1062th Chapter Mahayana period!

"In the face of absolute strength, your array is simply unstoppable!" ”

The temple made a sneer and looked at Mu Yu, and the soul power in his hand was integrated into the madness, and the white snake was full of white mans.


After only a few moments, the scene began to show signs of collapse. The cracks covered the golden barriers and then collapsed into countless pieces.

However, Mu Yu was not flustered, and the blue gossip array had been re-aggregated at the foot. At the same time, the green pattern on the white snake began to light up, echoing the gossip array at the foot of Mu Yu.

The white snake had already broken the wood feathers. However, it suddenly shook inexplicably, and the huge body was straightened straight and formed a straight line. However, its big mouth was still biting toward Mu Yu. Go on.

However, its bloody mouth directly penetrated the black and white barrier, penetrated the body of five people of Mu Yu, and did not bite on Mu Yu!

"how come?"

The temple was shocked. He clearly saw that Mu Yu and others were in front of him. He thought that it was enough to swallow Mu Yu and others directly into the belly of the snake, but he did not expect the tyrannical snake to bite the golden pattern, or did not bite the wood. feather.

The array is a must.

Array, mirror array.

"We should fight back!"

Mu Yu has already told everyone in the plan through the wind and the heart. Ximen unfortunately and the two have stopped and looked at each other and flew out in different directions.

"Retaliation? you are too naive! ”

The temple to see Simon unfortunate and Wan Wan two people unexpectedly already in different direction to fly, this action just kind, the big snake in the sky has been forced to act in a straight line, but this array can not limit his how long, he just a moment to let the big Snake out of the array, while disappearing in situ, once again into seven giant snakes, Toward the parting of Simon unfortunate and others.

"If you don't separate, there is still a chance, but if you are separated, wait for you to die!"

The temple made a sneer, and the serpent could appear in any position in his field. When Ximen unfortunately waited for someone to stand firm, the serpent had already appeared behind them and bitten it!

But the smile of the next moment was suddenly stagnation, because the serpent did not bite the West Gate and waited for someone else!


The sword of the lonely sky swept out. He seemed to have long expected the direction in which the giant snake would attack. It was just a face-to-face, and the incomparable giant snake had been torn apart and turned into nothing!

Ximen unfortunately and stunned and stunned the giant serpent that had just emerged, and the whole process was crisp and neat.

"How are you likely? Bastard! I want to kill you! ”

The temple made roaring, and the white soul power spread from him again, re-aggregating seven giant snakes and falling toward them. But at this time, the whole person of Mu Yu has appeared in the center of the field of the temple, and the powerful atmosphere of the solitary and other people has all gathered on the wooden feathers, and the endless swords of the wooden feathers burst open. Sting up at a point!

The temple made the pupil shrink, and that point was a weakness in the whole field!

Any technique has weaknesses, but the temple has hidden its ability in the field, and normal people can't detect it. However, he never imagined that Mu Yu would accurately find the weaknesses in his field.


The hall made a roar, and the whole field had not been sustained, and it burst and burst and vanished. He looked at Mu Yu with anger and was defeated by a group of young people in the robbery period. This is a shame for the master of the Mahayana period!

But he still doesn't understand. With the repair of Mu Yu, even if he finds the weakness of his field, it is not enough to defeat it. How did Mu Yu do it?

The temple turned his gaze to the shadow sword of Mu Yu, and suddenly stunned. The sword tip of the shadow sword was entwined with two strange black and white breaths. This black and white breath is deeper than the chaotic yin and yang, as if it can be swallowed. Everything,

Let everything be destroyed.

"Is it angry and dead? Can you control your anger and death to this extent? ”

The temple was actually recognizing the true face of anger and death. Obviously he knew the terrible thing about this kind of thing. At this time, looking at Mu Yu is no longer a contempt, but is deeply shocked!

In his impression, no one can control anger and death, because it is the most primitive force in the world, controlling the balance of all things, it is impossible to be controlled by people!

Mu Yu gasped, he had to admit that the temple was still quite powerful, this sword gathered the power of the other four people, if not for the four of them, it is impossible to defeat the temple of Mahayana by Mu Yu’s own strength. So, but this sword also consumes almost half of his spiritual power.

Although the temple of the Mahayana period was broken, it was the Mahayana period, and it was an insurmountable gap with the robbery period.

However, Mu Yu did not give up, his body was surging, and the whole casino once again set off a powerful life, and went straight into the sky, letting the temple become a face.

"hateful! You give me a wait, the next time I meet, I will kill you! ”

The temple has already retired, and only after being suppressed by the people in the casino, he suffered a little injury. Now that the field ability has been broken, the soul power in his body has been consumed more seriously. If he does not leave, I am afraid today. Will be damaged in this place.

"I won't give you any chance!"

