking about?"

        Lonely days frowned, he admired the simplest killings, and knew nothing about the complicated drawings in Mu Yu’s mind, and he did not understand what Ximen was unfortunate and what he was talking about.

        "You will understand."

        Simon unfortunately and the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

        Simon unfortunately and slowly moved over and held his hands together, and the sudden change suddenly started from both of them!

        The black breath flashed from the unfortunate body of Simon, hovering around the body, and his eyes were white with white awns; the other side of the body was covered with a white mantle, and the eyes of the cockroaches became dark and inky. .

        A long-lasting breath of vicissitudes drifted out of Ximen's unfortunate and embarrassing body, and instantly swept the entire field. It seemed to be a very powerful blade, tearing open the oppression of the field and occupying one's own space.

        The temple in the air was shocked and exclaimed: "You two are actually…How can it be? impossible……How can you two…"

        "How not?"

        Ximen unfortunately and the two seem to have completely changed their appearance, as if they have become the purest balance of the world, even if the area of ​​the Mahayana period can not retreat to them, their black and white atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger!


        In the casino,

Xiaoshuai, who was riding on the neck of Boyangdao, suddenly stopped and shouted. He was surprised to see the black and white breath in the air, and the confused face appeared on the small face.

        "what?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

        "what happened? Little Doll. ”The Boyang Taoist asked inexplicably.

        Xiaoshuai scratched his head and said: "It’s too strange. The shameless Simon’s misfortune and the sinister sorrow are actually…How did you give me all the time? The evil old man is hiding deep! and many more……So, aren’t those two guys too? correct! It must be! I said that when I was playing with them, the smell of them was very familiar, and I didn’t even tell me! Damn, lick them next time! ”

        Lonely Heaven and Suddenly, Ximen is also unfortunate and embarrassed. Ximen unfortunately and unfortunately, the two of them have lost their sinister atmosphere. On the contrary, they are extremely solemn, and they are covered in black and white. Changed someone, or rather, it wasn't a person at all!

        The temple suddenly laughed: "I didn't expect it. The golden boy of the evil school actually had such a special status. It really gave us the souls of the souls. It is really amazing!" Then I have to look at what you have done in the end of the chaotic yin and yang of the golden boy and girl! Where is the guardian you are guarding! ”

        Chaos yin and yang!

        Suddenly widened her eyes, she knows what Chaoyang Yin and Yang mean, because Mu Yu does not have any reservations for her, there are chaotic yin and yang in the wood feather body!

        But I am afraid that Mu Yu did not expect that the evil boy's golden boy Yumen Ximen unfortunately and the two of them turned out to be a black and white chaotic yin and yang!

        Chaotic yin and yang, among the nine devices, is the most primitive and powerful magic weapon of heaven and earth. Controlling the chaotic yin and yang, it means controlling the patrol, just like the dead wood is the master of the chaotic yin and yang, he controls the opening of the market, the wooden feather is the master of the chaotic yin and yang of the temple, so he controls the temple.

        It seems that the evil is not old and also controls a Taoist device, and he turned his own chaotic yin and yang into the unfortunate and stunned Simon!

        "If you don't know more things, you dare to kill our Louyin Court, we will kill you!"

        Ximen unfortunately was covered in black mans, his eyes were full of strange white awns, the whole person appeared to be murderous, it was a purest devour and killing, making people chill.

        The whole body is full of pure white mans, the kind of white mans is very pure, and there is no such enchanting sorrow and sorrow, which has become prosperous and gives people unlimited hope, but the black eyes are very deep. In stark contrast to the white awns on her body.


        Ximen unfortunately and smashed out, the black and white breath of the two of them echoed each other, forming a powerful air machine, instantly breaking the seven giant snakes on the way, but the seven giant snakes just rejoined in a flash. And continue to go towards them.

        Ximen unfortunately and the two did not take the initiative to attack, even if they are chaotic yin and yang, but the current form of cultivation is still a period of catastrophe, and no evil is not old, they can not fully wave the powerful power of chaos yin and yang.

        The two are intertwined, forming a temperament of taiyin and yang, surrounded by wood feathers, and merged into a black and white barrier to protect the wood feathers. In the black and white atmosphere formed by them, they did not break their blockade, and they did not affect Mu Yu.

        However, the swordsmanship of the lonely and the stunned people from time to time blasted from the black and white barrier, killing the temple.

        "hateful! Good and powerful defense! ”

        The temple angered him, and now he has swallowed up two of his men during the robbery, but in the face of Simon unfortunate and Wan Wan formed a barrier to even some helpless, Simon unfortunate and Wan Wan two people's identity is hidden too deep, and Chaos Yin and yang is very strong existence, combined in human body, with human consciousness, the power of more strengthen horizontal.

