Chapter 1063, the power of the promise


Mu Yu and others have been shocked by the sword. The sword of the word is coming to an incredible level, and it is almost impossible to react to the temple of another Mahayana period!

"you……How is it possible? ”

The temple was furious, and the manic look on his face had disappeared. He never imagined that the promise had actually killed the temple in front of him! In the face of a high-ranking master of his class, Flint shot in the light, but he did not react at all!

"You have to die too."

The rumor only raised the sword in his hand, and the net erosion sword was solid and steady, and instantly formed a vortex in the sky, communicating the whole world!


The sword of the third Tianjian pours down from the sky, and it is more than a hundred times stronger than the joint of Mu Yu and Yu Lu. The sky seems to be slightly shaken by this sword. This sword is terrible, and Huanghuang Tianwei can't be alive. The breath is passed down and the whole casino is shaken. It seems that the whole world can't bear this sword.

Not only the temple, but even the wood feathers and other people are in turmoil.

The promise is even stronger to this extent?

"Soul Faro: Fu Tianba!"

The temple has changed his face. He has already appeared a white soul bead. The soul beads bloom with sacred light. The white mans spread out, as if to give the whole sky a layer of sacred armor. Shining, the sword that wants to destroy the promise.

The field of the temple: Futianba!

However, the sacred sword of the gods did not move, the mighty and steady swords swayed down, and even the tyrannical field of the temple was directly torn open, and it was broken into thousands of pieces, all the pieces were a strange Forces are all regrouped together, condensed into a white mans sword, and in turn smashed toward the temple!


When the temple gnawed his teeth, he turned directly and tore the void, turning into a white mansion into the void.

Just a face-to-face, the temple has to escape!

As a dignity of the Mahayana period, the temple felt extremely wrong. He thought that he was guided by the imperial court. When he arrived here, it was enough to hold the woody feathers of the mighty bow, but never expected. Will kill a promise of the Mahayana period, the repair of the promise is even stronger than him, in front of him to kill the temple!

At the moment when the temple was killed, the temple knew that he was not an opponent of the words. If he did not escape the choice, the next one must be him!

He has no courage to fight!

He must escape!

However, the meaning of the sword has been passed through, and the white mans in the void is going down!


Among the white mans came the screams of the temple, an arm flashed out of the white mans, white light on the arm, and then the white light gradually dissipated, becoming extremely ugly, like the dirty paws of the beast, then The air blasted open and turned into powder!

Everything is back to peace, and the sky sword in the air has disappeared, and the promise slowly converges on its own breath.

"It’s a pity that the escape of the broken wrist, the life of the Sangong Palace is very powerful."The promise is somewhat regrettable.

Mu Yu looked at the place where the temple escaped. There was another field fluctuation. He already knew what it was. Just like the four demon kings such as Qinglong, they gave their respective domain capabilities to something and gave it to Mu Yu. The temple also used the ability of other people to escape, otherwise it is enough to kill it!

Ximen unfortunately, and other people, but a bitter smile, the words have been strong to this point, although did not kill the temple, but the Tianjian of the promised to let the temple courage not have the courage to smash the world!

"Tianjian, really amazing."

Lonely day silently looked at the three giant swords. He knew that it was impossible to compete with the Tianjian with his own broad sword, but his eyes exposed a more powerful war.

As a person who is physically fit, he will never stop because of the strength of his eyes. He will try to improve himself.

Challenge the Sky Sword!

Mu Yu and Su Ran have already recovered their own swords. Both of them are a little tired. The people who deal with a Mahayana period are still too reluctant, but the temple is killed and the cost of spending more is worth it.

The giant snake dissipated, and the dark clouds in the sky dissipated. The sun re-exposed and shone the entire land.

"Brother, you are coming very time."Mu Yu looked at the words and said in a complicated mood.

Qingshui City, a few brothers and sisters have chosen the way in their own way, but the slogan still assumes the responsibility of the master brother, cultivation becomes stronger, looking for the younger brother, looking for the master. Now that I meet again, the promise has reached the Mahayana period, and the master is always a master.

With a gentle look at Mu Yu, the eyes of the brothers and sisters met in an instant, so familiar, without any hindrance, as if returning to the once-worry time of the once dusty mountain, then the promise is still a responsible master, And Mu Yu is a younger brother who is arguing every day.

The words asked: "There is a promise between you and me, do you remember?"

That promise is on the Danding Road, bearing the promise of helping Mu Yu!

Mu Yu knows what the prophecy is saying. At the beginning, he had been waiting for the three brothers of Mu Yu to go home. He helped Mu Yu, in return, just wanted a golden feather of the wood feather to return to the grass.

When a person does not lose himself, Tianxin will show the golden light when he returns to the grass.

Mu Yu reached out and there was a golden heart in the palm of his hand and turned back to the grass. He whispered: "Brother, this is what you want."

The leaves of Tianxin’s returning to the grass are swaying in the sunlight, seemingly pure, just like the golden sun, making people warm.