Mu Yu has once again condensed the meaning of the sword, and the sword with the vitality of the machine is inextricably slammed into the temple, and the temple is made to make it impossible to resist, killing the temple!

However, at this time, a more horrible breath spurred from afar, this breath is heavy and powerful, just like the giant python rolling, let the wood feather and other people face again!

It is another Mahayana period!


The sword of the wooden feathers is hit by a white mans, and it instantly disappears!

"Yuan, you are a little slow!"The temple said gloomy.

A sacred white shadow appeared in the temple, and the breath of this man was comparable to that of the heyday!

"I thought that you would solve them by yourself. I didn't expect that you would be beaten so badly, and you lost two of your own people and lost your eyes!"The temple said indifferently.

The second Mahayana period of the Mie Palace!

Mu Yu and others have already sunk into the bottom of the valley before they can kill the temple, but they did not expect that the reinforcements of the Mie Palace would come so quickly, and saved the temple. At this time, Mu Yu’s repairs were completed. Even with the help of the casino, it is impossible to be the opponent of the temple!

"Less nonsense, give me alive and catch them, the rest of the things I will go back to tell the Lord myself!"The temple made a sullen anger and retreated to the side. Like Mu Yu and others, he had no fighting power at all.

The appearance of the temple shattered the dawn of Mu Yu and others, and they could not defeat a Mahayana period.

"What do we do now?"Simon unfortunately asked.

"war."Lonely day has no thought of retreating.

"We are not their opponents."I frowned.

"That's also a fight."Mu Yu said.

Mu Yu moved the sword, he really has no way to resist another Mahayana period, when the situation has been reversed. But in their current state, they want to escape from the hands of the Mahayana period. It is basically impossible. There is only war at the moment.

"So you still don't know what to do?"The temple sneered, the horror of the field has swept out of power, blocking them around, the ability of the temple to make them unable to resist!

"Damn it!"

Mu Yu clenched his teeth. If he cultivated it again, he would certainly be able to fight again with the casino and the newly arrived temple, but now he has no ability to retreat.

Just as their hearts felt extremely heavy, the field that pressed them tightly suddenly seemed to be torn apart, and then Mu Yu and others felt the whole body light, while another strong breath protected them!

The third Mahayana period!

"who is it?"The temple turned and stared at the outsiders.

"I don't think it is too late to come."

A gentle but resolute voice came from the air, and the sound was like a glimmer of light in the darkness, so that everyone was refreshed.

Mu Yu turned and looked at the man.

A white fluttering, gentle and elegant, surrounded by a light atmosphere, he stood there like a hard barrier, making people feel peace of mind.


"Master, you…"

Mu Yu looked shocked at the words, the breath of the Mahayana period, actually came from the words!

Cheng Yan Chao Mu Yu smiled slightly: "Sorry, I have tried my best to get here when I got the news, but I finally caught up."

Ximen unfortunately and other people are also surprised, the promise has already entered the Mahayana period?

When the temple and the temple priests saw the words, they had already put away the contemptuous heart, and the atmosphere of the body was calm and concise. Rao was unable to see through the temple during the heyday.

"The big apprentice of the sword shadow dust, UU reading www.uukanshu.com?" It seems that we are all kidding you. ”The temple is out of the air.

It was said that he walked to the side of Mu Yu and reached out on the shoulder of Mu Yu. A familiar and fascinating spirit was introduced into the body of the wood to help him recover his injuries.

"It's okay?"Asked the words.

"It's okay."Wood feathers return.

"It is possible to push the people of the Mahayana to this level and do a good job."He said with a smile.

"Unfortunately, I can't kill him. As long as the temple is one step late, I can certainly kill him!"Mu Yu shook his head.

The words turned and looked at the temple that had been seriously injured. He said: "He can't live."

The temple in the distance heard this sentence and his face changed.

But the temple on the other side laughed and laughed. The eyes looked like a poisonous snake and looked at the words: "Admitted, you have a big tone, you want to kill in front of me, have you asked me?"

The acknowledgment slowly reached out, a steady sword appeared in the hand, the swordsman converges, and there is no point in the sword, which seems to be plain. It is such a sword, when it cuts through the air, it makes everyone feel an unspeakable sense of oppression.

"I don't need to ask you."

With a turn of the wrist, the Jianfeng suddenly slammed open, and the sword of the scorpion was like a river that broke the dyke. It rushed out and swallowed the whole piece of emptiness in the blink of an eye. Everyone only felt that his body seemed to be pulled by something. In the face of the sword, he lost control.


The temple, which was seriously injured, slammed his eyes sharply. His body was covered with cracks. The sword gas unknowingly penetrated from the top of his head, smashing his soul and shattering his consciousness!

"Because everyone in the Mie Palace will die."The creed said slowly.


The body of the temple blasted open and turned into a starlight, dissipated in the air!

The temple of the Mahayana period, dead!

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