        "Be sure to catch Ximen unfortunately and slyly, and they have not fully grown up. If you hold them, you can control the evil weapon, when it is time…"

        The temple made the eyes fall on the wooden feathers in the black and white barrier. The wooden feathers are also the objects that the soul people have always wanted to capture. Because the wood feathers are more difficult than the Ximen unfortunate and the two, he controls another pair of chaotic yin and yang. Take control of a powerful device!

        The temple made a sigh of anger, and the soul power in the hand broke out the dazzling white awns again. It violently rolled up the black and white barrier. He could see the unfortunateness of Ximen and the limit of the two. The two of them were chaotic yin and yang, and Like people, there are people's weaknesses!


        The black and white barrier hit a heavy blow, and the unfortunateness of Simon and the rotation of the two men began to slow down. Obviously, they still couldn’t fully compete with the temple of the Mahayana. After insisting for a moment, they could not support it. .

        Simon unfortunately bit his teeth and said: "Wu Yu, are you there?"

        "Would you like to delay the time? think too much! Although I have to admit that the five of you are really powerful, it is enough to procrastinate us for so long, but the game is over, and you will go back to see the Lord with me! ”

        The temple made a sneer, as long as you hold the West Gate unfortunately and stunned, and then grab the wood feathers, then this is the death of the three masters of the robbery period is also worth it!

        The field of madness is getting stronger and stronger. At a certain moment, suddenly seven giant white snakes merge into a white snake with a length of ten thousand feet. The white snake covers the sky and seems to crush the whole sky and press it in the air. The whole casino was actually caught in the endless long night, without a trace of light shining!

        "Damn it! Can't stop it! ”Simon unfortunately screamed.

        "Keep it up again."Shouted.

        The black and white barrier formed by the two of them is like a drop in the face of this giant snake. It is not worth mentioning. At this time, the white giant snake head of the tens of thousands of feet has already formed a black and white barrier against them!

        Ximen unfortunately and both of them clenched their teeth, but at this moment, Mu Yu suddenly opened his eyes! The complex mysterious deductions in his eyes instantly converge at one point!

        "I know how to deal with this field!"

        When Mu Yu blinked and saw the unfortunate smell of Simon and the smell of his body, he was slightly stunned, but he quickly reacted. At this time, he also had a black and white breath, and he was another one. Chaos yin and yang!

        Chaos yin and yang instantly morphed into a black and white gossip array at the foot of Mu Yu. The gossip pattern spread to Ximen’s unfortunate and stunned body, and then the whole piece of emptiness slammed, like a wave rolling over and turning them all. Access to the waves.

        At the same time, the tens of thousands of giant snakes, which are called the madness, bite down to Mu Yu, bite on the gossip pattern that Mu Yu’s illusion, and the gossip pattern blends the vitality of the whole casino, blocking it hard. With the blow of the giant snake, all of them have already moved out of the giant snake and left the scope of the snake.

        "Only you still want to deal with my field ability? Hahaha! wishful thinking! ”

        The temple said with disdain that no one has ever provoked the majesty of the Mahayana period during the robbery period. Even if the temple was just stepped into the Mahayana period, the Mahayana period and the robbery period were an insurmountable gap. Crossing the past is enough to kill a few streets!

        However, Mu Yu's eyes also glowed with black and white light, while the golden and white lines were surrounded by him. He also had a green pattern sweeping under his feet, slamming toward him!


        After the green pattern has just reached the wooden feather body, the serpent head of the giant snake also appeared from that place, biting on the green pattern.

        "Good guys! I can actually guess where my giant snakes appear, but what I want to tell you is that in the face of absolute strength, any opportunistic tricks are useless! ”

        The temple made a grip once more, and he controlled the serpent's desire to tear the green pattern of the wood feather apart, however, he soon looked a change, because he now no matter how the giant snake bite, unexpectedly can not break the green pattern, UU read and the green pattern is like a line to the white giant snake entangled , and then crawled full of the whole body of the giant snake, and into it.

        "The worm is a little skill, is your array come to be funny?"

        The temple quickly calmed down, because the green patterns were attached to his white giant snake, but did not have any effect on the white giant snake. The white giant snakes still bite down to the wood feathers!

        But Mu Yu did not dodge this time, just standing in the same place, indifferently watching the giant snake open the blood bowl and bite it down!

        Although the white snake has bitten wildly, but on the golden pattern, it seems to be separated by an insurmountable gap, it is impossible to bite it!

        Array surgery, a long way to go! …


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