Chapter 1065, No Shadow and Shadow Man (Part 1)

"Because chaos and yin and yang do not change hands."Mu Yu said.

The singer looked a little bit and nodded: "The air and the wonderful two do not know that they have the power of chaotic yin and yang in their bodies, but they have an inexplicable sense of closeness to Master. Both of them have always believed that Master is still alive."

It is as if the chaotic yin and yang of the Danding School have not changed to the Lord, because the dead wood has been fixed by the soul array and the soul is not really dead, so Mu Yu can't control the chaotic yin and yang of the market. If the evil is not old, Ximen unfortunately and the chaotic yin and yang in the scorpion will inevitably have a change. The empty space and the seedlings should also know about this.

Suddenly holding the hand of Mu Yu, she has not really recognized her father, she wants nothing more than family reunion.

"He is still alive."There are tears in my eyes.

Mu Yu tightened his shoulders and said firmly: "If Master will survive, we will save him."

"Ok."Suddenly groaning.

The rumor slowly put down the teacup and said: "Mu Yu, you come with me, I have something to talk to you alone, just two of us, the rest of you have just spent a lot of physical strength, first recover Let yourself be."

"it is good."

Mu Yu nodded, and no one else said anything. The two brothers and brothers left the other house and went to an unmanned courtyard. Xiaoshuai also ran and ran, and the words did not stop. Xiaoshuai was Masterโ€™s sword spirit, not an outsider.

"Brother, what's the matter?"Mu Yu waved his hand and there were two chairs around him. He sat down with the words.

The promise was silent for a moment, looked at Mu Yu, and smiled slightly: "Ghost and Star Gate are you killed?"

Mu Yu nodded and said calmly: "Yes."

"Do you know the secret under the ghost door?"Asked again and asked.

Mu Yu was surprised: "Brother, do you know what is under the ghost door?" You won't have been there too? โ€

Below the ghost gate is a ghost pit, which is sealed with a ghost ancestor. The ordinary people can't get in. I didn't expect the promise to even know this.

The promise shook his head: "I don't have to go there to know these things. Many secrets can be learned from other places."

"other places? Brother, where have you been going this time? โ€Mu Yu remembered the shadow killing Huang Quan that he encountered when he was in the ghost gate. Huang Quan always wanted to find the whereabouts of the rumor. It seems that it was because the rumor had done something that offended the filming organization.

The rumor did not answer Mu Yu positively, but said: "Don't mention this, now you are left alone."

"I only have one left? What do you mean? โ€Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

The creed said slowly: "Step into the Mahayana period!"

After a glimpse of Mu Yu, he said with surprise: "You mean that Luo Wei and Xiangnan…"

"Yes, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan have become the Mahayana trainers, they have the domain ability."Said the words.

Mu Yu is a bit embarrassed. He always thought that he was practicing very fast, but compared with his three brothers, he was still far away. If the repair does not reach the Mahayana period, it is difficult to face the Triple Palace.

Xiaoshuai probed the brain and put on a look of painful grievances. He jumped onto the shoulders of Mu Yu and pulled the ears of Mu Yu to hate the iron and said: "Mu Yu! You are too disappointing! Look at the three brothers, everyone has been a Mahayana period, you are just robbing the six heavens, so that you usually do not practice, do lazy! I am urging you every day, you just don't practice seriously, look at it, now you are dragging your legs? โ€

Mu Yu cried and smiled at Xiao Shuaiโ€™s head: "If you have more words, then you will sell them to the brothel."

โ€œIs the blue building delicious?โ€Xiaoshuai asked excitedly.

Mu Yu had a little headache and bounced the head of Xiao Shuai's head.

But then again, Mu Yu did not expect that the four brothers and sisters are still in the robbery period. It is no wonder that Luo Wei and the south will easily extinguish the red dust door, and they will both reach the Mahayana period. Two Mahayana shots,

Even if there are ten red dust doors, they are not enough.

"I will work hard, I will not be a burden to everyone."Mu Yu said seriously.

He does not want to be always protected by his brothers. He should also retreat for a period of time, put the cultivation up, realize his own field ability, and step into the Mahayana period!

The promise shook his head: "You misunderstood what I meant. This has nothing to do with the speed of your cultivation. Your cultivation talent is already very strong and does not lose us. Itโ€™s just that the three of us are not aware of our own field, but the realm of the Lord. โ€

Mu Yu asked inexplicably: "What is the difference?"

"Let's say this, if you follow the normal cultivation speed, I am only doing the repair of the robbery period, and will not enter the Mahayana period. Luo Wei and the south are similar. The four of us have not cultivated for a long time, maybe again. For more than two years, it is enough to enter the Mahayana period, but time is limited, at least not now."The words slowly said.

"How did you get into the Mahayana period?"Mu Yu faintly felt that there seemed to be any scruples in the words.

"Like Luo Wei to the south, I have combined the consciousness of confiscation and won all his power."Speaking calmly. UU reading

Mu Yuโ€™s face changed slightly. He remembered the fact that the south and the back soil were merged together, and the temperament changed greatly. If the words and the collections are merged together, does it mean that the words will become the same as the south?

"So you are no longer a promise?"Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

He went home, but the words left?

The prophecy shook his head: "I am different from Nannan and Luo Wei. The two of them are merged with the Lord of Umming, and they also integrate their consciousness, but I only combine the power of the Lord Eugene. Integrate his consciousness."

If you don't integrate consciousness, you won't be disturbed by Umming's own nature.

Mu Yu asked in surprise: "How did you do it?"

There is also a mang in his own body, knowing what this kind of thing means, and the consciousness of the sentence can only be suppressed, it is impossible to be erased, they are to some extent integrated, and the fusion consciousness will also Crossing together, this is why the south is no longer the south, because the idea of โ€‹โ€‹the south is mixed with the idea of โ€‹โ€‹the earth.

"I found a way to get a fusion method from the Shadowman and the No Shadows. This is what I came to look for."

The slogan paused and continued: "Help you erase the consciousness of the mang, blend his strength and become a Mahayana period."

The mans in the wood feathers trembled fiercely and looked a little scared. He did not expect that the words would actually say such words. If there is such a practice, then the ability to assert the present will inevitably kill the sentence!

"The fusion of the shadows and the non-shadows?"

Mu Yu also felt the fear of the human body in his body. He was a bit complicated, and erased the consciousness of the mang, and swallowed the power of the mang, which seemed to be a matter of course.

Mu Yu was not excited by this. He was silent for a moment and asked, "What is this exercise?"

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