The words took over the golden heart of the heavens and turned back to the grass. The golden heavenly heart turned back into the grass and shone in his hands, as if carrying a heavy responsibility, he was held in his hand.

"At least, you are the first person to go home."

The smile of the promise is very gentle.


The gamblers in the casino are still in the carnival, but there are a few people floating above the casino. They used the repair of the robbery to deal with the imperial palace, but they also spent a lot of energy. Thanks to the end of the slogan, the temple was smashed, otherwise the temple will inevitably escape from this place.

Mu Yu looked at the words, the master is always so gentle and indifferent, even if it has not been seen for so long, the master is still a mature and steady temper.

"You are strong."

Lonely days look at the words, the eyes are still full of powerful war.

From the Mouyun Mountain Range to Fulong Mountain to find the Yumeng Mozu, Lonely Day has always wanted to fight with the promise, but the promise does not give the opportunity to be alone, because at that time, the lonely day is just the strength of the base period. The promise is the repair of the Golden Age.

Seeing it again today, the words are still stronger than they are.

"We should not be an opponent."He said with a smile.

Their opponents are not each other, but the Triple Palace.

The lonely day war is not lost: "I will challenge you in the future."

"Wait for the Sangong Palace, if I am still alive, I will give you a chance."Nodded in words.

Lonely day looked at Mu Yu again and said: "I want to challenge you too."

In the eyes of the lonely sky, there will always be only opponents.


Mu Yu nodded. He respected the opponent of Lonely Sky. A person who could not cultivate, walked here by physical training, and his perseverance was amazing. Although Lonely Day is still not the opponent of Mu Yu, Mu Yu will never slack off, and Lonely Day will work harder, and he will not let Lonely Day surpass!

"It seems that today is the carnival day of the casino! I am thinking about whether or not to let the singer see today as a commemoration day. ”Simon was unfortunately watching the gamblers at the foot in the air, and it was these gamblers who gave them the power to cope with the temple.

"Then I will name it, I will name it. I just shouted loudest. Just call Xiaoshuai gamble! ”Xiao Shuai still has two small flags in his hand and he is very happy.

Mu Yu touched his forehead and was quite helpless for Xiao Shuai's face.

Several people returned to the casino, and the gamblers in the entire casino were affected by the Muyu formation, and they were still tirelessly carnival, and they were very lively. The people of Boyang Road greeted the lonely day and looked at Mu Yu and others in awe.

"Boyang seniors."Mu Yu and the slogan of the arch.

The people of Boyang quickly smiled and said: "This predecessor did not dare to do it. I didn't expect to see you for a few years. You are now such a powerful person. The old man is just the dust at the bottom of the realm. He dare not bear the name of a senior."

"Predecessors are laughing, lonely days are our friends, you are the master of Lonely Heaven, naturally our predecessors."Mu Yu smiled.

"Yeah, when we were in the Mogan Mountains, our predecessors helped our Master many times. Even though we are now strong, this generation cannot be forgotten."It is said.

The Boyang Taoist was also very impressed. Only when he saw the battle in the air was impressive. He also understood the strong existence of Mu Yu and Cheng Yan, which is the height that he could not reach in his lifetime. .

But the Boyang Taoist also has his own pride. He looks at the lonely and lonely days, and his heart is full of pride.

A large number of people in Boyang are only a golden age, UU reading but his apprentice can also be such a genius. How did he ever think that he would cultivate a solitary disciple like Solitude? Not to mention the fact that in the 20 sects of the Moyun Mountain Range, the dust-splitting faction at the bottom of the rankings actually hides the dragon and the tiger, and the disciples who come out are even more powerful.

"Master, I am sorry, I am suffering."Lonely heaven.

The Boyang Taoist patted the shoulders of the lonely sky: "It is the burden of being a teacher."

Lonely Day turned and said to Mu Yu: "If you help me protect Master, I will go to you to deal with the Triple Palace."

Mu Yu nodded: "Do not worry! There are two safest places in the real world today. I will send the Boyang predecessors to our ancestors, where the people of the Sangong Palace cannot enter. ”

"Thank you."Said alone.

Mu Yu glanced at the gambler who was still in the carnival. The pattern in his hand emerged, and then the illusion of all people was removed, and they were awakened from the illusion. After these people are awake, they are all in amazement, and some people are still unsatisfied, and they are reluctant to wake up from the dream of making big money in gambling.

"what happened? What about my money? Why is it a dream! ”

"I just dreamed that I earned 10 million!"

"I just won the gambling, I am very lucky!"

Many gamblers are deeply sorry for their thighs. It is a good dream, but it is just a good dream.

"So who did the competition just now win?"

"Yes, what is the dirty and mean Sangong Palace?"

"Are you defeated? They were so shameless. When I first heard that someone was smearing the Triple Palace, I still had the theory with that person. Now I know that the news is not a hole in the air! ”

All the gamblers put their eyes on the ring, and searched in the air, but Mu Yu had already left the place.

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